Dorian Finney-Smith SWEARS on Live TV, FUNNY Postgame Interview | April 5, 2021 

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Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks - Full Game Highlights | April 5, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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5. apr. 2021

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Sulaiman Kabir
Sulaiman Kabir Pred 4 dnevi
Nathan Perez
Nathan Perez Pred 4 dnevi
DFS that one cousin that always busy with work/family but when youcall him for a pickup game he kill everybody lol
Destinie Nguyen
Destinie Nguyen Pred 7 dnevi
Xclusive Reaction
Xclusive Reaction Pred 12 dnevi
Why does he sound like a mix of Anthony Edwards and rajon rondo 💀😭
Harvey Gaming
Harvey Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
Smith your loko
Tyler Holland
Tyler Holland Pred 15 dnevi
Lmaooo I love this dude
TLDS Pred 16 dnevi
1:16 BTW
Judah Richardson
Judah Richardson Pred 18 dnevi
Jesus loves you
Luka Donchick
Luka Donchick Pred 21 dnevom
Sound like snoop
HOOP SOCIETY Pred 21 dnevom
King Sagio13
King Sagio13 Pred 21 dnevom
This guy talks like DJ from mycareer 😂
Isaac Copage
Isaac Copage Pred 22 dnevi
You can tell he not used to it 😂
Kendell Jones
Kendell Jones Pred 24 dnevi
Mook Hamilton
Mook Hamilton Pred 24 dnevi
Wowlin Pred 25 dnevi
This nigga funny😭
Bradley Faidley
Bradley Faidley Pred 25 dnevi
Best part is they didn’t care “Yeah they sure do” lol
Nick Ferry
Nick Ferry Pred 25 dnevi
Gotta love this guy
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi Pred 25 dnevi
his swearing bc no one can stop him NO MORE POLICE
Juan Vela
Juan Vela Pred 25 dnevi
Doe doe 🔝💪🏽
Darsh TV
Darsh TV Pred 25 dnevi
he ain't say sorry either💀 SAVAGE
GMF GMF Pred 25 dnevi
Won’t be getting endorsements no time soon 😂
AlanXyz Pred 25 dnevi
The accent is so thicc.. where's he comes from?
HEKTOR Pred 26 dnevi
Ok!!!! My boys price is starting to go up!!
Lit Pred 26 dnevi
1:18 there
Chris Norfleet
Chris Norfleet Pred 26 dnevi
P town Va .. Like that ..
seanparker44 Pred 26 dnevi
Cool ass dude. I hope his career keep taking off.
Honest Man
Honest Man Pred 26 dnevi
Haha dude got a good sense of humor
Vincent Villaruz
Vincent Villaruz Pred 26 dnevi
Nahhhh this 2nd to funny interview after Edwards foshoooo
Luis Velez
Luis Velez Pred 27 dnevi
Dorian is hilarious 🤣 🤣🤣
olegreatone Pred 27 dnevi
757 Va stand up
Marquise E
Marquise E Pred 27 dnevi
Dodo sound just like 21 savage 🤣🤣🤣
Chrispy Pred 27 dnevi
Michael Finley from the old mavs
James Lacerenza
James Lacerenza Pred 27 dnevi
I like him, I wanna hear him do more interviews and commentary.
-*K. E*-
-*K. E*- Pred 27 dnevi
Wasn’t even lookin in the right direction at first 😂
Red Molina
Red Molina Pred 27 dnevi
I like how they just it slide😂
Oscar Beltran
Oscar Beltran Pred 27 dnevi
Lindsey Rodgers
Lindsey Rodgers Pred 27 dnevi
That’s that Portsmouth in my boy
LeBron James
LeBron James Pred 27 dnevi
"15 NBA Players Who've Sworn"
Rai Sil
Rai Sil Pred 27 dnevi
Boy if he ain’t Portsmouth through and through lol. 757!!!!
Adeline Sarkissian
Adeline Sarkissian Pred 27 dnevi
It’s Dorian Finna Smith... get it?? Cuz blacks say ‘finna’ HaHAHa
urban kranjec
urban kranjec Pred 27 dnevi
Doe doe hall of fame interviewer
Jeremie Roy
Jeremie Roy Pred 27 dnevi
I prefer swearing to fake a** behaviors
AJ SIMMONS Pred 27 dnevi
😂 My boy got that Portsmouth in em. We can't help it 💪🏿✊🏿
jeff alver
jeff alver Pred 27 dnevi
First time hearing his voice..
Y Pred 28 dnevi
I feel like being called dodo is offensive
aryan mumbai
aryan mumbai Pred 28 dnevi
The cumbersome music inadvertently vanish because airport compellingly scold of a classy rise. sudden, freezing bowl
beatqueen1 Pred 28 dnevi
Dude is hilarious 😆
George Gilmore
George Gilmore Pred 28 dnevi
You can tell he don't get the post game interview just by that one cuss word 😂
Carl Max
Carl Max Pred 28 dnevi
He from Florida? cause he got that accent
That’s nothing, but he has a good sense of humor/personality....
el lycho
el lycho Pred 28 dnevi
757 ...rip pnut
Siegel Gaming
Siegel Gaming Pred 28 dnevi
Giovanni Pred 28 dnevi
People sleep on him and you can tell her straight from the hood lol
Paul R. Martin10
Paul R. Martin10 Pred 28 dnevi
The inquisitive joke intrestingly knit because sprout separately slip notwithstanding a overrated input. condemned, resonant help
Dennis Robbins
Dennis Robbins Pred 28 dnevi
Good dude, would be a good fit for the Warriors, hmm?
donald rowden
donald rowden Pred 28 dnevi
All we hear about is Luka for the Mavs so it’s nice to see DoDo getting props
Christian Torres
Christian Torres Pred 28 dnevi
Elite LakeShow
Elite LakeShow Pred 28 dnevi
dude funny lmao
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns Pred 28 dnevi
“I told you they don’t wanna talk to me”😂😂man you gotta bring the not necessarily all star players or leaders of the teams on more the side guys that never get the attention love it and just want a lil interview u can tell by that smile😂😂💯great game, lost me my parlay but great game
No Wife Happy Life #MGTOW
Michael Stachowski
Michael Stachowski Pred 28 dnevi
Good dude...
SomeGoodBroth Pred 28 dnevi
Ryan Buckley
Ryan Buckley Pred 28 dnevi
Dude is a bum. Got lucky from 3
Kenny Jones
Kenny Jones Pred 8 dnevi
Where do you play with yourself
HoodRich NiteNite
HoodRich NiteNite Pred 28 dnevi
He's a gem
cave man
cave man Pred 28 dnevi
He just got hella fans cuz of this everybody likes real players old school
Talar Carter
Talar Carter Pred 28 dnevi
Manzi Nicholas
Manzi Nicholas Pred 28 dnevi
Anthony Edwards vibes😂
Chapos Shoota
Chapos Shoota Pred 28 dnevi
“I really circled this game, I wanted to play them again” I love when players are this competitive, dude a dawg fasho 😤
Beajh Pred 28 dnevi
I’d rather them call him “dough” 💴 instead. Not name him after an extinct bird🤦🏾
i love finney smith😂
Kapish Joshi
Kapish Joshi Pred 28 dnevi
This is why the Mavs are the most fun team to watch in the league. They got a bunch of hilarious characters on that team LMAO
River0fCustard Pred 28 dnevi
Am I the only one who didn't hear the swear?
Reginald S
Reginald S Pred 28 dnevi
lmao he funny
Crypto Mayweather
Crypto Mayweather Pred 28 dnevi
He has a future on television for sure!
NorwalkOriginal Pred 29 dnevi
We need more Doe Doe interviews!
John Nixon III
John Nixon III Pred 29 dnevi
I love how he didn’t even apologize 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Quan Givenchy
Quan Givenchy Pred 26 dnevi
Yo deadass lmao
Adrian Smółka
Adrian Smółka Pred 29 dnevi
The oceanic break ignificantly pedal because sing shortly hunt above a bashful rotate. tearful, nonstop laura
rjuchiha Pred 29 dnevi
This guy is next level humour, love this guy!!!
William Thompson
William Thompson Pred 29 dnevi
It's not the 1960s anymore who gives a sh!t who swears anymore.
Cedric Jordan
Cedric Jordan Pred 29 dnevi
What he say
charles allen
charles allen Pred 29 dnevi
top ten Minecraft youtubers who've sworn
Precious Hernandez
Precious Hernandez Pred 29 dnevi
He's underrated, he's a mystery, he's Dodo.
jailen rose
jailen rose Pred 29 dnevi
Why dude yell at him like a pops 0:25
Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum Pred 29 dnevi
You are looking for 1:18
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Pred 29 dnevi
I love this nigga sooo much nh. He really a defensive glue on Dallas. Nigga a straight up dawg
Kamaran Battle
Kamaran Battle Pred 29 dnevi
Pound Trader
Pound Trader Pred 29 dnevi
So the governor told him he need to shoot
DocRaunchy Pred 29 dnevi
This is so funny. The Mavs broadcast team is one of the best in the NBA. And Dorian is a gem.
Jon petter
Jon petter Pred 29 dnevi
I m not american but he has some strong accent. Is that southern accent ?
MC Apollo
MC Apollo Pred 29 dnevi
well deserved we need more of him on TV. get him some respect
MC Apollo
MC Apollo Pred 29 dnevi
what a legend!!!!!!!!! DOE DOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Pred 29 dnevi
"Yeah I Need Allat, Especially After That Tech!" Lmaoo Call me a fan now DoDo !
Andy Laurila
Andy Laurila Pred 29 dnevi
“Top 5 NBA players, who SWORE”
Nu Shine
Nu Shine Pred 29 dnevi
My dude is real down to earth
Daniel Pred 29 dnevi
Funny asf idc🤣🤣
Ryan Tatum
Ryan Tatum Pred 29 dnevi
Lmao.. also, I really appreciate the Mavs announcers. Not a Mavs fan but I can watch them over most
Scott M
Scott M Pred 29 dnevi
So what. One of the Baylor players clearly shouted the F word on live tv last night. It's not a big deal.
BIG MAN KAWHI FAN Pred 29 dnevi
Kids are not gonna watch the after game interview , why should we care?
Gael Garcia Rojas
Gael Garcia Rojas Pred 29 dnevi
go check my video tell me if it is good
Yasuke Uchiha23YT
Yasuke Uchiha23YT Pred 29 dnevi
bro from the streets💪🏽💯
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