LeBron's Top Plays Of The Season So Far! 👀 

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Watch LeBron James' BEST plays from the 2020-21 season so far before the Los Angeles Lakers play the Boston Celtics TONIGHT at 8:30​ pm/et on ABC!
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30. jan. 2021

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Celestine Jordan
Celestine Jordan Pred dnevom
Milwaukee. Bucks. Trade. P.J. Tucker.
Pred dnevom
Very nice video
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis Pred 3 dnevi
I missed watching the greatest of all time. Heal up Bron! I'm gonna run out of highlights soon 😭🤣💪
Herb Young
Herb Young Pred 5 dnevi
Goat/Baby Goat vs Monstar Nets! It's on!!!!
Des Mathis
Des Mathis Pred 8 dnevi
9:00 back to back free calls. League helping him stat pad
LeGOAT James
LeGOAT James Pred 10 dnevi
You know what I like about lebron? He can make any and one
LeGOAT James
LeGOAT James Pred 10 dnevi
Look I am the king 👑 mj is the goat 🐐 ok?
Mekhiedmonds 33
Mekhiedmonds 33 Pred 13 dnevi
Such a goat
The Dark Yellow Pages
The Dark Yellow Pages Pred 13 dnevi
who's making noise from the crowds?
will lovetwice
will lovetwice Pred 16 dnevi
i miss the king hope he recovers to full strength along with Ad and wins more championship hahahah :D
Gttd Gh
Gttd Gh Pred 16 dnevi
Imagine they tried comparing him to sue bird got me fucked up
Washington Nationals Fan
0:49 why does the commentator sound Slow and have adhd😂🤣💀
cookiemonster66 Pred 21 dnevom
That spin pump is poetic
Andrew White
Andrew White Pred 23 dnevi
The delicious card serologically bump because poppy aerobically guard next a tense jute. important, interesting sideboard
Althea Walton
Althea Walton Pred 28 dnevi
Lebron is a Champion
Commander JOJ
Commander JOJ Pred 29 dnevi
0:31 Low key, Caruso makes with the no sell.
Ker Lozano
Ker Lozano Pred mesecem
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Karan Kumar
Karan Kumar Pred mesecem
MacDaddyConner Pred mesecem
Lebron looks like he can play like this for 3 more years. He's so much more relaxed and slow paced compared to Mia Lebron
john christopher mallari
They will not call you king for nothing period.
Masato Asmr
Masato Asmr Pred mesecem
LeStephen JamesCurry
Chirag Lohia
Chirag Lohia Pred mesecem
Should’ve seen c-wood🤣
Miah Lee
Miah Lee Pred mesecem
Curry the best player in the league, not Lebron. Make Curry Lebron's size and hes prolly better than Jordan....make Lebron Curry's size and Lebron doesnt make it to the NBA. 75% of Lebron's game is his size, take that away and we all know he cant shoot, okay at defense (size helps), okay dribbler, great passer, but he can only drive to the basket by muscling ppl out of the way. Which is why I say, if Lebron was Curry's size then Lebron wouldnt be in the NBA
Hamza Işıktaş
Hamza Işıktaş Pred mesecem
Mvp is coming
Brett Isaacs
Brett Isaacs Pred mesecem
Too bad nobody likes bron people in Ohio don't want him there, he's a traitor to his country he shouldn't try to talk politics
Francis Fonacier
Francis Fonacier Pred mesecem
harrel is more way better in center than gasol, the chemistry between LBJ and harrel is there....
Easy Money
Easy Money Pred mesecem
9:47 my guy was having a seizure
Christian Torres
Christian Torres Pred 14 dnevi
Eddie Barnum
Eddie Barnum Pred mesecem
OL Goat James!!!😳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😳👍
S S Pred mesecem
So lebrons game is basically barrel to the basket and nobody will get in his way cause its lebron and yall got this guy as the goat? Go watch mj get smashed and still dunk it on 7fters when the league was hard not like this flop stuff hardens doing these days. Weak
S S Pred mesecem
@El Comandante you heard you and bigotry against anything thats not america. Shame on you oooohhhhh the shame. Jesus died for your sins and mjs still the goat!
El Comandante
El Comandante Pred mesecem
@S S WHAT!?!?!?!?
S S Pred mesecem
@El Comandante world doesn't revolve around America u know. Also mjs the goat full stop end of conversation
El Comandante
El Comandante Pred mesecem
@S S primary school? Omg!! That's a new one.
S S Pred mesecem
@El Comandante Thats some generation pussyarse speak there! If you don't know you don't know. Dont pretend like you do. Go back primary school then get back at it when you grow up!
Waang Pred mesecem
part 1? ofc, it's LeBron
Έφιππος Τιμωρός
Him owning the court just reminds me of MJ. So composed and mature. Two players with deep understanding of the game and fully aware of their elite physical tools and skill sets. Live long! 💪
Yung Lulu
Yung Lulu Pred mesecem
If LeBron has two more szns playing at this high of a level and having this much team success I’m going to call him the greatest player of all time.
Mr. President
Mr. President Pred mesecem
1:52 that sounds like a gun!
Seven Pictures
Seven Pictures Pred mesecem
people get start to hate him when he makes MJ left behind him hahahahahah LBJ is more then athele MJ is a gambler in LasVegas
Fanatix Pred mesecem
Mamba lives on
Alex Kling
Alex Kling Pred mesecem
People still don't get he's 36... GOAT FOREVER
Alex Kling
Alex Kling Pred mesecem
MC the Natural
MC the Natural Pred mesecem
Smooth AD bounces passes 👌
Mikolaj Szczesny
Mikolaj Szczesny Pred mesecem
Go leBron
gg ez
gg ez Pred mesecem
Eli Itzhaky
Eli Itzhaky Pred mesecem
MVP this year
JMSPRNT Pred mesecem
is it just me or the audio is delayed?
Mordzi Elikplim
Mordzi Elikplim Pred mesecem
If you're using a bluetooth audio device.... Yeah... Else it's good
IMMORTAL SWIF Pred mesecem
Abhishek Zinje
Abhishek Zinje Pred 2 meseci
Michael Jordan ❤❤
James Wong
James Wong Pred 2 meseci
sometimes Lebron gets up, sometimes he don't.. funny
William California
William California Pred 2 meseci
Adam El-Zein
Adam El-Zein Pred 2 meseci
Wish he finished all those poster dunks :(
synchemist Pred 2 meseci
Lebron's best play has been to KISS communist China's AASSSSSSSS.
Jhap Veloso
Jhap Veloso Pred 2 meseci
When LBJ retire NBA is not so exciting anymore..
The Crimson King
The Crimson King Pred 2 meseci
We are in a golden age of basketball skill, where every player is good at multiple things and shooting percentages are way up, and this man is still destroying everybody at 36...
DemonReacts Pred 2 meseci
That man Goated fr
De'Shawn Hannah
De'Shawn Hannah Pred 2 meseci
king Lebron James
De'Shawn Hannah
De'Shawn Hannah Pred 2 meseci
Go Lebron James
De'Shawn Hannah
De'Shawn Hannah Pred 2 meseci
Go Laker
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi Pred 2 meseci
kevin Zhou
kevin Zhou Pred 2 meseci
trust me, he still can get a MVP title within two years
Nathan Mckenzie
Nathan Mckenzie Pred 2 meseci
If he bringing the ball up court this year running point. I feel sorry for point guards this year because there’s no match up. This dude can literally play all positions.
rr diaz
rr diaz Pred 2 meseci
Is he really 36 years old? Damn
dethanos _jk23
dethanos _jk23 Pred 2 meseci
"Lebron's top 20 hairlines this season"
Scott Hinkens
Scott Hinkens Pred 2 meseci
Dudes whole career is a highlight reel.
lyuk Lic
lyuk Lic Pred 2 meseci
We gonna see game winner 3's from Bron this coming playoffs.
Kevin S
Kevin S Pred 2 meseci
Fell asleep
Justine clores
Justine clores Pred 2 meseci
Kyle w
Kyle w Pred 2 meseci
Remember when lebron was in his prime...oh wait
A K Pred 2 meseci
The pink denim expectably accept because drink advantageously saw of a succinct baseball. cloistered, complete consonant
Danish Khan
Danish Khan Pred 2 meseci
It's so satisfying watching LeBron highlights. 2021 MVP. GREATNESS.
M V Pred 2 meseci
binHades Pred 2 meseci
"The future is yours" -- the great 21.
detpop Ernesto
detpop Ernesto Pred 2 meseci
Idk why but every time LeBron dunks I get nervous a little
Santa Clause
Santa Clause Pred 2 meseci
You can tell his body has been taking it for too long. A career ending injury is on the horizon. All the recent consecutive OT's don't help
Keimahnee Brown
Keimahnee Brown Pred 2 meseci
AD has been lowkey pissin me off, if LeBron is 36 (not really, he's 26 lol) can play at a high level with no load management or whatever, then you should be able to play too, get your shit together if you wanna repeat AD
thats alot of damage
thats alot of damage Pred 2 meseci
He has been injured since the finals and still played in the preseason and regular season
peewee3030 Pred 2 meseci
Commentator: year 18? LeBron: hold my beer
General Rev
General Rev Pred 2 meseci
20 minutes of greatness!!! :)
Jane Claire Encallado
Jane Claire Encallado Pred 2 meseci
That 4-5 opponents trying to stop him, but LBJ ended up having 3-point play opportunity. Announcer: Lebron is unstoppable!
Ant Tonytonyt
Ant Tonytonyt Pred 2 meseci
The goat . He about to win his 5th MvP . He will be the first player to win an mvp for 3 different teams
Prince Mabini
Prince Mabini Pred 2 meseci
lebron is 36 but still a very atlethic goat everyone will remember him as a GOAT FOREVER
Stanley Mangum
Stanley Mangum Pred 2 meseci
I wasn't a real fan until he went to the Lakers now I wish I would've watch a lot more of his games.
Ricky Tan
Ricky Tan Pred 2 meseci
Lebron haters hella quiet lately
MajorDude14 Pred 2 meseci
This man already has a 20 minute highlight throughout half the season?
Reido S
Reido S Pred 2 meseci
Not even half lol
VtrJnkhole101 Pred 2 meseci
Where's there mamba jerseys? Don't like the blue ones
Ima Cutie Smh
Ima Cutie Smh Pred 2 meseci
His drip doe
NJR Studios
NJR Studios Pred 2 meseci
Lebron sucks
El Comandante
El Comandante Pred 2 meseci
Yet here you are.
Nick Lulgjuraj
Nick Lulgjuraj Pred 2 meseci
Lebron could go back to back 😳
Esther Hellmich
Esther Hellmich Pred 2 meseci
Craig Rand
Craig Rand Pred 2 meseci
Witness Greatness 🐐
Wanted247ha Pred 2 meseci
I understand people don’t like Lebron but that won’t change facts. He’s the GOAT the longevity and knowledge is untouched his career is one of a kind too
Wanted247ha Pred 22 dnevi
@Dristen’s Highlightz you mean “I was injured that’s why we lost to the Raptors” KD? You mean “I joined the dude that beat my ass” KD? Mmmk
Dristen’s Highlightz
So he’s the goat for doing everything Kevin Durant can do ?
Wanted247ha Pred mesecem
@Rams8148 kk 👍🏾 if you think so.
Rams8148 Pred mesecem
@Wanted247ha Jordan did more in 13 seasons than lebron has in 20. It's not even close!
Sameer Khetan
Sameer Khetan Pred mesecem
@Crappy Slappy I think MJ is goat but I really think the direct comparisons across eras of ball are silly because the advantages / disadvantages cut both ways. You could easily argue that guys are so much more athletic and strong now, that those old school players couldn't compete the same way. But that's another reason it's silly, people approach it as if players were just dropped in and they wouldn't adjust, e.g. lebron adjusting to hand checking back then or mj adjusting to more athletic guys now
Chip Douglas
Chip Douglas Pred 2 meseci
I love Lebron very much.
Legacy burning
Legacy burning Pred 2 meseci
The best player of this generation by far and the current best player. Goat level
ace matitu
ace matitu Pred 2 meseci
Lebron hater here. But when he goes lebron. Nobody can stop him. I just hope he do it often. Well he is washed. What else can you ask for. Just washed old guy
thats alot of damage
thats alot of damage Pred 2 meseci
Bro what?
Legacy burning
Legacy burning Pred 2 meseci
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
Kobe,kd, and tim duncan better than lebronn 💯💯💯💯 Lebron is not a top 15 player all time
gregg roy
gregg roy Pred 2 meseci
20 minute highlight film 21 games into the season, you cant stop the GOAT!
Nobody 1243
Nobody 1243 Pred mesecem
@thats alot of damage Cool, that’s your opinion and mine is that Jordan is the GOAT. 👍
thats alot of damage
@Nobody 1243 bron is the goat
Nobody 1243
Nobody 1243 Pred mesecem
@thats alot of damage Lol I know I just wanted to make this Jordan fan mad 😂😂 I’m not a Lebron fan and I actually do think Jordan is the GOAT
thats alot of damage
thats alot of damage Pred 2 meseci
@Nobody 1243 he won without Rodman but he desperately needed more facilitation to get past the 1st round
Nobody 1243
Nobody 1243 Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson Jordan can’t win without pippen😂😂😂 or Rodman
Song Bill
Song Bill Pred 2 meseci
Just enjoy while we can
Vihaan Kadarla
Vihaan Kadarla Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson he is the best player in the nba so I don’t know if he is trash
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
This garbage lebum james
drownindesigner Pred 2 meseci
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
Mj and kd better than lebron
Rookie Engr
Rookie Engr Pred 2 meseci
Year 18 and still one of the best
peter raymundo
peter raymundo Pred mesecem
@Gerald Wilson stop acting like a stupid man
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred mesecem
@thats alot of damage and he shut lebron down wen checking bron
thats alot of damage
@Gerald Wilson spurs played perfect basketball. Kawhi played great but he only averaged 18 and 11
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred mesecem
@thats alot of damage AD better than lebron💯💯💯💯💯 he carried lebron to a chip, kawhi kick bron ass in 2014 finals and outplayed lebron everytime
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred mesecem
@thats alot of damage you clown, kd,AD,curry and kawhi fasho better than lebron James fasho 💯💯💯💯
Julius Cesar Delos Reyes
Lebron for life🔥
Julius Cesar Delos Reyes
In this era no one better than lebron james :P
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
Kd better than lebron
Hamza Işıktaş
Hamza Işıktaş Pred 2 meseci
Mvp is coming
thats alot of damage
thats alot of damage Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson KD 5th seed with 2 to 3 superstars and Curry is battling for his to get into the playoffs and Giannis is not playing like an MVP. it's either Bron or Embiid
Hamza Işıktaş
Hamza Işıktaş Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson ok man
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
@Hamza Işıktaş cause kd curry giannis and others in the way
Hamza Işıktaş
Hamza Işıktaş Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson so why
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
@Hamza Işıktaş its facts bro
ensamvarg Pred 2 meseci
1:10 not a block but a goaltending.
Rowing Bears
Rowing Bears Pred 2 meseci
LeBron attacking the basket. He runs over a man. 😂
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
He didnt run over clippers,warriors amd detroit
SuperNASCARrocks Pred 2 meseci
18 years in the league and he is still the best player in the world. 🐐
Captain obvious
Captain obvious Pred mesecem
@Gerald Wilson idk the warriors aren’t doing so well 😂
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
@Vihaan Kadarla ray allen and kyrie hit the 2 clutches shots ever to save lebron ass a ring. Kyrie save Cleveland a ring💯💯💯💯. Curry kickk lebron ass without kd in 2015 finals. Kawhi kick lebron ass in 2014 finals kawhi kick bron ass this season and wen kawhi won 2019 finals mvp lebron bum ass missed 2019 playoffs and needed AD to carry his ass
Vihaan Kadarla
Vihaan Kadarla Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson we will see what happens in the playoffs and what has steph curry done to surpass LeBron he won with a unbeatable team which is arguably the least valuable rings in nba history and in 2015 he won when there was no kyrie and no klove so Steph probably has the least valuable rings of any top 20 player and Kawhi 😂 😂 dude blew a 3-1 lead to Jamal Murray and jokic and had 14 points on 6-22 shooting in a game 7 while LeBron the same year went on to win the ring and finals mvp saying kd is better than LeBron is not that bad of a take but you’re wrong
JayTheChosenOnee Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson Lol
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
No tf hes mot. Kawhi,curry and kd better than lebron
Aaron Thomas Haynes I
Aaron Thomas Haynes I Pred 2 meseci
Mister Awkward
Mister Awkward Pred 2 meseci
Not a fan but this guys is 36 yrs old in his 18th season and still killing it. LeGOAT indeed 🔥 I call it respect 💯
Luguentz Dort
Luguentz Dort Pred mesecem
He is swatting shots, still hamming down dunks, and now avg his highest 3pt percentage in his career while hitting shots from the logo
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
@Nobody 1243 AD dwight Howard miami injuries help lakers win a chip
Nobody 1243
Nobody 1243 Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson Idc I’m not a Lebron fan, I am grateful for him helping us win a chip though.👌👍
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 2 meseci
@Nobody 1243 lebron trash go watch 2007 n 2011 finals
Nobody 1243
Nobody 1243 Pred 2 meseci
@Gerald Wilson explain?