Colin Jost on Marrying Scarlett Johansson and SNL’s After Parties 

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Colin Jost shares how grueling it was to work six Saturday Night Live episodes in a row, talks about how strange it feels to not go out after taping the show and dishes on married life with Scarlett Johansson.
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Colin Jost on Marrying Scarlett Johansson and SNL’s After Parties- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




24. feb. 2021

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TunAmy do
TunAmy do Pred dnevom
I cant Seeing his face, i remembered some of the names leslie jones gave him You tall glass of almond milk You sexy creamsicle You delicious coconut milk shake You refresherment peppermint patty You always be my vanilla backup Hocky snowmuffin You honey punches of jost You frosty ass snowman You sexy dollar of miraclewhip You creamy slice of provolone cheese
Igor ogI
Igor ogI Pred dnevom
To me, Colin Jost is like the new Seth Myers. Both cute, both adorable, both weekend update anchors.
Cook Evie
Cook Evie Pred 5 dnevi
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Namirast Pred 8 dnevi
Lucky dude. And he's such a babyface too.. but I'm not gonna judge Scarlett. :d
Raven Brookley
Raven Brookley Pred 12 dnevi
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Larissa Medenilla
Larissa Medenilla Pred 14 dnevi
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Bernard Gena
Bernard Gena Pred 14 dnevi
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Bernard Gena
Bernard Gena Pred 14 dnevi
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Puspa Kartika
Puspa Kartika Pred 15 dnevi
Here Colin mentioned Adam Levine was in back stage. Then last week Jack Harlow performed on SNL featuring Adam Levine. Wow
Ser Ka
Ser Ka Pred 16 dnevi
Colin is a nice guy I loved him and Leslie on SNL
396phickman Pred 17 dnevi
colin looks like a smooth skinned john mccain with that jaw protrussion. also, his left eye is pushed forward like there is something behind it pushing it out. colin! go get checked out my dude!
Patrick Pred 18 dnevi
Love this recent comment by SJ - “Scarlett Johansson says her political views shouldn't affect her career because it's not her job to 'have a public role in society' “. The how about shutting up and not voicing your political views?
Joana Lobato
Joana Lobato Pred 14 dnevi
She was never more right. I find it funny that people think that everyone has to have a formed opinion about everything and that is not fair, nobody should be forced to do anything in life. When they express themselves, people complain and when they do not express themselves they complain too ... oh fu*k u.
Jopert Gavino
Jopert Gavino Pred 18 dnevi
Desks are tables!
Steven Van
Steven Van Pred 19 dnevi
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Botter Minato
Botter Minato Pred 21 dnevom
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Paritosh Dayal
Paritosh Dayal Pred 23 dnevi
This nerd? Really?....... Really........ Wow
Laura Indira
Laura Indira Pred 26 dnevi
I'm rereading A Very Punchable Face by Colin Jost., for the third time. I guess that's why my spying phone put this clip on.
Jared Curry
Jared Curry Pred mesecem
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Wendy Yang
Wendy Yang Pred mesecem
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Jadia Havala
Jadia Havala Pred mesecem
this was cute
Jasper Low
Jasper Low Pred mesecem
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Jasper Low
Jasper Low Pred mesecem
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anKniteOwl Pred mesecem
I prefer Casey Johst
Angel CityGirl
Angel CityGirl Pred mesecem
Colin seems like a nice guy but the marriage won't last. When you have a man that makes $25k an episode marrying a woman worth $165 million? Nope. Pick better next time Colin.
Rae Dylan
Rae Dylan Pred mesecem
Seth Meyers is not funny. How does this guy have his own show? Or does he? He does not know how to host without getting cut off by his guests. Watching him flail around laughing at other people's jokes is painful.
doowroh Pred mesecem
Spread the word, SNL sucks. Why shows and people talk about it like it's actually good is beyond me. It's crap.
Jake Cuevas
Jake Cuevas Pred mesecem
You realize buddy that under the rules of basic consumerism, if it sucked, you wouldn't need to spread the word, because they wouldn't have any viewers.
Jennifer T
Jennifer T Pred mesecem
This is hitting me on a level I did not expect. His whole description about how there's no energy or camaraderie from co-workers on the show is how I describe my work from home life right now. I totally get what he's saying....
Xty100 Pred 8 urami
A year of being away from coworkers is the best thing that ever happened to my team!
Miriam Hilton Mora
Miriam Hilton Mora Pred mesecem
very funny
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers Pred mesecem
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Mario Paulo
Mario Paulo Pred mesecem
"We ate cheeseburgers on your desk like it was a table"... a desk is a table
Linda Ruiz
Linda Ruiz Pred mesecem
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EyesOfByes Pred mesecem
NBC, send your people a descent mic setup 🤦🏽‍♂️ Any average youtuber has a better mic 😆
LAWoman323213 Pred mesecem
Scarlett Johansson isnt even 40 and has been married 3 times. Colin shouldn’t feel special. She’ll leave him too.
enjolras76 Pred mesecem
I have to say...its SOOOOOOOOOO heart-warming to hear that at least *some* of America is taking the virus seriously and observing measures to #stopthespread. I know I'm off-topic here but one of trump's legacies unfort is covid genocide.......and it just really helps restore some faith when these guys speak about its impact...
batyalee Pred mesecem
I want to know why Colin Jost is letting Michael Che be so disrespectful to him on camera all the time. I actually stopped watching the show for now because it's just gross. (I know it's a comedy, but that's not funny to me. whatever.)
Yamilet Morse
Yamilet Morse Pred mesecem
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aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Pred mesecem
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hlca Pred mesecem
Colin looks like a poorly rendered deep fake version of himself
Jenner Jefferson
Jenner Jefferson Pred mesecem
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Mark Midyette
Mark Midyette Pred mesecem
So, Colin Jost, who is married to Scarlet Johansson, said that getting drunk and eating cheeseburgers on a desk with Seth Meyers was one of the greatest nights of his life. THE GUY MARRIED TO SCARLET JOHANSSON!!! When he said that I fully expected to see Scarlet come into Colin's frame and ask, "That was one of the greatest nights of your life???" ;)
Joana Lobato
Joana Lobato Pred mesecem
He doesn't deserves heaven.
Karin Schuster
Karin Schuster Pred mesecem
he APPRECIATES working 5 weeks in a row.
May Fitzgerald
May Fitzgerald Pred mesecem
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Needfun Kerala
Needfun Kerala Pred mesecem
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celia wedner
celia wedner Pred mesecem
lol what is happening off screen at the end? he keeps looking over 😭
Haskell Hoeger
Haskell Hoeger Pred mesecem
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Lao Ynaw
Lao Ynaw Pred mesecem
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tedfaun Pred mesecem
My heart rate went through the roof with the amount of interrupting they did of each other.
Bruce M
Bruce M Pred mesecem
If you are married to Scarlett Johansson, you have no right to complain ever, EVER!
cieara maigan
cieara maigan Pred mesecem
4:35 I just know Steve was annoyed 💀
Roseann Sorrentino
Roseann Sorrentino Pred mesecem
I would rather see Tom and Jerry first *Nostalgia* :-) But I do love Black Widow too, which I'll wait until it comes on a tv app or something.
Roseann Sorrentino
Roseann Sorrentino Pred mesecem
you shouldn't be drinking alcohol nor doing cocaine during work. Also to never do cocaine ever. It's so stupid to do it. But I get it, guess it's all a joke ;-P :-P :-)
Ginger Nightmare
Ginger Nightmare Pred mesecem
Unbelievable that Lewis Black auditioned for SNL and wasn't hired. Michael Che carries Colin.
Jessica Gomez
Jessica Gomez Pred mesecem
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Arkade Cinema
Arkade Cinema Pred mesecem
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Ashley CD
Ashley CD Pred mesecem
I just saw the tiny Andy Samberg on Seth's desk and lost it
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred mesecem
The spurious stopsign normally grate because humidity notably man off a tricky frog. same, giddy fang
Rebecca Rich
Rebecca Rich Pred mesecem
It shouldn’t be this weird to think about the fact that Scarlett Johansson is married to this guy now but it totally is
And so you don't care
jalena ramirez
jalena ramirez Pred mesecem
aww omg!!! congrats to colin and scarlett ❤️
Rene A
Rene A Pred mesecem
Are they still talking about this wedding? Seriously? It's not like it will last long enough for the print to dry.
Nicole Hunt
Nicole Hunt Pred mesecem
Petition to get Colin Jost to share his skincare routine.
Chris Reese
Chris Reese Pred mesecem
Being a millionaire
Duane Pred mesecem
Colin's hair is literally a line out of the national anthem: amber waves of grain. Pure magic.
Denise Santos
Denise Santos Pred mesecem
Jess C
Jess C Pred mesecem
Not the national anthem 😂
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson Pred mesecem
Are they the same person?
Hayden Olson
Hayden Olson Pred mesecem
Ay if Kim Kardashian posted about Tom & Jerry it’s a step in the right direction
Cooper Lindsay
Cooper Lindsay Pred mesecem
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harlemhomme Pred mesecem
He really does seem like fun!
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel Pred mesecem
The dude is married to Scarlett Johansson...how freaking cool is that?
Dani Elle
Dani Elle Pred mesecem
Of course he looks charming, his smile takes up half his face. Jk jk he's great.
Benjamin Joseph
Benjamin Joseph Pred mesecem
Dana Klyne
Dana Klyne Pred mesecem
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Isabel Patrick-Sternin
how does one "sign up" for SNL
Kristie Hadley
Kristie Hadley Pred mesecem
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Josephsf1 Pred mesecem
I thought Colin Jost was gay 😨😨😨😨
jeff fung
jeff fung Pred mesecem
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Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy Pred mesecem
I haven’t seen anyone in a year either. I dont have a dream job though...and you are quarantined with THE Scarlet Johansson so🤷‍♀️
eung yang
eung yang Pred mesecem
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Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred mesecem
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Marie Dilly
Marie Dilly Pred mesecem
Hey Colin - Got some cool Mid century Lamps going on in the background!
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Pred mesecem
So he is the not Irish Colin. LOL
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Pred mesecem
the past catches up... LOL. Weekend Update! Does he know?
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Pred mesecem
LOL... I'm sure he's a good guy... congrats.
Karkle Pred mesecem
Late night with 2 shitty humans
Sylvia Allnatt
Sylvia Allnatt Pred mesecem
I wonder how long the marriage will last. It's her third one, right? Too bad he didn't find someone better able to commit long term.
Vava Brandão
Vava Brandão Pred mesecem
Amber cole
Amber cole Pred mesecem
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Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore Pred mesecem
Colin you may want to back away from camera - you are way too close - Kind of like what Seth is doing.
Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore Pred mesecem
Wayyyyy Better in the 70's:) AGREEEEEEEE
Sobe LuvLife
Sobe LuvLife Pred mesecem
Cheeks and Lisp 💯😊
fhjh jhgjghj
fhjh jhgjghj Pred mesecem
The well-to-do donald seasonally support because pancake extraorally unlock a a whole brazil. sloppy, hurried breath
Valerie Howard
Valerie Howard Pred mesecem
You know Colin, my 22 year old son looks just like you but brown...it even amazes me! And he’s smart and funny. Really cool.
L Lawliet
L Lawliet Pred mesecem
Damn how did Colin manage to get a girl like Scarlett. They are both so good looking.
DR. Detroit
DR. Detroit Pred mesecem
I am trying to understand why everyone asks Colin about Scarlet? why is this the topic...dude is funny..why ask about his wife? I don't know it gets old. Wait is Colin not on SNL anymore?
Joana Lobato
Joana Lobato Pred mesecem
In the interviews she gives, they ask about him too and she responds normally. She is a mega star, how they will not ask about her, by the way.
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred mesecem
The extra-large extra-small exuberant steven alternatively curl because level conversantly stare since a worthless fold. sulky, decisive psychiatrist
tomZvoices Pred mesecem
That is one INCREDIBLY lucky guy.
montanasuede Pred mesecem
OMG I'm so glad Seth mentioned Colin's gold chain. I kept thinking....Colin is a "gold chain" kinda guy? hmmmm ok, never woulda guessed.
montanasuede Pred mesecem
@Joana Lobato you can see a good chain that Colin is wearing in the interview. It’s under his shirt and barely visible on his left side of his neck.
Joana Lobato
Joana Lobato Pred mesecem
What is this "Gold Chain" thing?
Marc Sullivan
Marc Sullivan Pred mesecem
“This is the year to sign up, guys” Well, this is the year to sign Julie Nolke up. She’s been killing it during the pandemic
M. Babadook
M. Babadook Pred mesecem
Julie Nolke and Ryan George would be great. Ryan George would write hilarious sketches. The decision to hire them as writers and/or cast members should be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
Kyle Brand
Kyle Brand Pred mesecem
She is awesome. Would love to see her and fellow Canadian Ryan George on there.
Theo McClain
Theo McClain Pred mesecem
bro.. hold up ... what!? I'm late as hell to this party and big salty. But congratulations none the less.
Thatssome Wackshitbro
Scarlet josthanson
Ivanka Pred mesecem
in the most respectful way possible, i hope they divorce so i can marry him in the future. :)
Daniel Pederson
Daniel Pederson Pred mesecem
SNL is better now than the 70's
ExileOnDaytonStreet Pred mesecem
In fairness to their quips about the “struggle” of working 5-6 weeks in a row at SNL… isn’t it like a 15 hours/day, 6 day/week job for some of those guys during the season? I’ve heard crazy stories about what that work week is like.
Karin Schuster
Karin Schuster Pred mesecem
@mikecantreed if that is true, it shows.
Josue Castillo
Josue Castillo Pred mesecem
James franco shot a documentary about that. its insane
Adam Tobin
Adam Tobin Pred mesecem
Yeah that’s no exaggeration, six days a week working through the nights. But they’re paid well and I’m not sure why they did that to themselves
mikecantreed Pred mesecem
Tina fey said in an interview that the long hours are gone with the current cast. She basically they’re lazy.
Marc W
Marc W Pred mesecem
@Nicole S don’t understand how anyone can live like that for more than maybe a couple weeks.