Reacting to Luka Doncic saying 'you can't compare me to Larry Bird' | The Jump 

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Rachel Nichols, Richard Jefferson and Matt Barnes discuss Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic saying "you can't compare me to Larry Bird."
0:00 Rachel replays her interview when Luka shrugged off Bird comparisons.
0:52 Matt disagrees with Luka.
1:27 Richard thinks Luka was right to say what he said.
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1. mar. 2021

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ESPN Pred 2 meseci
0:00​ Rachel replays her interview when Luka shrugged off Bird comparisons. 0:52​ Matt disagrees with Luka. 1:27​ Richard thinks Luka was right to say what he said.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Pred mesecem
@kingryan69 What are you suggesting?
kingryan69 Pred mesecem
@Robert Williams anyone who watched basketball in the 80's and 90s; knows Bird was clutch at deep 2 and three range, shooting percentage is a pretty accurate marker, shooting percentage when challenged is another
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Pred mesecem
@kingryan69 @kingryan69 Really? How old would I have to be to know that? The idea that you're even suggesting that is ridiculous. How do you (personally) rate 3 point shooting? Both Ray and and Reggie shot more threes made more threes and made them at a better percentage than Bird. (Not my opinion) that's factual information. Now if you're factoring in total field goal percentage Bird's total FG% was slightly higher than those guys but that includes total shots...lay ups, dunks, tip ins etc.
kingryan69 Pred mesecem
@Robert Williams bird was a far better shooter than reggie and ray. you clearly are too young to know that. Steph is another level.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Pred mesecem
@B Vip Mic drop? (As in) you offered a meaningful refutation or as in your not savvy enough to even understand what you're reading or posting? That's rhetorical by the way. Is there a point related to this exchange that you wanted to make. Don't be that guy that just repeats "because I said so" just because you can't support what you're suggesting. It's okay to have an opinion, my comments however don't speak to my opinion.
Shane Beck
Shane Beck Pred dnevom
They need to compare what difference rule changes have made. Which is a lot .
First to Infinity
First to Infinity Pred 2 dnevi
Why is she wearing a mask in the interview? lol she looks like she’s in a closet
Phuq Cue
Phuq Cue Pred 3 dnevi
ESPN sucks. SLtv needs to stop suggesting espn
The Sordid Singer
The Sordid Singer Pred 3 dnevi
He’s really an amalgamation of: Larry Bird James Harden Magic Johnson
Josh Belz
Josh Belz Pred 3 dnevi
Rachel Nicole’s sucks
Zack Freeze
Zack Freeze Pred 5 dnevi
Espn is still on tv?? Why? You guys are garbage
Dave Bielke
Dave Bielke Pred 7 dnevi
Oh stop....the notion is silly
waterloo Pred 8 dnevi
He's more like Magic Johnson, plays with a smile on his face, but also is a prolific scorer like an MJ and Bird, cant believe some people thought he was another Detlef schrempf
leon3 Pred 8 dnevi
Bird had a higher basketball IQ
Child Rebel Soulja
Child Rebel Soulja Pred 8 dnevi
He’s Lebron without the hops.
JanssenFromCanada Pred 8 dnevi
Two different eras, why make the comparison? Also "long way to go" says it all. Once again the media is doing what it does because of two of Larry Bird's teammates making a slight comparison. Luka (and Zion!) are my two favorite new stars. European fundamentals with rebounding and shooting and one of the most athletic talents I've ever seen in the NBA. But please...Larry Bird is a legend. Long way to go.
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard Pred 9 dnevi
Larry is in my top 5 ever. He’s just different man. Kobe bird MJ Lebron Hakeem in no order are my top 5 right now. Luka could very well knock on the door when it’s all said and done.
Jason Jacobs
Jason Jacobs Pred 10 dnevi
I don’t understand why people worship that generation to the extent that they do. Watching film and looking at stats together, I’m taking Luka over Bird without hesitation. He’s better than Bird. The old generation weren’t gods of basketball just because there was more physicality at times. If players aren’t getting better and better with each generation there’s something seriously wrong. It should be totally expected that later generations build on the previous generation’s legacy. And don’t even get me started on them putting Bird in the same category as Steph for shooting, that’s just absurd. Be real man.
Mark Parent
Mark Parent Pred 10 dnevi
Luca was saying he was better than Bird. They misunderstood him
beterbutz Pred 10 dnevi
This is so blatantly racist
Erlyk Dalkien
Erlyk Dalkien Pred 10 dnevi
I don't see it.
Georgie Boy
Georgie Boy Pred 11 dnevi
Because he's white?
Josh West
Josh West Pred 11 dnevi
Show the full clip of what he said, ESPN fake af
Jorden Davis
Jorden Davis Pred 12 dnevi
Luka is better than Larry
Kris Holmes
Kris Holmes Pred 12 dnevi
Nice Mic bro
Sugu Pred 13 dnevi
Can’t be Larry Bird because Larry was better.
Sir Yuck Fou
Sir Yuck Fou Pred 13 dnevi
How many championship he got none where latry bird does
Dickson Chan
Dickson Chan Pred 14 dnevi
That's a unfinished sentence, you can't compare because...?
Hakeem Allen
Hakeem Allen Pred 14 dnevi
This is borderline racism...LOL 🤣
Hakeem Allen
Hakeem Allen Pred 12 dnevi
@Joe Bide Hos shooting stats were great lol. Just because he didn't attempt 10 3's a game like nowadays doesn't mean his stats were bad 🤣. You youngins I don't even know why I bother anymore I'm done here...
Hakeem Allen
Hakeem Allen Pred 12 dnevi
@Joe Bide LMAO stop it Bird above average in his TIME PERIOD?!! 👎Bird is an all time great shooter! Nothing in their game is alike...LUKA EVEN SAID YOU CANT COMPARE THEM...they only doing it for the obvious reason which we all know
Hakeem Allen
Hakeem Allen Pred 12 dnevi
@Joe Bide Yeah right Luka even said HIMSELF to not compare him so what makes anyone else think they could. His game is totally different than birds was. Larry was a way better shooter than Luka could dream of, and a better defender.
William Kinnunen
William Kinnunen Pred 15 dnevi
I couldn't agree more with Luka. You can't compare him to Bird. Bird won 3 straight MVPs in the 80s, widely considered to be the best era in NBA history.
Grease Monkey Jedi
Grease Monkey Jedi Pred 16 dnevi
He plays like a light skinned Larry for sure !
Sabbath oneseveneight
Sabbath oneseveneight Pred 16 dnevi
I can hear Larry now, their comparing me to a white guy.🤣
iW34Rglasses00 Pred 17 dnevi
I think hes right Larry Legend is a better rebounder better defender and a better shooter, while doncic has better scoring, better handles and passes although the passing is arguable because Larry was more of a sf/pf and Luka is more of a pg so Larry didnt really control the offense as much.
Johnathan Mumm
Johnathan Mumm Pred 17 dnevi
This is like comparing every black hockey player to Jarome Iginla.
MadRhetorik Pred 17 dnevi
"You can't compare me to Larry Bird, you know, the things he's done. He's just way, way, I mean, more, more games to go. A long time. So you can't compare me to Larry Bird. And you know, I just want to keep hooping. Having fun out there playing basketball." - Luka Doncic word for word in the actual postgame interview.
Pen Island
Pen Island Pred 18 dnevi
You can’t compare him to Larry Bird, he’s clearly been better than Larry was at that age
Spencer Presley
Spencer Presley Pred 18 dnevi
Any white guy that's good at basketball Sports Media: IT'S LARRY BIRD REINCARNATED
WastedYears Pred 18 dnevi
Of course you cant because he better than larry bird.
steve clapper
steve clapper Pred 18 dnevi
Well for once they were right! He has a very similar skill set and approach to the game and it's not just because he is white.
Simón Escobar
Simón Escobar Pred 19 dnevi
The only thing larry and luka have in common, is that they are unique players and goat talents
Jeremiah Pred 19 dnevi
What an insult to Bird. More like trying one day to win as many titles as Bill Laimbeer.
Jack Glastra
Jack Glastra Pred 19 dnevi
Larry Bird has rings.
Ben Dagostino
Ben Dagostino Pred 19 dnevi
Why do they compare him to larry bird? Because he's white? Their skill sets are nothing alike.
Lamont L. Belton
Lamont L. Belton Pred 19 dnevi
He handles the ball more but he absolutely looks like Bird out there.
jmiogo Pred 19 dnevi
Larry isn’t dead, dummies
Tracey KJ Thomas
Tracey KJ Thomas Pred 19 dnevi
Lol totally different games ones a pf and the other is basically pg. the thing they have most in common is skin color 🤦🏾‍♂️
Dead Jokes
Dead Jokes Pred 19 dnevi
Luka haven’t changed my mine yet
Michael Auger
Michael Auger Pred 20 dnevi
Although they are similar, Larry was a lot better passer and made teammates better.
juan Pred 20 dnevi
So they sayin here if luka boasts, media will hate on him. But if lebrong does it everyone loves him for it? Cmon now, exactly why i hated levrong in the furst place. This kid was 18 years old and has the maturity and professionalism way past lebron today.
juan Pred 20 dnevi
Lebrong: “I am the GOAT.”
Mister Myself
Mister Myself Pred 20 dnevi
Its like comparing the option to the run and shoot. This league is stat padding. If I had to depend on someone, it would be Bird.
Grindcore Rager 40
Grindcore Rager 40 Pred 20 dnevi
I think Luka Doncic is the next Luka Doncic.
Daniel Hacker
Daniel Hacker Pred 20 dnevi
They are both good at playing at thier own pace, passing, and shooting but their dribbling and ball handling is quite a bit different.
24k Nick
24k Nick Pred 20 dnevi
White and skilled = Larry bird I guess
Chance Driscoll
Chance Driscoll Pred 20 dnevi
Did Luka elaborate on why you can’t? Like, you can’t compare us because our play style is different? Or maybe, You can compare us because Larry has won so many titles and I haven’t done enough yet.
louielouie51 Pred 20 dnevi
Bird is better...all day chump...
elgriego331 Pred 21 dnevom
If Larry was able to carry the ball like NBA players can now he would average 15 more points a game.
Chicken Pred 21 dnevom
I like how if your white and can hoop you are automatically considered the next larry
Gualter gutierrez
Gualter gutierrez Pred 22 dnevi
Just because he White... They all racist in usa
s0meguy09 Pred 22 dnevi
I think you have to die to be reincarnated but what do I know?
TEXAS LONGHORN Pred 23 dnevi
Imagine if every black guy was compared to Lebron and only lebron that would be racist but this isn’t?
mokeski 21
mokeski 21 Pred 23 dnevi
Funny how libs don't want diversity in the NBA. Lol
alan brivio
alan brivio Pred 23 dnevi
If Luka wasn't white, would people say the same? To me he is much more Maic than Bird for example...
JON HOUSTON Pred 24 dnevi
There's no way on the Earth this guy is not even close to BIRD
studio bauhaus
studio bauhaus Pred 24 dnevi
They just saying the comparison cause he is white. This show is wack
Rafael Santiago
Rafael Santiago Pred 24 dnevi
is call respect.
Mladen Medunic
Mladen Medunic Pred 24 dnevi
Yeah hes white therefore he's larry bird 🙄🙄🙄
sleep deprived 69
sleep deprived 69 Pred 25 dnevi
U keep on comparing lmao. It brings just negative effects lmao
Kavid Pred 25 dnevi
Larry Bird mad overrated
Jonathan c
Jonathan c Pred 25 dnevi
Larry bird played with a three point line. I think the NBA added it in the late 70s.
dogwithavlog Pred 25 dnevi
I think luka took it as an insult...
SpiritualNvNDO Pred 25 dnevi
If Larry heard this comparison and still had his back he’d call up Luka and call the place and the time bet on that
Federman Carrillo
Federman Carrillo Pred 26 dnevi
Barnes must be losing it... Barnes just doesn't know enough of Larry Legend! I think if he would go back and do research, he would definitely change his mind... I'm not even a Celtic nor a Bird fan... Lakers all the way! But I respect the talent and history Bird has... Luka is nice... but come on! Bird would tell you the play and still score on you!!!!!
Mobius DC
Mobius DC Pred 26 dnevi
Hes just being humble.Luka is hybrid larry bird.
vinuzo Pred 26 dnevi
I see the passing and the post game. Neither are the quickest players on the court, both rely on perfect footwork to attack the basket and get off shots. I'd say Luka is more of a Bird-Harden merge though
Devs2kwik Pred 26 dnevi
Lol they don’t have the same play style 😂 at all at all luka is most definitely a lebron or a magic.
Dennis Nedry
Dennis Nedry Pred 26 dnevi
Larry Legend. No other comparison
Bandolero Sanjuan
Bandolero Sanjuan Pred 27 dnevi
Rachel is garbage
theshantanator Pred 27 dnevi
He's very similar to Bird... except for his handles, speed, slashing ability, etc.
13rcampbell Pred 27 dnevi
Comparing Luka to Bird is just because they're both white. we ALL know this
AdMajoremDeiGloriam Pred 27 dnevi
literally the ONLY reason that people are comparing him to Bird is that he's white. Luka and Larry are both PHENOMENAL players but one is a SMALL FORWARD and one is a POINT GUARD
Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer Pred 27 dnevi
Why are people so desperate for a great white hope? Im a white dude, not that it matters.
ulu Pred 28 dnevi
He better than larry
Chuck Balkin
Chuck Balkin Pred 28 dnevi
Until Luka actually does something in the post season, yeah you can't compare him to Bird.
Francisco Alvarado
Francisco Alvarado Pred 29 dnevi
I see Jefferson, I exit the video. Simple
laaannder Pred 29 dnevi
1:33 BUT he did have the 3 point line.... wth
Jered Steadman
Jered Steadman Pred 29 dnevi
It's funny is Luca plays a lot more like magic at times
S R Pred 29 dnevi
There are very few similarities in their game. The comparison is like white commentators in the 60s comparing every good black baseball player to Jackie Robinson.
Dan J
Dan J Pred mesecem
It’s hilarious everyone gets so thrown off when someone in the NBA is being humble.
Joe T
Joe T Pred mesecem
Way to go ESPN. He's a great white basketball player so obviously you compare him to Bird 🙄. Their games are NOTHING alike.
Lol Jokic plays more like Larry Bird than Luka
Stephen Wade
Stephen Wade Pred mesecem
Luka is more of a magic
Tommy Rex
Tommy Rex Pred mesecem
It's gotta be annoying to only get compared to players of your own race lol. Like, you mean he can't be as good as someone from another race it's ridiculous.
Troy Moore
Troy Moore Pred mesecem
Why can white guys only be compared to Larry Bird?
Chris George
Chris George Pred mesecem
The abortive snowplow aetiologically concentrate because steam methodically point around a acoustic digger. teeny-tiny, alike brochure
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall Pred mesecem
Larry Legend !!!
Dre G
Dre G Pred mesecem
I hated Bird until he made me love him. Truly great!
Chum Nissan
Chum Nissan Pred mesecem
he’s nothing like bird, other than he’s skilled. if anything he plays like jason kidd with more scoring
Diesel Bourbon
Diesel Bourbon Pred mesecem
I thought race was not important?
Tristan Burke
Tristan Burke Pred mesecem
What did he say after? Y’all cut off his quote so obviously, are you that thirsty for content?
Matthew Ackerman
Matthew Ackerman Pred mesecem
Please. Bird was tough as nails.
Jeff Lebowski
Jeff Lebowski Pred mesecem
Guard vs power forward. The only thing to compare is that they are both elite white players.
G G Pred mesecem
Luka plays like Luka
Jameson Pred mesecem
Luka was being modest.