Neymar Jr - The Journey | Movie 2021 

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From ‘Young talent’ to ‘Superstar’ - only few have taken the crazy journey like Neymar, and gone from just being a big talent to a full on superstar.
Special thanks to
Sreenivas Kamath - sltv.info
Henrik Lehmann - sltv.info
Guilherme Giron - sltv.info
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15. jan. 2021

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Kannan Vaidyanath
Kannan Vaidyanath Pred 3 meseci
Special thanks to my friends Henrik, Sreenivas and Guilherme for their instrumental support in helping me with the clips and making this video possible.
sayyid sahal
sayyid sahal Pred 17 dnevi
Are you Keralite
shawn khan
shawn khan Pred 21 dnevom
@Kannan Vaidyanath hi man, thanks for this amazing video. Shows how much hard work you have put through. Can you please tell me the music name from 0:00 - 1:40
Vandege Gomesmhloi
Vandege Gomesmhloi Pred 28 dnevi
what song play 2:40 men?
Sumit Bahukhandi
Sumit Bahukhandi Pred mesecem
That's sounds motivating me I heard first time when I was child or start learning football....
Kannan Vaidyanath
Kannan Vaidyanath Pred mesecem
@Sumit Bahukhandi Junkie XL - I’m a hunter
Susan Rai
Susan Rai Pred dnevom
Neymar is also one of the most talented and wonderful player in this era❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
shabeeb abdulla
shabeeb abdulla Pred dnevom
Arkharm rider7
Arkharm rider7 Pred dnevom
I miss those Barca days
Hofeni Nashima
Hofeni Nashima Pred dnevom
Neymar should go back to Barcelona
Peter Tan
Peter Tan Pred dnevom
Very cinematic. Good work!!
Cristiano Laha
Cristiano Laha Pred 2 dnevi
Go to psg just to win ligue 1😎
Shlok Tejwani
Shlok Tejwani Pred 2 dnevi
Please make a long Messi and Ronaldo video as well 🙏🏼🙏🏼
maïga Pred 3 dnevi
His journey to where
Anco veiga
Anco veiga Pred 3 dnevi
Ruizka Bisma
Ruizka Bisma Pred 3 dnevi
Neymar back to home please # visca el barca
Salmon Lewis
Salmon Lewis Pred 4 dnevi
21:35 song name?
Siddhant Shekhar
Siddhant Shekhar Pred 4 dnevi
Sad to see him rolling on the ground & showboating without any real purpose. Such a talent not realizing the worth of time feels bad. After 3-4 years, he will realize the bus missed
Ambro ‡
Ambro ‡ Pred 4 dnevi
NeN MoonCy
NeN MoonCy Pred 5 dnevi
Uff thee💥
Dalal Pred 6 dnevi
Love this!
TheDeedeem Pred 6 dnevi
Omar ALaa
Omar ALaa Pred 6 dnevi
this is was a worldwide edit ♥ thank u ♥
caneugo90 Pred 7 dnevi
Raaj Jaiswal
Raaj Jaiswal Pred 7 dnevi
A beautiful movie.. Worth watching...
mohammed alamgir
mohammed alamgir Pred 7 dnevi
Best commentery dimaria how about that. He is on 🔥
Sajaf Zain
Sajaf Zain Pred 8 dnevi
A piece of art. Great🔥
DRAGON PES Pred 9 dnevi
Amazing 👌👌
Nicholas Foong
Nicholas Foong Pred 9 dnevi
What is the music name in 9:43??
Sundharan poocha
Sundharan poocha Pred 10 dnevi
What an edit machane polichu🔥🔥✨
Black Sky
Black Sky Pred 10 dnevi
Now he will Win the champions league and he took the revenge from Bayern Munich 😂✌🏻
Grumeza Nicolai
Grumeza Nicolai Pred 11 dnevi
Allez Paris !!!
Mahmood KC
Mahmood KC Pred 11 dnevi
What's that music name @3:53
RiCH Pred 11 dnevi
MSN - i miss this trio 😭 The best trio i've ever seen yet
Emil Larsson
Emil Larsson Pred 11 dnevi
Neymar deserved this video
hon. glowy
hon. glowy Pred 11 dnevi
Piece of Art!!! 👏👏🤩
kabon tube
kabon tube Pred 12 dnevi
Neymar with barca was awesome but with psg ehh
Rudro Pred 12 dnevi
Great edit deserves over a million views
COMET Pubg Pred 13 dnevi
Neymar deserves to win the champions leagues and the ballon dor
Tachles gaming
Tachles gaming Pred 13 dnevi
Scrappio Pred 13 dnevi
im watching this for the 10th time and i just love it. Neymar is my favorite player. i have been watching him play since he was at santos. This video was so well made. every moment of was just super exciting. Thanks for making this!!!! ❤️
Yash Tambe
Yash Tambe Pred 13 dnevi
Mebansharai Khongwir
Mebansharai Khongwir Pred 13 dnevi
The Last true Brazilian 🇧🇷🌟 the last true football entertainer
varsha R
varsha R Pred 13 dnevi
Neymar the Rock star
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr Pred 13 dnevi
I am the best💯
LITTLE LEGEND Pred 14 dnevi
It's not a easy journey, (behind a hard work)❤️
To See
To See Pred 14 dnevi
Neymar is a rare species in today's modern Football, legendary skills and reflexes that I haven't seen in a long time, he belongs to same family of R9 & R10. You can see them in him, both of them, and I believe he is a hero unlike a lot of talented players who are just good sometimes, in 2014 WC I knew that he was special. He was almost the youngest but he was already the leader and the most talented player that Brazil depends on, and he never fail to deliver, until the Columbian incident. I really wish for PSG to win the UCL with Neymar's leadership, and I would love it if Neymar won the ballon d'or this year ...
To See
To See Pred 11 dnevi
@Vaughn Jordan LeVel *Colombian yes thank you.
Vaughn Jordan LeVel
Vaughn Jordan LeVel Pred 11 dnevi
KAZIM SHARIF Pred 14 dnevi
I got emotional watching this video. Great work 💯💯
Musa Faye
Musa Faye Pred 14 dnevi
I loooove neymar Jr he is the best
Athulappu athulappu
Athulappu athulappu Pred 14 dnevi
keep going bro you have a good futre (Neymar fan ) ♥︎♥︎
Iago Cardoso
Iago Cardoso Pred 14 dnevi
Congratulations!!! What a movie bro!!!!
Peter Neufeld
Peter Neufeld Pred 14 dnevi
This is so well made!!!🔥
Ritish Singh
Ritish Singh Pred 14 dnevi
The video was excellent but neymar made it😘😘😘
STARK Pred 15 dnevi
Nice work man💋💋💞
Daniel Fernando
Daniel Fernando Pred 15 dnevi
Neymar carreando a las ovejas sagradas
Anfaz Jr
Anfaz Jr Pred 15 dnevi
Hussein Yousuf
Hussein Yousuf Pred 15 dnevi
And another tume citizens stop and deop him UEFA Champion league( just writing few days before psg vs city.
Hussein Yousuf
Hussein Yousuf Pred 15 dnevi
Even im madridista, what a vedio
Bishal Mech
Bishal Mech Pred 15 dnevi
Awesome 😭😍😍💓
Muhammed Sidhan
Muhammed Sidhan Pred 15 dnevi
Good work congrats
Diya Motha
Diya Motha Pred 15 dnevi
amazing work 🤯🤯
Siva Kumar
Siva Kumar Pred 15 dnevi
Malayali anoooo poliii
victor hermansen
victor hermansen Pred 16 dnevi
in 2017 he had bigger chance for winning UCL with barca now he has the biggest chance of winning UCL wit PSG
EDWIN JR Pred 16 dnevi
EMMA FOTBALL Pred 16 dnevi
El mejor mi ídolo del fútbol neymar jr
Bar BTN 01
Bar BTN 01 Pred 16 dnevi
Powered 🔥
sabina acharya
sabina acharya Pred 16 dnevi
Just wow😻😻❤️
Tina Najafzadeh
Tina Najafzadeh Pred 17 dnevi
I like this video, great work!
MalyTv Pred 17 dnevi
if he go back hell be in messi shadow again the amount of assist he gave messi, psg vs barca neymar didnt get the credit he deserved but messi did he doin great and better at psg, people just wanna see him and messi play and thats it, a real fan wants to see him succeed in football even if he has to change teams, plus he carrying psg like ill argue with yall fake fans sayin he should go back
Hashtag Sven
Hashtag Sven Pred 18 dnevi
AKASH BANERJEE Pred 18 dnevi
As a Neymar fan if this doesn't give you goosebumps then i don't know what will.
VMAX VENOM Pred 18 dnevi
Quality work
Munees uk
Munees uk Pred 18 dnevi
Dope man!!🔥 Great work 🙌
Zer0 FNBR Pred 18 dnevi
we in germany say : gänsehaut
Canal do Camelo
Canal do Camelo Pred 18 dnevi
Santos!!!! Orgulho que nem todos podem ter!
Kerim Bremer
Kerim Bremer Pred 18 dnevi
I‘m Real Madrid fan but neymar needs barca and barca needs Neymar
Berhan 1506
Berhan 1506 Pred 18 dnevi
Nice work, but u could show more of the time while he was at santos. Nevertheless, great job mate.
ttv fr
ttv fr Pred 18 dnevi
And now neymar is in the ucl semifinal once again.. Lets hope he wins
apdiQani NeYmaR jR
apdiQani NeYmaR jR Pred 14 dnevi
Hope so wlahi❤️💙 ALLEZ PARIS
Querían las 3 aquí están las 3 jahah
WaleEd BhatTi X jampey
Shreen Yadav
Shreen Yadav Pred 19 dnevi
3:29 Any player who does that,already has me respect. Nothing more than being grateful to live your passion. 🙌🏼
Dev Ale
Dev Ale Pred 19 dnevi
Nice editing bro Touched my heart 💜
LINGESH Pred 19 dnevi
prasad shitole
prasad shitole Pred 19 dnevi
Good effort taken
PunkPink Official
PunkPink Official Pred 19 dnevi
I hope neymar winning ballon d'or this year
musavir sheikh
musavir sheikh Pred 20 dnevi
6_1 was impossible without neymar🤙
Suriyal Geejo
Suriyal Geejo Pred 20 dnevi
Malayalee ?
Pfunzo Mulaudzi
Pfunzo Mulaudzi Pred 20 dnevi
Neymar's the best skilled player ever
Saurabh Sagar
Saurabh Sagar Pred 20 dnevi
Awesome man🔥🔥🔥🔥 U deserve big fame❤️❤️
Sintese Pred 20 dnevi
Melhor do mundo.
Kithu Sini
Kithu Sini Pred 20 dnevi
Bro mallu aaaaaano
afzan mohammed
afzan mohammed Pred 21 dnevom
Great work
Kevin Navas Martinez
Kevin Navas Martinez Pred 21 dnevom
Just perfect, no more to add.
Souvik Sarkar
Souvik Sarkar Pred 21 dnevom
❤️ neymar
hishxm Pred 21 dnevom
Bro it's damn ⚡💕
Sabith Sabi
Sabith Sabi Pred 21 dnevom
Good work
Mahmood KC
Mahmood KC Pred 21 dnevom
Meshak Ben
Meshak Ben Pred 21 dnevom
Andreas Pred 21 dnevom
I remember that when i was a kid. I wanted the same haircut as Neymar. He ment som much for me and barca:(
mhd fazal
mhd fazal Pred 21 dnevom
Awesome man!..from a fellow indian
daniel tayeng
daniel tayeng Pred 21 dnevom
This guy deserve 1m subscribers
Cursed Gamer
Cursed Gamer Pred 21 dnevom
Just one word M A S T E R P I E C E
rocky Pred 21 dnevom
For the first time i'm on this channel but it's made me go to your videos
syahmi fs
syahmi fs Pred 22 dnevi
can’t imagine how miss Santos fans on Neymar
Safwan Abdi
Safwan Abdi Pred 22 dnevi
Deserves more views
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