Why you should READ LESS* 

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*as in putting less pressure on yourself with how MANY books you read, but rather focusing on the QUALITY of what you read. Basically, quality over quantity (as is the case with many things in life). Enjoy!

Benefits of Reading Books:
The brain in your pocket: Evidence that Smartphones are used to supplant thinking:
Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind
Your Brain on Reading (Why Your Brain Needs You to Read Every Day)
Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
"Delusional (Instrumental)" by Spring Gang
"Sudden Death (Instrumental)" by Sightless in Shadow
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"
#Books #OneBookAWeek #Reading

Some might read the title of the video and think "oh, cool, I don't have to read, I wasn't going to anyway". If that's the case, I suggest you watch the entire video first. Reading is very important, it has many benefits for your brain, and unfortunately, school prepares us from a young age to see reading as a chore or as something unpleasant. Then there's the other type of people who only read Personal Development and Self Help books, and that's mainly who I'm targeting with this video. The Self Help industry is making billions of dollars every year, often selling sub-par written content that gives the illusion of personal growth. There's so much more value in a novel, or a history book, than you will ever find in the average Self-improvement book. So although I'm talking about why you should read less, the moral of the story - spoiler alert - is why you should read more, or why you should be more selective with the type of books you're reading. Looking forward to the conversation in the comment section.




21. jan. 2021

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Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea Pred mesecem
Happy to see the positive response to this type of video! Been reading the book recommendations you guys are leaving in the comments and tbh there's a lot of exciting stuff I want to read myself now haha! Keep 'em coming! 📚
radu Diaconu
radu Diaconu Pred dnevom
Gugăl foarte epic SLtvr moment
Tophatarco L
Tophatarco L Pred 2 dnevi
I like world war 2 books
Random Things 2.0
Random Things 2.0 Pred 4 dnevi
5:34 gugăl, buna asta!
Giridhar Kavali
Giridhar Kavali Pred 4 dnevi
Make a video on that vegan Teacher
Sarah Siebert
Sarah Siebert Pred 4 dnevi
Happy birthday! My birthday was on the same day lol ❤️
that book needs to be thick
Immanuel Marshall
I like reading philosophy books
AgerioPH Pred 2 urami
Ive completed 41 books all of it come from 1 series name kirov i recommend it and it still ongoing. and many more if you include fanfiction.
AgerioPH Pred uro
Also during my reading session of kirov i usually complete about 1 to 2 books a day
Toast Malone
Toast Malone Pred 2 urami
Wait you read books 🤨
GrEEnBlade L
GrEEnBlade L Pred 2 urami
I read books but I’m a school kid so it’s necessary
Sir Deadpool
Sir Deadpool Pred 2 urami
Reads hentai Reads fan-fics Reads comics: Smrts 100
Galligator Pred 2 urami
Ahaha, the end XD But I have a question. I was thinking of getting a Kindle because it's hard for me to buy English books unless I'm willing to wait for months. As long as it's reading, would your brain be stimulated in the same way as a physical book?
RTX Morshu
RTX Morshu Pred 2 urami
happy new and terrible year
Manvel Msurian
Manvel Msurian Pred 3 urami
Heroes of Olympus. The lost hero Book
Ooga Booga Boy
Ooga Booga Boy Pred 4 urami
I love I am Legend, I watched Pewdiepies review the book and I fell hard for it, as cliche as it is, book>movie
DanTe Pred 4 urami
while i initialy quit in quiters week thankfully i got back and starting to stop eating sugar again and whoo boy my arms never looked better
Kuuke Pred 4 urami
Lol those last 2-3 minutes are bullshit, I haven't read a book in like 6 years and I can perfectly do all the things mentioned that books "enhance", I haven't read a book but yet I speak 4 languages and can legally teach 2 of them, this book praising shit is absolutely retarded and makes no sense whatsoever
lil zyclone
lil zyclone Pred 5 urami
Epic lol XD😂👌💯💥💥💥
a5.drx1 Pred 6 urami
some teachers at my school discourage people from reading manga, comic, fiction books etc since they are quote on quote useless to your brain which is quite rude
tavi plays
tavi plays Pred 6 urami
I have never read a book that I wanted to read in my life nice vid tho I agree with the arguments even when I read a book for school I felt my brain being more active
The cowboy
The cowboy Pred 7 urami
If people look for fiction i would suggest the necronomicon, which is a collection of horror like tales in one big book.
bin Pred 7 urami
One question who read books these days I thought poeple just play minecraft in stuff.
prod. Clockwork
prod. Clockwork Pred 19 minutami
@Oyuntsetseg Lkhagvaa how are you going to judge someone elses spelling whilst spelling ''grammar'' wrong
bin Pred 4 urami
@Oyuntsetseg Lkhagvaa ok
Oyuntsetseg Lkhagvaa
@bin it's incredibly funny
bin Pred 5 urami
@Oyuntsetseg Lkhagvaa how is that funny ??
Oyuntsetseg Lkhagvaa
@bin imagine being such a virgin you put that much effort into a yt comment lol😂😂😂
Hana Abuaali
Hana Abuaali Pred 8 urami
So, I love reading fiction (especialy if it is about magic) but as I'm growing up I don't know how to look for new books. Can somebody suggest good fiction for people in their mid 20's? I used to like throne of glass series and six of crows when I was in high school
Floupel Pred 8 urami
if im interested in history should i take a history book about vikings, greece mythology and japanise history phichose those are the things that im interested in
B1ueJay Pred 8 urami
Why read when u have this man
the zodiac
the zodiac Pred 9 urami
Gugal naw gulag
Quinten Boskma
Quinten Boskma Pred 10 urami
Even though I don’t read much, a series of books I really like is: Rangers Apprentice. It’s a fantasy book which kind off takes place in medieval times, there are about 14 books in the series and the ones I’ve read are very good. Personally a book category I like is information books about certain fandoms, such as Star Wars or avatar, or basically whatever you may like. So you can learn more about the world or the science in the fiction (pun intended). For example books about how lightsabers work, if your into that sort of thing, or maps of the worlds from the fandom. Hope this helps 👍
L. N
L. N Pred 10 urami
online books, not big fat books🤣 idk why but if I have to read the same exact book, I prefer to read it online than to read it in big fat book version. Big fat book turns me off for some reason, it makes me think I'm too dumb for it🤣🤣🤣 but when I read online books, I can like almost finish the whole book in a day. Like if there are 500 chapters I can at least finish 200 chapters in one day! Which is equivalent to 200 pages in a book. Well I hope so🤣but yeah I do like reading but online! I don't get why this happens to me, but yeah generally I prefer online book. Yes I do use wattpad 😂 and yes I do have webnovel
The Game Assassin
The Game Assassin Pred 14 urami
A good book to read if your into action would be Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
ArchWillhelm Pred 15 urami
The Witcher books are good for grim fantasy from a foreign author, and please for the love of god don't count other English speaking countries for foreign authors.
Lawrence Lazy365
Lawrence Lazy365 Pred 16 urami
Who was that guy on the "apple" section of the video.
Homeboi the Meme
Homeboi the Meme Pred 16 urami
Saying that you should read a book in a week is a lot like saying you will exercise every day. Sure, there are the dedicated, who read 300 page books in a week, and people who do 1 hour of Very Intense workouts, But there are also those who just read a 20 page book and consider walking to the bathroom from gaming a workout. It's a vague definition, and that really is what causes it to seem to fail. The vagueness. If I have any advice for some goal-setters, here are some: - Write it down in a spot that you will see every day, studies show that people are 42% more likely to do their goals than people who don't - Be Specific. If you are vague, then you will see minimal progress, as explained earlier. - If you fail, don't give up, instead, see it as progress. Even if you only read 10 pages of that book, it's still progress nonetheless. Every failure is progress because your skills get slightly better each time you fail, until it gets to the point of you able to conquer that challenge easily.
Bartek Chmura
Bartek Chmura Pred 16 urami
Thanks for the advice
formagiu bogdan
formagiu bogdan Pred 17 urami
Cum merge lumea-Noam Chomsky,sper că am scris corect. Nu am terminat-o încă,dar mi-a captat atenția cu totul
iloveglyn 123
iloveglyn 123 Pred 18 urami
really if u wanna read books this year, go for it. but dont go from not reading books to reading a book every week. maybe do a book eveey 2 weeks. something that keeps you in the game. so ur minds want to shutdown reading do many books that u lose motivation. it is like going to the gym for the first time skin as hell and lifting what the rock lifts, its just unrealistic. and if ur gonna read books, set how many pages u wanna read per book. it could start at 200 pages per book then 300 then 400 and so on
iloveglyn 123
iloveglyn 123 Pred 18 urami
and also listen to what andrei said about genres of ur book. sorry im only half way in the vid. so if u wanna know how u can start a business then u would have to be at the youngest 20. but dont think u can start a business right now. plan how ur gonna do it. but if ur a slow reader like me (luckily i have a pretty good vocabulary for my age and im not gonna tell u my age cos i dont wanna brag), then go read fiction so it excites u while learning so u would probably have to be in ur last couple of years in primary school or be in early secondary school.
iloveglyn 123
iloveglyn 123 Pred 18 urami
so the moral of the story is be reasonable.
TheLostOne145 Pred 18 urami
I say read what you want to read
Pocket Sized Viking
Pocket Sized Viking Pred 19 urami
Me in 6th grade reading 400 page books in a few days: first time?
Pocket Sized Viking
Pocket Sized Viking Pred 19 urami
The undiagnosed adhd mood is slamming full chapter books in less than a week as a form of escapism and being told you're so smart and gifted
Clent Blaylock
Clent Blaylock Pred 19 urami
I read a collection of books called "the Magic thief" about a thief in a world of wizards trying to become one himself, without losing who he is and avoiding the law at the same time. You guys shout try it too if you haven't.
Timmy Gray
Timmy Gray Pred 20 urami
I'm interested in history books
Creamtastic23 Pred 20 urami
So.....reading fan fictions is good for me 😳🤚🏾
The Human Vacuum
The Human Vacuum Pred 21 uro
Stephen King's Christine. I watched the movie, and I'm planning on finishing up the book. Listening to sound track to enhance the experience.
Jeffery Jerome
Jeffery Jerome Pred 22 urami
Andrei, I like your choice of book covers man. 2:01
Sylth Pred dnevom
I recommend the fantasy serie "codex alera" written by Jim Butcher :)
verynaiice boii
verynaiice boii Pred dnevom
hey Andre, you should make more videos like this and pretty much grind. BUT as long as it's healthy for you! u have really good commentary, research, and infographics. Plus, u discuss really good points which I can guarantee will appeal to pretty much every person. keep it up, talented artist!
Clara C.
Clara C. Pred dnevom
I don't really have many recommendations given that I don't know if the book titles are the exact translation from Spanish to English and viceversa: The Mages by Lev Grossman Beats of the night by Tochi Onyebuchi The Peculiar by Stefan Bachman The book with no name (anonimous) A game for the whole family by Sophie Hannah And classics that I quite enjoy are Phantom of the opera and Hyde and Jekyll
UrLocalAK47 Pred dnevom
Andrei: Why you should read less Me with my doujinshis: Should I
Johnny Pred dnevom
5:35 gugăl :))) shoutout to all romanians watching this video, vă salut
Allean Klien Bonita
I read Francis of the Filth once per month lol
i have kids in my basement
2020 will pass its negativity to 2021 and it will be much worse
sleepy gunpla boi
sleepy gunpla boi Pred dnevom
i guess i am a cognitive miserliness , me feel sad
sleepy gunpla boi
sleepy gunpla boi Pred dnevom
me looking at google lens
LGD GAMER Pred dnevom
Does reading a fictional story give the same result?
The Alchemist by Michael Scott is a great series. Check it out.
Reporters Khan
Reporters Khan Pred dnevom
"The reading ideas these gurus give", pulls out dan lok 🤣
Xyr2x4 Pred dnevom
Nezbedník Pred dnevom
kind of stupid that you get forced to read books or you get a bad grade
Ben M
Ben M Pred dnevom
Last kids on earth
Moee Hefin
Moee Hefin Pred dnevom
boi! how many fkin ads do u have on ur damn vid
Joan Historillo
Joan Historillo Pred 2 dnevi
"Words are the most powerful weapon of communication" The title: **a noob trying to beat a pro**
Ginger Lynx
Ginger Lynx Pred 2 dnevi
i read about 2 books per day roughly 300 pages each
ChaseyBoyJones Pred 2 dnevi
Hey, your fourth link’s article has a problem, I think the website took down the article for it.
No-Named-Noob Pred 2 dnevi
What I expected: Why you should read less What I actually learned: Why you should read more
Shalow Stuff
Shalow Stuff Pred 2 dnevi
"How to think like a roman Emperor" by Donald Robertson is my favorite at the moment. It combines psychology and philosophy, giving examples by reinterpreting the life of Marcus Aurelius.
vipin srivastava
vipin srivastava Pred 2 dnevi
I have read lots of books ,mostly friction my favorite are the famous five books . I have also read books like the alchemist and it was a epic book .
Yash Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone got any book suggestions I'm a beginner and this video has convinced me to start reading
Yash Pred 19 urami
Read a couple of them but ty
san p
san p Pred 19 urami
@Yash the one and only ivan Pax The book Thief The percy Jackson series Harry Potter Wonder One of us is lying
Yash Pred dnevom
@LO KI def will try it ty
LO KI Pred 2 dnevi
Rich dad poor dad great book
Malcolm Odell
Malcolm Odell Pred 2 dnevi
Miser rhymes with Pfizer
Touya Todoroki
Touya Todoroki Pred 2 dnevi
A series I read recently is called shadow children it’s about a society where there is a shortage in food so the government made a law where you’re not allowed to have more than 2 children and if you have a 3rd child that child will be killed
Clara James
Clara James Pred 2 dnevi
If you dont like reading i reccomend graphic novels, its a good start but an important thing to know is that eventually you should read no picture books. but graphic novels are a good start
Leopard Gecko people
My fav book was, chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader
ali255 Pred 2 dnevi
Kabooomof Pred 2 dnevi
My mother gave me a book for Christmas... i haven't finished it yet... i feel so guilty...
Shoyo Nagito
Shoyo Nagito Pred 3 dnevi
I love the death note series I’m on the last book.
Alex Bou hadir
Alex Bou hadir Pred 3 dnevi
Book series recommendations: Harry Potter A Series of Unfortunate Events Percy Jackson
Joakim J. Anfinnes
Joakim J. Anfinnes Pred 3 dnevi
my favourite book is a book called «Medicinal Plants of Norway» - I think the title speaks for itself. For all the people who are not norwegian i’d recommend «The 48 Laws of Power» written by John Greene.
That Person
That Person Pred 3 dnevi
I was already ahead of the trend cuz in elementary I was the gifted kid who read 15 chapter books a month. Long story short mental health went 📉📉📉 so now I need a month to read a short book
모아clowns Pred 3 dnevi
When I was younger I read so many books. But I didn’t read them in hopes of making me smarter. I read them because, quite frankly I had no friends to hangout with and I had nowhere to go. I read almost every book that interested me and it ended up helping me tremendously in school. It helped me cause I either read the book so it was easier to summarize or it helped me with my writing. But once I realized how much it helped I started to read more, “better” or “smarter” books but it just made me kind of hate reading. I still don’t read as much as I did before (I used to read so much I read while eating and it was hard not to. Now I use my phone 😔) anyways. Moral of the story, don’t force yourself to read. Just read books that you would want to read. Reading is for enjoyment that just comes with a couple of benefits just like a lot of hobbies.
MUSTAFA AKDAĞ Pred 3 dnevi
bruh when ı was watching this video i got a commercial and it is the same people who andrei is crittisizing(sorry english is not my first language)
Madhurima Das
Madhurima Das Pred 3 dnevi
Aah just made my day, this video
Chris Yadav
Chris Yadav Pred 3 dnevi
My fav book is Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe
Adrian Acson
Adrian Acson Pred 3 dnevi
Here in my gawage
William Pred 3 dnevi
You can pirate books And put them on your phone. Need I say more
Brandon cortez
Brandon cortez Pred 3 dnevi
1:33 great 2 G.O.AT.S ONE video
Jared Bezos
Jared Bezos Pred 3 dnevi
This video was very helpful by the way. It opened up my eyes to the importance of reading
Thadarkestlord Pred 3 dnevi
I got a fucking audible ad ahahaha
Rizza Ramirez
Rizza Ramirez Pred 3 dnevi
True. Ive seen people brag about how many books they have read for weeks or months. I tried it too but didnt go well. Im not a fast reader type of person. they are great i envy them but Im much comfortable reading slowly. then write my thoughts after every chapter. if fast i prefer listening to audiobook 😃
Anti Pred 3 dnevi
Some great books I recommend are Alex Rider, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The witch, the wizard and the wardrobe and a really cool book, the dangerous book for boys which has history, skills, how to make stuff, information about animals, etc.
Bread Crum
Bread Crum Pred 3 dnevi
Last kids on earth is a cool Series that’s my opinion
Gabriel Gomes Correa
Me: That's the first time I see Paulo Coelho as an example in a English video (I'm Brazilian by the way).
Jalen Curtis
Jalen Curtis Pred 3 dnevi
Me: *sweats nervously at my new year resolution of reading one book a month*
Zainty Pred 3 dnevi
to the people reading books, i reccoment the book “Speak” by Laurie Anderson. its a pretty good book. it covers up a bunch of things that people or even you have been through. (dark things) my english teacher and my teacher has been reading this book together as a class, and so far, its pretty good.👍🏼
Isaac Anaya
Isaac Anaya Pred 3 dnevi
Slaughter house 5
Alveexe has stopped working
I would recomend scythe from neal shusterman. This is a book mainly for teenagers and is for those who likes sci-fi.
Zachary Jankovski
Zachary Jankovski Pred 3 dnevi
I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes
presley norris
presley norris Pred 3 dnevi
i recommend the haters by jesse andrews- it’s a quick and fun realistic fiction about a group of teenagers who form a band and run away to go on tour it’s a fanstastic book
EKV Gaming
EKV Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
. Guys read less
Omega Leon
Omega Leon Pred 3 dnevi
Me reading all the fnaf novels
Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films Pred 4 dnevi
I haven’t read a book in Years. Let me get back into it.
BlockyAndBox Pred uro
I read over fifty books every year, I’m not even trying, I just like reading before I go to bed.
Phediso Latakgomo
Phediso Latakgomo Pred 11 urami
Do articles count?😂😂💔else I’m just like you😂😂
Hazzmatt_dude Animations
I've read one or two this year,but I barley do it. I really need to get back into it.
MikeAnimation !
MikeAnimation ! Pred 4 dnevi
Luke C
Luke C Pred 4 dnevi
does making a book and reading it over count?
josh183rd Pred 4 dnevi
I got into reading when around 5th to 6th grade but got really into reading in 7th. I enjoyed the entertainment side of reading, stuff like action, sc-fi or fantasy. I'm still reading a bunch till this very day.
Crescentpaws5000 Pred 4 dnevi
Me who just likes reading and for entertainment in school and books because cool
Christoph Gaming and more
Reading books is so boring
Do Lizards Dream
Do Lizards Dream Pred 4 dnevi
If I must choose a book to be me favorite, I’d have to say The Shining by Stephen King. All I’ll say is there’s a reason he is called the king instead of just King.
Carl Williams
Carl Williams Pred 4 dnevi
get your memes up dude
Further Lisk
Further Lisk Pred 4 dnevi
Go the CGP grey route and have "year of reading"
Rayhan Parkar
Rayhan Parkar Pred 4 dnevi
I mean ik no one is gonna see this i just wanna say I really love fantasy, sci fi and In general books that can take you into another world. A series I really like is wings of fire by tui. T Sutherland . School books that try to stuff info that doesn't help in the long run are just for going over for tests and either giving them to someone or like me and the boys do every end of the year, use them as food for fire in my friends backyard and burn the bugs( especially spiders ) or make them fight over the flames on a stick.(yes, we are imbeciles when it comes to fun.) What im trying to get at is ya dont need to keep every book you have until school ends. Either give it away or let it burn.
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