Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23 

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Our best video ever.. features our worst videos ever?! Yep. Opposite Edition! Not Top 10, Wheel Fortunate, Not Cool Cool, & Get Un-Crafty! Another OT you don't wanna miss!
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Intro: 0:00
Not Cool Cool: 01:27
Not Top 10: 07:00
Wheel Fortunate: 16:54
Get Un-Crafty: 22:33
Our Top 10 Worst Videos:
1. New Rewards: sltv.info/label/gdBrupXSjXqIp28/video
2. Trick Shots and Cats: sltv.info/label/rbVj08_NqZ6HhWc/video
3. Zero Gravity Edition (Trick Shots in Space): sltv.info/label/oJaJ2NSqkKmFeqo/video
4. Exploding Flour: sltv.info/label/erhmrbTDgayvoG8/video
5. Trick Squirts: sltv.info/label/isVj2JOwhJppg2c/video
6. George Bush Library Edition: sltv.info/label/bdaLr7axeZl5gK4/video
7. Kayaking Down an Escalator: sltv.info/label/apl10KmisJmcl4w/video
8. Red Cards in Rio Prank: sltv.info/label/bpWnzq-Ra6SmmIg/video
9. Editor Edition 2: sltv.info/label/gNmsnca5hap9bJA/video
10. 500 ft. Moving Goal Shot: sltv.info/label/b6djvta2e2eagKo/video
Honorable Mentions:
The High Rise Shot: sltv.info/label/gcKSltHXqYWNpaY/video
Ferris Wheel Edition: sltv.info/label/ramsrMi5oKmoiqo/video
Crazy Arena Edition: sltv.info/label/aquf4JKyb4uLmJ4/video
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Comment: Way to go DPeditors on 4 OT's in December!
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28. dec. 2020

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Keanu Cheems
Keanu Cheems Pred 43 minutami
Does anyone know why will left ?
Chad Theriot
Chad Theriot Pred uro
Say what you will about sparkys judging, but the man is a trooper
Rashmi Arjaria
Rashmi Arjaria Pred 2 urami
editor 3 needed
Anita Lawate
Anita Lawate Pred 2 urami
Dude Perfect : 29:42 Me : Yeah still you haven't done real life trick shots 4
TBNRbutler Butler
TBNRbutler Butler Pred 3 urami
Dude perfect I wish I had that many subs
Angie Arroyo
Angie Arroyo Pred 3 urami
soooo do you guys notice that when ty gets picked for the wheel ned is not there jerry has to replace him 🤨🤨🤨🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😂😂
Gage Barbee
Gage Barbee Pred 5 urami
Tricks shots with cars was my favorite video
skyjosher35 Pred 5 urami
who is everyones favorite editor? mine is tim
Pleasant Duck 2
Pleasant Duck 2 Pred 5 urami
Editor edition 3 pls
Eden Skaer
Eden Skaer Pred 7 urami
Editor edition 3 !!
Joshua Pates
Joshua Pates Pred 7 urami
editor edition three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nell Hudson
Nell Hudson Pred 7 urami
Editor edition 3 yes
VeryTallMidget Pred 8 urami
BL SMOOTH Pred 8 urami
I actually liked the 500 ft goal
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer Pred 8 urami
Yes to editor edition 3
Kids Knappenberger
Kids Knappenberger Pred 8 urami
y is the soge not bake wars?
ELK FAR Pred 8 urami
The worst DP moment in history is either “Crazy, Cheesy, Crust Pizza!” or when Tyler threw Avengers: Endgame in the trash and said he didn’t see it. Also, I really liked Red Cards in Rio.
tylerlloo Pred 9 urami
Cathair 929
Cathair 929 Pred 9 urami
Awww Will’s gone???
Yousef Tatwani
Yousef Tatwani Pred 9 urami
tbh editor edition 3 would be bad ngl 1 and 2 werent amazing
Calum Lea
Calum Lea Pred 10 urami
Top 10 Worst Dude Perfect Videos 10. 500 ft. Moving Goal Shot 9. Editor Edition 2 8. Red Cards in Rio Prank 7. Kayaking Down an Escalator 6. George Bush Library Edition 5. Trick Squirts 4. Exploding Flour (Bro-Mo: Guys things in Slo-Mo) 3. Zero Gravity Trick Shots 2. Trick Shots with Cats 1. New Rewards
James Jimmy
James Jimmy Pred 11 urami
They are the definition of cool dads
Aedan Guarino
Aedan Guarino Pred 11 urami
Tyler give me compliments All the dudes with c”s it so nice Garret I kinda want to knock it over
Michelle Duclos
Michelle Duclos Pred 13 urami
agreed, there may have been some not as cool ones, BUT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE a bad dp video, also editors edition is amazing
Justy Like
Justy Like Pred 14 urami
Editor edition 3 please
Tanya Betrock
Tanya Betrock Pred 14 urami
go. ty
Ji Ling Ren
Ji Ling Ren Pred 14 urami
You should make more Wheel Fortunate.
WhatsUpSpider Pred 15 urami
Ultra Guy
Ultra Guy Pred 16 urami
Hien Xuan
Hien Xuan Pred 16 urami
Imagine when the tyler got picked as the person who spinning the wheel and he likes: "THANKS YOU THANKS YOU" and right after that the editors says:" OH we accidently put that tape in the logo" Tyler be like: ;-;
Kristen Ellis
Kristen Ellis Pred 17 urami
I saw Ty wrap a name so he could get picked. I think...
Gavin Halley
Gavin Halley Pred 17 urami
I saw the Nerf blaster shooting the fidget spinner and the exploding office
Simi A
Simi A Pred 17 urami
I just can believed how rigged this is . I have always been a HUGE fan of dp and overtime has been my favorite thing since the beginning. I just think it’s rigged because Tyler only had to spin the wheel once and the one time it is “fortunate” ty gets it. That is so wrong.
Chad Aeron
Chad Aeron Pred 17 urami
Sparky take it like a man. Salute to you brother
arturo roldán
arturo roldán Pred 17 urami
Like for the esditorsÓ╭╮Òಥ╭╮ಥ
dom zenk
dom zenk Pred 18 urami
I feel like Tyler’s name is never in it but so we don’t get suspicious he puts it in there sometimes
Ghostly Reacts
Ghostly Reacts Pred 15 urami
@Anthony Lawrence he literally says “so we dont het suspicious he puts it in there sometimes”.
Anthony Lawrence
Anthony Lawrence Pred 16 urami
It's definitely in there because he's been pulled lol. He's the most recent contestant
Barney Cronkshaw
Barney Cronkshaw Pred 18 urami
Is anyone watching this on the newest lockdown
Quarantine Bros
Quarantine Bros Pred 18 urami
yes editor edtion 3
Jamie Dube
Jamie Dube Pred 19 urami
Bring back my boi panda 🐼
Kid-O-Lot ‘
Kid-O-Lot ‘ Pred 20 urami
MrM Pred 21 uro
11:45 Ty looks like Ian from Smosh
Xplo Gamer
Xplo Gamer Pred 22 urami
yes pls editer edition 3
start up gaming
start up gaming Pred 23 urami
Shrey Yadav
Shrey Yadav Pred dnevom
We want editor edition 3😎🤳🙏⭐
Hågen 613
Hågen 613 Pred dnevom
mE wHeN wAtChInG tHiS vIdEo: *’’cRaZy cHeEsE cRuSt pIzZa’’* *’’CrAzY ChEeSe CrUsT PiZzA’’* *’’cRaZy cHeEsE cRuSt pIzZa’’* *’’CrAzY ChEeSe CrUsT PiZzA’’* *’’cRaZy cHeEsE cRuSt pIzZa’’* *’’CrAzY ChEeSe CrUsT PiZzA’’* *’’cRaZy cHeEsE cRuSt pIzZa’’* *’’!!!CRAZY CHEESE CRUST PIZZA!!!’’*
Praise Philip
Praise Philip Pred dnevom
Malayalli undo
Helbert737 Pred dnevom
8:25 Feel like they're in Ridiculousness show and Ty as Rob Dyrdek when he tells the worst video ever
BackUpWaffles Pred dnevom
Editor Edition 3 :D
Agnesxvs4 Dickersontf9
The youthful viola unexpectedly encourage because larch wessely disagree aside a laughable process. splendid, many mice
Red spider 234
Red spider 234 Pred dnevom
R.I.P sparky last words “Is this edible guys.” 26:24 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Lil Avenged
Lil Avenged Pred dnevom
Sparky is the real winner for taking a bite of all the burgers...
snowwz overkill
snowwz overkill Pred dnevom
Yes editor edition 3
Eli Glup
Eli Glup Pred dnevom
Ty cheated he rolled his up so he knew which one it was on wheel fortunate
Jake Dombroski
Jake Dombroski Pred dnevom
Coby, cmon now that’s a neck 3:40 🤣
M2 Cubers
M2 Cubers Pred dnevom
did anyone notice how ty folded his name up like 10 times for wheel fortunate so all he had was feel the folded one since everyone else's was just flat. just sayin.
Donna James
Donna James Pred dnevom
When they cut off Coby with the intro of the segments I DIED!!!!!
MaximusK9 Pred dnevom
They completely forgot about paper airplane battle
Abbykaday Or abby
Abbykaday Or abby Pred dnevom
Ed 3
Gabriel Maloney
Gabriel Maloney Pred dnevom
Best one eas flammable flour. Can u imagine catching some morons on VIDEO running through a fireball and thinking their super cool. It would have looked like the nuclear explosions from terminator 2
Eli Robarge
Eli Robarge Pred dnevom
wheel fortunate/ wheel unfortunate is riged
Abel Helgeson
Abel Helgeson Pred dnevom
I want editor edition 3
Christian Caillouet
Really had to do coby like that
Chambless and jackson Bradley
You guys forgot to switch sheets
Tiffany Singleton
Tiffany Singleton Pred dnevom
david cho
david cho Pred dnevom
Lol when ty and Cody said “5” synchronized
Damien Morales
Damien Morales Pred dnevom
There’s never a bad vid
Olsen Stone
Olsen Stone Pred dnevom
makididelatorre Pred dnevom
They should of put the intro backwords
Mason Atchley
Mason Atchley Pred dnevom
Editor edition 3 baby
marc kirkland
marc kirkland Pred dnevom
Yes one more editor edition
Katie Wharff
Katie Wharff Pred dnevom
Mihail Zahariev
Mihail Zahariev Pred dnevom
Editor edition 3
LISA SMITH Pred dnevom
ColeToonist Pred dnevom
Editors addition 3 would be epic
japi Pred dnevom
So much shouting
YeetusGrid Pred dnevom
has anyone else noticed that in the bookmarks it says "Not Cool Cool"?
Semisi Tuipulotu
Semisi Tuipulotu Pred dnevom
12:54 🤣🤣
William Mills
William Mills Pred dnevom
editor edition 3 goooo
LilFool 1
LilFool 1 Pred dnevom
editor addition 3 PLEASE!!
Cori Kublank
Cori Kublank Pred dnevom
They really did not try to hide the duct tape Cody used to hold on his mustache. Also, that is a bust and not a statue
tHe GOAT JessE
tHe GOAT JessE Pred dnevom
editor edition 3 like if u agree
Frederik Birk Munthe
Pls make a Editor Edition 3. We need it for the pandemic -depressions🥺🥺
Alek D
Alek D Pred dnevom
Rip will
Yoda Pred dnevom
4:12 task failed successfully
krittik vemuri
krittik vemuri Pred dnevom
Maybe don't put a goldfish in a tank that small
Ninja Brothers
Ninja Brothers Pred dnevom
Zaiah Gabom
Zaiah Gabom Pred dnevom
Yes yes yes
Your Boy CK
Your Boy CK Pred dnevom
Editor edition 3
Alexander Wyse (student)
I have a name for gar's burger. the sweet and sour burger
Critical Gamer
Critical Gamer Pred dnevom
Emm why don’t you just make a vote about editor edition 3
Heather Brekke
Heather Brekke Pred dnevom
There is not a bad dp video
Amber Delamore
Amber Delamore Pred dnevom
RYAN EDWARDS Pred dnevom
id love to see editor edition 3
scott cooper
scott cooper Pred dnevom
I think you should of done -1 -2 -3 -4 and on in top 10
Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson Pred dnevom
Rio not so dump
Cassenova Pred dnevom
I really think Cory deserved the wheel fortunate after all he has been through
funny moments gamer
Editor edition 3
Triangle 565
Triangle 565 Pred dnevom
YES EDITORS EDITION 3 ( and yes I know this was posted ages ago ) -.-
Jack Monger
Jack Monger Pred dnevom
The aromatic kick formally rescue because tornado bacteriologically bathe without a threatening uganda. sick, equal half-sister
Anamika Sharma
Anamika Sharma Pred dnevom
justice for coby
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