Yusuf, İlk Gecelerine Misafir Geldi | Legacy 120. Bölüm (English & Spanish subs) 

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

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19. feb. 2021

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Ann A
Ann A Pred 3 dnevi
Yaman didn't marry her as a formality, he tells her that to ease her nerve s they both married for real, but won't admit it. Sehar won't sleep with him until she actually tells her he loves her and it's real.
Cherry Conoy
Cherry Conoy Pred 4 dnevi
😀😀😀🙏you are in the right timing Yusuf bravo🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏
Jaqueline Alvarado
Jaqueline Alvarado Pred 4 dnevi
Nome yo con ese hombresote ni dormía jijijijijij 😂😂😋😋
Joana Darc
Joana Darc Pred 4 dnevi
Final 82 te amo muito beijos
Marg Khedr
Marg Khedr Pred 4 dnevi
Seher. Ist. Sehr. Frostig. Jaman. Glaub. Ich. Njcht
Marg Khedr
Marg Khedr Pred 4 dnevi
😁😁😁😁😍😍Nein das darf. Nicht. Sein. Gott sei Dank kommt. Josef der. Amor. Mit. Pfeil und. Bogen. 💘💘💘💘💘
Cupcake Tm
Cupcake Tm Pred 5 dnevi
Yusuf è il loro cupido ❤♥️
Vilma Finazzi
Vilma Finazzi Pred 5 dnevi
Ma cosa fate, siete sposati x favore, dormite assieme, dopo il matrimonio, e' il momento piu' bello. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Raniely Nonato
Raniely Nonato Pred 5 dnevi
Sara Montanari
Sara Montanari Pred 6 dnevi
Ah Yusuf, my love ❤️❤️❤️
Yes coming from episode 150, the arrogant Yaman threw her to the couch only because he couldn’t chuck her outside, let it be your last good days in that story please
amore0429 Pred 8 dnevi
Yusuf is the very smart boy .... Love you Yusuf 😘😘😘
Dilson Silva
Dilson Silva Pred 8 dnevi
Esses turcos gostam mto de dormir separado da esposa ,depois q se casam,eu não entendo para q casar então kkk
Cherry Conoy
Cherry Conoy Pred 9 dnevi
Hahahahah I so laughed for this goodjob Yusuf
Michela Zagonari
Michela Zagonari Pred 16 dnevi
Ma X fortuna che c’è Yusuf🤗....
Perviz nesirov
Perviz nesirov Pred 18 dnevi
Yaman firsati kacirmiyor
Radmila - Idimum
Radmila - Idimum Pred 18 dnevi
Bravo Jusuf..❤️
Yasmin Deedat
Yasmin Deedat Pred 20 dnevi
Hmmm. Trust Yusuf to find a solution hahah. All in one bed. 👍
Yasmin Deedat
Yasmin Deedat Pred 20 dnevi
Hmmm. Trust Yusuf to find a solution hahah. All in one bed. 👍
Nur Telekom
Nur Telekom Pred 22 dnevi
May tiçə yusuf ayam iz
Titi Sekhi
Titi Sekhi Pred 23 dnevi
اليس هناك ترجمة للمسلسل
Zelan Haji
Zelan Haji Pred 24 dnevi
Let’s not upset him more like let’s not upset me 😂
نن نن
نن نن Pred 25 dnevi
Writer please we miss them like this please
Tanta Tantza
Tanta Tantza Pred 25 dnevi
Sei un amore Yusuf ❤❤❤😘😘😘
Minhazz Majumdar
Minhazz Majumdar Pred 26 dnevi
Rewatching ..their acting is so on point
Maria carmen Pérez ojeda
Con lo bien que iban los dos y la vuelta que le dieron al guión,espero que no pase como con yemin que la dejaron de ver muchísima gente y la verdad que nos defraudó a muchos,as,la verdad que queréis alargar la serie y no tiene nada de gracia,y se estropea una historia de amor muy bonita,maravillosos actores los dos sila e halil hibrain👏👏👏💯💯💯💞💞💕💕
Saver nightwolf
Saver nightwolf Pred 28 dnevi
Loolx what does Yaman mean when he said “ this is a long road “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I was blushing ☺️
Bhavna Gobin
Bhavna Gobin Pred mesecem
BTW Is Y wearing the same slippers that S bought him in ep 99? 😁😁😁
Geraldine Maria Caycho Guerra
Yusuf va a arreglar lo del dossier, es que yusuf es más sensato que yaman
Ana Maulida
Ana Maulida Pred mesecem
When I married my husband who I didn't love, I did it😂 but after that the seeds of love grew by themselves❤️
Saim Mustafa
Saim Mustafa Pred mesecem
Geez... Where i Can find full episodes with Eng subs please somebody tell please
Sana Ali
Sana Ali Pred 20 dnevi
@Saim Mustafa you can also find @mihrilee translations in the comment section. She usually translates 2 hours after an episode comes out which is faster then the website i said
Saim Mustafa
Saim Mustafa Pred 20 dnevi
@Sana Ali Thank You Very Much My Dear. God Bless You
Sana Ali
Sana Ali Pred 20 dnevi
promix tv
Ana Araujo
Ana Araujo Pred mesecem
Yo duermo con un papichongo asi y no despierto nunca. Jajajajaja
Lucky Chinna
Lucky Chinna Pred mesecem
They should lock the door
Mizgin Dogan
Mizgin Dogan Pred mesecem
Bu nasıl bir dizi ya her yerde karsima çıkıyor nerde yayınlanıyor
Mhmed Jassem
Mhmed Jassem Pred mesecem
عفية ترجموه عربي
Senanur uzun
Senanur uzun Pred mesecem
Senanur uzun
Senanur uzun Pred mesecem
Senanur uzun
Senanur uzun Pred mesecem
Sevil Faberlic
Sevil Faberlic Pred mesecem
What is name serial?
hai ladsit
hai ladsit Pred mesecem
Seems the author of this drama is same with adeni sen koy,
Bela Moala
Bela Moala Pred mesecem
Yusuf you’re the Man 😍👌😂
amore0429 Pred mesecem
Wow beautiful 😊
Francisca Malunga
Francisca Malunga Pred mesecem
Yusuf is on point on top of his game. I love him every time. Go cupid yusuf
Maria Farias
Maria Farias Pred mesecem
Kkkkk eu não dava não pra ser atriz 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Zaidi Fatima
Zaidi Fatima Pred mesecem
ممكن إسم المسلسل
Fatoş Mehmet
Fatoş Mehmet Pred mesecem
😘SehYam😘 dünyanın en iyi çifti
Thealisoy Alişanov
Thealisoy Alişanov Pred mesecem
Sanki "Adını sən koy"filmidi.Ömər və Zəhraya yenidən baxırıq.
Brenda Maharaj
Brenda Maharaj Pred mesecem
Yusuff is the rock for both seher AND yaman he beings them closer to each other's by the innocent things he does unknowingly
Minka Minka
Minka Minka Pred mesecem
Ima li neko ovde iz Bosne hehe sve mislim da ce da pocne pjesma dizel 🙈muci me pitanje, dizel, dizel, gazda paja.
Samire Mustafayeva
Samire Mustafayeva Pred mesecem
Yonetmen yapimci bitirin artik bu sacmasapan dizyi
Samire Mustafayeva
Samire Mustafayeva Pred mesecem
Ay hic oyle bisey olabilirmi alahaskina gelin ve damadin ilk gecesinde bir cocukla kalmalari nekadar dogru. seizce aptalca bi dizi. tipik zehra omer, reyhan emir, ayni diziyi cekip veriyolar sacmalik
Marina Roldan
Marina Roldan Pred mesecem
Bravo yaman bien hecho 🤗👍
Marina Roldan
Marina Roldan Pred mesecem
Yusuf q hases ahí amor anda a tu pieza 😘
Marina Roldan
Marina Roldan Pred mesecem
No quiere desir nada quiere hacer seher🤦
Marina Roldan
Marina Roldan Pred mesecem
Seher invitarlo a qué se acueste en la cama con voz dale!!!!😁😁😁😍😍😍o yaman!!
Farideh Zahedi
Farideh Zahedi Pred mesecem
My God God knows how long we have to wait for them to make up wow that’s the Turkish serial they gonna make you crazy until they going to sleep together
Gloria Scovil
Gloria Scovil Pred mesecem
You forgot the baby 🤣
Mustapha Zehri
Mustapha Zehri Pred mesecem
سلام كم تحب الكاتبة اعادة هذه اللقطة في مسلسلاتها وكانه امير وريحان وبينهم ابنة كمال،لقطات مبتذلة اين هو الابداع🌞
Azizul Mohammed
Azizul Mohammed Pred mesecem
football brothers
football brothers Pred mesecem
Bu herkes engilisch konuşuyorlar (niye)
irene diego
irene diego Pred mesecem
Good job yusuf.... 😂😂😂
Aileen Joy mutia
Aileen Joy mutia Pred mesecem
I love you Yusuf. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘
Shamsa Faruqui
Shamsa Faruqui Pred mesecem
The funniest part is when they stuffed the bedding under the sofa.
Zaida Morales
Zaida Morales Pred mesecem
I am laughing here. So comic....Yaman always jumping for the opportunity...
Moneth Verdida
Moneth Verdida Pred mesecem
I love this story
Isje Ni Chiel Saifa
Isje Ni Chiel Saifa Pred mesecem
Seher was like: with us.. in the bed... between us Yaman... we can upset Yusuf Yusuf.. come in.. Am so in love with them 😜😁
Jogamaya Mohanty
Jogamaya Mohanty Pred mesecem
Yaman ...chance pe dance
Rosnah Mahmood
Rosnah Mahmood Pred mesecem
I just simply love this scene where both of them are arguing over who sleeps where 🤣😂🤣
DaveGamer101 Expert
DaveGamer101 Expert Pred mesecem
Yaman's room slippers though! ❤❤
Chris Mais
Chris Mais Pred mesecem
Speriamo che non vada tutte le notti😅😅😅😅😅😅
Roxana Campos
Roxana Campos Pred mesecem
Jajaja Yusuf siempre los pone en aprietos!! 😅😅😅😅
Melahat Kavak
Melahat Kavak Pred mesecem
Aferin yusuf teyzen le amcani ayni yataga koydun 👍❤️❤️❤️🧿🧿🧿
Melahat Kavak
Melahat Kavak Pred mesecem
Yazik yaman bekliyor ki seher desin gel yatakta yat koltukta rahat etmezsin diye de o da olmadi👀😂😂😂
mariju bulauitan
mariju bulauitan Pred mesecem
Hahahahaha as if they are teenagers
mariju bulauitan
mariju bulauitan Pred mesecem
Why Serra can’t see the feelings of Yaman? She is so naive
Consuelo Ventura
Consuelo Ventura Pred mesecem
Como siempre Yusuf abonando el terreno al Tío....!!!!
White Unicorn
White Unicorn Pred mesecem
I saw Yaman first time being scared 😂
Shemkir seyfəli
Shemkir seyfəli Pred mesecem
Üş sene qürban olum men şirinim şəkərim balım böcəyim yüsifim
shaymaa al rashid
shaymaa al rashid Pred mesecem
This scene is very beautiful
ashley198080able Pred mesecem
Yusuf'un onlara teyze ve amca yerine anne baba demesini bekliyorum
eli huseyinli
eli huseyinli Pred 22 dnevi
Axırda elə deyəcək yəqin ki
MA MN Pred mesecem
Me encanta este pequeño travieso
MA MN Pred mesecem
Así se hace
MA MN Pred mesecem
Que carita de Ángel pone mi Yusuf
MA MN Pred mesecem
Genial mi pequeño Yusuf.
MA MN Pred mesecem
Hay. Mi 🌷🌷🌷 deja dormir a, mi pequeño grandullon en la cama así estaría más agustito
MA MN Pred mesecem
Genial momento
Sara You
Sara You Pred mesecem
Yusuf sehr gut 👍 ... Du zeigst den beiden wie das geht 😂 und dank dir kommen sie etwas näher zusammen ... Wir danken dir bei der Nachhilfe 🙏🏼😘😘♥️
Asmaul Husna
Asmaul Husna Pred mesecem
The face of yaman when yusuf entered 😄
Inmita 10
Inmita 10 Pred mesecem
Yusuf 😍😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️
Martha Rosa Sanchez
Martha Rosa Sanchez Pred mesecem
Otros 120 capítulos para la consumacion del matrimonio! Esperaremos somos fieles ENAMET FANS
ramiz huseynov
ramiz huseynov Pred mesecem
Cok sıkıci dizi.Bakismalardan baska birsey yok
Mehriban Qasimova
Mehriban Qasimova Pred mesecem
Artiq Yamanda sevgisini etiraf etsin..Seher addim ata bilmiyor bu evlilik gercekleşsin
Rosalia Dias
Rosalia Dias Pred mesecem
Cristina Paola
Cristina Paola Pred mesecem
Yaman se sienta como un niño enfadado en el sofá jaaaaa
Senay Kalender
Senay Kalender Pred mesecem
Yaman bey Yaman bey hemen olur dedin ,😘
Firangiz Ibragimova
Firangiz Ibragimova Pred mesecem
Yaman ben gelim seherin erine😂😂😂
shorena datashvili
shorena datashvili Pred mesecem
Irais279 Pred mesecem
Divertidisima escena como bien dicen a ellos se les olvido el casi beso que se daban, pero a nosotros no. Ojala que pronto se den la oportunidad de enamorarse.
Monica Plaza
Monica Plaza Pred mesecem
Yusuf os our Hero👏
Divine Dela Cruz
Divine Dela Cruz Pred mesecem
Akwardddddd! Oh Yaman!!!!
Customizing Many Shoes.
Customizing Many Shoes.
Siblings or Dating???