Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents 

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Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents
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16. feb. 2021

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Miri W
Miri W Pred 43 minutami
That moment when your ashamed of your own country...I mean like why tf is any interview in germany so damn WEIRD?!
LiquidEclipse Pred 52 minutami
whats 12 inches😳😳😳😳😳
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee Pred 4 urami
Editor's note: The Roomie Team does not encourage children to attempt this stunt at home. You could literally choke, and that's not cool. Don't do it, Kids!
Melinda-Mae Lombard
Melinda-Mae Lombard Pred 18 urami
it's definitely creepy
Arnique Ralea
Arnique Ralea Pred dnevom
Vanilla ice as mortis lol
Courtney And Friends!!!
So I agree
Courtney And Friends!!!
Why would you wear fans teeth??
Courtney And Friends!!!
It’s really creepy
deHA Pred 2 dnevi
Justin literally took a whole year to solve that cube!! That's not a talent I think
Raunak uchiha Dwivedi
AQSA KUNDI Pred 2 dnevi
mathematical....... and whats ur problem.. -ve man hhahahaha
Prince Darkness
Prince Darkness Pred 3 dnevi
Don't trash god
Arran Scaranari-Methven
3:51 Justin said, and I quote (,I turned the volume all the way up) "some mathematical scmatical scmatic algorithms" good grammar Justin 😇
Zbihniew Dankowski
Zbihniew Dankowski Pred 3 dnevi
justin bieber is really good a sports
Kash Johnson
Kash Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
I can do what Kate parry does
Chris Allardice
Chris Allardice Pred 3 dnevi
I can do it
shubhechha Pred 3 dnevi
R u a Sprouse, Joel?
Oofta Detectives
Oofta Detectives Pred 3 dnevi
i respect joshua fish
Walter Johnston
Walter Johnston Pred 3 dnevi
that i so creapy
Kraven Grey
Kraven Grey Pred 3 dnevi
"justin" map mathic "fans" what
Carmen Wymer
Carmen Wymer Pred 3 dnevi
He said Fergie wrong and i was like *cringe*
Shirley Michelle
Shirley Michelle Pred 3 dnevi
Do you have a telnet I’m good at drawling very much I’m not kiddung
Shirley Michelle
Shirley Michelle Pred 3 dnevi
Okay it is creepy
SelloSlayz11 Pred 3 dnevi
Plot twist:he could jugle the whole time...... Im not hating
Crazy 88
Crazy 88 Pred 4 dnevi
I can do the frog thing Katy Perry does and the tongue trick Camilla does
Mazegaming Pred 4 dnevi
Roomie nailed the jogging but for only 2.4 seconds tho
Smoething involing building :]
"Subscribe with notifications on or I'll tell Kesha you have teeth"
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller Pred 5 dnevi
do you have something agenst justin
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor Pred 5 dnevi
Going from singing ice ice baby to I'm in a relationship with God 😂
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor Pred 5 dnevi
I loved David Bowie in that movie Labyrinth he played the goblin King really good andhe is a really good singer 😁
BoyThatLikesRoblox :3
My hidden talent is like camila cabellos hidden talent
djhokaige Pred 6 dnevi
What the hell kesha
djhokaige Pred 6 dnevi
8:05 but truly tho.
Nickymcficy Pred 6 dnevi
0:36 i dont understand this one, what is she doing thats a talent, she is just talking, can someone please tell me what this is
Kaelah Diaz
Kaelah Diaz Pred 7 dnevi
I hate that he called Jesus garbage 🗑 as well as vanilla ice,keep this up and ill unsubscribe
FOR3 Boiii
FOR3 Boiii Pred 7 dnevi
Justen beber it has no stickers!!!! God damn and I’m a left hand two
Elf Kid
Elf Kid Pred 7 dnevi
When the woman who interviewed Justin said “YaY hE dId It!” *She sounded a lot like a mom congratulating her 5 year old son for eating sand and not dying*
1ce Pred 7 dnevi
Not a fan but i like your vids
Eva J. Rydrychová
Eva J. Rydrychová Pred 7 dnevi
That is Harry Styles like 7 years ago
i hope you saw the guy down there doing a smily face its funny
Diya Sivaraman
Diya Sivaraman Pred 8 dnevi
This thing was very urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh thats what fergie satd
King thor
King thor Pred 8 dnevi
Foe five
Gabriel Swinson
Gabriel Swinson Pred 9 dnevi
Fun Fact : I actually taught myself how to turn my gag reflex on and off
PXLZ Uchia
PXLZ Uchia Pred 9 dnevi
When Roomie sayed ima meger u Me my jead his biger then my screen
Jaxon George
Jaxon George Pred 9 dnevi
I love this video keep up the good work
Jack anderson
Jack anderson Pred 9 dnevi
I think I gave her my brain already im completely brainless
BoLt_9 Pred 9 dnevi
Charlie puth beatbox?????
Summer Hart
Summer Hart Pred 10 dnevi
I will send you an eye
It’s Sunniii
It’s Sunniii Pred 11 dnevi
KE$HA: I asked my fans to send me teeth... Me: WTF-
cuber Anay
cuber Anay Pred 11 dnevi
I can solve a rubik's cube faster than Justin and I am only 8 go check for prove
Emily Lobor
Emily Lobor Pred 11 dnevi
I can do Camilla's thing
nathan swartz
nathan swartz Pred 11 dnevi
It is creeping😋🙄😑
Rainbow late
Rainbow late Pred 12 dnevi
I have the seme talent as camila
CJ Gaming
CJ Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
I can do the Camila Cabelo tongue trick
tatjana cuckovic
tatjana cuckovic Pred 12 dnevi
Its so creppy
davis muchindu
davis muchindu Pred 12 dnevi
Teeth collection is ........... So haha I don't know what I can say haaaaaaaaaaaa
Shadowblade Andy
Shadowblade Andy Pred 12 dnevi
She does magic /witch craft Kidding that's suspicious dough 😑😑😑
Shadowblade Andy
Shadowblade Andy Pred 12 dnevi
V-ice want's to be unlikable that is why his like that
Kalli Forsyth
Kalli Forsyth Pred 13 dnevi
Mathematical algorithms
Rasmus Sundbäck
Rasmus Sundbäck Pred 13 dnevi
Jag har världsrekord i att ha mest popcorn i munnen utan att tugga mitt rekord är 100 stycken
purple roach
purple roach Pred 14 dnevi
at 7:07 when joel added the effect why did I think of wilbur soot
Life with Alaina
Life with Alaina Pred 14 dnevi
The first one is when she was voicing the baby in Sam And Cat!
Shana Noonan
Shana Noonan Pred 14 dnevi
I’m kinda in actually in love with roomie
•Tea._.Sloth• Pred 14 dnevi
me wondering if Arianna grande can do other sounds lol
younikorn gaming
younikorn gaming Pred 14 dnevi
younikorn gaming
younikorn gaming Pred 14 dnevi
I have camilas
Phil Moises
Phil Moises Pred 15 dnevi
12inches 😅😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅
Abby Himiko
Abby Himiko Pred 15 dnevi
I already knew Ariana could do that cuz i watched Sam & Cat.... well i mean everyone who watched Sam & Cat would know lolz
Paulina Carlisle
Paulina Carlisle Pred 15 dnevi
yes yes YES the gum spitting is gross (to me) because sailing through the air would make the saliva on it cold and ewwwwwww ... Very surprised and impressed with Justin B's percussion skills!
Trisha Will
Trisha Will Pred 16 dnevi
I have a crush on Justin Bieber. AAAAAAAAAAA🙊
Pito Javier
Pito Javier Pred 16 dnevi
I asked my fans to send me TEETH?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!
Nathan Parent
Nathan Parent Pred 16 dnevi
Why does Justin always look or sound half asleep
Yuri Gallen
Yuri Gallen Pred 16 dnevi
Grande has a tv show called sam and cat
Joanna playz
Joanna playz Pred 17 dnevi
Joel: when is he finishing? Justin bieber:* looks at rubix cube confuseingly*
its_make_you_laugh Pred 17 dnevi
It should be meme😂
Pink_lemon Pred 17 dnevi
Everyone: Racer Joel: Razer
sarah froemming
sarah froemming Pred 17 dnevi
I Am The Same Talent As Camila Cabello
electricbygeorge Pred 17 dnevi
Justin Bieber: Mac'm B'dack'm Baka Owlgorithms lol
X Lyrics
X Lyrics Pred 18 dnevi
2:58 Wait who is that he sounds like the Google guy
joshua moore
joshua moore Pred 18 dnevi
Roomie: razor Me: its racer R: razor Me: its racer R: razerrrrrr! Me: mmmmmmmm eerrrrrr pffff
KazigKaasje Pred 18 dnevi
One of the people from who the tooth in the teeth necklace was will die sooner than her, and then she's literally wearing a body part of a dead man
Jake Norman
Jake Norman Pred 18 dnevi
I can do the thing camila caballo can do
fahm smo
fahm smo Pred 18 dnevi
It is creepy
Sannia Malik
Sannia Malik Pred 18 dnevi
Harry Styles: Juggling
FuryOfTheGame Pred 19 dnevi
Teacher- Hey what's so funny Me- Nothing My brain- David Brownie
I like the meme you created of Selena Gomez 😂😂
Ava godden
Ava godden Pred 19 dnevi
It's very very creepy I will not recommend doing that actually
D&D shet Brother's
D&D shet Brother's Pred 19 dnevi
kesha is selfish bruh asked fans for teeth insted of
Arunee Botklon
Arunee Botklon Pred 19 dnevi
some mat math mat-cal outherithem
Madison Kirkpatrick
Madison Kirkpatrick Pred 19 dnevi
It's crazy
Big Sis vs Little Sis
Big Sis vs Little Sis Pred 19 dnevi
OMG why she do this it is other people's teeth
Nathan Muniz
Nathan Muniz Pred 19 dnevi
Bad joke
Antons och Albins äventyr
Uuuuu now tat Camilla cabeooooo thing... i can do that
Shreyan padhihari viib
Oh wow
Genesis Sanchez
Genesis Sanchez Pred 20 dnevi
6:33 some boys from one direction act like they never EVER seen someone juggle
Music madness
Music madness Pred 20 dnevi
Most definitely gross 🤮
Daisy Flores
Daisy Flores Pred 20 dnevi
You don't like Harry styles well I never watching you ever again
Erik Minzner
Erik Minzner Pred 20 dnevi
It’s creepy most definitely creepy
BASIC JOE? Pred 21 dnevom
Bray Tanker
Bray Tanker Pred 21 dnevom
I have a frog neck
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