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Today we're playing MINECRAFT, but with every step the world gets a little more cursed... If you enjoyed this video, watch more here: sltv.info/label/j8-a2bG7qoqva4g/video
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12. apr. 2021

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Emiley Montes
Emiley Montes Pred 3 dnevi
Are you please blotto
Hillary Holland
Hillary Holland Pred 4 dnevi
I love this video
Hillary Holland
Hillary Holland Pred 4 dnevi
play more mods like this
Diorenz Bangloy
Diorenz Bangloy Pred 7 dnevi
nursyua ws
nursyua ws Pred 11 dnevi
Hi Jelly
loy Pred 12 dnevi
Junior Mkhaba
Junior Mkhaba Pred 13 dnevi
yo i got the glowing jelly hoodie dudes jelly was right it glows in the dark it awesome
Anne Ramos
Anne Ramos Pred 15 dnevi
make an parasite in you youtube
regine Fabian
regine Fabian Pred 15 dnevi
Jelly can You play brokevin
Shirin Moushume Moushume
Jelly is the best
Noemi Arbuckle
Noemi Arbuckle Pred 18 dnevi
jelly im yor friend
Noemi Arbuckle
Noemi Arbuckle Pred 18 dnevi
jelly im yor friend
KOSTIC Yana Pred 18 dnevi
Jelly there was GOLD
Sohrab Pred 18 dnevi
Hiii Jolly how u doing ? I'm 8 years old and really interested to play with you. would you give me this opportunity to go on an online adventure with me ? I'm really expert. Luv yaaaa
Uma Keanu
Uma Keanu Pred 18 dnevi
Is that mrbeast gaminng
Arrads Piggy stories
Arrads Piggy stories Pred 19 dnevi
please do this at Speedrunners vs hunters
Oggggggggggggggg Og time
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma Pred 20 dnevi
Jelly has started playing minecraft and among us alot . Like the every ohter video on 2021 is either a minecraft or among us and barely gta 5 . I started to see him becuz of gta 5 ones
Crazy Crap
Crazy Crap Pred 20 dnevi
Please do a speed run in this world and you be the runner😂❤️
Daniel Hanna
Daniel Hanna Pred 20 dnevi
crainer It’s so dumb that he can’t even spell iq forwards or backwards
Amy Milne
Amy Milne Pred 20 dnevi
Hi Kelly I was a fan for 1 year
Sky Dhaan
Sky Dhaan Pred 20 dnevi
I want the merch
Sky Dhaan
Sky Dhaan Pred 20 dnevi
Sky Dhaan
Sky Dhaan Pred 20 dnevi
Sky Dhaan
Sky Dhaan Pred 20 dnevi
Cool vid 😂😂😂😂😂
Sky Dhaan
Sky Dhaan Pred 20 dnevi
Faze kay
Faze kay Pred 21 dnevom
That merch was cool
Prasaj Pathirana
Prasaj Pathirana Pred 21 dnevom
yo jelly , i have an idea why dont you play speed runners vs hunters in this mod
Silvana Valadez
Silvana Valadez Pred 21 dnevom
angeline gulla
angeline gulla Pred 21 dnevom
April 23rd 48 hours Jelly knows math!!!!!!
Steven Richardson
Steven Richardson Pred 21 dnevom
I hope jelly gets 50 millions subscribers
Absolute Minecraft
Absolute Minecraft Pred 22 dnevi
Do anyone know where to get this mod?
NickMortuus Pred 22 dnevi
Did you know windmills are used to make bread?
yjhenny Bhabe
yjhenny Bhabe Pred 22 dnevi
no gamemaster shark u should play when i everything i pick it up
Dream’s Brother
Dream’s Brother Pred 22 dnevi
Justin Stcroix
Justin Stcroix Pred 22 dnevi
who thinks jelly arms are hairy
Xhyke Musa
Xhyke Musa Pred 22 dnevi
p p p p p pickaxe time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sabiha kamran
sabiha kamran Pred 23 dnevi
Love it very much
Htay Htay
Htay Htay Pred 23 dnevi
Jally how old are you
Ohkaba Ohkaba
Ohkaba Ohkaba Pred 23 dnevi
The one above me is the coolest 😎🔼
RM Pro 23
RM Pro 23 Pred 23 dnevi
Where is the boat time of Crainer
Zubeno Yanthan
Zubeno Yanthan Pred 23 dnevi
I have exam so I can't watch your videos 😭😭😭😭
Help me reach 10k With 0 videos
I wish all who sees this best of luck with his life
Romeo Cruz
Romeo Cruz Pred 23 dnevi
Thx jelly
Jhoemico Manuel
Jhoemico Manuel Pred 23 dnevi
Jelly needs to play minecraft 2.0 and no hostile mobs
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez Pred 23 dnevi
Gita Candra
Gita Candra Pred 23 dnevi
EVERYTING IS FALING APART but if you get closer its like a puzzle getting toggeter ;-;
Let’s talk
Let’s talk Pred 23 dnevi
I love this game I love it
Raphael Camacho
Raphael Camacho Pred 23 dnevi
Everything reminds me theres like a virus
Aiden Walker
Aiden Walker Pred 23 dnevi
Zane P. Reyes
Zane P. Reyes Pred 23 dnevi
Why jelly you use iron pickaxe instead of stone
Amanda Bell
Amanda Bell Pred 23 dnevi
Jelly get a hair cut
Christian Pred 23 dnevi
I watch him everyday cuz of covid
Deysi Castillo
Deysi Castillo Pred 23 dnevi
Jealousy that's really you
Chayenne Monkau
Chayenne Monkau Pred 23 dnevi
Jelly my mom en my oom are so mad Om a tv
henry zaraga
henry zaraga Pred 24 dnevi
henry zaraga
henry zaraga Pred 24 dnevi
henry zaraga
henry zaraga Pred 24 dnevi
henry zaraga
henry zaraga Pred 24 dnevi
Constantim Afrem
Constantim Afrem Pred 24 dnevi
So hard and doing this so please appreciate this picture just realised that I can't actually take a photo and show so I just decided to tell you so what is your logo when I work about an hour
hindi gamer
hindi gamer Pred 24 dnevi
This is actually minecraft 3.0 version beta and this is not a mod btw
Rainier Espiritu
Rainier Espiritu Pred 24 dnevi
People who have small calendars😅
Leonche Booyse
Leonche Booyse Pred 24 dnevi
who play build royale
Am Nohi
Am Nohi Pred 24 dnevi
Hi Jelly
Ryan Lindemann
Ryan Lindemann Pred 24 dnevi
Ryan Lindemann
Ryan Lindemann Pred 24 dnevi
Can I be your friend. And my name is Trent
Jason Van lingen
Jason Van lingen Pred 24 dnevi
Slogo has a diamond in his pond in your sever where you Blocked them
Kemi Lady
Kemi Lady Pred 24 dnevi
cameron Andrea
cameron Andrea Pred 24 dnevi
Ali Steif
Ali Steif Pred 24 dnevi
Jelly please try to play Brawl Stars
Ali Steif
Ali Steif Pred 24 dnevi
Jelly can you please try to play a Brawl Stars
GAEL MUGISHA Pred 24 dnevi
hhhhhh jelly is the best
Ethangamer Bekker
Ethangamer Bekker Pred 24 dnevi
Jelly is smaal but he is richer than jhordi slogo and crainer
Maniac_ Potato
Maniac_ Potato Pred 24 dnevi
I never saw a cave this huge... :|
Graefte •
Graefte • Pred 24 dnevi
When he turned the lights off to show his new shirt, did Sanna turn the lights off?
aiman Patel
aiman Patel Pred 24 dnevi
CAN i buy jelly new hoodie from INDIA ?
Aiden FF
Aiden FF Pred 24 dnevi
ContCAT Pred 24 dnevi
I like when this notification pops up 'someone liked your comment' and 'you have a new Subscriber
Daryl Buxton
Daryl Buxton Pred 24 dnevi
Jelly when will you go on cowtown again
Paul Jake Kee
Paul Jake Kee Pred 24 dnevi
Go go go
Jason Kurtz
Jason Kurtz Pred 24 dnevi
Jelly is the best
human hum'an
human hum'an Pred 24 dnevi
you neat to know new updated
Benjamin De Almeida
Benjamin De Almeida Pred 24 dnevi
You posted this video when my Mc donalds arrived
Dr. Sunjukta Ahsan
Dr. Sunjukta Ahsan Pred 24 dnevi
jelly do you know bangladesh jelly play roblocks mad city and call of duty
Noor Elsayed
Noor Elsayed Pred 24 dnevi
HFI FAMILY Pred 24 dnevi
jelly there is a good news i found how to get Netherite Ingot in Minecraft you can do it by smelting nether rack in the furnise
Heyits_ ZuriElise123
Heyits_ ZuriElise123 Pred 24 dnevi
I l♥️ve your videos jelly
Gaming with Kaizen
Gaming with Kaizen Pred 24 dnevi
Christine Castaños
Christine Castaños Pred 24 dnevi
i would like to buy 1 of those glow in the dark... but i can't afford :'(
easyJet fan 757 fan gamer
Sheeshpal Rana
Sheeshpal Rana Pred 24 dnevi
Literally when netherite
Zanzof Pierre
Zanzof Pierre Pred 24 dnevi
6:25 🤣😂
Trav Tr
Trav Tr Pred 24 dnevi
I love you jelly you are very funny and I used your supporter creator code in fortnite
ANN NAFI Pred 24 dnevi
Make a video of the new update
SheeKhu Pred 24 dnevi
Did u know there are so many videos that say u r dying of covid but they r wrong, u are the best youtuber and u r healthy and happy
Dynamic gaming
Dynamic gaming Pred 24 dnevi
When bill gates ask you to make door for his house and he will offer you 10 million dollars* You:"Make a door!!! Make a door!! I said make a door!!! "
Daniel Hanna
Daniel Hanna Pred 20 dnevi
I don’t get it
A Lie
A Lie Pred 24 dnevi
wait are u playing the 1.17 minecraft update
Kianaruto PH Beat
Kianaruto PH Beat Pred 24 dnevi
Ragdoll Archives
Ragdoll Archives Pred 24 dnevi
He dug straight down 😨
Andreas Selveris
Andreas Selveris Pred 24 dnevi
I dont know how do you found diamonds in this video.
K4D3RZ PL4YZ Pred 24 dnevi
U guys need to play roblox build a boat for treasure crainer will love it