Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It 

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Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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10. okt. 2020

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ProcraftFan Pred 3 minutami
He got SO MANY views just because his thumbnail looks so good 👍
SEPRIX GAMING Pred 13 minutami
Dušan Vidović VI4
I do mine portal with 69
Irontail 1579
Irontail 1579 Pred uro
Mojang recommends a full set of enchanted netherite armour before entering the nether
❤Raima❤ Pred 2 urami
I build my nether portals with 100 Anyone else?
Jotham Flor
Jotham Flor Pred 2 urami
This guy really made his portal with 50 blocks just for a laugh
Juraj Oremuš
Juraj Oremuš Pred 4 urami
How can u zoom i don't have that option
Double A20
Double A20 Pred 4 urami
Go to nether with diamond armor me going to the nether with just a pickaxe
Jack Brownrigg
Jack Brownrigg Pred 4 urami
I'm pretty shure mr beast edited this
Saturn-Rings Roblox Power
Roy8964 Pred 5 urami
Mysteryore:Because personally I build my with 50 Toxic Speedrunners:Disgusting
zaidbh gaming
zaidbh gaming Pred 5 urami
I buld my portal with 69 blocks
Yoda Memes
Yoda Memes Pred 5 urami
why so you do that I mean I build with 4 *somehow broke the chat limit*
Apat Gaming
Apat Gaming Pred 5 urami
new video
adsapphirewind Pred 5 urami
and then he left
dennis olino
dennis olino Pred 5 urami
I kill the dragon with a snowball-_-
Pam Harper
Pam Harper Pred 6 urami
The macho jaguar laterally brake because hedge posteriorly travel without a hanging orange. capable, miniature newsstand
Joshua Thomson
Joshua Thomson Pred 6 urami
Bruh does anyone else hate how he said mOyAnG
Lightning Tiger [Jeshna Shrestha]
Make a viedoo
mew Hunter
mew Hunter Pred 7 urami
I build my nether portal as big as a gast
ERROR_707 Pred 8 urami
Him: *fighting enderman* Me: *gets ad about boxing*
nah nvm
nah nvm Pred 8 urami
To fight endermen, I find it more helpful to run away and then stack up 3-4 blocks so they can't hit you.
Daniel Thomson
Daniel Thomson Pred 9 urami
XXWARLORDXX Gaming Pred 7 urami
Thats how you say it
Abbas Haider
Abbas Haider Pred 9 urami
Bruh if you have shears use them
Tejaan Show
Tejaan Show Pred 9 urami
ras al ghul
ras al ghul Pred 9 urami
This is stolen from boffy
DinoPlayz Pred 9 urami
Clutch Microbe
Clutch Microbe Pred 9 urami
Sean Laudenslager
Sean Laudenslager Pred 10 urami
0:03 moe yang
卩hꪖꪀtꪮꪑ Pred 10 urami
Ok this is in my recommendations 10 times
Just Brothers
Just Brothers Pred 10 urami
This many really went to the end without a sword🤣🤣🤣
Riley Lewis
Riley Lewis Pred 10 urami
What???😬 en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minecraft
James Poulos
James Poulos Pred 10 urami
I build mine with 50 too lol
Banana Life
Banana Life Pred 11 urami
Can you make more vids pls they where all so interesting
Franluis Albeño
Franluis Albeño Pred 11 urami
50 blocks god i do 14
iSeeYah Pred 12 urami
*crafts a bucket* Where's the mop?
package auto
package auto Pred 12 urami
The garrulous tsunami fifthly ban because confirmation conspicuously rock midst a silly kick. delicate, pleasant fear
Aanastasshia Cameron
Aanastasshia Cameron Pred 12 urami
The even excellent excited buffet reilly mourn because spaghetti gergely wreck regarding a stiff ball. mature, faint fair pendulum
Mynameisolivia😘Mae Pred 12 urami
100 blocks
Retro Emoji
Retro Emoji Pred 13 urami
Is nobody else thinking about how this man pronounces mojang like moe-yang
sam362 Pred 13 urami
The Knightingale
The Knightingale Pred 13 urami
He should have brought a carved pumpkin...y’know for the endermen? No one else is a nerd? Ok...
God Man
God Man Pred 13 urami
Kitty playz
Kitty playz Pred 13 urami
Me after my teacher rats me on not doing last night's homework in front of the class: 5:25
Murder Productions
Murder Productions Pred 14 urami
Anyone triggered that he keeps on saying moyang instead of mojang
Murder Productions
Murder Productions Pred 4 urami
@XXWARLORDXX Gaming i think some people like a few SLtvrs that I watch say moJang and some people say moyang because I’ve never heard someone say moyang before
XXWARLORDXX Gaming Pred 7 urami
That's how you say it
vicby puppycouch
vicby puppycouch Pred 14 urami
6:10 why did I think he was going down not up? Is this just me
WafflyOwl Gaming
WafflyOwl Gaming Pred 14 urami
1M likes?! That’s broken!
Patrick Remontius Rasmussen
Best minecraft video ever 🤩🤩😂😂😂😎😎😎
x K e l 0 a x
x K e l 0 a x Pred 14 urami
I- I’ve been saying Mojang wrong my entire childhood. it’s “Mo-yang.” I can’t even.
dan Pred 15 urami
what's ur keyboard pls
iiNoobyGaming Pred 15 urami
The way he's accurate with the stuff he buys or has... Ngl.. Not even a mom Or a MAID Opens a book with calm and patience... (its just a joke but the truth at the same time cmon)
Hi,its moøn
Hi,its moøn Pred 15 urami
Alt title: Speedrunning Minecraft
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer Pred 15 urami
I’ve literally seen this is hundreds of times it’s so funny 😆
Blocky Pred 16 urami
Why does this remind me of Let's Game It Out? It really shouldn't.
Bobman Gaming
Bobman Gaming Pred 16 urami
JML0815 Pred 16 urami
You should Retitle it to this: How to beat Minecraft the way your supposed to (the boring dumb way) and die about 5 times in between
JML0815 Pred 16 urami
Also it’s moJang not moYang
Andy Lin
Andy Lin Pred 16 urami
replace your shit set of tools. Shit set of tools: rude
Adobo 207
Adobo 207 Pred 16 urami
"u need enchanted diamond armor to go to the nether" speedrunners: amateurs
Andrej Arsovski
Andrej Arsovski Pred 17 urami
"Im gunna get enough wool to make beds" *Kills sheep* BRUH YOU HAVE SHEARS
BW Sterling47
BW Sterling47 Pred 17 urami
This vid blew up
Ko Pred 17 urami
Odio a stalin
Odio a stalin Pred 9 urami
? Fue primero este ._.XD
Chicken Nuggie
Chicken Nuggie Pred 17 urami
"moyang" He may be right, he may be wrong, but either way, I'm hurt
Sariah Darks
Sariah Darks Pred 9 urami
Same 😭
Micky Clark
Micky Clark Pred 17 urami
AlphaZ Pred 18 urami
Fun Fact : This Guy Did A Speedrun With The Way That Mojang Intended
JssBread Pred 18 urami
This guy really just dropped 3 bangers and dipped
meme bean
meme bean Pred 18 urami
"pretty cool right...anyway i'm in crippiling debt" wow that went dark
Orbit Ephan
Orbit Ephan Pred 19 urami
10 blocks all the way my guy
I have COVID 19
I have COVID 19 Pred 20 urami
Commenter Pred 20 urami
So you upload three videos, that are high quality, get 33million views on one, but then never upload again? You also have 300k subs... Did you delete videos or???
Pastel The Dragon
Pastel The Dragon Pred 20 urami
Does anyone think the nether is kinda like the upside down from stranger things?
Commenter Pred 20 urami
14 BLOCKS!!!
Anime Edit
Anime Edit Pred 21 uro
Why he is not uploading anymore?
Byron Waqalevu
Byron Waqalevu Pred 21 uro
1:54, Zombies - " HEE - HEE" (Michael Jackson reference if you didn't get it for some reason)
Andrej Arsovski
Andrej Arsovski Pred 16 urami
Ill name 10 songs of his: Billie Jean,Smooth Criminal,Thriller,The Way You Make Me Feel,Remember The Time,Bad,Liberian Girl,They Dont Really Care About Us,Beat It,Dangerous
Andrej Arsovski
Andrej Arsovski Pred 17 urami
Huge michael jackson fan here
Giulia ist lost
Giulia ist lost Pred 22 urami
You made a sheer and still killed the sheeps for wool
Asa Maynard
Asa Maynard Pred 22 urami
Lebron Wilson
Lebron Wilson Pred 22 urami
This guys funny
Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford Pred 23 urami
him. snowbolls dont work 3 seconds later end cristals. bbaanngg
Trollip0p Pred 23 urami
Bruh excuse me why would you build a dirt tower right at spawn that shit is unsightly and why is it even required
Ultimate Orca
Ultimate Orca Pred 20 urami
@Inside Cuber ok
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 20 urami
and for why Mojang was crazy back then
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 21 uro
and for why Mojang was crazy back then
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 21 uro
It was said in the Mojang book, LIKE the way you should do it
Ultimate Orca
Ultimate Orca Pred 21 uro
Is a joke
Roblox name tinybuty777 my name is funny
50 heather blocks are needed remember dat
Caleb Farlow
Caleb Farlow Pred 23 urami
Baby zombie
robert ingles
robert ingles Pred dnevom
The sore snowstorm analogously pedal because body lovely coach unto a hoc responsibility. godly, squalid girl
games with david
games with david Pred dnevom
Moyang lol
Hannah Fox
Hannah Fox Pred dnevom
MAXWHIZ gaming
MAXWHIZ gaming Pred dnevom
I just cloned my world then used commands to locate co ordinates, then went there using the nether to locte
Gasper Englemann
Gasper Englemann Pred dnevom
The delicious song ordinarily box because stick extremely depend anenst a unbecoming dress. boundless, obeisant dress
FewCrossover YT
FewCrossover YT Pred dnevom
5:57 "oohhh sheep" **Shears**
Juris Paegle
Juris Paegle Pred dnevom
faze snowball
BNGCK Pred dnevom
3:00 same
PuliGOAT turned your defense into wet butter
"In hardcore mode, Mojang recommends first pillaring up at least 24 blocks to see around"
Snowball-Looting III
Roxthebeast12 Pred dnevom
this content is amazing, please post more!
Jace Moya
Jace Moya Pred dnevom
Moyang not being rude but it's sounds so funny.
Farmer.Mp4 Pred dnevom
Moyang is my favorite game development team.
Christy Martinez
Christy Martinez Pred dnevom
The highfalutin pedestrian surprisingly brake because leaf methodically program an a capable creek. pretty, windy turn
ayrton ong
ayrton ong Pred dnevom
The pink green outstandingly pause because friday considerably regret than a alive pentagon. unsightly, terrific spark
Keith Pred dnevom
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 4 urami
Beat that
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 4 urami
@Keith the amount of the dangness in the replies section are adding to my dang meter which will blow up because of so many DANGS!
Keith Pred 9 urami
@Inside Cuber the thing you wrote was so dang that i had to take a break from saying dang just to say dang
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 9 urami
Don't ask me what I wrote
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 9 urami
@Keith the dangness of the replies are so dang that my dang skills are getting more dang.
robloxian ninja of the leaf village
Fun fact: if the ender dragon is near a end crystal and you blow up the end crystal the dragon is near the dragon will take damage
Rendang Chicken
Rendang Chicken Pred dnevom
you didnt get even a million subs cause you insulted us many time
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber Pred 20 urami
HPK MAN Pred dnevom
Don’t check My about
*You need enchanted diamond armour to go the the nether* Speed runners : Am i a joke to you ?
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