Last to Survive the Treadmill Wins! 

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In this video we have a survival battle to see who can survive this challenge by being the person to stay on the treadmill the longest. But there's a catch! This is a Game show and we will be asked trivia questions. With every trivia question we answer wrong our punishment is that our treadmill will run faster! Our contestants are Bryan from Team Edge, Marvin, and Kevin from Hi5 Universe! (He's from channels like Dope or Nope, Battle Universe, Rekt and Matthias). J Fred from Team Edge is our host. With today's trivia questions J Fred will be asking questions with topics like, animal facts, "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" and more! We hope you enjoy our fun comedy Challenge, Game, Building, DIY vlog channel! Go check out some of our recent videos like Survive the Tightrope Course! | Larger Than Life! , Building a Bridge Over Freezing Water! |Can We Build It!? , and Last to Leave the Coffin Wins!!
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ryan heaton
ryan heaton Pred 4 dnevi
j-fred: i can put my "shoulder" on him bc hes not sweating
VANP Julien102
VANP Julien102 Pred 4 dnevi
A flock of crow is not called a murder, it is called Vel-crow
Joseph Monticollo
Joseph Monticollo Pred 4 dnevi
Bryan got the smallest treadmill
O'Ryan Hutley
O'Ryan Hutley Pred 5 dnevi
Bro I've learned that Bryan is stupid
Little Moose IV
Little Moose IV Pred 10 dnevi
4:33 Kevin kills me in every video
Unknown Wolf
Unknown Wolf Pred 11 dnevi
4:39 lol
Saskia van de Steeg
Saskia van de Steeg Pred 13 dnevi
When J-fred was asking the questions in the beginning I was saying the answers to myself and bet them with zoology 1, though I am a child
Pepper Person
Pepper Person Pred 13 dnevi
Bryan saying “That’s in like Asia!” Has the same energy of Joey going “But it’s not an island!” About Australia in the don’t get dropped off the ledge video with Matthias as the host
Tin Park
Tin Park Pred 13 dnevi
Even Kevin can say your such a cheater to the host
Junior Mendoza
Junior Mendoza Pred 14 dnevi
Anne Sliny Etienne
Anne Sliny Etienne Pred 16 dnevi
4:44 bro I’m in 3rd grade I knew that
Limp WaR1or
Limp WaR1or Pred 17 dnevi
I knew the first year of 20th century
Idk actually
Idk actually Pred 19 dnevi
“Last to survive wins”
Tim Gillam
Tim Gillam Pred 22 dnevi
5:42 underwater. Easy.
Meow Pred 23 dnevi
marvin got so many right he almost started walking backwards
Warzone lover
Warzone lover Pred 23 dnevi
I like how Bryan and Kevin shouts answers and Marvin says one answer and gets it right😂😂😂
Graeme Martin
Graeme Martin Pred 24 dnevi
Even after coming back to this a few months later, the moose joke still kills me😂😂😂
MATGAMING24 7 Pred 25 dnevi
Isn’t tea just water?
Happy Man
Happy Man Pred 25 dnevi
2:48 I knew the answer
Luke Smith
Luke Smith Pred 26 dnevi
How are they so dumb?
rainbowunicorns rock
rainbowunicorns rock Pred 27 dnevi
Me: a sophomore Mavin: a grown man Me:gets every single one right Mavin:failing
cmpulse Pred 28 dnevi
Idk why they are making fun of Brian for the mountain one, he thought Joey said something else, and he was still right about the Himalayas being in Asia
Glitch Madman
Glitch Madman Pred mesecem
I didn’t know that
George Cleveland
George Cleveland Pred mesecem
This was dope with the brothers!! Need them on more going at each other
Annabelle Bruette
Annabelle Bruette Pred mesecem
When he says let’s move the fourth grade and he starts talking about ancient Egypt and I am in six grade and I just finished learning that
Kathy Weng Ka Leng
Kathy Weng Ka Leng Pred mesecem
we are repeating the history guys... this is slavery!!!!!
Cody Hudson
Cody Hudson Pred mesecem
Mm if u go by length it's your intestines
YOUR DAD Pred mesecem
But isn’t the last one to survive the first one to not survive???
P.artoza Pred mesecem
12:55 Kevin rethinks about his life choices...
Grayson Hood
Grayson Hood Pred mesecem
I don’t know if this is correct but one of the intestine is actually is bigger than the liver and stretches to be larger than a car
Natalie Annie
Natalie Annie Pred mesecem
The largest organ is skin
Quinton Dekock
Quinton Dekock Pred mesecem
The empty pansy preoperatively tip because detail culturally wriggle as a abashed ikebana. military, physical tugboat
Jacob Lowry
Jacob Lowry Pred mesecem
Why does Bryan get the smallest one
The Gamer
The Gamer Pred mesecem
At 5:04 Kevin says when u see a floak of crows u say MURDER!!!
Tony Gordon
Tony Gordon Pred mesecem
Kevin...bro...you are DUMB
Amaya -_-
Amaya -_- Pred mesecem
These fifth graders are smart
Kati Rowen
Kati Rowen Pred mesecem
Skin is the largest organ in youre body
CJG Squared
CJG Squared Pred mesecem
Marvin was the definition for work smarter not harder
ZorgaZone Pred mesecem
K joke 4:57
HS Unlimited
HS Unlimited Pred mesecem
Does anyone else release that Joey’s prediction were correct in the beginning of the video Marvin won and Kevin bale out first I mean that just crazy
lilstickyrice Pred mesecem
Yooo why does Kevin look like a brown g easy
dark_fly_boi Pred mesecem
Marvin would win but he does not need it
dark_fly_boi Pred mesecem
1921?? What and how
phineasbomb flynnbomb
Nat Letunovski
Nat Letunovski Pred mesecem
Said he did that here butch Saifi
Roger Li
Roger Li Pred mesecem
Kevin is oldest and the dumbest don't what the closest planet to the sun🤣🤣
Chris Larson
Chris Larson Pred mesecem
its probably because he doesn't need that information anymore hes runs hi5 studios he has no need for that information
Nathan Sheehan
Nathan Sheehan Pred mesecem
This should have called this video "Marvin's Domination"
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez Pred mesecem
Bruh. He didn't get mercury right
Rejhan Abdiji
Rejhan Abdiji Pred mesecem
Im in the 3 grade we do not learn about the planets
My Guy
My Guy Pred mesecem
Why is black people running and the white guy telling them to do something
Chris Larson
Chris Larson Pred mesecem
they are Hispanic not black
Gagan Gandhi
Gagan Gandhi Pred mesecem
mercury bruh
Scul_Krushr562 Pred mesecem
I swear Kevin smoked weed before this video
Brock Bienemann
Brock Bienemann Pred mesecem
I’m gonna be honest I’m in 6th grade learning highergliphics
Penny Cochran
Penny Cochran Pred mesecem
Its 1/1/1900
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas Pred mesecem
No J-Fred, you can't put a shoulder on Marvin, but you can put put your hand on his shoulder though lol. How am i watching this 6 month after almost everyone else and not see 1 comment mentioning it?
Ace Of The Golden Spades
I felt like I got dummer after watching this video
Nshultz2017 Blitz
Nshultz2017 Blitz Pred mesecem
I gotta say Marvin is actually 100% smart without walking the treadmill lol XD
Nshultz2017 Blitz
Nshultz2017 Blitz Pred mesecem
Well until 10:05
Ostrich and Rat Adventures
2:52 I didn’t learn that in 2nd grade neither then the question before that 👁👄👁 Just me?
Harrison MCAteer
Harrison MCAteer Pred mesecem
O sorry abi think so
Dilleachta Pred mesecem
Plot twist: They die of exhaustion
lead mydayslord
lead mydayslord Pred mesecem
Um bloodhounds have the best sense of smell. Elephants have the best sense of hearing
70 Pred mesecem
12:51 “Age is just a number”
Sprintzee Pred mesecem
So the white man has the Hispanics running
Mr finale
Mr finale Pred mesecem
joey is that uncle who loves to sing but has a spazm while doing so
Space Child
Space Child Pred mesecem
Bro I’d win this
Brayden Futral
Brayden Futral Pred mesecem
the fact that they didn’t know the national anthem author 😂😂
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 Pred mesecem
Not everyone is gonna focus on info like that plus they aren't gonna remember stuff like that
Jade smith
Jade smith Pred 2 meseci
then in 2 grade/year: learns about plants me in 2 grade/year: learns how to say please and thank you
Elisha Galindo
Elisha Galindo Pred 2 meseci
Is it me or anyone laughing cuz Bryan's treadmill is smaller😂😂😂😂
Kaiel Ortiz
Kaiel Ortiz Pred 2 meseci
What’s funny the younger brothers bully the older brother😂
Brendan Congleton
Brendan Congleton Pred 2 meseci
12:55 "I can put my sHOuLDeR on him.
DoctorFlashSfD Pred 2 meseci
Joey gave wrong answer. January 1, 1900 was the first day of the 20th Century
Zacary Zarlinga
Zacary Zarlinga Pred 2 meseci
jan 1st 1901 what about the year 1900
DogeEliteJey Pred 2 meseci
actually kevin got the crow question right a group of crows is called a flock or a murder
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 Pred mesecem
Scientifically it's a murder though
Marcohyourboi Pred 2 meseci
Who wrote the national anthem Kevin:micheal jackson
my mexican side
my mexican side Pred 2 meseci
I like chic2
kebel100 Pred 2 meseci
joey says @12:50 "i can put my shoulder on him because hes not sweaty" as he pats marv on the shoulder......just saying....i giggled
Shy Owl
Shy Owl Pred 2 meseci
what avenger lifts Mjolnir other than captain America...... Thor? XD
Aiden Wettlin
Aiden Wettlin Pred 2 meseci
Team Edge: watching mr.beast's last to stop running challenge also team edge: ITS FREE REAL ESTATE
Paige Chadz
Paige Chadz Pred 2 meseci
the biggest organ in the body is the skin
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez Pred 2 meseci
Arthur Lam
Arthur Lam Pred 2 meseci
kevin such a sore loser or ...
PhaserFelix Pred 2 meseci
This is a great example that intelligence can win over strength.
Adrian Walasik
Adrian Walasik Pred 2 meseci
Alternative title: last person to not want food wins
Jekhi Pred 2 meseci
Kevin and Bryan should be disappointed in themselves for getting these questions wrong
Connor Edwards
Connor Edwards Pred 2 meseci
I'm the 2,100comment
JJ S Pred 2 meseci
I knew
Cece OTR
Cece OTR Pred 2 meseci
I’m late to watching this, but ayy I’m from the Northern Mariana Islands, and yes Marianas Trench be too deep 🤣
Matthew Alberta
Matthew Alberta Pred 2 meseci
I love how in the dumbest challenge, Kevin was really good but he was so stupid in this challenge 😑😐😑😐😒😒
Sebastian Nevarez
Sebastian Nevarez Pred 2 meseci
Javier F
Javier F Pred 2 meseci
For Bryan’s inside parts question I would have said rib cage or just lungs
Jonathan Dickerson
Jonathan Dickerson Pred 2 meseci
iUp de Speeeed
Graham Iverson
Graham Iverson Pred 2 meseci
why dose the member 2 cost so much
Holly Cupcake
Holly Cupcake Pred 2 meseci
Actually Bryan should have gotten that Narwal question right because only MALE NARWALS HAVE TUSKS WHILE FEMALES DONT
Christian Kirbo
Christian Kirbo Pred 2 meseci
Poyo poyo poyo Poyo
Meshach Ramirez
Meshach Ramirez Pred 2 meseci
"I could put my shoulder on him" - J-Fred 2020
MastrKiller Pred 2 meseci
Did anyone notice Joey saying he can put his shoulder on Marvin instead of his hand
Robert Donjon
Robert Donjon Pred 2 meseci
There were two right answers and Bryan got it right
Mearin Booher
Mearin Booher Pred 2 meseci
Bryan: goes for a fist bump “misses” Demi lavato: iTs oKaY NoT tO bE OkAy~~~
Davis Arens
Davis Arens Pred 2 meseci
"Age is just a number" Kevin 2020
Keagan Adams
Keagan Adams Pred 2 meseci
Great job Marvin
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