Duncan Robinson's 3-point shooting took him from the G-League to the record books | Signature Shots 

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Duncan Robinson began his collegiate career in Division III and made a stop in the G League before breaking out during the Miami Heat's run to the NBA Finals last season. On the way, he became one of the great catch-and-shoot marksmen the league has ever seen. ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry explores Robinson's development and his perfect fit in the modern NBA.
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1. mar. 2021

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Jacob Chhakchhuak
Jacob Chhakchhuak Pred dnevom
But, Klay is better 😁
ROBBIE TRIPP Pred dnevom
He LITERALLY is talking sh** after every single made shot they've showed hahaha you gotta love it!!
GSHeverything _27
GSHeverything _27 Pred 2 dnevi
Jason Crocker
Jason Crocker Pred 3 dnevi
For anyone saying "HoW cOuLd hE gO uNdRaFtEd," Duncan himself said that he understands why he wasn't. He was unathletic and not that great on defense, so he doesn't have that "They drafted him over me so I'm gonna go off against them" mentality. He has one of the best shots in the NBA and landed with the right team that saw his potential and trusted him to do what he had to to make the roster.
Lonnie Sharpe
Lonnie Sharpe Pred 3 dnevi
Mark Sines
Mark Sines Pred 3 dnevi
This type of players is lbj’s favourite target like jr and korver on the move targets
Ismaeel Badoolah
Ismaeel Badoolah Pred 4 dnevi
Rn, he's officially the quickest player to hit 400 triples
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen Pred 5 dnevi
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simran Pred 5 dnevi
love that ESPN made this video, its important to highlight and praise players like duncan robinson
18magicMARKer Pred 6 dnevi
hyper fast release....I would say he has a slooooooow release!
PreAsh Pred 7 dnevi
Mercedes Will
Mercedes Will Pred 8 dnevi
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Kev Glitt
Kev Glitt Pred 8 dnevi
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Dommy521 Pred 8 dnevi
Shane came a long way
HARSHIT GUPTA Pred 10 dnevi
While considering the % of shots made , people forget the defese they face .Not at all taking anything away from him though.
Salvatore UR
Salvatore UR Pred 10 dnevi
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Biggus Dickusss
Biggus Dickusss Pred 11 dnevi
Every Duncan video will mention D3 Williams and G-League , but forget he spent 4 years at MIchigan and went to the National Championship Game in 2018... its like his michigan days never existed...
David Edwin
David Edwin Pred 8 dnevi
That doesn't add to his legend, though. That's why they are leaving it out. Michigan has become a blue blood in basketball so it detracts from the underdog story.
DonutHolesAreFire Pred 14 dnevi
where is his shooting now tho?
Dion Cena
Dion Cena Pred 16 dnevi
Hingigo jud tawhana
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Mao bai
ant gang
ant gang Pred 16 dnevi
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Topedo Workshop
Topedo Workshop Pred 16 dnevi
why won't spurs trade for this guy. his name is the 2 spurs great.
aiden sawchuk
aiden sawchuk Pred 18 dnevi
The acoustic manx conversantly remind because grouse differently protect below a natural rice. four frail, cluttered ship
Marquis Hunt
Marquis Hunt Pred 18 dnevi
That's because he don't take as many shots as curry and Thompson
Kevin T Myers
Kevin T Myers Pred 20 dnevi
From York, ME to Williams is a story in it self. Ha
Kevin T Myers
Kevin T Myers Pred 20 dnevi
From D3 to the G-League is a story in it self.
izone shorts
izone shorts Pred 21 dnevom
Duncan's defense should improve for him to become an all star, just like Klay's D and he'll be better.
Luke Azucena
Luke Azucena Pred 21 dnevom
Why hes not in the 3point contest in allstar... ??😄😄😄
Ki11a TJ
Ki11a TJ Pred 23 dnevi
Any Michigan player I will always continue rooting for go blue and go Duncan Robinson
Ki11a TJ
Ki11a TJ Pred 23 dnevi
That's a Michigan man love seeing him killing it in the league Go Blue 〽️
Mr Nick
Mr Nick Pred 24 dnevi
It’s just safe to say critics and “experts” are wrong like 75% of the time
david rab
david rab Pred 24 dnevi
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Paul J
Paul J Pred 24 dnevi
🔥🔥Elite status ..
JSansi Pred 25 dnevi
ngl.. duncan robinsons jumper is straight up wet.. this dude came on the scene quick and made a huge name for himself.
yore5 Pred 25 dnevi
Dude has the face of every 1950s american white man lmao.
Damilola Hussein
Damilola Hussein Pred 25 dnevi
My midorima of nba
Nick Charles
Nick Charles Pred 26 dnevi
I can’t believe kuzma was arguing that call
Really ???
Really ??? Pred 28 dnevi
Jimmy neutron has a smooth shot
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Pred 28 dnevi
This guy can't handle pressure.
Rahe Pred 24 dnevi
Hes improving a lot. His 2 clutch threes today while he missed the rest earlier in the game, and you could see his improvement in the finals series from start to finish. He was too scared to shoot one but popped of later in the series once he got used to it and his team got him to feel comfortable
Jorge Luis
Jorge Luis Pred 28 dnevi
The laker players called em Jimmy neutron lol i see the resemblance
Colton Minger
Colton Minger Pred 28 dnevi
This narrator seems like the guy that knows nothing about basketball but somehow landed an ESPN job
Cedric Arciaga Vallero
Pat Riley Really Good When Picking Draft Picks
Jerbine Dianito
Jerbine Dianito Pred 29 dnevi
Jordan Clarkson is the best
abshar abdurrazak
abshar abdurrazak Pred mesecem
How about Jimmer Fredette? Was he better than Duncan, perhaps?
pro herro
pro herro Pred mesecem
True 3 point specialist🤟
Landon Chen
Landon Chen Pred mesecem
His shot is so pretty, props to him
Don Pervert
Don Pervert Pred mesecem
I really respect this guy
David Cvjetkovic
David Cvjetkovic Pred mesecem
Shinsuke Daddy
Shinsuke Daddy Pred mesecem
Nba coaches rn "takes notepad and starts writing"
Ok Cool
Ok Cool Pred mesecem
_Saucyam _
_Saucyam _ Pred mesecem
As a Michigan fan I didn’t expect him to go high but when he was undrafted I found it disrespectful. Scouts must’ve not watched his college highlights
Raphael Riane Musni
Raphael Riane Musni Pred mesecem
Klay Thompson: Finally a true competitor.
Cj Axiel Yangson
Cj Axiel Yangson Pred mesecem
Arjo Atayde is that you
DSP's studio
DSP's studio Pred mesecem
Poor man's Klay Thompson basically lol
DSP's studio
DSP's studio Pred mesecem
@Silverfang 45 sorry I thought you mean Klay is like Seth rofl
Silverfang 45
Silverfang 45 Pred mesecem
@DSP's studio how is saying Duncan isn't as good defensive as klay Thompson hating
Silverfang 45
Silverfang 45 Pred mesecem
Not really Klay is good defensively He is more just a seth curry
Mobius DC
Mobius DC Pred mesecem
Reggie miller 2.0
D bone
D bone Pred mesecem
5:29 pause
Migz Zone
Migz Zone Pred mesecem
Reminds me of Steve Novak
Joshen Bueno
Joshen Bueno Pred mesecem
Why i havent seen any Dirk Nowitzki episodes here? Title is signature shots but you leaving out a legend.. Cmon
evan Pred mesecem
how come he didnt do 3pt contest in all star game fr tho
Ryx delta
Ryx delta Pred mesecem
Reminds me of Ray Allen
Henry Cruz
Henry Cruz Pred mesecem
Be careful he's the best shooter in the League.
Henry Cruz
Henry Cruz Pred 29 dnevi
@nahYoungMont Hahaha Sorry Bro Auto correct
nahYoungMont Pred 29 dnevi
*in the league
KNOXX- ARANETA Pred mesecem
Arjo atayde for threeeee 👌
Dion Cena
Dion Cena Pred 15 dnevi
haha,kaya pala nawala sya sa ang probinsyano naglaro na pala sa nba.
Chen_Si Chua
Chen_Si Chua Pred mesecem
yo i got the exact same hood at 1:41
tiismuna Pred mesecem
Because Jimmy Neutron calculated his shots
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Pred mesecem
Heat nation 🔥🔥🔥
Charles Pred mesecem
Duncan 'Sheen Robinson! 👍🏾🏀
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Pred mesecem
he really does look like sheen lol
Jan Alfon Niño Lisondra Cuizon
That guy is problem🔥
Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis Pred mesecem
Warriors need to get him
The ForsakenOne
The ForsakenOne Pred mesecem
But can he beat thompson?
Beymar Silva
Beymar Silva Pred mesecem
Curry and Klay are better even on their worst day
Seraphii Pred mesecem
good to see clayton crowley get some recognition
J Bleezy
J Bleezy Pred mesecem
them MICHIGAN boyz
Psycho Gaming
Psycho Gaming Pred mesecem
He’s my favorite player in the league since two years ago and I’m glad he is starting to get the credit he deserves
Jeffrey Negapatan
Jeffrey Negapatan Pred mesecem
liangelo ball needs a coach who will trust him
Jeffrey Negapatan
Jeffrey Negapatan Pred mesecem
liangelo ball just needed to be noticed with his 3pt shots...
Richard Bathan
Richard Bathan Pred mesecem
adpbobcat Pred mesecem
Base from name alone...he should play for the spurs
James Eduard Nicolas
Robinson will be traded soon... 😆
Cam Alex
Cam Alex Pred mesecem
No Hardens Stepback 3 is the most dangerous weapon in the NBA
Acer72 Pred mesecem
Curry's 3 is the deadliest.
ITCHIGO TV Pred mesecem
if catch and shot out topic My first vote KYLE KORVER👌
Juro Antiporda
Juro Antiporda Pred mesecem
he needs to be in 3pnt contest
zakattk001 Pred mesecem
I remember I think his sophomore year at Michigan, Dickie V and Mike Tirico were calling the Michigan vs Maryland game and Dickie V said Duncan Robinson is going to be a pro. Mike Tirico was like "You really think so?", and Dickie V was like ABSOLUTELY 😂. And he was right.
mooch Pred mesecem
Idk how but with that form idk how any team didnt try to pick him up. That form, u can release it anytime and any how u want and has higher chance of going in than missing
roger lopez
roger lopez Pred mesecem
“In the world” 🤣
Milk Machine
Milk Machine Pred mesecem
raijin-senpai Pred mesecem
I hope warriors will trade for this guy, he will fit very well there
Jerry Solatoriojr
Jerry Solatoriojr Pred mesecem
The best 3 point shooter
The underdog of the underdog🔥🔥🔥
Rick Verganio
Rick Verganio Pred mesecem
Whose better the splash brothers or them now? It's like Thompson and curry doing the same thing
94ジョン でエブ
The guy actually looks so short on the court 😔 hard to believe hes 6'7"
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez Pred mesecem
Now do one on Meyers leonard
Aj Fish keeper
Aj Fish keeper Pred mesecem
Why he didn't join 2021 3pt shot?
GodSandKing 1
GodSandKing 1 Pred mesecem
Bro got that Reggie form
Faiçal AMMISAID Pred mesecem
White Jr
Rock Fossil
Rock Fossil Pred mesecem
Real life Midorima
Jay jay Jay jay
Jay jay Jay jay Pred mesecem
Surprising he is not part of the NBA 2021 All Star 3 pt. shoot out contest, Why?
Cairo Weaver
Cairo Weaver Pred mesecem
He’s literally the second Kyle Korver. (Their both 6’7 btw)
Pope George Lucas II
it was a win-win trade honestly
idkman Pred 4 dnevi
@Pope George Lucas II dude said that before the trade deadline but the heat magically got oladipo without getting rid of Duncan lmao
Pope George Lucas II
Pope George Lucas II Pred 10 dnevi
@James Eduard Nicolas i don't think so, they don't want to trade herro so what makes you think they would trade an elite 3-pt shooter w the same potential as herro
Carlos360Waves dw
Carlos360Waves dw Pred 10 dnevi
@James Eduard Nicolas Biggest Cap of the Century🤫😂😂
yung anaxes
yung anaxes Pred 13 dnevi
@James Eduard Nicolas L
Pablo Uribe
Pablo Uribe Pred mesecem
You have to get thinking basketball here! That guy rocks!
Red King
Red King Pred mesecem
He’s not taller than klay
Bitxh I’m1800
Bitxh I’m1800 Pred mesecem
Klay is 6’6 Robinson is 6’7
dj gusto
dj gusto Pred mesecem
Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron