SUPER CAPTAIN Crewmate Role in Among Us 

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We add a NEW Super Crewmate Role to the Airship in Among Us
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7. apr. 2021

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biker9876 gamerboii
biker9876 gamerboii Pred 22 urami
The daddy role you use a belt
Scarecrow Roblox and Wrestling
I want spooky Scary Skeleton
DANGERXFF Pred dnevom
ahhh ssundee a was wondering if. U have eny more space left after all these pictures paintings😂😂
Ishaan Upadhyay
Ishaan Upadhyay Pred dnevom
I have an idea:Creeper role, it can blow up any time. It can blow up the ship too. And also it can kill.
Fernando Gandara
Fernando Gandara Pred dnevom
Is anybody.gonna notices that henwy kept walking when the body was reported: O
Cactus Gaming
Cactus Gaming Pred dnevom
U could do earth imposter Imposter abilities: earthquake gauranteed 1 kill cooldown 60 sec 2 nd abilitie:tornado air blast that can throw away crewmates and pick up crewmates and throw theem down where u want
zh xy
zh xy Pred dnevom
do a superman mod
manav jani
manav jani Pred dnevom
SSundee role you have a foot ability , mommy ability, derp ssundee
Lopito Bansig
Lopito Bansig Pred dnevom
I think this is the first time I saw SSundee die in among us
Juris Grudkins
Juris Grudkins Pred dnevom
I think that you can make pen mod t
Ben patterson
Ben patterson Pred 2 dnevi
Ben patterson
Ben patterson Pred 2 dnevi
Ben patterson
Ben patterson Pred 2 dnevi
Ben patterson
Ben patterson Pred 2 dnevi
Ben patterson
Ben patterson Pred 2 dnevi
Crystal Mock
Crystal Mock Pred 2 dnevi
Do an impostor role that is a supreme imposter.
Crystal Mock
Crystal Mock Pred 2 dnevi
Do a black ops mod.
Laura Oliphant
Laura Oliphant Pred 2 dnevi
Do slender man plz
luca vaipana
luca vaipana Pred 2 dnevi
I guess the Mode was made by LoafX
Mike Mike Boyles
Mike Mike Boyles Pred 3 dnevi
When Ian doesn’t paint a picture he is the imposter
Joshua Plowright
Joshua Plowright Pred 3 dnevi
do an avengers mod today
Irfan Yasir
Irfan Yasir Pred 3 dnevi
Super cat mod
King Bowden
King Bowden Pred 3 dnevi
You should do an avengers mod with Thor as the savior to the people and Loki as the imposter
Va Thao
Va Thao Pred 3 dnevi
Me* ban hammers the like button.bans button.* me* I CANT LIKE ANYTHING
Coding Beast
Coding Beast Pred 3 dnevi
Do avengers end game foot
Nina Katzenberg-Sanborn
Venom mod he can throw his hand as a sword become water make other crews mates imposter make black spots on the floor that kill crew mates
Hiphoppers gamer
Hiphoppers gamer Pred 4 dnevi
Crazygalaxy X1
Crazygalaxy X1 Pred 4 dnevi
Genedine Barbosa
Genedine Barbosa Pred 4 dnevi
Venom mode pls
chui ling see
chui ling see Pred 4 dnevi
I want a dinosaur mod right now
Angela Moore
Angela Moore Pred 4 dnevi
A football role
Magdalene Wanjiru
Magdalene Wanjiru Pred 4 dnevi
Pro mode
Kevin Shaker
Kevin Shaker Pred 4 dnevi
The chicken mod
Jackson Raymond
Jackson Raymond Pred 4 dnevi
cow mod
Lydia XxAlexsbiggestfanxX
do a killer chef mod
Caia Sykes
Caia Sykes Pred 5 dnevi
Sundee,I liked and subscribed!
Dino_v1bez YT
Dino_v1bez YT Pred 5 dnevi
The pheonix imposter
Caroline Ship
Caroline Ship Pred 5 dnevi
superman mod
Scarlett Arce Lara
Scarlett Arce Lara Pred 5 dnevi
can you do a cat mode? plz?
Turbo Tyler
Turbo Tyler Pred 6 dnevi
veteran: dude, I wonder why captain still plays with us, hes so bad at tas- player: THERE HE IS!!!!!! also player: its CAPTAIN!!! also veteran: what- HOLY- HES RIPPED IN THAT THUMBNAIL!!!!
gaming thunder
gaming thunder Pred 6 dnevi
A punch mod
Hailey flores
Hailey flores Pred 6 dnevi
The chief round imposter can make crew in chicken tacos hamburgers and sushi before he kills them
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras Pred 6 dnevi
f0Am :D
f0Am :D Pred 6 dnevi
*Let's play with my food a bit* Since when was Ian a canibal-?
Jacob Haaland
Jacob Haaland Pred 3 dnevi
Me too
Ernesta Abdulla
Ernesta Abdulla Pred 6 dnevi
I do not know
Galaxies Ms
Galaxies Ms Pred 6 dnevi
The like button was struck by the banhammer
Kelly Chafee
Kelly Chafee Pred 6 dnevi
I like inspired
A One17 Life
A One17 Life Pred 6 dnevi
i like the air ship
Grace Wilson
Grace Wilson Pred 7 dnevi
hears an idea, art role, clay balls, paper Mache wrapping people and deadly paintbrush
Emma Opalhook
Emma Opalhook Pred 7 dnevi
Where do you get the mods
Steven Warner
Steven Warner Pred 7 dnevi
Dragon mod
Luca Arruda
Luca Arruda Pred 7 dnevi
The second these men hear the word “paint” they instantly shut up.
Stephanie Knisely
Stephanie Knisely Pred 7 dnevi
yall should do a cup mod
John Reeder
John Reeder Pred 7 dnevi
Hey somebody I am am a new SLtv or are you just posted a video
Benmark Cordova
Benmark Cordova Pred 7 dnevi
My fase was like when he did that blah blah blah intense thing is 😆😁😄😃😀
Julie Veen
Julie Veen Pred 8 dnevi
New role: witch, can mindcontrol people, have a wand with some super powers (laser, something toxic) and can fly on there broom around the map😍
Sneakysnake Pred 8 dnevi
They should try this mod with 3 imposters.
Sara Salem Jumaa Ali khamis Al Hosani
did you do a daddy role?
Aedan Clark
Aedan Clark Pred 8 dnevi
Mr Eggz
Mr Eggz Pred 9 dnevi
Let's be honest ssundee probably only played normal among us like twice?
lavi peer
lavi peer Pred 9 dnevi
you get a dislike for pushing the vidoe so long for no ******* reason! you could have finished the round a lot faster but nooooo you need some action
Arnel Quindoza
Arnel Quindoza Pred 9 dnevi
got one the scientist role
Joseph Rees
Joseph Rees Pred 9 dnevi
Imposter can go through walls
Verxinity Pred 9 dnevi
Let's see how many subs I can get with this comment Currently: 1 Most likely none
Walter James Kalinga
And pichu
Walter James Kalinga
And pikachu
Walter James Kalinga
Put an zombie mod
Emerson Hughes
Emerson Hughes Pred 9 dnevi
Fnaf memeist
Fnaf memeist Pred 9 dnevi
BEN-TEN MOD!!!!!!!!
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith Pred 9 dnevi
Ben. 10
Luke Garrett
Luke Garrett Pred 9 dnevi
Do captain again but the captain only do stablize steering lol
Belkis Rasquin
Belkis Rasquin Pred 9 dnevi
like you can make a mod of anime like the anime is naruto
Dis is great
The commenter
The commenter Pred 9 dnevi
Ivana Rybárová
Ivana Rybárová Pred 9 dnevi
plase! do fortnite mod impostor got a sword
Mike Anthonisse
Mike Anthonisse Pred 10 dnevi
Mike Anthonisse
Mike Anthonisse Pred 10 dnevi
Thijs-y Pred 10 dnevi
Pls Harry Potter vs voldemord
Tiniestpersononearth Pred 10 dnevi
Party planner
Amans vlog
Amans vlog Pred 10 dnevi
Can you make illusion mode
Lora Green
Lora Green Pred 10 dnevi
kiran verma
kiran verma Pred 10 dnevi
new mod mechagodzilla
Jacqueline Howe
Jacqueline Howe Pred 10 dnevi
code: LOAFXY
Fahmi Affandi
Fahmi Affandi Pred 10 dnevi
Next mod review pls : super duper impostor
Lirkekongen 2011
Lirkekongen 2011 Pred 10 dnevi
You Are good
Varun Varma
Varun Varma Pred 10 dnevi
get out of here you little doo doo head classic
Cody Barnes
Cody Barnes Pred 10 dnevi
This... is just the super medic but renamed lol
Amanda Hipke
Amanda Hipke Pred 10 dnevi
Can you do a cat mood
Travis Jzm
Travis Jzm Pred 10 dnevi
I hit my phone with a hammer
Plason BG
Plason BG Pred 10 dnevi
Peter Griffin in Among Us
Sergio Maertinez
Sergio Maertinez Pred 10 dnevi
I feel like I've seen that map before
SuperDeadpoolLogan 35
SuperDeadpoolLogan 35 Pred 10 dnevi
iam nyanzinlin
iam nyanzinlin Pred 10 dnevi
this is not the super captain role this is just the captain role he just changed the name of the video and the tumbnail
Cheeky Thomas
Cheeky Thomas Pred 11 dnevi
Do the giant poo mod
Claire Reasons
Claire Reasons Pred 11 dnevi
Can you put them in a among us so that everybody can play them
Donna Makara-Diaz
Donna Makara-Diaz Pred 11 dnevi
ALRIGHT yall are going to hate me for this but hear me out The Juggernaut mixes witht the super captain
Kiefer Uyami
Kiefer Uyami Pred 11 dnevi
Try a covid 19 mod
Jacqueline Joesuf
Jacqueline Joesuf Pred 11 dnevi
Hes saying press the like button
Skeletial Pred 11 dnevi
do a noob impostor role
Ryan Ramzgooyan
Ryan Ramzgooyan Pred 11 dnevi
Bendy imposter
Shelby Wilkinson
Shelby Wilkinson Pred 11 dnevi
Am I just unlucky because when I hit the like button and it never turns blue
Nicholas Angell
Nicholas Angell Pred 11 dnevi
Do a Harry Potter mod Voldemort is imposter and Harry Potter is like captin
Naeem Ahmed
Naeem Ahmed Pred 11 dnevi
5:59 memed?
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy Pred 11 dnevi
Yoda crewmate, and Darth Vader imposter mods
sreeja anoop
sreeja anoop Pred 11 dnevi
Make Daddy role in among us
Nionto Moran
Nionto Moran Pred 11 dnevi
Iron man mod plsease bro
FAT IMPOSTER Mod in Among Us
Ogledi 7 mio.
PENNYWISE Mod in Among Us
PAY To WIN Mod in Among Us
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