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In advance, I am sorry for what you are about to watch.
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5. apr. 2020

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Roxburgh Pred letom
I hope you lot enjoyed the video! More stuff coming just bare with!
Yoo Gang
Yoo Gang Pred 3 meseci
@Roxburgh you 2 on a podcast would pop offf
Alex Stylebender
Alex Stylebender Pred 9 meseci
Make a podcast
Djordje Ristic
Djordje Ristic Pred 9 meseci
Lewis Cargill
Lewis Cargill Pred 9 meseci
Start a podcast with Ethan please
That1Ginger Pred 11 meseci
U two should do a podcast together, would be quite a great podcast.
SAM ECHLIN Pred 5 dnevi
Big up callum wearing the middlesbrough top
Amber Lewis
Amber Lewis Pred 10 dnevi
This duo is undefeatable ngl
Iqra Zab
Iqra Zab Pred mesecem
I thought Ethan's body count would be wayyy higher like over 20 bcz of how he makes himself look like in sidemen videos. But I'm impressed by his answer here
Dede Horan
Dede Horan Pred mesecem
Alot of females with a dom!kink dont mind ma'am or mommy
Megan Hobden
Megan Hobden Pred mesecem
This was the second time the first one was his reaction to ur piercings
amelia patel
amelia patel Pred mesecem
4:55 honestly one night stands aren't bad lmao
Byron whitelow
Byron whitelow Pred mesecem
I miss old Charlie no offence
Drooku Pred mesecem
reckon you could do more videos like this with different people? this was so jokes and a vibe
Dyfan Davies
Dyfan Davies Pred 2 meseci
18:15 no too young
Agnes Hather
Agnes Hather Pred 2 meseci
“lemme see that wang”
NIAMH MARTIN Pred 4 meseci
I’ve watched this video around 6 times cause I’m always too drunk to comprehend what’s been said
Leo Soininen
Leo Soininen Pred 4 meseci
Forget about It
Forget about It Pred 4 meseci
Or as some frauds has been calling it
Dallan Riddle
Dallan Riddle Pred 4 meseci
Bhez, Rox hope you lot feel like sharing cause ima take a drink every time you boys do
Ben Pred 5 meseci
More collabs 👌👌
Melissa Louise Madden
Melissa Louise Madden Pred 5 meseci
I am completely straight but to save a best friend I would definitely go down on another women, shit may even find out you’re bi 😂 I think women are more open to this question than males. Not so defensive about it.
Elio Marko
Elio Marko Pred 5 meseci
Rhiannon Sitton
Rhiannon Sitton Pred 5 meseci
Did not think this video would go the way it did
simon Van den Bossche
simon Van den Bossche Pred 5 meseci
15:12 sure bro send thad meat mail!!
Sidney Wells
Sidney Wells Pred 5 meseci
i really hope ethan knows its not umero one, but numero one
William Gilengren
William Gilengren Pred 5 meseci
this.Is.The.Best.Video.Ever. please have more collabs!!!
minnie moomoo
minnie moomoo Pred 5 meseci
done subcribed
BellaWykes Pred 5 meseci
This video is fucking jokes hahaha
Lily Plumb
Lily Plumb Pred 5 meseci
I swear Ethan was on you tubers react to my new piercing. I swear
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Pred 6 meseci
Ethan last name is Lee. Is he Asian?
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Pred 6 meseci
Pulp fiction
Cameron Booth
Cameron Booth Pred 6 meseci
Its fine i fell asleep during a BJ, she wasn't good XD
Cookie _num
Cookie _num Pred 6 meseci
15:43 yes
Zak O'Connor
Zak O'Connor Pred 6 meseci
recommended 5 months later.. how has this only got 30K likes?
Ac VibezZ
Ac VibezZ Pred 7 meseci
Sorry I’m 16 with a body count of 8 and ethan is 25 or whatever he is and it’s only 6, I know what they mean by generations changing
Pingu Noot
Pingu Noot Pred 7 meseci
Roxburgh ahahahahahaha
Roxburgh Pred 7 meseci
Ac VibezZ you are definitely still a virgin.
beth sherriff
beth sherriff Pred 7 meseci
Do another one of these! I loveee
Michael Cumming
Michael Cumming Pred 7 meseci
funniest shit ive ever seen
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas Pred 7 meseci
Love this vid watched about 3 times
Alec Maggi
Alec Maggi Pred 7 meseci
This is just a better version of thr calfreezy vids
F Darg
F Darg Pred 7 meseci
Is a runner a chaser, wtf who says that
Jessica Cole
Jessica Cole Pred 7 meseci
I hope you lot enjoyed the video more stuff coming just bare with
amelia patel
amelia patel Pred 7 meseci
ngl when they were talking about d sizes i thought to myself it's not about how big it is it's how well you can use it 🤷‍♀️
Karim MC
Karim MC Pred 7 meseci
I’ve never sent d picks cause I’m 13
Susana Raad
Susana Raad Pred 7 meseci
No I’m 16
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez Pred 7 meseci
I’ve sent some before cuz mans was feeling himself yk 🥱
V V Pred 7 meseci
Ethan consistently bangs the thumbnails
India Deacon
India Deacon Pred 7 meseci
top quality content! you love to see it
Max Karingu
Max Karingu Pred 7 meseci
damn this vid was all about sex at the start
Tia Passi
Tia Passi Pred 7 meseci
Uria Barzilay
Uria Barzilay Pred 7 meseci
Nurvesh Ellayah
Nurvesh Ellayah Pred 8 meseci
When he says "we don't do shots in this household", i'd rather believe that he finds shot glasses too small
ŁK Pred 8 meseci
Thumbnail: pause
Helene Pred 9 meseci
Nick Wallin
Nick Wallin Pred 9 meseci
KEVIN MANZI BTS Pred 9 meseci
Man had to pause as soon as he said what he loves to eat
Lauren Giffard
Lauren Giffard Pred 9 meseci
I hate unwanted dick picks i dont mind getting them when im in the mood but definitely hate them when there least expected
A1 Drizzy
A1 Drizzy Pred 9 meseci
I am the 500th comment
Rachael Murray
Rachael Murray Pred 9 meseci
Ethan is such boyfriend material! That’s the shit I want😂😂
cricket.football_fan Pred 3 meseci
Hell yeah
Egg Poo
Egg Poo Pred 9 meseci
I’m a straight male but HELL YEAH
Lauren Giffard
Lauren Giffard Pred 9 meseci
Same 😍😍😍
Yeetus Yootas
Yeetus Yootas Pred 9 meseci
Ethan mate I’m 16 and me body count is 8 😬💀
A C Pred 5 meseci
That's not a good thing
beans on toast
beans on toast Pred 9 meseci
In the 50s and 60s they developed the contraceptive pill and so there was alot more sexual freedom.
Logan_ Dash
Logan_ Dash Pred 9 meseci
Nope i don't do that
Arne Roscam
Arne Roscam Pred 9 meseci
just got recommended to me lol. DP's in one relationship more than the other because we saw each other less often. Nowadays never bcs i'm not seeing anyone steadily
Kevin Mccole
Kevin Mccole Pred 9 meseci
Bet its sub 5% this vid
Mathias Eriksen
Mathias Eriksen Pred 9 meseci
This was really funny bruv. Plz do some more
Jay With An i
Jay With An i Pred 9 meseci
I am a female so i obviously don’t send dick picks however if I was in a intimate relationship with someone then I don’t mind getting them. However unwanted ones are the worst thing ever.
NUTSTA Pred 9 meseci
It’s funny how you most popular video is with this muppet
Lobster Clips
Lobster Clips Pred 9 meseci
Not gonna lie I thought Charlie was gay
Michaela Giles
Michaela Giles Pred 2 meseci
@I'm not creative enough for a username yesss
I'm not creative enough for a username
he gave me bisexual vibes tbh
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Pred 6 meseci
That's fair
Ellise Warner
Ellise Warner Pred 7 meseci
Honestly same lol
SabR Pred 9 meseci
yes sir
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname Pred 9 meseci
Yo, I just discovered your channel. Upload more! Entertaining personality, watched some other videos. Very fun, come on, give us more.
Aaron G
Aaron G Pred 9 meseci
Who tf calls it a runner. It’s a chaser where I’m from
HH0ps Pred 9 meseci
Outro song?
Ryan Owen
Ryan Owen Pred 9 meseci
Whens the next upload
Joshua Brofford
Joshua Brofford Pred 9 meseci
The girl says i dont drink then says man up no runner??? tf
Kaj van heerwaarden
Kaj van heerwaarden Pred 9 meseci
Nobody: Ethan before losing weight: 9:31
Baxter 02
Baxter 02 Pred 9 meseci
I've sent nudes, and they did ask for it I'm not a scumbag
Theo Georgiou
Theo Georgiou Pred 9 meseci
Kieran Ó Dubhsláine
Kieran Ó Dubhsláine Pred 9 meseci
It was Kayla Parlante
Larna Dawn
Larna Dawn Pred 9 meseci
Charlie legit never posts
Jamie Barnes
Jamie Barnes Pred 9 meseci
First time I’ve ever seen your Channel I’m a big fan of Ethan but if that’s the first time you have had Ethan in your vids you need to get him in more you two are a wicked duo
Alfie Balmer
Alfie Balmer Pred 9 meseci
Watching this while eating tea wasn’t smart
Alexis Monica
Alexis Monica Pred 9 meseci
Alfie Balmer i honestly thought you meant eating a cup of tea 😂 i’m guessing your from up north lmao
Miki Pred 9 meseci
This video is a fucking banger
BenBurton Pred 9 meseci
Rated the vid bro, keep it up
LilWeezy315 Pred 9 meseci
We need more of this
Pingu Pred 9 meseci
2:57 - kinda sus my guy, we’ll let it slide this time
Brady Feeney
Brady Feeney Pred 9 meseci
9:31 A couple years ago, Ethan was able to do this with himself...👀
Captain Merica
Captain Merica Pred 9 meseci
Banger of a video
adam _97
adam _97 Pred 9 meseci
Mate you should make more videos! You've got a great personality, you're not one dimensional in the videos you make and you're just a likeable bloke. Keep it up man!
Nathan Barron
Nathan Barron Pred 9 meseci
Ethan who doesn’t send
Rexzoh Pred 9 meseci
Also never knew you had a channel till now
Rexzoh Pred 9 meseci
Please make a podcast with the 2 of you
Curious_Cat Pred 9 meseci
I´ve sent photos of my wang to plently of people, when they asked for it of course. That and do cam calls. Quite fun when I´m being a huge lazy bastard and can´t be bothered to leave the house.
rhiannon conn
rhiannon conn Pred 9 meseci
An here I thought Charlie was the good innocence one 😂🤣 I have now. Seen a whole new side of these two hahaha
Mason Sayre
Mason Sayre Pred 9 meseci
Imagine watching someone and not being subbed. Why are you even watching lol
Ro Pred 9 meseci
Omg this was... intense!🔥 Edit: WAIT?! Ethan’s body count was 4 (Sidemen video how well do you know Ethan?), damn!
Morgan McNamara
Morgan McNamara Pred 9 meseci
Charlie is def Daddy material
unsecured wifi
unsecured wifi Pred 9 meseci
subscribed out of sympathy, then when you said about being called daddy, unsubscribed
JessRyePlayz Pred 9 meseci
They are both such respectful men
Joshimonn Pred 9 meseci
Ten times his subs have viewed this. Almost half the number have liked it. That's harsh man xD
Colin Xiong
Colin Xiong Pred 9 meseci
you can tell when the vodka was hitting in
James Barwick
James Barwick Pred 9 meseci
Shanley Phillips
Shanley Phillips Pred 9 meseci
15:36 I’ve never had more respect for a rant
Hannah Berry
Hannah Berry Pred 9 meseci
I loved how he called it a runner- in America we call it a chaser. so funny I’m gonna start calling it a runner to confuse my “mates” ahaha
SlashThumbSlime Pred 5 meseci
We call it Dash on my side of the world
Ryan Swistler
Ryan Swistler Pred 9 meseci
Brits call it chaser too! Was thoroughly confused at first
Eleanor Jaeger
Eleanor Jaeger Pred 9 meseci
Nah yeah honest response on the gender swap question, I'd honestly just helicopter all day and maybe pee standing up that's about it
Ethan Butler
Ethan Butler Pred 9 meseci
Fair enough.
DragonPriest 01
DragonPriest 01 Pred 10 meseci
Never have and dont think i will send a pic and will never ask for a pic of some one naked just doesnt feel lile a right think by me
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