Feeding a City in Need 

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THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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5. apr. 2021

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PRIYANK BARMAN Pred 13 minutami
Help india 🇮🇳 . India is suffering from oxygen cylinder shortage and i don't think government is doing a good job controlling it
akshaj family
akshaj family Pred 18 minutami
The people that disliked were the people that worked to fill the boxes
Vinc DM
Vinc DM Pred 25 minutami
Jimmy is such a nice person. But man some people... They drive cars more costly then some people houses are worth and they are in laine...
APSBEAST Pred 26 minutami
He deservs a whole city
APSBEAST Pred 27 minutami
Jimmy is the best human beaing in the world 😎
APSBEAST Pred 28 minutami
He is so genourus 😁👍👍
Jack Doody
Jack Doody Pred 28 minutami
Jack Doody
Jack Doody Pred 28 minutami
He is so kind
MuhKuh 90
MuhKuh 90 Pred uro
Abinezer Abebe
Mr beast
Srijan Arora
Srijan Arora Pred uro
Mr Beast is doing an awesome job. Just one thing though. People have cars, but not food??
# Pred 47 minutami
yea crazy right??😐 use common sense please
dark shadow gamer
Mrbeast thx for helping us while stuck in pandemic!
Amélie Pred uro
Thank you for not showing who is asking for help with food. My mother had to go to food banks with her mom and siblings after they left my abusive grandfather and became homeless. To them, it was last resort because it was fairly shameful to admit that they needed help. So thank you for keeping them anonymous.
Cristóbal Barragán Elejalde
I love that you help so much. But surprises me that people in need have cars. In my country people in need bearly have clothes
Kellan Reck
Kellan Reck Pred uro
I love Jimmy so much 💘😢. One day I'll be meeting him.
He is so nice to everyone
Markos Ioannou
MrBeast giving away stuff:"Thank you"
Zanetta Pred 2 urami
this video is amazing
Wires cid
Wires cid Pred 2 urami
Mr Beast, you're one of the only SLtvrs who deserve the money. I love your work, please keep it coming!
poley is back
poley is back Pred 2 urami
*these things* and cheese-itz
Pathetic Guy
Pathetic Guy Pred 2 urami
I like how mr.beast sacrifice hes money just to feed a city
It's Dark Damage
It's Dark Damage Pred 2 urami
3:30 Why is the number going down?
It's Dark Damage
It's Dark Damage Pred 2 urami
And he said each box is 100$ and there's 28,000 given.. So 28,000 × $100 = $2,800,000.. This seems fishy.
kgm productions
kgm productions Pred 3 urami
u r nice
Matty Pred 3 urami
How can people dislike this?
LimeyMimey Pred 4 urami
hey Jimmy you need to learn how to drive a truck
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor Pred 4 urami
I love you
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor Pred 4 urami
If I have 1.000 my family will make my life better
Swathik Saina
Swathik Saina Pred 4 urami
You should tell the fans of the Mr beast Channel to watch these video so you can get money for charity because only a few million people watch this channel
Gianna Gonzalez
Gianna Gonzalez Pred 4 urami
hello mr bill/best
Andy 814
Andy 814 Pred 4 urami
Lots of nice vehicles going through that line🤔
Marie B.
Marie B. Pred 4 urami
I feel proud of being part of your philantropy journey. That is awesome, Mr. Beast!
Kiran Ka Kitchen
Kiran Ka Kitchen Pred 4 urami
Inderjot Singh Roll no-8
Tarique looks like zero from gta sa
Jonas Khanwald
Jonas Khanwald Pred 5 urami
‼️ Dear Mr. beast , please look into the covid 19 situation in India. Any aid in the form of Oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, and ventilators would be of a great help ‼️
Jonas Khanwald
Jonas Khanwald Pred 5 urami
‼️ Dear Mr. beast , please look into the covid 19 situation in India. Any aid in the form of Oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, and ventilators would be of a great help ‼️
Hardstop Beatz
Hardstop Beatz Pred 5 urami
Commenting for the SLtv algorithm
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Pred 5 urami
The only time i wont skip double ads
Amanda Fetter Gaming No.2
Even though I'm not struggling with that stuff, thank you. I love seeing good in the world
Isaac Guiberra
Isaac Guiberra Pred 6 urami
If only there were 1000 Jimmy's in the world the world can be amazing 😅
Ben Shafer
Ben Shafer Pred 6 urami
Sorry Mr. Beast.... You have a signature voice.... No disguise can hide you my friend.
Ben Shafer
Ben Shafer Pred 6 urami
I think Mr. Beast is gonna be the next Bill Gates.
SKY Pred 6 urami
Mr beast is very generous
Amazing Pred 6 urami
Jimmy is the most caring person I never stop watching his vids we love you jimmy
Chloe :3
Chloe :3 Pred 6 urami
daren: I LOve Pickles! Chandler: :0 WHAT HOW ThEy ArE disgustang!
F Hernandez
F Hernandez Pred 6 urami
MrBeast you are the only SLtv channel that is very kind
NIMB NOOB Pred 7 urami
Why are people disliking these videos? This is an act of helping humanity
Andrew Lloyd
Andrew Lloyd Pred 7 urami
learn how to drive a truck (it has been just a little bit later)
Tay Lane
Tay Lane Pred 7 urami
Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in fort Collins colorado!
•ɪᴅʏʟʟɪᴄ ᴘᴇᴀʀʟ•
Yes yeah yes
Hex L
Hex L Pred 7 urami
Yes yeah yes
BRICK Studios
BRICK Studios Pred 7 urami
Ok bill
Wesley Medlin
Wesley Medlin Pred 7 urami
Ok. So you'll come over at like 8 right
Anne Jessica Vargas
Anne Jessica Vargas Pred 8 urami
me want your merch badly.. T_T to show support... cont. what you're doing Mr. Beast, lots of love from Palawan! God bless
Rachell Salinas
Rachell Salinas Pred 8 urami
Why didn't make your name Bob
GamerDude Pred 8 urami
bilster beast
Robert Heffker
Robert Heffker Pred 8 urami
How could god have produced a man this amazing
Dark_ d1n0
Dark_ d1n0 Pred 8 urami
Fun fact: people cancelled him after the 100,000 dollar ice cream video. So he decided to do this
Dinx Gaming
Dinx Gaming Pred 8 urami
znax NRG
znax NRG Pred 8 urami
i will be sure to build a temple for him
znax NRG
znax NRG Pred 8 urami
its gonna me sad when he dies
Pravek Pred 8 urami
Gerson Diaz
Gerson Diaz Pred 8 urami
Love to see it!
Just Alula_ Rblx
Just Alula_ Rblx Pred 9 urami
Joe Biden: I’m gonna save People and help with their things Mrbeast: I’m gonna do that times 100000000000000000000000% percent more times better
Roberto castro
Roberto castro Pred 9 urami
ColorfulSloth6 Pred 9 urami
Ironic how Mrbeast is giving more than some of the some televangelist.
Jaycru Pred 9 urami
I hope you can introduce 1 channel here in the Philippines or hire 1 so there could be revenue to do the same as this channel Im commenting. here's ma email if you can help us klazymazy05@gmail.com
hacker game cheater
hacker game cheater Pred 9 urami
Alivia Palmer
Alivia Palmer Pred 10 urami
one of the best people ever right here. Rich in cash but gives ALL away to help others We are supporting u!!!!!!
MrHoodoo Pred 10 urami
Kelly Woods Poata
Kelly Woods Poata Pred 10 urami
Evan Fitzsimmons
Evan Fitzsimmons Pred 11 urami
Everyone watch the full ads! Get beast philanthropy as much money as possible!
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez Pred 11 urami
Sorry fans But my name is no longer Jimmy’ I’m bill
P McDa
P McDa Pred 11 urami
Mr. Beast and friends, it is awesome that you'd feel so inclined to take the time to really help folks that are in need for the most basic necessities. I myself went from a career where I made over $100k a year to no career due to many factors resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, and finding myself in lines like these to be able to feed my 2 kids. I hope one day to be able to get to the point where I could give back to all of the volunteers and donors for the kindness and full bellies we received through one of the most difficult times in my adult life. I've been truly humbled and happier than I have been in many years despite the challenges my family has faced and still are facing. Thanks a million Mr. Beast and friends! Bless you all from my family to yours!
Owen Tiffany
Owen Tiffany Pred 11 urami
Is this guy going to run for president one day.
Zach Beast
Zach Beast Pred 11 urami
Imagine being one of the people Disliking this video
Dylan Pred 12 urami
Mr beast is amazing
Marsh Jellow
Marsh Jellow Pred 12 urami
I love watching Bill’s videos
Aubrey Belcher
Aubrey Belcher Pred 12 urami
X_Darwish_X Pred 13 urami
Give me 300,000$ iam student 😂😂
Lol Y
Lol Y Pred 13 urami
And there were people on Twitter complaining that he didn’t give enough smh
Yousef MK Mohamed
Yousef MK Mohamed Pred 13 urami
5 seconds later: *turns off adblock*
Tayler West
Tayler West Pred 14 urami
This channel has over 20k subs and only 3 videos
James Murale
James Murale Pred 14 urami
Mrbeast has only 3 videos on this channel and get over 1m subs per vid
Whitty Pred 14 urami
This was very wholesome
Alikhan Baizhuminov
Alikhan Baizhuminov Pred 15 urami
You are the best
Skylar Pred 16 urami
Wow amazing bro Beast.....let me also help our our country and make more subscribe your channel I want to work with u...can I????
Fauzan Ali
Fauzan Ali Pred 16 urami
u spent 2.8 million on a video
Bảo Lâm Gia
Bảo Lâm Gia Pred 16 urami
I want to receive gifts from you, philanthropy
Mason Williams
Mason Williams Pred 16 urami
why would anyone dislike this
Mehyumeh _
Mehyumeh _ Pred 17 urami
Danjie Diaz
Danjie Diaz Pred 17 urami
Please help me mrbeast read this please 😭😭😭 Hi! My mom needs a kidney transplant, due to polycystic kidney disease, she's my everything and I don't want to lose her, I've been selling my baked goods such as cakes and cookies and to be honest, as much as i want to be optimist, the money that I make is not enough. Is there anyway that you can help me advertise my baked goods to help my mom for the surgery cost and hospitalization. The advertisement will be of great help! Pleaaaase? This will be such a great help not only for me, but also for my little siblings, i love my mommy so much!
meme4 life
meme4 life Pred 17 urami
I like it how Jimmy says I would d it until u call me bill but Darren calls him Billy but he still does it anyway
Rudrapriya Chauhan
Rudrapriya Chauhan Pred 17 urami
if ever mr beast stand ups for president he sure gonna win with big majority
SuperSannyFigures Pred 17 urami
Again more ads
Not Sanny
Not Sanny Pred 17 urami
all of my channels are watvhing ads and subbing
Landon Campbell
Landon Campbell Pred 17 urami
Whoever disliked this video is the equivalent to watching water condensate
Astro Sports
Astro Sports Pred 17 urami
what does philanthropy mean?
Ramsey Bolton
Ramsey Bolton Pred 17 urami
Your mom
Drâkôñ Pred 18 urami
Brooklyn Mecey
Brooklyn Mecey Pred 18 urami
I couldn't be happier to watch all of these ads!!
Brooklyn Mecey
Brooklyn Mecey Pred 18 urami
The dislikes are from people who don't like charities or helping those in need
kamal kannan
kamal kannan Pred 18 urami
Takis are in need?
Giving $300,000 to Students
The Best 900 IQ Outplay Ever!