MLB 21 Road to the Show - Part 1 - The Beginning 

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16. apr. 2021

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TmarTn2 Pred 21 dnevom
Reiana E. Smiley
Reiana E. Smiley Pred 2 dnevi
Which console are you playing on?
Carmela Triglia
Carmela Triglia Pred 3 dnevi
Ayden Austerman
Ayden Austerman Pred 4 dnevi
@SuperCoolDuck20 aOowiw
STH Pred 15 dnevi
No sweeter words
Mr Gaming
Mr Gaming Pred 15 dnevi
ShadowHaven88 Pred 9 urami
TmarTn2 what system are you playing on i keep hearing if its ps4 you get audio only for the different interviews with sports people ps5 and Xbox series x you get to see the interviews talking about you is that true
Tstormer Pred 23 urami
he accidentally made Channing Tatum
Jason Milly
Jason Milly Pred 23 urami
If youre simming thru minor league just to reach MLB then RIP to actually playing your debut unless youre lucky. If youre simming the office cutscene pops up and youre sent to MLB and then the simming immediately picks right back up its a big time failure on their part.
Barna Swiss
Barna Swiss Pred dnevom
Never swing at the first pitch. Lol
2%films Pred dnevom
Yoooo my names dirk
Ben Verbel
Ben Verbel Pred 2 dnevi
it’s not letting me create a player. every time i create it it doesn’t save and I can not play rtts
Carmela Triglia
Carmela Triglia Pred 3 dnevi
Carmela Triglia
Carmela Triglia Pred 3 dnevi
Hey i'm from the futer
James McGuire
James McGuire Pred 4 dnevi
Base running
Glenndon Cosner
Glenndon Cosner Pred 5 dnevi
No help
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson Pred 5 dnevi
i haven't played this yet but question:do u get to control every player or just yourself
Cody Grant
Cody Grant Pred 5 dnevi
Dirk dingers lookin like g eazy lol
Henry and Khloe's Channel SQUANCE
Is it me our does ben gellman smile to much
Caleb Geater
Caleb Geater Pred 5 dnevi
i love baseball and TmarTn2 beat sires ever every year
Jake TM
Jake TM Pred 5 dnevi
Can someone help me it does not let me make my ball player
Drew Rodriguez
Drew Rodriguez Pred 5 dnevi
What batting stance do you use?
GeorgiaDawg91 Pred 5 dnevi
No way a guy would catch that foul ball in real life with a runner on third.
Gavin 5067
Gavin 5067 Pred 6 dnevi
How do you have that yellow thing in the middle of the batters box when batting ??
Jonathan Luis
Jonathan Luis Pred 6 dnevi
This series seems interesting but I do not know anything about baseball lol
MGTOW Michigander
MGTOW Michigander Pred 6 dnevi
Can anyone tell me how I can create multiple ball players for Road to the Show?It’s not as easy as The Shows 18 to 20. They just had to complicate things and make hoops to jump through.
Bryant Davis
Bryant Davis Pred 6 dnevi
trying to make me play the full game before I can even start
Beau Conaway
Beau Conaway Pred 6 dnevi
Are u and Chels still together
Ryan Wingeier
Ryan Wingeier Pred 7 dnevi
Hi Trevor I LOVE your performance NICE JOB!!!!!!
Im upset Antisocial Jake
im on xbox im trying!
UAa320 Pred 7 dnevi
Hi TMartn what's sup you should have named your player trevor Martin number 7.
RageYT Pred 7 dnevi
Have you tried to use max speed and hit triples. It's supper fun
J T Pred 8 dnevi
Its always fun watching him play games before I decide to buy it
guilero Pred 8 dnevi
The MLB and other baseball and music my two true loves. I can't go a week without watching a few games and I can't go a day without listening to my favorite bands like Delta Parole.
Didn’t get the job At fruit loops
Is there a way to change your position I. Career point this point?
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Pred 9 dnevi
Btw keep up the work bro I love your content and it really cheers me up
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Pred 9 dnevi
I’m from Philadelphia that makes me so happy
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Pred 9 dnevi
industriales37 Pred 9 dnevi
Dude, move the left stick and select an area of the strike zone when you are at bat, don't leave it just in the middle.
Kaden Graves
Kaden Graves Pred 9 dnevi
what kind of throwing choice is he using?
Kingvelo 16
Kingvelo 16 Pred 9 dnevi
Definitely buying this game
Mankini Pred 9 dnevi
Ahhh I just now seen tmartn on my recommendation page and I realized I haven’t watched him since forza horizon 3! So this is pretty cool to see how much he’s excelled over the years
ZGAviation Pred 9 dnevi
14:47....did your team really just sac bunt with bases loaded and no outs??? Wow.......
Dennis Johansson
Dennis Johansson Pred 9 dnevi
The worlds most complicated game! Dont even understand 1% of this sport
Zaza Warner
Zaza Warner Pred 10 dnevi
He looks like ken who had failed plastic surgery
Donavon Rhodes
Donavon Rhodes Pred 10 dnevi
Marcus McGill
Marcus McGill Pred 10 dnevi
The graphics still seem dated, but I will be playing this.
Camdyn Sager
Camdyn Sager Pred 10 dnevi
yes sir
Hockey13 Bourgeois
Hockey13 Bourgeois Pred 10 dnevi
4:35 he says baseball is the hardest sport. Me who plays hockey: ha ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yazmin Zepeda
Yazmin Zepeda Pred 10 dnevi
Lets goooooo
Werewolf 21
Werewolf 21 Pred 11 dnevi
7:00 I don’t have a clue of what’s going on here but I act like I do
The Diamond you missed
This is on game pass and it’s crazy enjoining it so far...far from the best but 3 home runs and 2 in 1 game
IllicitTurtle 27
IllicitTurtle 27 Pred 11 dnevi
PHILLIES!!!! LETS GOOOO!!!! Us philly guys love that!
I just got the show 21 yesterday
Absolutely love it! Yes some of us English love Baseball! Not surprising when ive family in Boston!!
michael trotter
michael trotter Pred 11 dnevi
why cant they just put this on pc or gamepass
Jaden Milton
Jaden Milton Pred 11 dnevi
i wish there was subtitles
Lil Ryan :3
Lil Ryan :3 Pred 11 dnevi
me being british watching oof
Donald Pudas
Donald Pudas Pred 11 dnevi
Do you have to play the LA versus Tampa Bay game to get into the actual game?
Chris Pinkerton
Chris Pinkerton Pred 11 dnevi
Anyone know how long it takes to hit home runs???
booiskiboy Pred 11 dnevi
I want to get into this game, never played an MLB game but the gameplay is so minigame-ish that I think it might be fun. Can't seem to get it anywhere in The Netherlands though, only as an import. Which is kinda strange seeing as The Netherlands are pretty good at baseball.
Cendel Cooper
Cendel Cooper Pred 11 dnevi
We don’t need to spoil alert
Jarvis Brazzel
Jarvis Brazzel Pred 11 dnevi
9:12 WTF is with that mountain range!?!? Cut n pasted? This is next gen?!?!
Fight Night Simulation
That was terrible by the A.I. To catch that sac fly 😂
Danny M
Danny M Pred 12 dnevi
I was drafted by the Tigers.
The Purple Flash
The Purple Flash Pred 12 dnevi
I’m so happy that it’s on Xbox now
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez Pred 12 dnevi
How do you change it to guess pitch?
Shadow Clan Fn
Shadow Clan Fn Pred 12 dnevi
How do i get like the yellow aim thing while im hitting im on xbox and this is my first time ever playinh
Your very epic gamer
Your very epic gamer Pred 12 dnevi
I just started playing today and I love it so much I am already watching videos.
Greg Dunlap
Greg Dunlap Pred 12 dnevi
How do I get this on pc someone please helplplllll
Brok’in Bones
Brok’in Bones Pred 12 dnevi
We like the base running
BounceHub Pred 12 dnevi
I enjoy you all of it don’t cut anything out dude! Am from the uk and might buy this game have no knowledge of the sport though
Jeremy Ring
Jeremy Ring Pred 12 dnevi
Can u make a video to explaining base running controls. My guy keeps running past bases when I don't want him to and causes me to get out constantly.
Mase Baseball
Mase Baseball Pred 12 dnevi
I think one game with it on and one game with it off
JB Thunder14
JB Thunder14 Pred 13 dnevi
Hey great vid I never played rtts this was very informative to me👊 when can you bring your rtts player to diamond dynasty!
UrAsianKid Pred 13 dnevi
Whats ur settings??
Logan Pred 13 dnevi
Wow this game looks gorgeous
Sully Matthews
Sully Matthews Pred 13 dnevi
I feel so lucky that I was drafted by the dodgers
Brandon Graham
Brandon Graham Pred 13 dnevi
how do you get the "manager says"? I've never seen that before
Benjamin Peters
Benjamin Peters Pred 13 dnevi
I'm not sure how to throw in this game. I press the button and he just pump fakes over and over.
Gcook 07
Gcook 07 Pred 13 dnevi
I got drafted to the biscuits
Atomik 52
Atomik 52 Pred 13 dnevi
Im lucky to have game pass 😃
Ming Hong
Ming Hong Pred 13 dnevi
Nicholas WIlliams
Nicholas WIlliams Pred 13 dnevi
You made Aaron Rodgers
Nate Archbold
Nate Archbold Pred 13 dnevi
Haven’t watched this guy in years and he just shows up on recommended
Elijah Ginn
Elijah Ginn Pred 13 dnevi
I want BASE RUNNING!!!!!
jason coladonato
jason coladonato Pred 14 dnevi
anyone know what hitting view this is?
GG- MurderKing
GG- MurderKing Pred 14 dnevi
Man I remember when this man only played cod crazy at 4mil subs now
Jayce Mork
Jayce Mork Pred 14 dnevi
Keep the stealing
Joey Lynch
Joey Lynch Pred 14 dnevi
Im new to mlb and do u have tips for me and like settings u think are easier
Dustin Pred 14 dnevi
Anyone know why when the batter comes to the plate in franchise mode it shows his 2020 stats? And not his current ones
TheWheels311 Pred 14 dnevi
I would prefer including the baserunning ...just batting and then not follow up on the character with base running is weird
Dizzy Kincade
Dizzy Kincade Pred 14 dnevi
Ha. What are your sliders? You got pitch velocity waaaaaay down.
Matt Pred 14 dnevi
Include it all!
Krspy Pred 14 dnevi
Bunting with two strikes and catching a foul ball leading to a loss. Awww yes that’s some baseball iq
ElCondeGames Pred 14 dnevi
15:10 Ps1 graphics
Scootin & More
Scootin & More Pred 14 dnevi
I’m getting this soon for XBOX so my first time playing it but millionth time watching it
Daryn Lee
Daryn Lee Pred 14 dnevi
I got it just from watching this video I like it
KingKai SoFly
KingKai SoFly Pred 14 dnevi
they just giving everybody gfuel codes lol
Wade Wile
Wade Wile Pred 14 dnevi
You showed everything but FIELDING for the road to the show Why?? Thats the one thing I need to figure out with this Bullseye crap I cant even complete a throw how do you do it?? Thks Wade
Mason Cimmino
Mason Cimmino Pred 14 dnevi
I love the new thing because you know longer get drafted by the same 3 teams over and over again
P.D.P 96
P.D.P 96 Pred 14 dnevi
Why us my camera always on the baserunner when computer hits. How do you change it to view upfield after hit
Ryan Peabody
Ryan Peabody Pred 14 dnevi
Maybe I can get help here if possible. I'm on the PS4 I've created two players for roads of the show and yet they're still not showing up. How do I get my created player to appear in road to the show so I'm not Joe random?
Spencer Greenberg
Spencer Greenberg Pred 14 dnevi
Which strike zone view is he using?
I wish I had a Youtube channel
I was thinking 3rd base. I can probably go both ways, although id prefer to be in a field position.