Game Recap: Mavericks 110, Celtics 107 

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Luka Doncic knocked down a step-back 3 from the left wing with 0.1 seconds remaining in regulation to lift the Mavericks over the Celtics, 110-107. Doncic finished with 31 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists for the Mavericks, while Jaylen Brown (29 points, seven rebounds, five assists) and Jayson Tatum (28 points, six rebounds, four assists) combined for 57 points for the Celtics in the losing effort. The Mavericks improve to 15-15 on the season, while the Celtics fall to 15-16.




23. feb. 2021

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Fickmikinpo Fikdik
Fickmikinpo Fikdik Pred mesecem
Luka for mvp 👌👌👌
Haruko Sokudo
Haruko Sokudo Pred mesecem
If Dirk's hotspot is there the silhouette is, then luka has his on the left wing.
Abraham Dramera
Abraham Dramera Pred mesecem
This kid has no fears at all look at the risk taking 😮
Jadon Sancho
Jadon Sancho Pred mesecem
That shot hit different
Bryan Pred mesecem
Kas Balasaitis
Kas Balasaitis Pred mesecem
He's 21 years old..just sayin...
Gani Gani
Gani Gani Pred mesecem
Cant wait Luka+curry+LeBron same team. 🐐🔥🔥🔥
Ali Ab
Ali Ab Pred mesecem
Kemba is a liability used to be one of my fav pgs Brunson lit him up for 3 threes late trade kemba
diego armando
diego armando Pred mesecem
lepi22222 Pred mesecem
Shaq tomorrow: "I've seen that before..."
Donny Dixem
Donny Dixem Pred mesecem
Crazy but Luka is. Hall of Famer in Making
Archie Theodore Rosal
luca's magic spot👏🏻❤️
kfjvo Pred mesecem
Kemba looks funny like He wasn't even part of the action 😂🤣
귀찮은 석주
귀찮은 석주 Pred mesecem
돈치치 얼탱이가 없네;;; 대인마크 달고 20초 남은 상황에서 오른쪽 왼쪽 스탭백 3점을 두개 다 넣는다고??
Adrián Bartolomé
Adrián Bartolomé Pred mesecem
Damm I thought here we have another Extra-time match and goes Luka Magic and dribbles everyone, step backs, and scores the clutch ball as always
Abelardo Peralta
Abelardo Peralta Pred mesecem
Terrible defense🤦‍♂️, good shoot💪
Nikolay Totev
Nikolay Totev Pred mesecem
Talking about Dame time...Luka is here, definitely an All Star no question about it!
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Pred mesecem
Skip Bayless where are you... epic games this week!
James Jamilla
James Jamilla Pred mesecem
Already a deep 3 final shot for lukamagic. He just made another step back to make it deeper. Smooth luka magic. Am a fan
Hyunmin Pred mesecem
Cmon Celticsss
MildMay Headless
MildMay Headless Pred mesecem
This was like a perfect clip. Goatmentator had perfect delivery, the shots captured actually reflected the game and there wasn't too much emphasis on on one or two players! Game was also dope. Well done 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
CiCLoDoL Pred mesecem
Can we have a G-league replacement for Dwight Powell? Can he do something?
Vovasergeant Pred mesecem
Лука хорош!
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim Pred mesecem
Luka said, am deserve to start for All Star Game ?
Victor Martin
Victor Martin Pred mesecem
Kemba knew it
Dilvano Ferreira
Dilvano Ferreira Pred mesecem
Luka Donçic is 🔥🔥
Brad David White
Brad David White Pred mesecem
Luka time
Zawad Khan
Zawad Khan Pred mesecem
this guys crazy
Nicolas ZYX
Nicolas ZYX Pred mesecem
Mavs in a nutshell
Salva Gomez
Salva Gomez Pred mesecem
Luka abusón
Salva Gomez
Salva Gomez Pred mesecem
For the win jajaja
Sebastian Mijal
Sebastian Mijal Pred mesecem
Celtics should play tacko fall
Trazy X
Trazy X Pred mesecem
damn luka deserve to be in allstar 1st 5
joeman Pred mesecem
The exact same shot from the playoffs ☠
Amazing A The Dreamer
LUKA!! He’s done it again! 😁
Deathspeaker Jurdann
Denyo's world
Denyo's world Pred mesecem
If you wanna see Luka Doncic burned in the wood portrait go to my IG: @denyospyrography thank u! 😜
DEjuanma Pred mesecem
Mmmm the last time that someone made 2 3s in a row being down first and being tied after and winning the game was when??
A A Pred mesecem
Man Boston really sucks
Jonas HD
Jonas HD Pred mesecem
Luka is special
ÆH 88
ÆH 88 Pred mesecem
Luka is hella clutch
ÆH 88
ÆH 88 Pred mesecem
Celtics are not that good
Leroy Zestien
Leroy Zestien Pred mesecem
Luka Magic
Davor Ramljak
Davor Ramljak Pred mesecem
Bravo Luka
Nenad Celik
Nenad Celik Pred mesecem
That dance before he shot a three? Beautiful
K R Pred mesecem
Why do ye insist on putting the score in the video? I wake up and watch highlights but your channel ruins the game as we now know the result. So dumb
Mubu Mubu
Mubu Mubu Pred mesecem
😂 why does brunson look like he's a wee boy playing among giants 😭 and he's my height
carl jason bacabac
carl jason bacabac Pred mesecem
luka is sehr gut haha
Andrey Averkin
Andrey Averkin Pred mesecem
Wait, are we getting a goatmentator for today's top 10?
65unicornwolf Pred mesecem
Hi I'm Shien
Hi I'm Shien Pred mesecem
I can see kobe-like aura in luka
Erste Immobilie
Erste Immobilie Pred mesecem
KP missing again?
Yasmin Mahmutovic
Yasmin Mahmutovic Pred mesecem
Luka IS allready the best all around player in nba WE all must confess.
Sociología Animal
Sociología Animal Pred mesecem
Top 10 seguro, pero no el mejor. Leonard, LeBron, Davis, Anteto o Embiid me parecen más completos
Ken Mdoe
Ken Mdoe Pred mesecem
Defense exists, not saying he sucks on D hes improved but still man
عوكي Okay
عوكي Okay Pred mesecem
Oh my God, what is this Dutch player a legend, and I am sad about the loss of the Celtics.
Gundi Gundermann
Gundi Gundermann Pred mesecem
Yaaaaa greatings from Berlin Lukaaaa
Zorana Filipovic
Zorana Filipovic Pred mesecem
Well, if anyone had doubts about him being an all star starter, now u know why...
Dami kong alam
Dami kong alam Pred mesecem
@AKA 0.6 Lol! Gtfo with your Lame Lillard. 😆 LAME TIME!!! 🕑
The Best Gamer
The Best Gamer Pred mesecem
@AKA 0.6 Luka>>>>>>>>Dame err DaFlop
The Best Gamer
The Best Gamer Pred mesecem
@AKA 0.6 is what they said about your grammar i mean man just look at your username Jim AKA i feel something is missing there aka a word maybe 🤣
Lebron James Harden
Lebron James Harden Pred mesecem
hope he can win a ring SOON
@AKA 0.6 no one asked
Marco Capaldo
Marco Capaldo Pred mesecem
He'll be the best.
eyal lerner
eyal lerner Pred mesecem
Give the kid another superstar and he'll become the GOAT
Q bueno eres lukita
andrew moonbeam
andrew moonbeam Pred mesecem
Where's Marcus Smart when you need him?
The Best Gamer
The Best Gamer Pred mesecem
Well that wasn't very smart from mr. Smart 🤣
James Harte
James Harte Pred mesecem
@A A what 🤣
A A Pred mesecem
Marcus smart ain’t gonna have a huge impact
Jeff jones
Jeff jones Pred mesecem
Gani Gani
Gani Gani Pred mesecem
Cant wait Luka+curry+LeBron same team. 🐐🔥🔥🔥
San Yayito
San Yayito Pred mesecem
#MFFL 💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍💙
Görkem Can Atay
Görkem Can Atay Pred mesecem
Mshall S
Mshall S Pred mesecem
Николай Дуюн
That's his sweet spot
Николай Дуюн
@Andreas Künster I also wondered, but now i think it's 'cause he can easily go to basket, if they get too close, or just throw the ball to the open man, if they double teem him. Also step back is almost impossible to guard, if it's done well
Andreas Künster
Andreas Künster Pred mesecem
I wonder why no one is already waiting there for him. I mean it's literally always the same spot. Well as long as they don't get it I'm happy with it. Sweet shot. Mavs win all good. 😂
Алтай Смагулов
Лука мать его Дончич
Madzky Calangi
Madzky Calangi Pred mesecem
This is luka’s answer for everyone that is doubting him for being an all star starter. Dallas doesn’t have a good record but they still have a chance to make the playoffs and he’s averaging almost a triple double and he’s a doing better job than lebron without AD. Lebron was 0-3 for the past 3 games without AD and media still considered him to be MVP candidate.
Elvis R
Elvis R Pred mesecem
The Best Gamer
The Best Gamer Pred mesecem
@Florian Deckert Karen is a female but this person is male clearly
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred mesecem
That's why we call him Luka Magic
Gheorghe Triboi
Gheorghe Triboi Pred mesecem
Luka Maverick!!!
Greg Allen
Greg Allen Pred mesecem
Luka is better than kobe
Dami kong alam
Dami kong alam Pred mesecem
Luka magic is the act. Not the person. Jfc
Ulrike Waiser
Ulrike Waiser Pred mesecem
ssoban Pred mesecem
Luka the Don baby !!!!!
Oleksandr Prokhorchuk
The Guys from europe shake the NBA! Am I exaggerating a little? Hell, no!
YoUPlay Well 1%
YoUPlay Well 1% Pred mesecem
That 77 back2back clutch 3
mradhayuda1 Pred mesecem
Astaga. Shooting terakhir sadis bet
guy Location
guy Location Pred mesecem
Such a beauty..
Lou The Legend!!
Lou The Legend!! Pred mesecem
Luka's game winner was the same as it was in the bubble, another clutch shot, same spot, same step back, same result
Lou The Legend!!
Lou The Legend!! Pred mesecem
what a game, Luka Magic all the way
Lou The Legend!!
Lou The Legend!! Pred mesecem
this is why Luka is starting on in the all star game
Jay Bernales
Jay Bernales Pred mesecem
In case people are still asking on why Luka's on the Allstar starting 5... Dame definitely deserved to be a starter but it all came down to fan votes...
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