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Natalie starts journaling, David gets stuck at a trap house, and someone share's their wildest hookup story. Plus Dispo gives away 4 Teslas and Jason shares his simplest pleasure.
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10. mar. 2021

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Brunaito G
Brunaito G Pred 7 dnevi
Snehal Shrestha
Snehal Shrestha Pred 11 dnevi
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison Pred 12 dnevi
@Ronald Alexis Testing it out now. Looks to be working.
red hawgs
red hawgs Pred 14 dnevi
@Karissa what did he do bro? I'm new to the channel and want to know what happened
Ronald Alexis
Ronald Alexis Pred 15 dnevi
not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself
RUN RUN Pred 3 urami
I hope you put an automatic translation. my wishes for you with good luck ♥️♥️♥️♥️
ariannaカブレラ Pred 16 urami
how are you going to put the title on your other video as "Let's Talk" but you literally have the comments off lmao
Aidan Johnson
Aidan Johnson Pred 2 dnevi
When will he post again
David Campbell
David Campbell Pred 3 dnevi
So no more vids ? Wtf
Billy Corcoran
Billy Corcoran Pred 3 dnevi
Hurry up and upload again..People are missing you
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant Pred 4 dnevi
This podcast lasted long
Pay To Win
Pay To Win Pred 4 dnevi
This show didn’t last 10 videos.
Thavid Chiv
Thavid Chiv Pred 6 dnevi
DiamondSKULL998 8
DiamondSKULL998 8 Pred 6 dnevi
Just saying everyone pees sitting down literally everyone
Orenthal Mudbone
Orenthal Mudbone Pred 5 dnevi
Most men dont
DiamondSKULL998 8
DiamondSKULL998 8 Pred 6 dnevi
Not weird at all
Ranger Markus
Ranger Markus Pred 7 dnevi
When’s the next video?
jack 82
jack 82 Pred 4 dnevi
hopefully never
HughJass Pred 9 dnevi
'views is brought to you by.. no one because they've all dropped me'
Tia Ross
Tia Ross Pred 9 dnevi
Okay won’t be using door dash
Kimberly Margarita
Kimberly Margarita Pred 10 dnevi
im here cuz I miss the podcast
Kimberly Margarita
Kimberly Margarita Pred 10 dnevi
noticing that most of these comments are people upset about the title of the video... 🥴 you should change it to "Hey' guys, I got something to say" 🤷🏼‍♀️ anyway get to work!
Kenzy Wagner
Kenzy Wagner Pred 10 dnevi
hi david I hope you’re doing well, your real supporters are just over here waiting for your return 🥺 I hope you are using this time to thrive! realize that a lot of times people will try to tear down those who are headed toward success. I hope you will be back soon with a new views episode or a new vlog, love you ❤️
Malachi Ingold
Malachi Ingold Pred 10 dnevi
You know how David is always joking about how by the time he finally gets the roadster, his career would be over and he’d have to sell it or something, I always thought that’d never happen. I guess I was wrong.
Doug Pred 11 dnevi
David and his friends are overrated
Mustang Hype
Mustang Hype Pred 10 dnevi
Then stop watching like wtf...
Gus Chiggins
Gus Chiggins Pred 12 dnevi
still here. still think you suck.
Amadeus Pred 12 dnevi
9:50 this is bs 😂😂 for basically all of human history there was no high school we had high school for about 100 years if that. High school isn’t the end all be all getting high and doing stupid shit you can do till you’re 30 and if you get rich you can do it forever
aljohara albraheem
aljohara albraheem Pred 15 dnevi
I miss the damn podcast
VALERIE CHERRY Pred 15 dnevi
my senior year was ruined this year :( I miss high school parties. best memories were made there
lane darling
lane darling Pred 16 dnevi
Stormiii world no way!
Real Life, No Cap
Real Life, No Cap Pred 16 dnevi
Please come back.
Lauren Zorovich
Lauren Zorovich Pred 16 dnevi
Can you just start making podcasts again😫😫 this cancel culture is dumb as hell and they just wanna follow what everyone on social media does
Row Pred 17 dnevi
When’s the next podcast
Euan Pred 17 dnevi
There won’t be another podcast for a while
Manabe Pred 18 dnevi
jaRo Pred 18 dnevi
Mustang Hype
Mustang Hype Pred 10 dnevi
You look in the mirror?
Daniel Greif
Daniel Greif Pred 18 dnevi
Anyone knows what Mics they are using? 🤔
samf itzpatrick
samf itzpatrick Pred 20 dnevi
Boo you’re cancelled
fedaniel4 Pred 20 dnevi
maybe the next video is the end of the show. thank u.
Jikes Badoodle
Jikes Badoodle Pred 21 dnevom
I really Miss the podcast, when are you coming back? :( But also take the Time you need!
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop Pred 21 dnevom
I was a big fan, but you guys gave up and that's honestly sad, NEVER GIVE UP, regardless of this bull shit you guys are going threw stand up for yourself a and what you believe
Polyvenus Pred 16 dnevi
They’re just taking break, he had already stopped vlogging and tbh the podcast was going in a bad direction with David becoming the main host pushing Jason out. Hopefully he takes some time and comes back better. I don’t think the old style vlogs will be back again though
Ludovic Sarrazin
Ludovic Sarrazin Pred 22 dnevi
what did he do Im not aware??? Pls tell me
Polyvenus Pred 16 dnevi
Nothing, durte Dom allegedly r#ped someone when he was filming a video and he got canceled by association
Hamza Hameed
Hamza Hameed Pred 22 dnevi
I don't know
Jordan Gamble
Jordan Gamble Pred 22 dnevi
David come backkkk
Estela Vasquez
Estela Vasquez Pred 23 dnevi
Not anymore
Nany Makita
Nany Makita Pred 23 dnevi
David:let,s talk The comments is close THEN HOW TF YOU WE CAN TALK YOU FACKIN DUMB
Loloinnit Pred 24 dnevi
Be happy rn that I am giving you money off this comment because that money about to be gone 😻👺
julia Pred 24 dnevi
am i the only one who thinks natalie looks really ugly?
Mustang Hype
Mustang Hype Pred 10 dnevi
Cuter than you
dean G
dean G Pred 22 dnevi
Leona ASMR
Leona ASMR Pred 24 dnevi
I love David man 😭
Tyler R
Tyler R Pred 25 dnevi
Every comment on here the same damn thing yo🙄 blah blah blah “Let’s Talk” blah blah blah, “comments are turned off” y’all grow tf up you can hate this mf and be original🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all copy and paste mfs can just like the comment
Hamza Hameed
Hamza Hameed Pred 22 dnevi
David: Let's Talk David: Turns of comments
joe Pred 22 dnevi
Let's talk.
Criiinge Worthyyy
Criiinge Worthyyy Pred 25 dnevi
Literally just want content😢miss the podcast, been a fan since day one so Ik it was all jokes, doesn’t even need to b a “scandal” the podcast lowkey got me thru tasks I didn’t feel like doing and I hate having to settle for less entertaining content😤
Gabriela Molina
Gabriela Molina Pred 26 dnevi
It was april 9th yesterday! Few minutes ago :) hope the hip surgery went well
Nic ,
Nic , Pred 26 dnevi
Well fuck I think that’s the end of an era. It’s been a good run David!
Dariel Pred 26 dnevi
He and the vlog squad, are monetized until further notice from youtube itself lol
RainFN Pred 27 dnevi
ramo M.
ramo M. Pred 27 dnevi
so no Sponsorships means no more videos?? gee thanks loved the whole " i only make videos to make people happy/laugh"
JOBY Pred 27 dnevi
Wait, what's happening?
Monky Dollqueen
Monky Dollqueen Pred 27 dnevi
Killemsaqt Pred 27 dnevi
I miss u David
Faraaz Mir
Faraaz Mir Pred 28 dnevi
It was going good. You had to fuck it up 🙃
ampavoo Pred 28 dnevi
.....................................AND THEN THE WHOLE TRIP CAME TO AN END..............................................SAVE YOUR MONEY DAVID !!! know what i'm saying
Little Boy
Little Boy Pred 28 dnevi
Tooka Nimmes
Tooka Nimmes Pred 28 dnevi
Well considering I'm homeschooled and work upwards of 16 hours a week...guess I'm missing the best years of my life lol
Alessandro Ott
Alessandro Ott Pred 28 dnevi
I dont give a fuck about what happend years ago and neither do i give a shit if David is a bad person or not as long as i can watch entertaining Videos. Please Post again David
Boxing clips central
Boxing clips central Pred 29 dnevi
POV: YOU GIVE 0 F about their little drama because if that was a young boy. No one would care.
McDonald's Harry Styles boi
I loved you dude, I loved you. And what did you do? Do that shit, fuck you
Hgdd Singh
Hgdd Singh Pred 29 dnevi
Chris The Britt
Chris The Britt Pred 29 dnevi
I feel like Jeff did know about what happened but was scared to get David in trouble as allot of Jeff wealth came from David. The whole ''vlog squad'' have protected him. I knew this after all these vids of free cars etc. You don't do this much giving free stuff unless they (david) feels guilty and hides the truth. I hope David grows the fck up and stop acting like a child with Natalie etc. You're a full adult and need to take responsability.
marcellus bertram
marcellus bertram Pred mesecem
I miss VIEWS i hope it come back
Demetra Pred mesecem
at 42:00 is the funniest and best part of the podcast💀💀😂
MrCato Pred mesecem
turns out Jason forgot his kids at the store
R M Pred mesecem
BiztosAngol Pred mesecem
I am with You David! People tend to forget the good things: the laughs you gave us through your content, the lot’s of money you gave people. You are a great guy. We all make mistakes, we can get a manual instruction for a furniture from IKEA but we don’t get any for LIFE! Keep going on with what you do best. TibiQ😎 from Hungary. 🇭🇺
A s t x r i s m
A s t x r i s m Pred mesecem
Yup this was the comment section I was expecting-
sleepa20v Pred mesecem
How bout all the people that have had their life changed for the better by Dobrik, cancel culture is just jealousy materialised.
I'm not a Cat
I'm not a Cat Pred 28 dnevi
what about the victims that had their life changed for worse! Kid go to sleep
BRENO S. Pred mesecem
@sleepa20v I'mma say and I'll always say it It isn't funny! No! No! No! He MUST pay 4 this shxx
BRENO S. Pred mesecem
@sleepa20v "{...} had their life changed..." He doesn't care care y'all tho Your money? Yep Ya? No!
sleepa20v Pred mesecem
@BRENO S. who said it was a joke? Don’t be such a sheep.
BRENO S. Pred mesecem
RXXe isn't a joke, don't be such a loser
Chase Elmore
Chase Elmore Pred mesecem
Now he has the podcast, you get to see how he is without cuts. David is just mean an likes to torture and make fun of people, as someone who looks like he would of been made fun of, ypu wouldnt thunk he would treat people like that. David is just always ragging On Jason, and its past rude it's just mean. Watching this an how he treats people, I'm glad he's getting his karma... Or he would just continue being mean to people with anonymity, what's the super man quote about the hero becoming the villain, well that's David now.
Gianna D'Amigo
Gianna D'Amigo Pred mesecem
Oh, how the mighty have fallen......
SFM Animator
SFM Animator Pred mesecem
just admit it you only cared about the money you get from these videos you NEVER ACTUALLY cared for/about us the prof is that you didn't want to hear our opinions now enjoy seeing those millions of subscribers fall down one by one until they hit 3 or 4 or hopefully 0!!!!!
Ray Pred mesecem
“You either die a hero.. or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain “..
Tre Tre
Tre Tre Pred mesecem
I hate cancel culture, I just want to listen to his Next podcast
Akanksha Somani
Akanksha Somani Pred mesecem
can someone pls explain whats happening ?? I hv no idea
NTUNKNOWN Pred mesecem
Natalie is so average. So funny how view's can get distorted just because she got all hyped in the vlog squad.
abhishek shankar
abhishek shankar Pred mesecem
99.99% of the comment: *"he tUrnED The COmmENts off oN his Lets TAlk VideO"* 0.01% idk
Reece Engineering
Reece Engineering Pred mesecem
David dont talk about that stuff
Tony Krooss
Tony Krooss Pred mesecem
laughed my ass off!!!
faith williams
faith williams Pred mesecem
"lets talk"...turns off comments
Aye Isaiah
Aye Isaiah Pred mesecem
@abhishek shankar what
abhishek shankar
abhishek shankar Pred mesecem
you want likes for your comment ?
Amanda May
Amanda May Pred mesecem
I would really like if people could realize that people grow and change and just because jokes where made in the past in a time period that they were more acceptable in. Things are insanely different in just the last year and trying to tear people down seems to be the new thing to do. I absolutely hate that. This generation needs to grow up and take things as they are and move forward. I just want a new podcast. Please and thank you.
-Edward- Pred mesecem
David: Let’s talk Also David: Turns off comments
aracely p
aracely p Pred mesecem
Matt Pred mesecem
fastest channel death ever speed run an % [world record]
Haziq Ismail
Haziq Ismail Pred mesecem
I miss the podcast
M&M Pred mesecem
Jason having a podcast and just guest's would be really interesting
m1a Pred mesecem
"Let's Talk", but am the only one talking
Bernie Nav
Bernie Nav Pred mesecem
Y’all got anymore of them podcasts? - Tyrone Biggums Voice
Kurbz DD
Kurbz DD Pred mesecem
I need more views podcast
alex jones
alex jones Pred mesecem
I dont really care about the contreversy sure it was bad but I like David cause of his humor and way of making people happy. I think people are taking this way to extreme. lets get views back!
Rider Pred mesecem
Do you think it's funny how he gets the vlog squad members to get horrible David Dobrik tattoos... or how once he can't exploit you for his vlogs you he disregards you as a "friend" because he can't use the person for monetary gain
Rider Pred mesecem
His humor is based on focusing on one aspect of people and makes fun of them... this is a fucking cult
super Inquisitor master
Where they at. Jk
super Inquisitor master
If you want to make a guy with a girl miss another man ask her for premition
Curious Taco
Curious Taco Pred mesecem
you're 7. stop
super Inquisitor master
And btw I don't a shader just saying that's meat up
Curious Taco
Curious Taco Pred mesecem
@super Inquisitor master you just spelled it wrong twice.
super Inquisitor master
Mest up sorry Google translate
Andre Henderson-Bennett
David whats wrong with u?????
josh Pred mesecem
Yo I know you got some stuff going on but where tf is a new podcast?
tiamarie92 Pred mesecem
David living in a big mansion by himself gives me serious Tony Stark vibes
payton caraway
payton caraway Pred mesecem
David keep your head up!
Austin Pred mesecem
When’s the next podcast
We took a cHóNcE
We took a cHóNcE Pred mesecem
Not you turning the comments off 😭
Jonathan Yuen
Jonathan Yuen Pred mesecem
How's the new podcast going with the new set? How are those sponsors and ad cents? Still laughing now?
Some Name
Some Name Pred mesecem
miss stark
miss stark Pred mesecem
''Lets talk'' what the fuck was that video
Jared J
Jared J Pred mesecem
Jared J
Jared J Pred mesecem
Ogledi 5 mio.
The Most Insane House Tour
TRUTH OR EAT *super spicy*