Stephen Curry's AMAZING Top 30 Plays!!! 

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To celebrate Stephen Curry's 30th birthday, check out his top 30 plays of his career!
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14. mar. 2018

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James Clarence Campillan
curry is the best🥰🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰🥰
Lord Devil
Lord Devil Pred 2 dnevi
Look at Curry man, so inspirational
Xienon'x Pred 2 dnevi
fuck curry
Cedie Pred 2 dnevi
Grow up.
Guy Jean
Guy Jean Pred 3 dnevi
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Bob Sauce
Bob Sauce Pred 3 dnevi
The fact he out juked lebron james and Chris Paul. Insane
Team Epiphany Tyler
Team Epiphany Tyler Pred 7 dnevi
I’ma add some of these dribble combinations to my game so I can atleast get some of my combos back
갓정연사랑해 Pred 8 dnevi
Zach Hawk
Zach Hawk Pred 9 dnevi
Gobert was worse💀
Zach Hawk
Zach Hawk Pred 9 dnevi
He put LeBron into the spin cycle😭😭😭👌
richard montalvou
richard montalvou Pred 9 dnevi
Curry my inspiration the best fking PG of all time he surpise the World with her shooting highlights 😍
Deloris D. Bishop
Deloris D. Bishop Pred 10 dnevi
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Benjamin Dittman
Benjamin Dittman Pred 11 dnevi
During #6 Rudy looked drunk
Carlorodneysalamanca Pred 13 dnevi
Sowmya Reddy
Sowmya Reddy Pred 13 dnevi
Warriors curry is the best
Rica Pagaran
Rica Pagaran Pred 14 dnevi
CURRY since then till now❤️
Mark Bryan Alve
Mark Bryan Alve Pred 15 dnevi
Anyone misses tha roar-acle arena? When will this happen again. 🙁 FUCK COVID
Roni Mizrahi jr
Roni Mizrahi jr Pred 16 dnevi
1:18 Kobe🥺
Alex Schwarz
Alex Schwarz Pred 16 dnevi
One of the best to ever do it. Living legend.
CB TV Pred 16 dnevi
I would say he’s one of the most skilled nba players of all time
Abel Iriks
Abel Iriks Pred 16 dnevi
Can we have some respect for kobe
james pisano
james pisano Pred 16 dnevi
That is just some sick F'ng stuff. Unbelievable.
Geroy Concepcion
Geroy Concepcion Pred 17 dnevi
Small guy = Big threat. That's how good Curry is.
Wapakelz Wapakelz
Wapakelz Wapakelz Pred 17 dnevi
Dang! He mostly does the long range shots and the assists are with a lot of styles 🏀
dielja quint
dielja quint Pred 20 dnevi
En mi opinión personal juega mejor que James.
gamer dude
gamer dude Pred 20 dnevi
Rebound taken by Igoudala. They do have a timeout decide not to use it. Curry. Way downtown! BANG!!!!!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!!!!!!!!! OH WHAT A SHOT FROM CURRY! lmao when hes so good i memorized the announcer's words
gamer dude
gamer dude Pred 20 dnevi
when 2 of the top 3 are against chris paul a great defender
Kursad Kozelo
Kursad Kozelo Pred 20 dnevi
It is sad that none of his top plays are actually meaningful, while he impacts the game is such significant ways...
Линар Плешаков
Marky mark
Marky mark Pred 22 dnevi
Forcing us to change the way we think of the goat 🐐. Got the best opponents chasing shadows..
bhninderdeep singh
bhninderdeep singh Pred 24 dnevi
8:02 what a shot
cucking frazy
cucking frazy Pred 24 dnevi
That's what i call entertainment 👌
Kyle Ritchie
Kyle Ritchie Pred 24 dnevi
At 1:16 looked mamba right in the eyes coming down the court and didn’t flinch. Gotta love it
DZUNG DAO Pred 26 dnevi
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Balenci Aga
Balenci Aga Pred 26 dnevi
#10..😰😱 it was even fast in slomo.. This guy..
Tre Pred mesecem
Just look at curry man!
B04- Dela Pena, Samuel Nicholas O.
Happy Birthday !! Curry
FLSM Abc Pred mesecem
Esse cara é o Neymar do basquete... 😄😄Nem sempre os mais altos são os melhores.... Sthepens o mais baixo porem o melhor... 👍
jose maria benit
jose maria benit Pred mesecem
Que grande Akashi!!!
Tuğba •
Tuğba • Pred mesecem
He is the best
Itslilclaymore Pred mesecem
I love curry he’s so inspirational
Norclife Adriano
Norclife Adriano Pred mesecem
Gobert 😂😂😂
UPTIMUS PRIME Pred mesecem
I see ppl hands up before steph makes his shot.😎
Fc Bayern Munich
Fc Bayern Munich Pred mesecem
Curry meilleur joueurs vous avez rien na dire il tue tout le monde depuis 6 ans
The Student of Life
The Student of Life Pred mesecem
this next sltv.info/label/i7p1vc7RenqBq3w/video
Patryk Baran
Patryk Baran Pred mesecem
Let's go steph
José Janoário Cespe
Steff Curry inigualável e extraordinário
Daniel Ponchio
Daniel Ponchio Pred mesecem
This is outrageous, this is unfair!!!!
Jay Sands
Jay Sands Pred mesecem
This had to be either the easiest video to make because he has sooooo many magical shots he's made or the hardest video to make because he has sooooo many magical shots that he's made! lol
Lovepop Kascade
Lovepop Kascade Pred mesecem
This is art. Only God man. I mean, he acts like he is dancing with this ball, but it is such a craft ingrained in his brain and muscle memory at its best. If there was no ball, he would be dancing. Really
RonaldPlaysRoblox Pred mesecem
Who ever said he is to small for his school team u just lost a championship
Amber Buchanan
Amber Buchanan Pred mesecem
Top 30 plays from curry and his number is 30
Crimson Koba
Crimson Koba Pred mesecem
He is the greatest shooter in history, but damn he might also be the best dribbler of all time, like holy shi.t
HVT Jacob
HVT Jacob Pred 12 dnevi
Pfft, Allen Iverson prob dribbles better.
Chef Peanut YEET
Chef Peanut YEET Pred 29 dnevi
@syed husain yes but the 3pt is a whole different lvl
syed husain
syed husain Pred mesecem
2nd after kyrie
Nacho Cañas
Nacho Cañas Pred mesecem
Bb A
Bb A Pred mesecem
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yeezsleez manualgang
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Jesse Chippindale
Jesse Chippindale Pred mesecem
Whenever Curry makes a big shot Reporters: “BANG!” ROFL😂
Macky hot-tech
Macky hot-tech Pred 2 meseci
Stop saying this man is short you are offensing me😠😏
Macky hot-tech
Macky hot-tech Pred 2 meseci
Just Incredible this man...only players can make me forget how good was Kobe
dol kim
dol kim Pred 2 meseci
He is 무한도전.
Mehpus T
Mehpus T Pred 2 meseci
Nanoy Lopez
Nanoy Lopez Pred 2 meseci
I agree that stephen Curry is the best NBA shooter. However, when it comes to 0lympic basketballs, I have observed that he is oftentimes hesitant to shòot the ball and passes to his teammate the ball for shooting.
Blu Bla
Blu Bla Pred 2 meseci
That part where he demolished james😂
Arguing With Stupid People
After last night against the Spurs, this list needs to be updated: sltv.info/label/sM-J1Y7MfWmsdIw/video
Nino Kshutashvili
Nino Kshutashvili Pred 2 meseci
Great collection
Urbanscream 1986
Urbanscream 1986 Pred 2 meseci
ONLY NUMBER ONE... Extraterrestrial NBA
Cassius 2206
Cassius 2206 Pred 2 meseci
Dude, I know that in the clip he scored but look at how hard it is for him to go against LeBron. I don't know why but it's almost like nobody else has made him work that hard.
Julio Lazo
Julio Lazo Pred 2 meseci
I agree completely hi is amazing not others Players can do behind the three line that quick release and long distance since hi become a NBA Player now many trying to imitating him for long distance The way hi shoot behind the Three line how affective hi is it’s beautiful to watch him Play it’s exacting
Andre Joseph
Andre Joseph Pred 2 meseci
How just tell me how does he do that lebron is better then him and he can’t do that
Forge Master
Forge Master Pred 2 meseci
Title edit : where are my ankles
Forge Master
Forge Master Pred 2 meseci
Why did Curry do Lebron like that😂😂
Air Plane
Air Plane Pred 2 meseci
I'm thinking he has about 500 best plays not 30
Andrea Niecohl
Andrea Niecohl Pred 2 meseci
Imagine even tho this video is cool but he didn't win at all. Lol he made chemistry
Andrea Niecohl
Andrea Niecohl Pred 2 meseci
I didn't know him but i searched this just because i heard that he's a good player. He's so good at kind he passes the ball of his teammates even tho he can handle it himself. So inspiring and so kind-hearted not selfish at all. 🤩🥺💜
tk Pred 29 dnevi
Nafi3 DZ 77
Nafi3 DZ 77 Pred 2 meseci
Sauce curry 🍛
Arnav Jain
Arnav Jain Pred 2 meseci
Lebron whoo????
Freddie Leriorato
Freddie Leriorato Pred 2 meseci
IDOUBT if steph curry is a real human,mistakes doesn't come to his hands,,OMG A REAL PLAYER WITH A MILLION TRICKS TO SHOOTS
Siddharth Dixit
Siddharth Dixit Pred 2 meseci
Unbelievable talent. Indeed ‘Greatest Shooter of All Time’
볼빨사간춘기 Pred 2 meseci
스테판 커리 06:20 골 넣고 컴온! 하는거 진짜 무한도전에서 박명수한테 배운 후에 계속 저렇게 하는거임?
melthon Brtish
melthon Brtish Pred 2 meseci
Erick Smith
Erick Smith Pred 2 meseci
He's hard to stop on the court.
Aadithya Aravind
Aadithya Aravind Pred 2 meseci
7:27 what is the defender's name
Soka22 Pred 2 meseci
Rudy gobert
dk Pandey
dk Pandey Pred 2 meseci
I love it when he says"its amazing what Steph curry can do with a basketball".
Mojo Pin
Mojo Pin Pred 2 meseci
Curry przegraniec
キテラノ Pred 2 meseci
Anurag Ram
Anurag Ram Pred 2 meseci
Girls: No sorry sis I can't share my lipstick Boys: 0:41
Michaela Dillon
Michaela Dillon Pred 2 meseci
Flight be like 😍😍
Thiago Sousa de Moura
Thiago Sousa de Moura Pred 2 meseci
J-bay Pred 2 meseci
was barnes and curry the same being, like curry dint even see him n still made crazy passes
The Dominus
The Dominus Pred 3 meseci
Get it thirty? That's his number
jay cao
jay cao Pred 3 meseci
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TerryE Pred 3 meseci
Can you imagine the calls if Bill King was still at the mike calling Curry's games??
alfonso valenzuela
alfonso valenzuela Pred 3 meseci
The best is curry
wscFan30 Pred 3 meseci
I had to watch that first one twice
Lynda Alexander
Lynda Alexander Pred 3 meseci
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Bladezrage Pred 3 meseci
Who’s here from uk
frentz friez
frentz friez Pred 3 meseci
3:50 is just amazing, blew by 4 players should be ranked higher
DJ 1
DJ 1 Pred 3 meseci
Francesco D'Ambrosio
Francesco D'Ambrosio Pred 3 meseci
U u u u u
Sinai Bastos
Sinai Bastos Pred 3 meseci
O ronaldinho do basquete!!
Joseph Jumonville
Joseph Jumonville Pred 3 meseci
9:40 "Bang Bang" Love when that announcer Says that
Camrin Johnson
Camrin Johnson Pred 3 meseci
7:34 commentator did gobert wrong