I Spoke To Dream's Sister IN SECRET 

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Today TommyInnit speaks to the Real Life Sister of Dream in Minecraft IN SECRET. This was insane.
STREAMING LIVE ON DREAM'S SMP - www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit
Edited by Tommy + Big Man Editor Larry @TalentLacking
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Today Me and Dream have lots of laughs on the Dream SMP and I even speak to his Real Life Sister AGAIN! Now, although this isn't a Vlog like I met Wilbur Soot in Real Life, I do speak to Dream's REAL LIFE Sister. It was so funny, fun, and crazy! POG CHAMP!!!!! it reminds me of the time when I Spoke To Dream's Mom which was awesome and fun and POG CHAMP HAHAH
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Dream and I starting a group! POG CHAMP!




9. apr. 2021

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TommyInnit Pred 28 dnevi
publishing this on my birthday so really hoping i will get more likes
HarryMW Pred 28 dnevi
Will Pred 28 dnevi
Happy b day
Jazziebear1948 Pred 28 dnevi
HeyItsBoy Pred 28 dnevi
@SparrowIZ u always comment this 🤣
jenni l
jenni l Pred 28 dnevi
FluffyPlayzRblx Pred 39 minutami
ComradeNathan Pred 46 minutami
NightDwarf392 Pred 53 minutami
Call me sir Silence
Meenu Sajeev
Meenu Sajeev Pred uro
Tommy ran from the ender dragon because YOU cannt kill the ender dragon nor get the elyetra on dreams server
Cookie the Cookie Queen
That place you almost blew up was INSIDE the prison!
billy keith wangsadinata
Drista do /Whitelist ImKeithPlay
night fox
night fox Pred 2 urami
Fun fact: during fundy's newest lore stream on the dream smp fundy and ranboo found the staircase again in a very lore moment
fish help
fish help Pred 2 urami
So no one is gonna point out the pansexual flag? 😀✋ 5:23
Honey hi Carney of three burning dream one house as I can
Tankman • But he's a block
My new favorite trio "Chaotic little sh*ts"
vibe_x Pred 3 urami
HI, tommy! WAS SO PURE
Nicolas Cao
Nicolas Cao Pred 3 urami
i ship them
Nicolas Cao
Nicolas Cao Pred 3 urami
lol 9 april is also my birthday also i ship you
Sopste4440 Pred 4 urami
He cheating but ..... It’s for a meme so we all good fam
G K Pred 4 urami
I find it so funny that you can hear dream and drista’s banter but not actually see it 🤣
Riffad Rif
Riffad Rif Pred 6 urami
what's in sister
Nicole Choi
Nicole Choi Pred 6 urami
Hehehe ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️
Novalie Strandqvist
Novalie Strandqvist Pred 7 urami
yay its drista!!
someone- Pred 7 urami
her *dream* place I see what you did there and I love it
Zephyr Pred 8 urami
Susan C
Susan C Pred 9 urami
"Its kinda our new quirk " MHA FAN!?!?
lien su
lien su Pred 9 urami
Tommy actually stole ramboo’s sword lol
no_Reply Pred 9 urami
“I can deal with the pain Tommy...” -Drista 2021
Linda 2020
Linda 2020 Pred 10 urami
Tommy is it true that the dream smp will reset!😓😢 I’m a fan of the dream smp
Minecrafturner850 Pred 6 urami
no it wont
Jair Murillo-Martinez
Jair Murillo-Martinez Pred 10 urami
Big brain: if tommy had more space in 9:28 when he switched his account big man tommy and went in to creative to get the full netherrite he can drop it to his own account and then he can have full netherite in his own account
Stefan van Tilborg
Stefan van Tilborg Pred 10 urami
spreek je Nederlands toevallig?
Stefan van Tilborg
Stefan van Tilborg Pred 10 urami
Minecraft man E
Minecraft man E Pred 11 urami
12:18 is why I subcribe and likes
Ennd De
Ennd De Pred 12 urami
nethrite bwwocks
Rosie Whalley
Rosie Whalley Pred 12 urami
Ida Piorun
Ida Piorun Pred 12 urami
Okay Tommy, you really look like my cousin
DJSAL Pred 12 urami
I’m glad is won hit back tho XDDD
Davide Cosmaro
Davide Cosmaro Pred 12 urami
Awww happy a little bit later b-day
Ena Kleist
Ena Kleist Pred 12 urami
The shirt
Jayden Vanriel
Jayden Vanriel Pred 13 urami
tommy should meet up with drista in real life
Lorenze Buffe
Lorenze Buffe Pred 13 urami
if someone finds this ur a legend sltv.info/label/oJiUlsu1m2uLZGc/video
Sebastian Bastidas
Sebastian Bastidas Pred 13 urami
I want more drista and Tommy vids
H E L P L E S S Lol
H E L P L E S S Lol Pred 13 urami
Original thumbnail name: "1 childe with ender man having fun with drista by making the server good."
LavaPenguin 458
LavaPenguin 458 Pred 13 urami
I ship them
Juh Flores
Juh Flores Pred 13 urami
Dream is the dream Drista is a nightmare 🤣🤣🤣🤣 girl just handed over all the forbidden itens LMAO
Sadia Ejaz
Sadia Ejaz Pred 13 urami
guys tommy is so close to 9m so subscribe guys!
Sophia Soare
Sophia Soare Pred 14 urami
I REALLY wanna know what the sign said 🤣😂 Drista: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Tommy: Go back go back *Tommy and Ranboo start running away*
Jaszczurka Cringówka
Jaszczurka Cringówka Pred 14 urami
Okay. Rip 2021-2021 my dog (*)
Avatar 287
Avatar 287 Pred 14 urami
lovercookegamer reddemon
I’m suffering trying the exp command
Karter 6969
Karter 6969 Pred 15 urami
Drista is dreams mom
Christkin Mae Calunod
Christkin Mae Calunod Pred 15 urami
Tommy! Can you ship dream and goerge😏
IZ Dark
IZ Dark Pred 15 urami
TheoneTheGreat Pred 16 urami
​you are the best small youtuber i know
Мандах Pred 16 urami
Tommy: Drista told me that its her birthday coming up and she wanted 64 placed netherite blocks undeer the Christmas burt Tommy again:As you know its my birthday coming up
paperthekin Pred 17 urami
12:22 BRUH THAT WAS AMAZING 13:20 ... 18:42........
Afton Robotics
Afton Robotics Pred 17 urami
Tommy, I am here.
SomeTomS Pred 17 urami
How many subs can i get fromt this comment? current 17
Daan Fischer Guitar
Daan Fischer Guitar Pred 17 urami
What server is that? The name? Is that dream smp
Philip ryan Basas
Philip ryan Basas Pred 18 urami
egg be like:oh no someone stronger approaching me
Pickle the dinosaur !
Pickle the dinosaur ! Pred 18 urami
Happy birthday TommyInnit!
Liley Melon
Liley Melon Pred 18 urami
4:10 " has george left you on read on the 8th time "
sione porras
sione porras Pred 18 urami
happy bday Tommy,late comment
DseriouS Productions
DseriouS Productions Pred 18 urami
What did the sign say....
Dino _nuggets
Dino _nuggets Pred 19 urami
I have died from this. The but with the spectating bit help me from dying
ruby Pred 19 urami
why is the egg pansexual
Krishnendu Mandal
Krishnendu Mandal Pred 19 urami
Plot twist=drista is dream using voice changer
Dead Memes
Dead Memes Pred 21 uro
10:10 now press q
shadyraptor 6546
shadyraptor 6546 Pred 21 uro
Pls get drista once more Tommy
Dalila Delanovic
Dalila Delanovic Pred 21 uro
Im 14 years old and its almost my b-day😃
I Hate Lots of People
I Hate Lots of People Pred 22 urami
Tommyinit is such a lazy brat, everyone else works hard for their gear and resources people wonder why I hate him
Ananya Mehta
Ananya Mehta Pred 22 urami
If my younger sibling asked "can I use ur computer" I would be like "did I hear that right? You want to use... MY computer?"
Ananya Mehta
Ananya Mehta Pred 22 urami
We all have that giggle that sounds so childish like a 5yr old
Ashmit DPro
Ashmit DPro Pred 23 urami
why do i keep shipping tommy with drista
Ashmit DPro
Ashmit DPro Pred 19 urami
@Dwight hahah
Dwight Pred 21 uro
Cruz. Eathan
Cruz. Eathan Pred 23 urami
Tommy literally said netherite bwocks
ItsChase Pred 23 urami
“Your brother is a arsehole” *”Your new boyfriend is a arsehole"*
Purple Mario
Purple Mario Pred 23 urami
Her name is sam XD 11:23
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson Pred dnevom
My Favorite moments: 2:09 Drista gives TommyInnit more seeds than he bargained for 2:50 Dream Catches TommyInnit and Drista breaking into the prison 5:40 Drista attempts to yeet TommyInnit and Ranboo into the void 6:06 Drista attempts to drown TommyInnit and Ranboo in lava 6:22 Drista places tnt, further scaring TommyInnit and Ranboo 7:09 TommyInnit's 'pleeeeease' gets me everytime I hear it 7:25 TommyInnit gains god amounts of levels 10:23 Chaos ensues 10:57 Sam joins the chaos 12:00 SCREM 12:19 TommyInnit surives the fall 14:02 Chaos: Round II 15:15 Dream catches TommyInnit, Drista, and Ranboo trying to break into the prison 19:28 TommyInnit and Ranboo trolling Philza 21:55 Philza breaches containment
The treacous Squad gamers
SHDWFade Pred dnevom
my birthday is APRIL 2nd
MrPunkake9300 Pred dnevom
I think Tommy was planning on going live but rather was able to make a good video
‘‘ Pred dnevom
Tommyinnt like drista lol
Deevana Florence
Deevana Florence Pred dnevom
u dont fkin laug like mad noober
techno’s Last potatoe
*protective brother dream arc*
raphplayz 30
raphplayz 30 Pred dnevom
3:52 tommyinnit literally has the power to make people say yes to him
Tax_Roblox._. Chris
dsfsdf sfse
Zoey Beck
Zoey Beck Pred dnevom
Drista is just amazing we need more drista
me black purpel
me black purpel Pred dnevom
Men why I see you in tiktok but your sad
marcial acob
marcial acob Pred dnevom
You think i am suscribe to you thats cute
Rebecca Stone.d
Rebecca Stone.d Pred dnevom
I vap
SpeedGo Pred dnevom
Was he singing a "Tommyinnit birthday" edition of Road Trip?
Ana Alejo Lucas
Ana Alejo Lucas Pred dnevom
11:19 "quirk" *my hero music comes on*
Itz_leafy gacha
Itz_leafy gacha Pred dnevom
When tommy loses his last cannon life: BigManTommy has joined the game.
ErrorCode_Noah Pred dnevom
Drista should be a part of the lore. Like be whitelisted
Marcus Bernardo
Marcus Bernardo Pred dnevom
I wonder... why is Drista still not the main character like shes too powerful except for mlg's and stuff like that
Maddie Pred dnevom
XxDreamEditzxX Pred dnevom
Dristas a savage ...
hello Pred dnevom
just a lizard i guess
20:14 turning into Dream with that wheeze i stg-
Say Cod
Say Cod Pred dnevom
When he said “PLEASE” tho lol
Emerson Pred dnevom
drista should be added to the server on her account
Ryuu Midorya
Ryuu Midorya Pred dnevom
I Spoke To Tubbo's Sister
I met KSI in real life...