We Made Harry Potter R-Rated 

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Sam promises to help Niko calm down by asking the VFX crew if they can make Harry Potter Rated R.
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21. feb. 2021

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Gaming Pro7
Gaming Pro7 Pred 3 urami
What was the name of the song played at the end?
illistfloo Pred 9 urami
Sam- i will personally see to it that you get these shots myselfxD
Gavin Weeks
Gavin Weeks Pred 12 urami
Mickey Mouse.
Kevin Bergen
Kevin Bergen Pred 14 urami
You guys need to make Raimi's Spider-Man movies R rated. There is so much potential there.
Ellie Alexandra
Ellie Alexandra Pred 2 dnevi
this is horrifying-
Mystic Ranger
Mystic Ranger Pred 2 dnevi
Well this wasnt Weta digital but it was good for youtubers trying vfx
Nitish Kulkarni
Nitish Kulkarni Pred 2 dnevi
Super work guys🔥
kuya sef
kuya sef Pred 3 dnevi
"How do you do decapacitate a child?" oh....
Udbhav Mandapaka
Udbhav Mandapaka Pred 3 dnevi
Love the trans flag Peter snuck in at 20:57
nemesisnick66 Pred 3 dnevi
TiL i dont remember sht about what happens in the harry potter movies
Felicity Prosser
Felicity Prosser Pred 4 dnevi
Star war R rated
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Pred 4 dnevi
I just watched an ad and I think I lost brain cells watching it it was telling me to down load helix jump but was showing gameplay of slice it. My brain hurts
Orion Sliwka
Orion Sliwka Pred 4 dnevi
Your a lizard Harry I-im a what A blizzard, and a damn good one
ThatSlyProcyon Pred 4 dnevi
Can confirm, scoliosis is exactly like that :D
Bingis Boy
Bingis Boy Pred 4 dnevi
is that fucking forrestfire?
David Williams
David Williams Pred 4 dnevi
Big Hero 6 seems like a perfect fit for one of these since Baymax is frequently pointing out how unsafe an activity is. Example - "A fall from this height could lead to bodily harm." Then when crashing out the window, Baymax pops on impact instead of cushioning the blow for Hero.
3Daviex Pred 5 dnevi
hey guys, check my new video & let me know what do u think: sltv.info/label/faSel8Wzi4qflp4/video
pahvalrehljkov Pred 5 dnevi
starts at 18:54
Nostalgia Brit
Nostalgia Brit Pred 6 dnevi
Raven McQueen
Raven McQueen Pred 6 dnevi
🤣🤣🤣👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Scoliosis!!!! Baby I almost choked on this yogurt! Fantastic job guys! ❤️❤️❤️
Ariel Gómez
Ariel Gómez Pred 6 dnevi
I just noticed there is a trans flag 🏳️‍⚧️🥰💕 wuwuwuwuwuw
John Clotfelter
John Clotfelter Pred 6 dnevi
Scoliosis! You are now at level 1 posture
Dane O'Leary
Dane O'Leary Pred 6 dnevi
WandaVision R-rated!!
Synyster Socks
Synyster Socks Pred 7 dnevi
awesome work ^^ gotta ask, bambi r rated :P lmao
Conner Calley
Conner Calley Pred 8 dnevi
the last one tho LMAO
Dyl and blade puppet master and crazy cat Studios
We need a puppet master G rated movie or a Tom and Jerry movie R rated
Aku Menang
Aku Menang Pred 8 dnevi
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Bad Ass Teens Figueiredo
22:00 song name?
James Rivera
James Rivera Pred 9 dnevi
Finnmega26 Pred 9 dnevi
Alternate title: Wren fondly looks back on the days of dunking Vietnamese children
Baqca Sanke
Baqca Sanke Pred 10 dnevi
They changed the board to say “kill count” @ 18:56 thought we wouldnt notice but we did 👍
Ze Epic Gamer
Ze Epic Gamer Pred 10 dnevi
What is the song at 21:48?
zerOrez Pred 11 dnevi
when Harry is a new fighter in Mortal Kombat
Omari Kirkland
Omari Kirkland Pred 11 dnevi
Does anyone know how to use PifuHD? I tried to use google colab and had no success. I struggle with python applications from github. They never seem to have enough instructions. I wish someone would do a video on it.
Zenaida Canatoy
Zenaida Canatoy Pred 11 dnevi
why does he say no blood when theres nevil in deathly hallows part two end he clearly has blood on his face
Itz_JustEpixy Pred 11 dnevi
after this we need G rated saw or somethin
gabrielgray Pred 11 dnevi
Make Conan the barbarian 1982 not rated R...
Dylan Wells
Dylan Wells Pred 12 dnevi
maybe you can do home rated r
Night Wolf Gaming
Night Wolf Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
The second harry potters mother was obliterated my dad said "Oh well"! LOL Edit: LMAO
MCU_Spidey_2099 Pred 12 dnevi
That basketball one was funny asf
Saumen Pol
Saumen Pol Pred 12 dnevi
The basket Ball one was really good..🔥🔥
Hqrwey Pred 12 dnevi
Welp, there goes my childhood.
A basic crying simp
A basic crying simp Pred 13 dnevi
So in the middle of the squarespace sponsor thing, I got a squarespace add. I think youtube is telling me something
FearOfTheFuture Pred 13 dnevi
I just realized Peter put in a trans flag in the basketball scene 🏳️‍🌈❤️ That's awesome! 🥰
KingFoxART Pred 13 dnevi
Try to make something from one of your childhood movies into a Rated R.
Soultaker93 Pred 13 dnevi
Harry Pottery
Doesn't enjoy sorry 😂😂😂 expected something bigger. CGI looks similar to old bollywood movie
p o r s a s
p o r s a s Pred 14 dnevi
The real challenge is to make Martyrs G-rated
Under Starry night
Under Starry night Pred 15 dnevi
How u will decapitate a child thats so weird thing to say hahahahha
BipolarrLlama Pred 15 dnevi
Anyone know the song at 20:58?
Official Ziahh
Official Ziahh Pred 15 dnevi
"you have no idea what I'm talking about" 😶 14:33 😂😂😂
C H I L L Pred 15 dnevi
Jk Rowling : "Yes but turns out the basket ball is gay too"
sn95cruiser Pred 17 dnevi
R-Rated Batman vs Superman. One scene in particular, where Batman destroys all those goons at the shipyard....but more visceral
Candysmurf05 Pred 17 dnevi
The face of Collin looks like fucking battington
Elise S. Corner
Elise S. Corner Pred 17 dnevi
My favorite was the LEGO one, it was so original, funny and well made that it looked so real!!! I love it
Luke Burns
Luke Burns Pred 17 dnevi
I’ve just sat and watched MATILDA for the first time in a while and throughout I couldn’t help but think it would perfect if you guys made it R-rated! 🤣 Hilarious!!
A YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel Pred 17 dnevi
Basketball harry is so hilarious
Gurps Cheema
Gurps Cheema Pred 17 dnevi
You guys should make Venom R-Rated
zak dabat
zak dabat Pred 17 dnevi
Siddarth Rajput
Siddarth Rajput Pred 17 dnevi
If you want to skip to the end go to 17:57
Patrick Trainor
Patrick Trainor Pred 18 dnevi
I’ve always been bugged by the dark knight intro scene. There’s no blood and the gun shots don’t seem right to me.
LegendGuyPlayz Pred 18 dnevi
17:32 if fall guys was R rated
atlys Pred 18 dnevi
Sam really knocked it out of the park on this one, so talented.
Zander Overseer555yrr3rr44444344
RATED-R Antz (1998)
Resident EV1L
Resident EV1L Pred 19 dnevi
That basketball scene was the best and the funniest lol
Resident EV1L
Resident EV1L Pred 19 dnevi
Vin Gordian levyosa! ⚡✨🐸
Brandon gaming TV
Brandon gaming TV Pred 20 dnevi
20:03 youtube please dont turn me into a lego minifigu- *turns into figurine*
Reid Baker
Reid Baker Pred 20 dnevi
Stuart Little Rated R!
Cade Carrizales
Cade Carrizales Pred 20 dnevi
I laughed so hard at the basketball and shooting stars scenes 😂
Cade Carrizales
Cade Carrizales Pred 20 dnevi
TunnelvizionTV Pred 20 dnevi
WOW Peter is insanely good with Blender! Mind blown! And the speed he works at! Boom
Weird British Person
Weird British Person Pred 20 dnevi
19:13 best bit
Steven Braun
Steven Braun Pred 20 dnevi
15:13 What's the name of the program? Thanks in advance :).
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson Pred 20 dnevi
Hey I have a pink tommy hilfiger hat! What the hell!
Cat does the Gaming
Cat does the Gaming Pred 21 dnevom
I literally started crying from laughter and falling of my bed it went to the last part, pls keep making more of these vids because they are hilarious and I love them, you guys are the best youtubers.😍😍😍
Turtle Man
Turtle Man Pred 21 dnevom
"how do you decpitate a child" Welp the FBI will be coming for you
Spec Gent
Spec Gent Pred 21 dnevom
I really don’t know what this is. It’s more of a VFX artist remake then an “R rated” adaptation
Renato Ribeiro
Renato Ribeiro Pred 21 dnevom
No blood? Sectumsempra bitch!
Erfan Farhan
Erfan Farhan Pred 21 dnevom
13:58 14:04 bounce bone 😂😂😂😂
Mugen_ZZ Pred 21 dnevom
that last shot was beautiful
Henry Green
Henry Green Pred 21 dnevom
How do you decapitate a child?
fred Pred 22 dnevi
Add gore to joe biden falling
Alexo_Esspresso Pred 22 dnevi
Anyone know the song from 20:53
Dalmazio Chavez
Dalmazio Chavez Pred 22 dnevi
FaNtAstIc BeAsts
NicholasGameFun Pred 22 dnevi
Do shreck rated R
Guy Person
Guy Person Pred 22 dnevi
Make Jurassic Park R-rated pls!!!
Kory Shinohara
Kory Shinohara Pred 22 dnevi
Needed to make this comment a month ago, the basketball one is my favorite for sure.
Galaxyanimates Pred 23 dnevi
I love the llololiloliloloolololololo
Jelyn Gallego
Jelyn Gallego Pred 23 dnevi
John Göransson
John Göransson Pred 23 dnevi
Hell yeah at that trans flag in Peters remake. 👍🏳️‍⚧️💖🌈
Dynasty1K Pred 23 dnevi
Blegh my guts!
Ashley Kelly
Ashley Kelly Pred 24 dnevi
Can you please make your videos 25 mins plus after sponsor bit it really doesn’t leave long. I went and bought a ONEWHEEL after seeing it in most of your videos. An hour after it came broken wrist 4 places and surgery on the table. Great buy!!
Cassandra Schildknecht
21:17 The Trans Flag!
michal frankowski
michal frankowski Pred 24 dnevi
That's talented editting !i m Must learn to do that aswell ! It seems fun to do to have a laugh with friend and their friends haha
Swagy Pred 24 dnevi
The thumbnail of the video...oOooOo
gacha life lol
gacha life lol Pred 24 dnevi
R rated Shrek
Santiago Adonis
Santiago Adonis Pred 24 dnevi
i just bumped into this channel, do you guys know if they do Rule 34 stuff? asking for a friend
Ninetailorochimaru Pred 24 dnevi
I'm honestly surprised the basketball scene was NOT inspired by Kazam. I mean, Shaquille O'Neal turning a dude into a basketball and dunking him... How did u guys come up with this without knowing that? Stay Awes9me
Mr Simp
Mr Simp Pred 25 dnevi
You should do one where Draco crashes on his broom stick during the quidditch match 😂.
PublicWifi Pred 25 dnevi
Scoliosis made me laugh... Scoliosis should never make me laugh.
Евгений Гриценко
В итоге получилась - шляпа !!!!
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