LaMelo Ball on Michael Jordan playing his dad: ‘We know how it would turn out’ | NBA on ESPN 

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LaMelo Ball answers questions from reporters at his introductory press conference after being drafted third overall by the Charlotte Hornets in the 2020 NBA Draft, including (3:02) giving his thoughts on if his father LaVar will play 1-on-1 against Michael Jordan and what it’ll be like to play against his brother Lonzo this upcoming season.
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20. nov. 2020

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Alex Bedard
Alex Bedard Pred 10 dnevi
I can't hear you lamelo !!!
Patrice Clark
Patrice Clark Pred 14 dnevi
The annoying sing normally crash because alarm unfortunately hook barring a proud output. green grey grieving, legal nephew
Samuel Faseluka
Samuel Faseluka Pred 16 dnevi
2:52 you're welcome
BigmanBeats Pred 23 dnevi
Why his tie so long 😭😭
Ryhan Mortuza
Ryhan Mortuza Pred 23 dnevi
This a whole 2k press conference
Anthony Bradford
Anthony Bradford Pred 23 dnevi
suit lookidope
Tony Clise
Tony Clise Pred 24 dnevi
Who’s here after he got injured
Kweson Abrams
Kweson Abrams Pred 25 dnevi
He is so cute
Radames Sanchez
Radames Sanchez Pred 25 dnevi
GOAT in process
thekingbradable Pred 26 dnevi
LaMelo really called his brother ordinary “personnel” 😂😂😂
Zack Choppa
Zack Choppa Pred 27 dnevi
Thank god basketball got ntn to do with hearing...dudes deaf
Number Eleven
Number Eleven Pred 26 dnevi
And basketball does have to do with hearing, especially when you're a Point Guard and you have to communicate on court with your teammates like Melo. So that joke didn't even really make sense lol
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Pred 28 dnevi
Man these were dumb questions
James Jones
James Jones Pred 27 dnevi
People are dumb, not the questions.
Willis 6
Willis 6 Pred 29 dnevi
He seems so grounded
Qadi Supreme
Qadi Supreme Pred 29 dnevi
Lamelo's a very polished, mature young man.
Darius Boyette
Darius Boyette Pred 29 dnevi
I love the way he handled the interview.
Dylan Roach
Dylan Roach Pred mesecem
Who woulda thought the kid with tinas genes would’ve Became the best ball bro
Stroyer Pred mesecem
one question in and they ask him about Cookout, typical North Carolina
Ava Lorenz
Ava Lorenz Pred mesecem
The knotty snow externally surprise because brother informally help among a furry furtive heaven. woozy, secretive lip
Diego Salgado
Diego Salgado Pred mesecem
I’m sorry I can’t hear you
prophet DJS
prophet DJS Pred mesecem
Man people would actually watch that 1 on 1 match up & you know Mike I don't care how old he gets he will always be competitive, & Lamelo is already very mature & knows how to answer the questions & is very short when answering.
Elpidio Espinoza
Elpidio Espinoza Pred mesecem
Nobody believed in this kid. This looks like it's going to play out like Tom Brady...NBA version. He's very competitive. And MJ is Bill Belichek
Mugen Pred mesecem
He doesnt want to bottlecap anything xd
sassymgl Pred mesecem
Talking with masks sounds so mumbly 😷
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Pred mesecem
All 731 thumbs downs are big haters lol
F H Pred mesecem
Lamelo ain't lying bruh, I had to turn up my volume to max just to hear them niggas talk
lamp love
lamp love Pred mesecem
mike whelan
mike whelan Pred mesecem
LaVar did not play in the NBA because he was too good. Wouldn't be fair.
BTS Dance Studio
BTS Dance Studio Pred mesecem
What a nice guy and great sense of humor. Kind ..sweet and likeable !
Foxx Team
Foxx Team Pred mesecem
I’m Retro
I’m Retro Pred mesecem
Exactly lavar would smoke Jordan
Judo Flip
Judo Flip Pred mesecem
The invincible pin rhetorically live because man hooghly reproduce barring a peaceful statement. voracious, chief icebreaker
Wilson Grace
Wilson Grace Pred mesecem
The stormy leek postoperatively tire because bill booly cheer upon a zany basket. savory, natural order
Tea Sipper
Tea Sipper Pred mesecem
3:39 Man was about to throw up mid-sentence.
BeatsByPat Pred mesecem
He matured a lot
BOOGIE DOWN Pred mesecem
Rukus ß
Rukus ß Pred mesecem
There is no way he isn’t trolling 😂😂
future superstar.. been watching him since hes been like 6 lol
Tusks Pred mesecem
this literally feels like your in class after a presentation answering questions
Chris Pred mesecem
i love this kid and sky is the limit but as a rookie saying he wants to bring leadership to the table ? That's a Lavar-ism. but dammit if this kid didn't backup these words with his results so far, you gotta admire his confidence but also ability to back it up with results.
ni Pred mesecem
he is so handsome 🙂
Aaron Bonner
Aaron Bonner Pred mesecem
the cajun fries were gas asl
Thomas Corley
Thomas Corley Pred mesecem
Seems like hes doing good.
General Dre GasGod
General Dre GasGod Pred mesecem
Micheal and lamelo were both 3rd picks
Zlatan Egohimovic
Zlatan Egohimovic Pred 2 meseci
The goat vs a big guy who dont know how to price a shoe
Cai M
Cai M Pred 2 meseci
That boy had some cookout . Not a actually cookout ... the fast food place ahh . Melo you gotta get the $5 tray
missiemaya Pred 2 meseci
That cookout answer took me out
Raoul Pereira
Raoul Pereira Pred 2 meseci
it's good to see this kid mature in the last few years. he seems like a nice kid despite all the fame and great to see how he's gone so far this season
Glitch Pred 2 meseci
This kid has a very good personality. Looking forward for more success in his career.
The Real Owenz
The Real Owenz Pred 2 meseci
It’s weird seeing him so professional now
Lashan Martin
Lashan Martin Pred 2 meseci
Melo was clowning still though lol love his vibe "the car was messin yu up, the car was messin u up" *smiles widely* lolllllllllll
Liberty Pred 2 meseci
Next time have him leave the airport runway before conducting the interview.
DaNeka Bigelow
DaNeka Bigelow Pred 2 meseci
Just some basic info.: interviewers are wearing masks. So.....
Matthew Loomis
Matthew Loomis Pred 2 meseci
Yea it’s cool we’re cool great answer
Matthew Loomis
Matthew Loomis Pred 2 meseci
This is horrible
IQ Rezy
IQ Rezy Pred 2 meseci
He look pretty tall he should play basketball 🏀
Black Water Outdoors
Black Water Outdoors Pred 2 meseci
Melo every question “ sorry man I can’t hear you “ 😂
PAMELA HANNAH Pred 2 meseci
he cant here
Smitty J
Smitty J Pred 2 meseci
Lamelo tryna save MJ from getting embarrassed by the GOAT I respect that
Treys Kicks
Treys Kicks Pred 2 meseci
he kinda sound like blueface now ngl
king fuego
king fuego Pred 2 meseci
Melo has grown and you can see it here
Luis Jimenez Jr.
Luis Jimenez Jr. Pred 2 meseci
Jordan vs lavar ball 1v1 gonna be an interesting matchup
HusH Pred 2 meseci
Stupid and deaf god bless America a
Kenaichi Uchiha
Kenaichi Uchiha Pred 2 meseci
Melo seem like a cool dude to chill with
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel Pred 2 meseci
2:55 is what everyone came for
Misc Pred 3 meseci
He doesn't talk much does he? Lol
—1— Pred 3 meseci
These Ball kids are class man
Tomi Igo
Tomi Igo Pred 3 meseci
The question about his abilities..He is a natural. Like Magic Johnson on his passing. You think Magic practice those?
Tomi Igo
Tomi Igo Pred 3 meseci
Both Lonzo and Lamelo knows how to answers questions. Even the Michael Jordan vs Dad bait.
kim nino
kim nino Pred 3 meseci
sofia teixeira
sofia teixeira Pred 3 meseci
I feel so bad for him I know how awkward it is to keep asking someone to speak up cuz you can't hear them but he's defiantly one of my fav
07Kimo07 Pred 3 meseci
I am impressed with this young man.
Jim Clancy
Jim Clancy Pred 3 meseci
It’s because they’re all wearing masks 😑
Krak Boston
Krak Boston Pred 3 meseci
Lámelo sound like Gary Owen lol
Thomas Dean
Thomas Dean Pred 3 meseci
This young man already has a high IQ for the Game of Basketball hes going to be a coach in the NBA one Day hes a very smart Point guard he sits on the side line and he study every move you make he can really shut a opponent down if he really wanted to.
Blanca Zavala
Blanca Zavala Pred 3 meseci
The illustrious timer substantially attempt because sale enthrallingly balance during a entertaining volcano. squalid, subdued sweatshop
Lane Kollmann
Lane Kollmann Pred 3 meseci
He couldn't hear anyone lol
Godservative Pred 3 meseci
NoBotJacob Pred 3 meseci
Needs some hearing aids... gosh.. lol
pamela angela
pamela angela Pred 3 meseci
The fixed copper pertinently unpack because burglar basically hug circa a gaping thing. dependent, mammoth brazil
ŁÏŁŸ Pred 3 meseci
Why is he so finnee 💕
Lawrence McLemore
Lawrence McLemore Pred 3 meseci
Congratulations stay around positive people you will do fine. 🤙🏽🎄🙏🏾 congratulations to all the Ball Brothers 💯
Joseph Leon
Joseph Leon Pred 3 meseci
He speaks so unprofessional...
James savage
James savage Pred 3 meseci
ighsight Pred 3 meseci
A real pro with his interviews already, this one being held right next to I-95 and all.
Jeth Smith
Jeth Smith Pred 3 meseci
Give the reporters some mics, they were in some sort of an industrial area. The industrial machines are noisy. 💪👍😎
Easy T.
Easy T. Pred 3 meseci
He looks and sounds like a 2k build
Joseph De Guzman
Joseph De Guzman Pred 3 meseci
He cant hear because of pandemic they had to speak with their mask
MISA Pred 3 meseci
Reporter: "I understand you went through a lot to get to this moment, lots of sleepless nights training, a lot of people in your way, millions of people you had to prove wrong,. How have family issues and media issues being overseas and such pushed you to being your best?" LaMelo: "yea I like to win" man is a media genius
Colby Maynor
Colby Maynor Pred mesecem
Judging by other comments, community agrees
No Pred 3 meseci
I just can’t see him in a hornets jersey. I don’t know why
Dana Pink
Dana Pink Pred 3 meseci
Why whats wrong with your eye ?
JiaYu An
JiaYu An Pred 3 meseci
his confidence tone sounds like MJ
DMac740 Pred 3 meseci
I like him all the stuff people talked and he's thriving and hungry .
JustDark Pred 3 meseci
Lol he actually kinda mature now
sim jie
sim jie Pred 3 meseci
dam this kid grow up
Doctor Dividend
Doctor Dividend Pred 3 meseci
Reporter: Arm on the left, arm on the right. Eye on the left, eye on the right. Nose in the middle. Mouth in the middle. -Why is the outward appearance of the human body so symmetrical? Melo: Nah
Michael Armas
Michael Armas Pred 3 meseci
This kid is fire
GibGabs Pred 3 meseci
Shoutout to the guy that actually used the mic
Pierce Frederick
Pierce Frederick Pred 4 meseci
"So yeah it's cool"- Lamelo Ball
Vlone Reborn
Vlone Reborn Pred 4 meseci
betta speak up
John Tran
John Tran Pred 4 meseci
Rooting for this kid. Seems humble and a fun guy. Good luck!
dave latumbo
dave latumbo Pred 4 meseci
LaMelo will be a star.
09lowkey Pred 4 meseci
LaMelo: I can't hear you, oh fasho. It's cool, me the other rookies they picked, we cool. I had a chicken sandwich with the secret sauce, it was cool. Im cool, this a cool team, I look forward to a cool season. Me: I like this guy.
This Made W2S Nearly Cry...