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With rare access inside NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, witness the dramatic story behind the Mars Science Laboratory--the Curiosity rover--and the long struggle to get NASA’s most complex robot yet from the drawing board to the launch pad and safely to Mars.
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8. jul. 2017

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rkps987 Pred mesecem
Passionate set of scientists and engineers. Great feeling.
rkps987 Pred mesecem
Superb animation and design
Richard bunt
Richard bunt Pred 2 meseci
Am glad for you NASA
Massi Mo
Massi Mo Pred 2 meseci
Still roaming on Mars after 9 years. If Percy will prove to be as resilient as Curiosity it will be still working when the first humans arrive (on Starship)
I love it!
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Thank you so much! Have you checked the other documentaries we have on our channel? 🤩
Jonas Westgård
Jonas Westgård Pred 2 meseci
Anyone here after Perserverance landed?
Mário Carrancho
Mário Carrancho Pred 2 meseci
I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will still score a goal there. CR7 G.O.A.T.
Asophxs Pred 2 meseci
Who's here after the perseverance landing? ✌️
Lam Jason
Lam Jason Pred 2 meseci
when I saw the full landing video from perseverance. it was just incredible
Antonio Salvador
Antonio Salvador Pred 2 meseci
i should be able to click the thumbs up everytime i watch this. watched this 7x already lol.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Wow thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback so much! Feel free to check out our channel for more great documentaries!
Ganesan Kuppusamy
Ganesan Kuppusamy Pred 2 meseci
Science improved the status of humans to improve living pattern and anxiety to investigate new things for the welfare of humans. At times the science is misused to kill the living beings. March to Mars is an attempt to know things about other planets. Good attempt. The Almighty help to succeed in their attempt.
thats_songi _
thats_songi _ Pred 2 meseci
43:04 but its honest work
Benny Francis
Benny Francis Pred 2 meseci
I like it........
Kaiser Gidorah
Kaiser Gidorah Pred 2 meseci
How is Martian water 💧 proven if it hasnt been found? Can't really compare it to earthlike geology,can be other causes?
Rondeep Bora
Rondeep Bora Pred 2 meseci
Here after perseverance landing?
Nguyễn Việt Anh
Nguyễn Việt Anh Pred 2 meseci
MARY ARTIST MIME Pred 2 meseci
Benny Francis
Benny Francis Pred 2 meseci
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 2 meseci
Thank you so much.
Anuj V
Anuj V Pred 9 meseci
Watching whole of the video for 48mins approx and the priceless moment comes at the time of launch, watching these brilliant minds having tears of joy in their eyes...such an honour to see these people who challenge the logics and do something unprecedented. One word for these scientists & engineers... *RESPECT* 🙏🏽🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 9 meseci
Thanks for your kind comment. We are totally happy about it.
Basu Mathapati
Basu Mathapati Pred 9 meseci
so interesting the development and launch, lots of hard work, well done all people involved... what happened next ? do we link here for the status/video of this mission ?
Gitar Rista
Gitar Rista Pred 9 meseci
#CountdownToMars #2020 #Feb182021
Abinesh Kumar
Abinesh Kumar Pred 9 meseci
This same team built perseverance ❤️ how many of you watch after perseverance launch...?🙋🏼‍♂️
Lee Millah99
Lee Millah99 Pred 9 meseci
I really like the animated depictions of the rover. I only wished I knew more about physics
marius witner
marius witner Pred 9 meseci
maybe it is more reliable to send to mars only a modern drone (nuclear)...that can have attached wheels - collapsed wheels!
marius witner
marius witner Pred 9 meseci
marius witner
marius witner Pred 9 meseci
@space and astronomy very simple - to spend less energy ...in case of local research near the earth of mars...you approve? is collapsible wheels - that can used after landing of drone and maybe need to effect some steps forward more or less!!!
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 9 meseci
But why would the drone be attached to broken wheels?
Pauline Nigh
Pauline Nigh Pred 9 meseci
I just find these video's so exciting. You get so engrossed and find myself feeling as if I was part of this. Thank you for sharing.
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 9 meseci
Hi thank you very much for your comment. We are totally happy that you like this video so much. Feel free to keep checking our channel and we have other exciting documentaries that you might like.
RC DUDE FPV/UK Pred 9 meseci
Not long now till launch
Hassan Syed
Hassan Syed Pred 9 meseci
Amazing success
Jhunified With Love
Jhunified With Love Pred 10 meseci
I’m just wondering... If humans started from a single cell and survived whatever it is that nature has thrown at us and evolved into who and what we are today... Is it also possible to other planet?! Or it’s only on Earth... If not, does is it mean that the rest of the planet esp Mars is not livable at all?
Jhunified With Love
Jhunified With Love Pred 10 meseci
space and astronomy Totally... that’s a very wild imagination but only time could tell... I may not be in this world anymore when that happens... Hehehe. But anything is possible, who knows... They’re doing a lot of studies and all... I hope they’ll get all the right answers and make things happen. Cheers 🥂👼❤️👼
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 10 meseci
Could you even imagine that we could live on Mars or the moon?
Žarko Jović
Žarko Jović Pred 10 meseci
(Spoiler alert!) - They will succeed! :)
Udofia Vincent
Udofia Vincent Pred 10 meseci
_ GVO Pred 11 meseci
I’ve just been thinking what if the previous life on Mars had life already and one day something bad happened and had limited time to go so they knew about earth and got as many people to go there and left behind Mars and under ground in the ice of Mars all the proof is there maybe were in the wrong going back to Mars and need to look in outer space looking for a new planet as back up or make Mars work again as a back up planet so life never ends but we need to work on space stations in space and spaceships, why not try run the spaceship of atmosphere or electricity of the sun that can boost you out into space maybe Idk let’s try new things instead of wasting time on moon and get moving while we have the chance
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 11 meseci
Hi, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. We always think it's great when the community shares its thoughts with each other.
Bill Baynes
Bill Baynes Pred 11 meseci
Love you guys!
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 11 meseci
Thank you so much.
Ajaya Bhoj
Ajaya Bhoj Pred 11 meseci
Love it
space and astronomy
space and astronomy Pred 11 meseci
Thank you so much
Igor Ilić
Igor Ilić Pred letom
Michael Madsen is a NASA engineer...wow!
yasmin l
yasmin l Pred letom
wakey wakey sheeple all fake
space and astronomy
Actually, we present documentary knowledge about space - not fake videos!
samir das
samir das Pred letom
space and astronomy
We are happy to hear that you like our documentary!
Najib Saleem
Najib Saleem Pred letom
These are the great things that humanity can celebrate and be proud of with the knowledge we already have rather then using it to destroy ourselves.
Yes we are alone...
space and astronomy
What makes you so sure about it?
Art Geometrix
Art Geometrix Pred letom
That parachute. phew! Good thing they test these things so vigorously first.
wayne davis
wayne davis Pred letom
Lets just double the size, double the complexity and triple the cost lol.So crazy it just might work
Ermano Vlogs
Ermano Vlogs Pred letom
Humans are so eager to find new life on other planets, putting trillions if not billions of money on it. How about spending these money to preserve our planet?
Sinister Pred letom
I admire the passion of those poeple working on such project. I sincerly hope you will find what you are looking for
space and astronomy
We are happy to hear that!
Colin Yang
Colin Yang Pred letom
Colin Yang
Colin Yang Pred letom
these mars rover tests and stuff about mars are all my fav i love em!!!!
Colin Yang
Colin Yang Pred letom
@space and astronomy no problem i just like space
space and astronomy
Thank you, we are very happy that you like our videos!
Colin Yang
Colin Yang Pred letom
space is so big is there an end? or is the universe expanding every second
MXSH 3098
MXSH 3098 Pred letom
It is expanding
Colin Yang
Colin Yang Pred letom
i love space its so cool and mysterious
space and astronomy
We do, too!
Aniket Sharma
Aniket Sharma Pred letom
Isro pleas watch this 😁😂
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Pred letom
could see how passionate this team is but would be even better if the world could work on these projects not just one
Shoaib Zaidi
Shoaib Zaidi Pred letom
such a complicated landing system... SpaceX is way better at designing and planning, they can land a rocket upright on the launch site, no need to deploy parachute or hang the rover or to drop it hard on the surface.... and also this video didn't cover the landing
The Khalifa
The Khalifa Pred letom
2 Billion dollars 🤔 I can send 10 people together with Musk in it.
Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar Pred letom
Just wanted to say thank you to all those people working on something great for humanity. You guys are awesome. You guys give us hope. Thanks
Vedran Pred letom
Bunch of nerds making history
Godswill Orji
Godswill Orji Pred letom
Engineering at it's finest...
Kinkoyaburi Pred letom
Whoever placed that ad right at 37:16 has really weird sense of humor
MAX BASEM Pred letom
thank you for polluting another planet before we even to colonize it ,,,,
Benny Mochiwa
Benny Mochiwa Pred letom
please tell there's a water!!!???
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Pred letom
Mars a day helps you work rest and suffocate
William Mellor
William Mellor Pred letom
38:20 YEOWWWW....
I know what you should do, seeing as you want answers to see if life exists on mars.... well if the rover did some searching instead of just taking selfies then you might get somewhere.... anyway some of the selfies were from at least 100 feet away, beautifully lit scene, focus on point and compositionally great every time.... did it have a tripod, and i know it had an extending arm... but it didnt extend the distances it is in a some of the pics.... The biggest job must have been programming a robot to do impossible tasks on another planet.
Luv Dwivedi
Luv Dwivedi Pred letom
According to flat earthers, this is NASA's conspiracy too. 😂
Postghost Pred 9 meseci
The sheer amount of unyielding ignorance it must take to believe that just boggles the mind. I mean... there's cognitive dissonance, then there's whatever you call what goes on in the skull cavity of the standard flerfer. I often wonder if it physically hurts to be _that_ stupid. 🤔
Mika Kettunen
Mika Kettunen Pred letom
I feel so deeply elevated and emotionally happy about the sheer pragmatism and infinite willpower that is guiding these supermotivated individuals to pave the way for our common future. Inspiration beyond describable
Riot KiTTeN
Riot KiTTeN Pred letom
admit it.. God had a nice time making all of this.
MaTtRoSiTy Pred letom
Sad to know I will likely never live long enough to know a fraction of the amazing discoveries we have yet to make out there
King Brilliant
King Brilliant Pred 11 meseci
but you have been born in a time when you know more about evolution and the cosmos than 99.999999% of all humans who have ever lived.
John Wick
John Wick Pred letom
Check out elderfox documentaries
David van Niekerk
Dankie. What happened to Japie vvan Zijl? He also work on the project at JPL? Nice.
njoroge fred
njoroge fred Pred letom
Now i understand why they don't sleep at night
Busy Guy
Busy Guy Pred letom
World class aerospace engineering
Mystuff 0096
Mystuff 0096 Pred letom
I have a crush on jen eigenbrone How cute she is O God 💜
Roy Ryan Gorgonio
A piece of cord of 10 dollar spring, could sabotage 2 billion and a half mission.
João de Carvalho
The true explorers of our time.
AV8TOR Pred letom
Amazing! Yet we can not supply half the earth with safe drinking water.
Kelly Snow
Kelly Snow Pred letom
4:07 wait why do they just fly the ship into the ground and destroy it? lol 1. Just make the entire Ship a Rover Nasa that lands...... 2. couldn't have just tried landing it a couple meters away for future parts? A mobile Battery Charging station? something lol
Timothy Cole
Timothy Cole Pred letom
I literally yelled NOOO when I saw the CGI of that cable getting snagged, and the rover being carried away and destroyed! No wonder many of them complained about interrupted sleep. So many nightmare scenarios. I don't think I could handle the stress. But I take my proverbial hat off to them for pulling something like this off. It's one of the boldest things you could ever do in life. Looking forward to seeing what the new rover does this year. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly!
Tha mun lowp ower tiv yorksher
This is the kind of thing that can make someone stop saying "Look for an advanced civilisation" and realise that we are the advanced civilisation
Tha mun lowp ower tiv yorksher
Such brilliant mathematics
mashuptwice Pred letom
Bajesus 11:00
Emcy Kay
Emcy Kay Pred letom
Favouring latest invention and movies.
TooThLESS Pred letom
I was looking for Mark Rover
BandungSeksi Pred letom
People who goto mars to found alien is stupid
Susan Amber Bruce
couldn't they have a compressed rubber ring so when the shoot comes out of the barrel the compressed ring will fling out the edge of the shoot?
Emit Pred letom
Supposedly, the surface pressure on Mars is 1/100 bar. Everything is red even the sky. The dust rises to a great height at such a low pressure? Is the vehicle on Mars filmed by helicopter?
Jean-Francois Turpin
All you will ever get from space agencies a cgi's , every picture of anything in space is cartoons made on computers, why? The one thing that would shut every flat earther up is a non edited footage of a rocket launch from earth to iss with astronots docking, 1 shot video, no cuts no cartoons.
Flo Pred letom
Just call space x to do it
GAME Station
GAME Station Pred letom
The first planet in our solar system on which life was possible is Mars. When life became impossible on Mars and due to the cooling of the sun became possible on Earth, then it began to develop on the Earth itself. (maybe Marcians sent some microbes or some life form here, which is base for life to develop from. This happened before Mars was hit with somekind of katastrofic event that wiped life). The same thing is happening with Venus now. The next stop of life is on Venus and in a few thousand years there will be better living conditions than on earth.
space and astronomy
What makes you so sure about it?
Moppa Shiro
Moppa Shiro Pred letom
Yay were saving opportunity :D
buchane linus
buchane linus Pred letom
Why do MARS videos always done in 3D cartoons....where is the real mars
Tzuyu Twice
Tzuyu Twice Pred letom
How long it will take until it landed on mars??
Solomon S. Buyco
Solomon S. Buyco Pred letom
Mars... a view that is everyone to get back to their Drafting Table in trying to resurrect Martian Atmosphere... The inner core is no longer working. Radiation will annihilate human beings if they will live in their open space... What I am pointing out are the four Volcanoes on Mars, Olympus Mons Volcano, and three companions, Ascaeaus Mons, Favonis Mons, and Arsia Mons. ... it has a features of 30-60-90 degrees angles in its equidistant measurements of 1:2 with a 45-degree angle to the Equator... and as a whole, it seems to emphasize the Earth Flaters... or the Spaceship in front of it that it will be watching every move it will make... and as of now, the World is burning and freezing in its weather... I think those Marks are the ones responsible for stopping the inner core... and I called them Mr. T, the illuminatis... sen.com/Uploads/misc/xMartian-volcanoes.gif.pagespeed.ic.vd7DAP09yL.jpg
EVIL QTip Pred letom
Now just to let you know after all the UFOs I've seen in spaceships and stuff like that I've got the Simi drone show up here and all kinds of stuff from other worlds so why you know there's tons and tons of life up there but in our universe know but in other galaxies other universes yes yes yes yes yes yes to so much life that so much endless life that have been travelling for god-knows-how-long they have their own drones their own machines their own life forms that are actually kind of robot plush robot functioning to take information fly around summer just life-forms like us like they just you know own ships and or have ships to get through other world to travel there's so much life up there that's been around for goggles of trillions and trillions of years before even the Big Bang there's other areas of space spaces endless .
EVIL QTip Pred letom
What makes me sad are the fact these super smart super stupid people don't build flying drones that can multiple charge from the Sun and then fly around Mars taking video there is air flow I can hear it in the Drone there's wins and things like this so for sure there's air is a breathable doesn't matter as long as the drones can fly in it take incredible amounts of video very quickly secondly the young lady saying it are we the only one with life out there but what I heard was around our universe our own Universe all the planets with that like there's no life and if there is it's underneath eye sore and very very undergrounds deep underground life
Khởi Hoàng
Khởi Hoàng Pred letom
Chương trình hay thế này mà không thuyết minh
Sqnder Pred letom
6:58 Spirit/Opportunity looks kinda jealous xD
Michael Udeze
Michael Udeze Pred letom
Projecting your own tendency.
relentless shill stomper
Lol. This makes me laugh. A pointless build for a pointless belief. Expensive radio controlled car to drive over parts of the desert and Canada. Good work ,
Joey Allcock
Joey Allcock Pred letom
can anybody watch worldview satellite 1 and 2 live
Spaghetti Pred letom
2020 ?
Master_cad Pred letom
Put two sets of parashuits
K J Pred letom
11:18 Is that Agent Scully?
Radim Ziegler
Radim Ziegler Pred letom
Fun game: find Mark Rober
竜隼 Pred letom
Where?. I just need something if I'd guve up finding him
Ibrahim Were
Ibrahim Were Pred letom
The next project is a Rover to hell
Lishemma peter
Lishemma peter Pred letom
Amazing brains! ... it's not a SCI-FI movie. This is Real 😨😱
David Mendoza
David Mendoza Pred letom
Fun fact i have heard from Insider: If the bigger the parachute gets, then the greater chance it will rip. I really understand on how long it takes time to study about this.
Anuj Saini
Anuj Saini Pred letom
Why they cant scan the surface before landing? It is very simple to find the plain surface.
John F De
John F De Pred letom
what if the meteor fall on mars not on earth, our ancestors migrate here on earth, that is why we are so curious about mars
Agyu Agyu
Agyu Agyu Pred letom
Scientists are very good actors and narrators as well.Btw..who filmed the rovers on the Mars?How did they came back with the samples collected?
Marek Dolezel
Marek Dolezel Pred letom
Never heard of visualization? The samples are analyzed on board of the rover.
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