GIGANTIC Spikeball Challenge!! 

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we are playing the game Spikeball with a GIANT ball! We uesed a GIANT trampoline and even played a game with soap on the floor. Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!
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13. mar. 2020

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Sophia Montanez
Sophia Montanez Pred 23 urami
My sister is just like Bobby when he realized the teams were team j and b
Team tal vs team short
TXV D3AD Pred 3 dnevi
Im bored so rewatching alot of these
Gaming with Ryder
Gaming with Ryder Pred 4 dnevi
Fraser Willimott
Fraser Willimott Pred 7 dnevi
7:18 is super funny
•Tina Davies•
•Tina Davies• Pred 9 dnevi
Blue team (Joey and jordan) has good luck, but not enough 😌
leiyah Pred 9 dnevi
"we are so good" when really they're tied
WackyZachy Pred 9 dnevi
Yes Bobby it is the talk of the J’s and the B’s
Steve Kalpee
Steve Kalpee Pred 9 dnevi
I think windy (I don’t know how to spell it) she acts way more mature then the others ( like seriously)
fortnite kid
fortnite kid Pred 10 dnevi
1:59 there legs are in the back
Jay Bosh
Jay Bosh Pred 10 dnevi
Abstdeedfghgghdd4m mfgx 🚹📺🧭📺🧭🧭🧭📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺🐺🐗🐴🦄🦋🐛🪱🐝🐞🐜🪰🪲🪳🦟🦗🕷🕸🦂
Minecreep 313
Minecreep 313 Pred 10 dnevi
I thought I was rewatching this video until I listened to the beginning.
Neveen Boshra
Neveen Boshra Pred 13 dnevi
Lauryn Mendoza
Lauryn Mendoza Pred 16 dnevi
Bobby goes hey it’s team b vs team j and it made me think or it could be team tree vs team tree stumps
Cruz FN
Cruz FN Pred 17 dnevi
Aahil alam
Aahil alam Pred 19 dnevi
0:13 Bryan's goodies were touched by his brother lol. U can cheak I am not liying
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts Pred 20 dnevi
Bobby’s money that he earns from these videos are spent on: 80% to his medical bills 20% to his fishing equipment
Jace Melville
Jace Melville Pred 21 dnevom
Did anyone see the sparks coming off the like when Bryan hit the light
Soccer Bro
Soccer Bro Pred 26 dnevi
Can you not brake one thing in one video?!?
Isaac On Android
Isaac On Android Pred 27 dnevi
Just watching this again, the amount of time the ball hits Jordans face is funny
a a
a a Pred 29 dnevi
The only ones that got hurt were bobby and bryan XD
Michael Leoniel
Michael Leoniel Pred mesecem
James Wisemen roty for sures. Warriors future looking bright! 🔥
Ninjapooface Pred mesecem
I swear team edge dint age
Jake Stephen Rosebrook
They did this twice
Elizabeth Molina
Elizabeth Molina Pred mesecem
Elizabeth Molina
Elizabeth Molina Pred mesecem
Watch Jordan’s hands at 15 seconds
3dpen smith
3dpen smith Pred mesecem
i love how they call whitney mom
Hunter Foster
Hunter Foster Pred mesecem
Bro 4:42 though what a dodge
Kiadne Warner
Kiadne Warner Pred mesecem
Yo. 🤲🏽👐🏽🙌🏽👏🏽✊🏽👊🏽👎🏾👍🏾🤝🤛🏽🤞🏽✌🏽🤟🏾🖖🏽
Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson Pred mesecem
Like how Bobby is trying to be cool
Fortnite Daily
Fortnite Daily Pred mesecem
Why I dint Joey wairng shoes🦧
Huntington Foundation
Bobby: that is unsportsmanlike Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Huntington Foundation
Jordan is raging
Rowdy Compeaux
Rowdy Compeaux Pred 2 meseci
The amount of times bryan and bobby cheated in that video
Demon Spykz
Demon Spykz Pred 2 meseci
You should do a throwback episode, and have the old intro, Matthias, and a bunch of giant minigames. (Giant Pool, Bowling etc.)
Patrick Yangg
Patrick Yangg Pred 2 meseci
I swear the only time J-Fred runs is something important like the lights falling and not running during challenges🤣
Daydream Clod
Daydream Clod Pred 2 meseci
Since we are destroying them we are going to switch balls wait they we tying so he just stupid and can’t count
4_D_Alien Pred 2 meseci
whitney just laughing at them super hard is my v i b e
Sweetpotato Pred 2 meseci
A slightly bigger trampoline...
Daredevil Gaming
Daredevil Gaming Pred 2 meseci
When someone calls you ugly 1:17
greatness gamming
greatness gamming Pred 2 meseci
me mixing shampoo and putting it on my hair 1:47
YellowOwl10 Pred 2 meseci
9:28 😂😂😂
Willie Williams
Willie Williams Pred 2 meseci
this video
HaydoGames Pred 2 meseci
bobby, thats one gimongous ball you got there
Jepter Waffer
Jepter Waffer Pred 2 meseci
Jordan should be fired bc he doesn’t look like a team edge team and he’s polite at all, I see is always being cool but he’s not
Courtney Petersen
Courtney Petersen Pred 2 meseci
Bobby is always getting hurt it’s just his thing
RTG spiritt
RTG spiritt Pred 3 meseci
Jorden takes Matt’s place This is Matt 😑
Tank Pred 3 meseci
Bobby: it’s team B and Team J Me: it’s team short cake and team mantis
Ryan Pred 3 meseci
*Terrible call ties the game for team green* Bryan (green team): “we’re gonna change balls cause we’re destroying them” Me: 😂
mwepo Pred 3 meseci
Bryan:21 Me:what's better then 21 ,25 Everybody: ohh God this guy stinks
Sharon Pantophlet-Gilson
How old are you guys how old is everyone in team edge i want to no
feminem8 Pred 3 meseci
You guys are so awsome and funny but seriously stop messing with Bobby so much like if you agree love you team edge I wish I could meet you 👇
Garnett Tomasi
Garnett Tomasi Pred 3 meseci
Wait what is taller Bryan or the ball
Ibrahim Es
Ibrahim Es Pred 3 meseci
it is the first team edge video i watched
Monsterclip1037 Pred 3 meseci
0:03 when you finally get a big brain moment but ur friends don’t care
Grayson Jones
Grayson Jones Pred 3 meseci
Notice how at the start it was 2 zero but then randomly j team got 2 points can someone explain
That1Potayto Pred 3 meseci
This looks like so much fun
Oliver Löfqvist
Oliver Löfqvist Pred 3 meseci
Xander Nodes
Xander Nodes Pred 3 meseci
9:15 Joey: What just happened Me: You just pile drived him
Caitlyn Cope
Caitlyn Cope Pred 3 meseci
Is it just me or does Jordan look like captain America? 😂
Audrey Caviness
Audrey Caviness Pred 3 meseci
Kristy Wells
Kristy Wells Pred 3 meseci
7:53 Mom is Safe Aww isn't that nice!😁😁
Gantable Pred 3 meseci
6:30 Bryan: "ok since we're destroying them" Me: rechecks score Also me: Its 12-12
Mary Mary
Mary Mary Pred 3 meseci
Jade westjohn
Jade westjohn Pred 3 meseci
0:07 is funny
Jade westjohn
Jade westjohn Pred 3 meseci
look at the sparks at the light thing at 8:00
Limerzzz Pred 3 meseci
bro i like how j fred acts like he knew at 6:28 lol
Bonnie Pred 3 meseci
Bobby sized ball:FBI camera: door. FBI OPEN UP
LPT Evan
LPT Evan Pred 3 meseci
Team edge thanks for keeping me happy in life keep up the good work
gia2371 Pred 3 meseci
Bobby: Its Team J vs Team B! Joey: *kick*
Drawing Lama
Drawing Lama Pred 3 meseci
HOW? it like scott sterling but for his microphallus.
Ryan Stamps
Ryan Stamps Pred 3 meseci
me love this vid you are the best can I get over 200 likes on this comment thank you!
Jordan Gonzalez
Jordan Gonzalez Pred 3 meseci
Btw don’t ask for likes it will make people not want to like but I’ll like to get a start on your road to 200.
Angela Collins
Angela Collins Pred 3 meseci
(: ):
Kristy Wells
Kristy Wells Pred 3 meseci
I remember when it was just Bryan , J-fred and Mathias doing board games and things in an apartment now they are in a giant warehouse and with an entire crew. Wow they have come so far Omg thanks for so many likes we almost got a thousand 😮
Aaron-N-Danny PlayzRoblox
I can’t stop laughing
Rachel Hollywood
Rachel Hollywood Pred 3 meseci
Mom is safe lol love it
killerbryan223 Pred 4 meseci
Why does Bobby get the most amount of hurt every ep
Roy Barrera
Roy Barrera Pred 4 meseci
Team edge you should make a huge waterslide
alex williams
alex williams Pred 4 meseci
4:27 bryan cheats by getting in front of jorden so he can't hit it
Tarık Avdo
Tarık Avdo Pred 4 meseci
Not gonna ile, this was the funniest s**t I’ve ever seen🤣🤣🤣
Kaleb Green
Kaleb Green Pred 4 meseci
Conner Broussard
Conner Broussard Pred 4 meseci
Does no one else see the huge spark when the light got hit by the huge ball
Pubg Lover
Pubg Lover Pred 4 meseci
You should play 4 square!
Lincoln log
Lincoln log Pred 4 meseci
😞😞😞Poor Bobby😥😥😥
Kaleb James
Kaleb James Pred 4 meseci
0:12 That’s Kinda SUS🌭
Sereja Yugai
Sereja Yugai Pred 4 meseci
7:53 that not my mom... IS A RULE GIRL!!!!
Sereja Yugai
Sereja Yugai Pred 4 meseci
1:16 brain escape the chopper and into safe house but he dead
1 sub with no vids fans
2020 any eles?
corinna farell
corinna farell Pred 4 meseci
This looks fun
Conner Adams
Conner Adams Pred 4 meseci
go to 1:59 and look at the shoes in the back of the trampoline by bobby
co3en Pred 4 meseci
i post gruelling vids. not for the faint hearted
ExoticDimensions YT
ExoticDimensions YT Pred 4 meseci
7:50 Bryan Said I SaCrIfiCe mY lIfe FoR PaKiStAn
Unostopcard Xd
Unostopcard Xd Pred 4 meseci
Easily could have been better if you put a line down the middle of the trampoline. Ball has to cross the line like in volleyball and hit ground for it to be a point so the stupid hit the ball towards your team mate cheat could be eliminated
inotecho :0
inotecho :0 Pred 4 meseci
This is honestly incredible 😂
SGB Plays
SGB Plays Pred 4 meseci
ripplyloki plays
ripplyloki plays Pred 4 meseci
I say team b is dqed because bryan held and winty said it was ok i say team b is dqed like if you agree
Ana Luviano
Ana Luviano Pred 4 meseci
$ Wllll
Aymerik Merette
Aymerik Merette Pred 5 meseci
Very cool Bryan is so good with the ball 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob K
Jacob K Pred 5 meseci
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