Driver Reverses Away From Sliding Car 

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25. jan. 2021

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StacyBluebird Pred 2 meseci
Its cool to see cats protect their humans. Such a good kitty.
BPD Todd
BPD Todd Pred 11 urami
Indeed, no one will ever be able to convince me animals aren't sentient
kraken Pred 19 dnevi
Kyle Ulloa
Kyle Ulloa Pred mesecem
Mirio togata
Mirio togata Pred mesecem
@Ian Mhel P. Frenila reincarnation?
LukkyFox Pred mesecem
That was SO cute!
COREY BARBER Pred 4 urami
2:51 Frappe Snowland from Mario Kart 64 be like
bandogeiddy Pred 18 urami
That 3rd clip scared the shit out of me
Liam Pearl
Liam Pearl Pred 3 dnevi
Breaking on ice is the worst thing that you can do
SAPLING Pred 4 dnevi
dixon pinfold
dixon pinfold Pred 5 dnevi
Grilled turkey. ;)
Sulong Zefaty
Sulong Zefaty Pred 6 dnevi
Randomtology Pred 6 dnevi
that cat deserves a raise
three wheela
three wheela Pred 6 dnevi
Feel sorry for those people with strange bodily attributes. They most certainly have other strange health problems.
Panda Panda
Panda Panda Pred 6 dnevi
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 236
Luwcs Pred 8 dnevi
2:41 apreciating the dinner
NIKKI C. TV Pred 8 dnevi
The cat 🐈 protecting the baby 👶 is everything to me!
comfortablynummm Pred 9 dnevi
That cat that protected that child was amazing!
Wigadama Pred 10 dnevi
Hey, you! Stop scrolling for a second, I've something to tell you! You know... dark times can happen. Bad days can happen, it can happen to be misunderstood, to be judged badly, and to no longer trust anything.
Howdie Rowdie
Howdie Rowdie Pred 10 dnevi
0:44 I was expecting a jumpscare, still got me though
Patrick sørensen
Patrick sørensen Pred 10 dnevi
The last one with the girl have taken too much cocaine
Tasnuha Tahreen
Tasnuha Tahreen Pred 13 dnevi
me: sees the last one* also me: * V O L D E M O R T*
MaxiePlayz Pred 13 dnevi
1:04 Macca the alpaca
MushRoomMW2 Pred 13 dnevi
That's not a bone in the nose, that's cartilage that she's missing
Ø!Minty Candy!Ø
Ø!Minty Candy!Ø Pred 14 dnevi
1:08 its big brain time 😆
Natalie Robertson
Natalie Robertson Pred 15 dnevi
1:04 it's big brain time
A duck.
A duck. Pred 16 dnevi
That turkey is traumatized
Amyah Docq
Amyah Docq Pred 16 dnevi
@ 3:00 ... I hope it is a one way road 😱
Veqonce II
Veqonce II Pred 16 dnevi
The last clip with the nose, she has everything we have and at the end of your nose is just cartilage so everyone can do what she did with some extra pressure lel
Fishman Pred 16 dnevi
imagine someone else coming down that road in iceland from the opposite way what do you do does one just back up untill they can pass each other? lol
PIKATUED Pred 17 dnevi
2:58 background of car is a sliding car into looks like a froze ocean/pond [left]
Peter Walker
Peter Walker Pred 17 dnevi
That cat behaviour really does make you wonder.
disaster x
disaster x Pred 17 dnevi
who got scared at 0:44
Tanush Kapoor :D
Tanush Kapoor :D Pred 17 dnevi
0:42 That scared me
Mr Twister
Mr Twister Pred 18 dnevi
0:52 Amazing... only 10 RPM! J/K.
Tyce Pred 18 dnevi
Iceland hardly gets any snow, I think you mean Greenland
V3veve Wgegehe
V3veve Wgegehe Pred 18 dnevi
Yo wtf, she nose much better than my nose with bone
Mata Sano
Mata Sano Pred 19 dnevi
Mechanic- hey mate there is no leak on your radiator. Help me get out would you.
Lady D
Lady D Pred 19 dnevi
Seems like if you have to drive on ice & snow, Iceland's the place to do it! Lot safer than being surrounded by other cars
Róisín F
Róisín F Pred 19 dnevi
I don't have a bone in my nose either, no one does its cartilage.
Rocco B.
Rocco B. Pred 19 dnevi
Luke Williams
Luke Williams Pred 19 dnevi
Put the snake one in slo mo it’s so cool
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins Pred 20 dnevi
When that squirrel jumped out of it burrow it surprisingly startled me
Avani Pred 21 dnevom
Daniel Timbs
Daniel Timbs Pred 21 dnevom
:43 asshole lol
ultimate_gamer 93
ultimate_gamer 93 Pred 21 dnevom
person: takes away stone from the burrow mouse: I will make you die from fear i will haunt you in your dreams and you will always have nightmares about me saying boo!
Kolete Koz
Kolete Koz Pred 21 dnevom
0:39 scared the living life out of me
tweaks 45
tweaks 45 Pred 21 dnevom
1:13 chandler from mr beast
Graeme Stuart
Graeme Stuart Pred 22 dnevi
0:16 my man just waved like this was perfectly normal
Niru Jirian
Niru Jirian Pred 22 dnevi
1:24 cat: litol hooman, dont toch the bars. I is afraid for you to fall
burak hüseyinoğlu
burak hüseyinoğlu Pred 22 dnevi
That plane took of easily beacuse the wind was against it.
Wall Street
Wall Street Pred 22 dnevi
1:51 Oh my god that cat is an reincarnation of Forest Whitaker
Ostroverkhova Olena
Ostroverkhova Olena Pred 22 dnevi
Nobody literally nobody: The sliding car person: Hi!! 0:17
jeje bebe
jeje bebe Pred 23 dnevi
sliding bmw driver: *drift mode activate*
Carolina 911
Carolina 911 Pred 23 dnevi
Chad warden
Rafael Evangelista
Rafael Evangelista Pred 23 dnevi
Ericka Bos
Ericka Bos Pred 23 dnevi
Fun fact! It’s not even a bone in your nose, it’s cartilage.
OriAnimations Pred 23 dnevi
When Iceland finally lives up to its name:
Maiki Sawamura
Maiki Sawamura Pred 23 dnevi
2:43 Hence why it’s called ICE-land.
dLimboStick Pred 23 dnevi
1:51 Cat looks like Forest Whitaker.
George Brambila
George Brambila Pred 24 dnevi
today I learned that Jupiter has a butthole
Oerlikon20mm Pred 24 dnevi
turkey says "Fuck this, im leavin"
Minecraft Nerd
Minecraft Nerd Pred 24 dnevi
Big brain moment 1:12
Lofi Pred 24 dnevi
That planes wings: Going 20 m/h. The plane: *Ready for liftoff*
Avia220 Pred 24 dnevi
wE know OuR pLaNeS
Owen Toneido
Owen Toneido Pred 24 dnevi
3:05 imagine if her nose itches
MrGingerBreadMan Pred 24 dnevi
0:22 is so sad
Lil Shy
Lil Shy Pred 24 dnevi
0:44 ahh sh*t daaamn bruh I'm freaked out off it!
Dene Rauchle
Dene Rauchle Pred 24 dnevi
Ummm roast Turkey anyone?
Patrick McGraw
Patrick McGraw Pred 24 dnevi
Space is fake. Look at that fake jupiter
Seulgin Pred 24 dnevi
"turkey got stuck in a grille" now that's what you call an instant thanksgiving
Joseph Voskuil
Joseph Voskuil Pred 24 dnevi
1:10 you watching this video like
Everything In One Channel
1:08 that's how I eat sometimes lol
Theodor Calotescu
Theodor Calotescu Pred 25 dnevi
This is the first use of the cat that I have seen, cats are dumb, but not this one!
Matthias Bachetzky
Matthias Bachetzky Pred 25 dnevi
Wow, she is so beautifull. Imagine how many people reject a date, when they only hear the thing with her nose and think, she will not look really good
Arthur K
Arthur K Pred 25 dnevi
She does have the nose bone, but something is missing in her cartilage
LewisDePatserlord Pred 25 dnevi
0:34 bruh
zEnsuTxU Pred 25 dnevi
blessed kitty
J M Pred 25 dnevi
0:44 My Heart: I'm dead
Coral Line
Coral Line Pred 26 dnevi
That cat is a good baby sitter
Naga Pred 26 dnevi
that black plane is what varrick needed on his boat its funny because asami pointed out to him that he needed a runway for the plane because legend of korra is set in the 1920s
YonkoSavage Pred 26 dnevi
yoo this same thing happened to me except it was with an 18 wheeler at a stoplight as it was turning, i kinda feel like i shoulda just got hit and took the insurance settlement tho lol xD
Jango AC
Jango AC Pred 26 dnevi
2:46 Mario Kart
Babs Phillips
Babs Phillips Pred 27 dnevi
At 1:13...the cat keeping the toddler from reaching over the balcony...AMAZING!
60kFxllen Gaming
60kFxllen Gaming Pred 27 dnevi
tbh, the cat risked his or her life, For that baby the cat was on the otther side of the balcony.
Radu Tone
Radu Tone Pred 27 dnevi
0:41 i piss my pants bro....
Savage T
Savage T Pred 27 dnevi
Girl with no nose bone is blessed to be so good looking still. Also what do they do in Iceland if there are two cars coming down the road from opposite directions? 😆
Savage T
Savage T Pred 27 dnevi
Calling b.s. on the population map, Phoenix and Vegas both have large populations. Especially compared to Santa Fe or Albuquerque or whatever they are highlighting in New Mexico 😆
Ava everson
Ava everson Pred 27 dnevi
0:26 i think it is a sign time to die :D
Olvustin Pred 27 dnevi
1:51 cat:"look how they massacred my boy"
Mc Roblox
Mc Roblox Pred 27 dnevi
damn tokyo drift irl
Sayuri samurai
Sayuri samurai Pred 28 dnevi
If it wasent for this video i would have never figured out that i dont have a bone in my nose lol
CURRYINAHURRY14 Curry Pred 28 dnevi
That lama looked like someone from TikTok
A Deleski
A Deleski Pred 28 dnevi
Cursor drifts to the left at 2:23-2:25, it was going to zoom on a city LOL
Nikita Chayka
Nikita Chayka Pred 28 dnevi
0:44 airplane logic in GTA
Glenn Pro
Glenn Pro Pred 28 dnevi
That mouse jump scare
CrxngeChez Pred 28 dnevi
Rafael Sanchez
Rafael Sanchez Pred 28 dnevi
Lol wild turkeys i thought it was dead
JustPastel Pred 29 dnevi
When the chipmunk jumped out I fell off my chair
Shadow Oblivion
Shadow Oblivion Pred 29 dnevi
At 3:04 my little sister is similar to her as she has a small nose and literally no bones inside it, as such you can just squish her nose flat, thus she hates people touching it.. That's why i call her [Little Sister's Name] the No-Nosed Reindeer
Motocade Pred 29 dnevi
What if someone punches that girl in the face, and their nose just deflates. Some guy: *Punches girl in the nose* Nose: *deflates* Guy: *What the fu-* Girl: *Punches him back*
Phantasma Pred 29 dnevi
0:34 how is it alive lol
yeee be
yeee be Pred 29 dnevi
att the video 1.100 that donkey looks like my friends girl friend
mudwump Pred mesecem
I hope that cat got so many treats after protecting that baby.
Saleh Enazi
Saleh Enazi Pred mesecem
1:07 deez nuts
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