First to Say No to Their Wife Loses!! 

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Hey guys! In this video, we had Joey and Bryan's wife's come to the studio to try and break them with punishments! First husband to say no to their wife loses!!
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27. dec. 2019

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theresa y
theresa y Pred 15 urami
Sandy Frerichs
Sandy Frerichs Pred dnevom
lucia: laughing bryan:yea it tickles
Lucia: I don’t like sour cream that was so cute and funny😂
lead mydayslord
lead mydayslord Pred 4 dnevi
Why does Bryan always get the worst ones. Like jeoy always gets the easy stuff. Like even his wife gave him some of the bad ones.
Jax Siracusa
Jax Siracusa Pred 5 dnevi
🇱🇷May the greatest memories of Team Edge live🇱🇷
BlackRose Pred 6 dnevi
If i was bryan i would kiss my wife as revenge
Rebecca McDougall
Rebecca McDougall Pred 8 dnevi
Kelly: I want to punish him but I don’t want to hurt him. Sarah: MAKE HIM SUFFER!! MAMA WANTS A SPA DAY!
HarryPotterNerds 2020
HarryPotterNerds 2020 Pred 11 dnevi
Bryan is still suffering so much Bryan is eating ice cream
sideways toast
sideways toast Pred 11 dnevi
Brian I'm okay baby Brain actually HeLp
Brian Hammar
Brian Hammar Pred 11 dnevi
Brian: it is ok daddy is just playing ( still in pain) Kid: ok
Hunter Wooldridge-Short
Why dose Joey look like mat when he had white hair when Joey dosent have facial hair lol
Leveler Pred 13 dnevi
Leighton gamez
Leighton gamez Pred 13 dnevi
he said it 4:59
Ricardo Barrera
Ricardo Barrera Pred 15 dnevi
I can’t believe this was already a year ago
poper man
poper man Pred 17 dnevi
Spoiler alert there was no edge games
HMP30 Gaming
HMP30 Gaming Pred 18 dnevi
Remember when this channel used to be fun but now it’s all with there wives!!
spasian 75
spasian 75 Pred 20 dnevi
Whats the video at 7:17
Kesther •
Kesther • Pred 20 dnevi
Can we just appreciate how adorable Bryan and his Daughter looks together?
Lorenzo ralph Catre
Lorenzo ralph Catre Pred 22 dnevi
Red Panda Studios
Red Panda Studios Pred 22 dnevi
Sportz Pred 23 dnevi
Like for Lucia!!! She is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Bananapants 8793
Bananapants 8793 Pred 26 dnevi
Is it just me or did Joey get so many easy challenges while Bryan has chips that kill him
《Silvia》 《Plays》
The fact that Brian made sure her daughter wasn't scared really warms my heart
Laura Ryan, CPA, MST
the baby is so cute
Laura Ryan, CPA, MST
man i like jfred best but after this i just hated him but in the next videos he looks best
PowerNovaGaming Pred mesecem
When bryan take off the shirt and the censor is team edge hahaha but that need it to family friendly
Robert Gambatese
Robert Gambatese Pred mesecem
How old is the kid now Bryan
Robert Gambatese
Robert Gambatese Pred mesecem
Nugget Guppet
Nugget Guppet Pred mesecem
7:16 I’ve never been more proud in my entire life
Jacob Solares
Jacob Solares Pred mesecem
5:39 Brian looks like The Rock
Mason Wong
Mason Wong Pred mesecem
7:15 Joey: This is turning weird Editor: Did you say weird? *shows weird montage*
Red Talon
Red Talon Pred mesecem
Watching the vid and all I get after Bobby says Brian has to get his hand colored they same as Joey's hand Editer's note *ad* "You are dead" I cant xD
TheHumanAnimator Pred mesecem
I’m sorry but when Lucia said “I like it” when Brian’s pants were down Well I think you know where my brain went
DragonHeart Pred mesecem
They have ear piercing guns that would have made it faster, also bryan is such a good dad
Nalani Rood My Story My Journey
Poor bobby
Michael Chenault
Michael Chenault Pred mesecem
This SLtv reminds me of the weird Japanese game shows
Christian Kirbo
Christian Kirbo Pred mesecem
Poyo poyo Poyo poyo Poyo
spenceroni ya know
spenceroni ya know Pred mesecem
Why you gotta do the national anthem like that
Rosie Garcia
Rosie Garcia Pred mesecem
Whoever decided to put a mic on lucia deserves a raise 😂😂
Bigg GIB'S fun house
LanaPlays Pred mesecem
Matthew Hough
Matthew Hough Pred mesecem
Poor joey
Claire McGowan
Claire McGowan Pred mesecem
Joey has the SAME exact laugh as Mathias. Am I right?! You can see at 1:00
Elsa Coddington
Elsa Coddington Pred mesecem
Sarah I’m sorrhehehe
Pyre DeAngelis
Pyre DeAngelis Pred mesecem
munchies Pred mesecem
does no one point out how Lucia says i like it (im assuming she means the crickets but im not sure)
Andrew Moreno-Gonzalez
Bryan looks like Marvin without eyebrows
Roblox Journalists
Roblox Journalists Pred mesecem
Can we just appreciate Bryan comforting Lucia and telling that he is just joking when he ate the chip but he was lying that was soo cute
Peyton Fannin
Peyton Fannin Pred 2 meseci
Caileigh Watson
Caileigh Watson Pred 2 meseci
Yeet Pred 2 meseci
I thought the title said first to say no loses their wife and I was just like hol up wait a minute
Huntington Foundation
Huntington Foundation Pred 2 meseci
Lucia roasted Joey so hard
Bryan: She is going to cry in she sees me suffer Joey: Can I hold her Lusie answering joeys question: No Editor: She is a savage
Voltmaster 07
Voltmaster 07 Pred 2 meseci
This is why I love Team Edge❤️💙 7:17
Jersi Autumn Berringer
This wasss one year ago 😨
HAVOC Pred 2 meseci
Bryan literally ate a crumb of the chip. I ate the whole thing on my channel
My Lady
My Lady Pred 2 meseci
Bobby in the middle like: {}
VG CARROT Pred 2 meseci
POV your watching this in dec 2020
Kesther •
Kesther • Pred 2 meseci
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you never make a women angry
J-el Salaysay
J-el Salaysay Pred 2 meseci
Next one is all the staff that have wives
Parker Wine
Parker Wine Pred 2 meseci
How do u make friends
Jonathan Moser
Jonathan Moser Pred 2 meseci
Lucia is so extremely adorable in this video
Ava Jordan
Ava Jordan Pred 2 meseci
lol Im 10 yrs old and i took as much of the one chip as Bryan did..it was complete torture
poolao poolao
poolao poolao Pred 2 meseci
Bryan: have crickets in kis pants Lucia:I like it
Skyler Rose
Skyler Rose Pred 2 meseci
Can we talk about how Bryan is a amazing dad ❤️❤️❤️👨‍👧
Michael Gieseke
Michael Gieseke Pred 2 meseci
Go to this time ok it’s funny lol 3:00
S Hall
S Hall Pred 2 meseci
That’s compilation was amazing
Erick Allison
Erick Allison Pred 2 meseci
Brian earns father of the year.
Player Pred 2 meseci
7:15 Yup Definitely weird...
Rayshawn Marshall
Rayshawn Marshall Pred 2 meseci
Joeys gf was not the only loser cause Bryan did all that stuff for nothing
Delgado Production
Delgado Production Pred 2 meseci
Lucia is so cute “picks name out of hat” “I don’t know how to read it” 😊😇
Brandon Villanueva
Brandon Villanueva Pred 2 meseci
3:22 is no one gonna talk about the fact that Lucia saw his...
Ethan LOL
Ethan LOL Pred 3 meseci
No explanation. 7:35
The VR Amigos
The VR Amigos Pred 3 meseci
Does Joey not drink coffe
Nightmare Fury_Ralph
Nightmare Fury_Ralph Pred 3 meseci
I’m concerned of what’s going in Joey, Matt and Sarah’s family. All of them are evil. Matt has no mercy, Joey laughs at someone’s pain and Sarah is all of the above.
Gilmore Girl
Gilmore Girl Pred 3 meseci
2:40 That is the definition of ants in your pants.
H0TSH0T_15 Freundt
H0TSH0T_15 Freundt Pred 3 meseci
I had a couple little pieces of that chip and ooohhhh man is it HOT!
Shayaan Ali
Shayaan Ali Pred 3 meseci
He looks good in pink like if you agree.
Christian Moskwa
Christian Moskwa Pred 3 meseci
i now wtf
KCjoules 18
KCjoules 18 Pred 3 meseci
Bryan’s daughter is so precious
Khristian James Calderon
7:17 can I use it as my FB timeline video this Christmas?
Hi No U
Hi No U Pred 3 meseci
Brian when he is dying from the heat with the hat over his eyebrows
Luke Risko
Luke Risko Pred 3 meseci
Where is Mr. and Mrs. Shook?
keerit sumal
keerit sumal Pred 3 meseci
5:41 tell me bryan looks like the guy from harry potter Professor Moody
JewlzBoi ツ
JewlzBoi ツ Pred 3 meseci
Everyone in 2020 watching them breathe in joeys face “COVID-19”
Joshua Adrian
Joshua Adrian Pred 3 meseci
0:23 "Joey's NEW wife!" I'm scared...
Jordan Mosqueda
Jordan Mosqueda Pred 3 meseci
Brian: I’m alright Lucia Currently fire coming out ItS oK Also Brian: AHAHAHAH it hurts
J Nibble
J Nibble Pred 3 meseci
Bethany Gonzalez
Bethany Gonzalez Pred 3 meseci
Figones de la capital en la ciudad del país y el miércoles a las dos del norte y el miércoles por el grupo rebelde en un país 🇻🇮 de un grupo en un centro comercial que es un barrio más grande en las ciudades y la de los
I love how they give a montage of the past
Daniel Yoder
Daniel Yoder Pred 3 meseci
is it just me or is it everytime someone is the host they say I LOVE MY JOB
L P Pred 3 meseci
Brian's wife looks like my math teacher
Tenille Rickards
Tenille Rickards Pred 3 meseci
Bryan she is sooo cute and soo small 😀
Declan Campbell
Declan Campbell Pred 3 meseci
I would be used to tye coffee breath because my dad drinks coffee
Dael Posadas
Dael Posadas Pred 3 meseci
Tbh I thought Joey was gay and did even know Bryan was married
Nathan Webster
Nathan Webster Pred 3 meseci
Is it like the peyton manning. Like super bowl winning peyton manning or someone else
Andrew Hoffer
Andrew Hoffer Pred 3 meseci
My favorite part of this was the montage accompanied by the national anthem lol
Royalfather1 Pred 3 meseci
Bryan’s child is so cute: 0:58
Somebody Yelled
Somebody Yelled Pred 3 meseci
0:22 weirdest kiss ever
Bunnie Bear
Bunnie Bear Pred 3 meseci
I feel like everyone won in some way Joey: edge point Kelly: Got to dye her husband's hair bright pink Bryan: not having reverse mohawk Sarah: Spa day Lucia: Having millions of fans Bobby: Having fun while the other men suffer
Dalton Chadwick
Dalton Chadwick Pred 3 meseci
The one chip challenge I did a bigger price than he did and was fine and I’m 14 I’m more of a man than he is
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