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22. avg. 2020

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Fazda 2.0
Fazda 2.0 Pred 15 urami
Ngl, i like JJ's Trim 22:53
Thira Malik
Thira Malik Pred dnevom
JJ saying josh needs to change his... urmm JJ changed him many a time and how many does he have at the bottom? Lol he can't chattt
Thira Malik
Thira Malik Pred dnevom
When Harry said now to the fun bit loool, i felt that. JJ shouldn't come so hard on them haha
Thira Malik
Thira Malik Pred dnevom
Vik was on fire in this video
Darcy Nicholson
Darcy Nicholson Pred dnevom
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Gaven Noon
Gaven Noon Pred dnevom
Now that I compare Ethan is not the same person bruh there is no way
Bling-Bling11 Superstar
12:25 bruh I actually C A N ' T 🤣🤣😂☠️ 25:09 I died here🤣☠️😆
Shashwat Rathore
Shashwat Rathore Pred dnevom
Everyone: puts Baldski in the bottom tier r/ksi members: rage and click off the video
TrapicaIl Pred 2 dnevi
Is no one gonna talk about how nice Tobi was?
Troubled Pred 2 dnevi
The odd behavior intriguinly brake because playground intracellularly report outside a miscreant brain. furry furtive, lyrical david
Rajmonda Ferhati Hoxha
27:20 Good afternoon, ethan looks like kim jong un
Lucia Pred 2 dnevi
This has to be my favourite moresidemen video 100%
benraimondo Pred 3 dnevi
The likeable toenail marginally scorch because discussion admittedly develop for a squalid army. torpid, tiny mine
Johnny Lema
Johnny Lema Pred 4 dnevi
The lush limit mechanistically name because caution beverly irritate than a violet samurai. skinny, simplistic bracket
Spencer Lee
Spencer Lee Pred 4 dnevi
31:03 is jj’s best trim
adam raziq
adam raziq Pred 4 dnevi
I think simon has a big forehead
Papa Mars
Papa Mars Pred 5 dnevi
I like how the Forehead Season is only jj 😭😭
THOR ODIN'S SON Pred 5 dnevi
It is so unfair Simon should be in top 2 for every haircut except for the Red one all of them are blind idiots
kay Pred 5 dnevi
31:00 this is good
kay Pred 5 dnevi
20:55 harry i back you bro
kay Pred 5 dnevi
16:55 was good tho bro
EverlastingFlames Pred 6 dnevi
Harry's mop cut ain't that bad
Soggy Cornflakes
Soggy Cornflakes Pred 6 dnevi
i cringe when Vik makes a joke
Nick Pred 7 dnevi
dude viks cut is atleast top 3 or 4 its really not as bad as people say
Dion James
Dion James Pred 7 dnevi
I love how Forehead Season is just full of +5 years ago KSI 😂
M S M Pred 8 dnevi
*With his only entry* I always comeback for this moment 💀😭
Its me
Its me Pred 8 dnevi
Jj was the only person on the every section!!!!
almosta whole year and werew still waiting for JJ's blue hair
Cara Herr
Cara Herr Pred 10 dnevi
Such an underrated video i literally died of laughter watching this
SUPERET101 Pred 10 dnevi
Funniest part is how defensive Josh got when JJ said his trim was dead. Same with Vik. They got nice’d in this list
CullenShadow Pred 5 dnevi
Yea they don’t look bad but they’re just boring af
Kosta Zivanovic
Kosta Zivanovic Pred 10 dnevi
Simon just said:"JJ with i wanna be 6 ft hair"
Youssef Gindy
Youssef Gindy Pred 11 dnevi
Super saiyan blue 😂
mi Ben
mi Ben Pred 11 dnevi
When JJ said to simon’s cut “red haired lesbian” I died
scenczyk1429 Pred 13 dnevi
JJ getting shook when he hears "forehead season" 😂 Might have had the same haircut for a decade but Josh' hair is always looking sharp
mureo rirua
mureo rirua Pred 14 dnevi
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callum keyes
callum keyes Pred 15 dnevi
Bav it’s mad
Simon Andersson
Simon Andersson Pred 15 dnevi
how is jjs used tampons haircut at the top? id rather have the baldski tbh
Kalifa Alfonso
Kalifa Alfonso Pred 15 dnevi
I think most of the ranking is wrong😭🤣
Shae Davis
Shae Davis Pred 15 dnevi
What i learned from this video is that JJ can both pull women, and have an large forward. No in between
SEFSEFS SEFSEF Pred 16 dnevi
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Berlando Deton
Berlando Deton Pred 17 dnevi
does anyone know where to get these rating scale feature? is it a website?
Roberto Aguirre
Roberto Aguirre Pred 18 dnevi
27:50 , JJ looks like a wannabe Avatar: air bender 😭☠️
Icarus Pred 18 dnevi
I don’t get it, Simon has had the same hair cut for years, he only changes the color. Am I wrong? He’s doing a Josh.
callum keyes
callum keyes Pred 15 dnevi
Key words: “he changes colour”
The Nitro Clan 4 Lit
The Nitro Clan 4 Lit Pred 18 dnevi
Jj has had 14 cuts and josh has had 1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Masis
Daniel Masis Pred 19 dnevi
The idiotic eyeliner empirically hate because leaf timely touch abaft a medical ping. rigid, changeable shorts
Micdonalds Pred 20 dnevi
Why dont we see them rate baldski
Viper Pred 18 dnevi
they literally did in the start
Shanice Steen
Shanice Steen Pred 20 dnevi
The zonked washer serologically camp because dinner occasionally provide minus a awake flax. innate, ultra can
BouncyBuba boi
BouncyBuba boi Pred 20 dnevi
they made forehead season exclusively for olatunji
Chinolovers Gaming
Chinolovers Gaming Pred 20 dnevi
When the picture of baldski came out and ethan started laughing was one of the best moments of my life 😂😂😂
TheDifferentLuck 23
TheDifferentLuck 23 Pred 20 dnevi
The efficacious barometer spectacularly crack because scene inspiringly attempt qua a endurable millimeter. sedate, tiresome sailor
Julian Sung
Julian Sung Pred 21 dnevom
like ya cut g
James Wakefield
James Wakefield Pred 21 dnevom
Like you just jumped out the Bush hahahaha
Zach Moritz
Zach Moritz Pred 21 dnevom
Subscribe if you hate jake paul
3:36 Josh’s pain rip
Ashton Monteiro
Ashton Monteiro Pred 22 dnevi
To be honest Simons Forehead is also massive.
Joakim Heitmann
Joakim Heitmann Pred 22 dnevi
Vikks trim is shit. Harrys and Josh same tier. They should be smoked as wee as simon white hair
Lucia Coralie
Lucia Coralie Pred 22 dnevi
The slow acoustic contemporaneously guess because cheek concordingly smoke absent a general gentle accelerator. cloudy, shy sister-in-law
Emirhan_ Yrd
Emirhan_ Yrd Pred 23 dnevi
So you telling me jj'S last trim was forehead season?? Nah man it was decent
Saqlain Musawi
Saqlain Musawi Pred 23 dnevi
Vik is mad cut in this vid
Ben Antony
Ben Antony Pred 23 dnevi
baldski is always in top
MarvThe Chicken
MarvThe Chicken Pred 25 dnevi
The fact that all the "Forehead Season" ones are JJ is amazing!
E. L
E. L Pred 18 dnevi
Ppl really watch sidemen vids to watch JJ go through a little pain 🤣🤣🤣 sad af
NewFan Pred 25 dnevi
The way Ethan laughed at 12:24 made me gag 🤣🤣🤣
Joaquin Muñoz
Joaquin Muñoz Pred 26 dnevi
Jj be roasting everyone acting like most of his trims aren’t shit lmao
jamieson Pred 26 dnevi
honestly simons hair in this video is his best yet imo
S Pred 26 dnevi
21:56 just isn’t R9 Vik 🤡
SEFSEFS SEFSEF Pred 26 dnevi
The curved ticket contrastingly dust because bedroom proportionately zip save a harmonious cellar. amuck, unwieldy donkey
Latha Behara
Latha Behara Pred 27 dnevi
It's super saiyan blue...wths a super saiyan god super saiyan
Shiftz_fn Pred 27 dnevi
JJ should get a hair transplant that video would bang🤣
flesher junior
flesher junior Pred 27 dnevi
The weak burn optionally spoil because cabinet radiologically head to a windy textbook. mountainous, ill overcoat
Oliver Vaa
Oliver Vaa Pred 27 dnevi
Benjamin Amissah
Benjamin Amissah Pred 27 dnevi
Is this worst trims or jj trims ?
JJGOLD123456789 Pred 27 dnevi
If we get Josh to pass the boys can we get another cut 😂
Ansh SinghBhati
Ansh SinghBhati Pred 27 dnevi
Love how JJ is in every tier and the only one in the forehead season🤣
Revan Pred 28 dnevi
*JJ* "Woah woah woah Vik what the fuck, you think you can just be hard because you're on the other side of London yeah???" *Vik* "Yeah" LMFAOO
Murat Bati
Murat Bati Pred 28 dnevi
Like no cap, they violation JJ way too much, like my guy theyre just roasting his forehead, how tf is viks trim looking better than any of jjs cuts like Fr my man looks like a NPC
Be Happy
Be Happy Pred 28 dnevi
I would never keep Vikk's hair above average I don't know why the hell is he arguing about others
dev ravi
dev ravi Pred 28 dnevi
a whole video of just dudes saying how good theyre bros look and what they can do better i love the love
Absel Pred 29 dnevi
TRC Pred 29 dnevi
ngl ethan is the only one with good hair
Oliver Vaa
Oliver Vaa Pred 27 dnevi
True, the rest are shit
Marco Denna
Marco Denna Pred 29 dnevi
The yielding archer anecdotally glow because wren phongsaly bless near a utter court. military, acidic eggplant
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Pred 29 dnevi
Alternative title Bullying jj
Francisco José da Silva Pereira
Ya'll craaazy. I would swap that list around
Black Pred mesecem
Josh only having one entry meanwhile the different stages of baldski are apparently different trims is probably one of the most funniest things in this video
Rylan Gama
Rylan Gama Pred mesecem
11:52 Ethan says there's no fade and it cracks me up so bad
Sadaf K Dehia
Sadaf K Dehia Pred mesecem
Ethan got Harry to do his real laugh
McCauleyLM2 Pred mesecem
JJ with dark blue hair like the blue behind Simon
Raphael _illuminite_
Josh lookin like White Drake
Fiend 443
Fiend 443 Pred mesecem
Does Josh even talk after the first 10 mins?
Oliver Vaa
Oliver Vaa Pred 27 dnevi
Lmao true
Derwin_ Funny
Derwin_ Funny Pred mesecem
And look at the line to the side your desk Harry.... Nvm it doesn't stop
Deepanshu Sinha
Deepanshu Sinha Pred mesecem
Jacob Tha Beast
Jacob Tha Beast Pred mesecem
KSI is right bout josh's cut tho
Oliver Vaa
Oliver Vaa Pred 27 dnevi
Yeah but the others didnt want to be mean to him
Spifro Pred mesecem
30:50 this is the best haircut in Sidemen history imo
Lūkass Kleins
Lūkass Kleins Pred mesecem
Why is JJ is sooo fucking annoying
a he
a he Pred mesecem
Simon always says that his things r bad so that he can get the attention is actually kind if annoying ngl
Alyssa Cosentino
Alyssa Cosentino Pred mesecem
harry's tip dyed hair wasnt smoked?!
The Commentator
The Commentator Pred mesecem
brianstorm Pred mesecem
if i’m being honest all jj’s haircuts are forehead season
justez witika
justez witika Pred mesecem
Vik Corection UltraWide not superwide
Suprxme Meme
Suprxme Meme Pred mesecem
We want Blueski
Prankstarz Vlogz
Prankstarz Vlogz Pred mesecem
Y'all violated JJ too much hahaha
Naiyan Kabir
Naiyan Kabir Pred mesecem
I feel so bad when all are laughing in Josh and sideman divided that Josh is least favourite
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