Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover - What's Different This Time? A Narrated Explanation. 

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A complete narrated overview of the new Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover. Documentary explains how it is different from all previous rovers. Describes Mars helicopter, Range Trigger, Terrain Relative Navigation, MOXIE, RIMFAX, Cache Camera, Sample collection and caching. Background music can be found at

How the Sky Crane Maneuver Works. sltv.info/label/hpCdqtTZiJiwo2s/video
How the helicopter is lowered from the rover. sltv.info/label/mc9l3ZKlg4d8m6I/video

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15. maj. 2020

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Do Petrol
Do Petrol Pred 27 dnevi
Thank you for the dice documentary
John B
John B Pred 28 dnevi
I hope Nasa puts rovers on Venus too.
Liam Duncan
Liam Duncan Pred mesecem
I am 68 years old and I watched the lunar landings from the UK where I am from .
Hamed AlKiyumi
Hamed AlKiyumi Pred mesecem
Interesting since has no limit
Muhammad Waleed
Muhammad Waleed Pred mesecem
They should add air blowers on solar panels so dust can be removed and mission works for long
Louis Pastis
Louis Pastis Pred mesecem
Alfonso Alfonso
Alfonso Alfonso Pred mesecem
I love this, so way are we still inventing weapons to kill each other?
William Bagley
William Bagley Pred 2 meseci
Great video 😎🇺🇸👽
우기철 Pred 2 meseci
인간이여 영원하라!
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
Translation: Humans, live forever!
Mohammad Bino
Mohammad Bino Pred 2 meseci
I loved this machine that will do all these tasks . My full respect for all the guys who worked on this project so hard for the sake of humanity .
Jyoti Saini
Jyoti Saini Pred 2 meseci
very informative video
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal Pred 2 meseci
How about designing a universal hub for the rovers to go to that can get recharged and have their solar panels either blown or brushed. These rovers would then go on for a lot longer. Maybe they could deliver these samples to robotic science hubs.
paula Havens
paula Havens Pred 2 meseci
wow thank you I will not be alive probably when a man or woman sets foot on Mars but I believe that this is so awesome to watch right now because I get to see mars from the earth in my home now. Thank you to all who made this possible. I did get to see a man set foot on the Moon and that to me was so exciting. It is too bad that we do not have a station on the moon where we can produce oxygen and send it to mars if needed. Or other things that we could grow on the moon under its surface. We could make things on the moon and relay it to mars as the payloads come back and forth from the space station. If you were sitting on Mars could you see any other planets like we see the moon or the sun or all those stars that we see at night? will ever 2 rovers meet and a picture of this meeting be taken to show the first meeting on Mars-like two humans meeting for the first time that would be amazing and a picture of that sent back to earth. Perseverance I thank you for the hard work you are doing and for helping mankind to be able to come to you someday on Mars.
I.C. Gedye
I.C. Gedye Pred dnevom
Thanks for your uplifting message. I dearly hope you do get to see 2 rovers meet. Perseverance has the capability of lasting long enough to travel far. Who knows, maybe it might bump into Curiosity some Martian day. As much as the Cold War motivated the race to get into space, it and subsequent political conflicts have really slowed down our progress. We should have a Moon Base Alpha up there by now, and the sooner we do the sooner we can do the whole Mars thing. Man has been generally way too shortsighted to look beyond his bank balance up till now. I’m in my 40s and I doubt I’ll see a human on Mars. But on the other hand, there’s China.........
Lang Chauvin
Lang Chauvin Pred 2 meseci
This is too complicated already better yet send humans and back.
java stone
java stone Pred 2 meseci
may be someday, the rover can bring small cactus plant.. and planted on mars surface with some water suply..
Sandun Dalugodage
Sandun Dalugodage Pred 2 meseci
In the decades to come, we will start inhabiting other planets and probably get to know other human like advanced living beings in other planets. Before Colombus discovered the other lands people were already living, but disintegrated. His voyage connected people and make empty lands inhabited. Now we do the same in the universal scale
Almus Gloria
Almus Gloria Pred 2 meseci
You should note that landing rovers is a success as vehicles for a more versatile vehicle observing Mars as what it is now with Perseverance. Landing a copter is a big stride which lucky with a rover for bringing copters that is and a lots of samples from the ground. Copters are fast and airborn while rovers are multifunctional. More vehicles, portable that is, is needed. For portable stations until then. By then you can now have some permanent observation stations to see how Mars goes day in and day out.. and more equations. Well demand is there and it looks very, very promising not only for Science but especially for Mankind himself. Thank God for the new Frontier!
Mr Typhlosion
Mr Typhlosion Pred 2 meseci
Yet my phone can't even handle a picture of the moon on a clear night 🤣
ETHRON1 Pred 2 meseci
Why not set down at opportunity and clean it up and move on...
lhoylhoy Pred 2 meseci
everything seems went according to plan! congrats!
Marc C
Marc C Pred 2 meseci
Come on humanity - look what we can achieve! I had hoped I'd stick around to see some of us walking around kicking the dust of the Red Planet, but all of this will have to be enough and it probably is. A wonderful achievement.
preslav jankov
preslav jankov Pred 2 meseci
landing technik and mic with mars first helicopter drone
5tyyu Pred 2 meseci
Ritchie Pred 2 meseci
We will be starting from the bottom, with all the technology that we would have to build to sustain life in our New planet, this is how alien technology begins. Circumstances and resources change. Different results!
George Gonzalez
George Gonzalez Pred 2 meseci
It seems like is earth and they chose the area very well!!!!
SY Sublime
SY Sublime Pred 2 meseci
There needs to be a Mars orbiter space station first. Then landings
Francis Revil
Francis Revil Pred 2 meseci
i am a great fan of mar's exploration since Curiosity landed.. now Perseverance and Ingenuity.. all I want to have is a perfect grade scale model on my desk.. I can't find one... I wonder if NASA release these adult scale models to help fund the project, for sure most of us will appreciate and patronize it, even in small amounts to help..
Allan Pred 2 meseci
It all sounds great, except for one thing, the technology to protect humans from the high radiation levels on Mars doesn't exist.
Leroy Léon
Leroy Léon Pred 2 meseci
Easy, create an electromagnetic field.
ADHAVAN Andaman Pred 2 meseci
Living in Florida US for a Years I know the Reason Why I'm here and working..
ADHAVAN Andaman Pred 2 meseci
I was 26 yrs old and when I grow elder I want to visit Mars with nasa and it's team Now I'm working in Space X Team In Florida I'm an Indian
shallo denver
shallo denver Pred 2 meseci
Why can't they analysis the samples on the rover instead of having to wait all that time, it seems a bit stupid to me??? .
Blurrr Pred mesecem
It will do tests on Mars with the technology that it has but they also intend to bring back samples to test the material here on Earth with equipment that could not be sent. Additionally, technology is constantly improving - if the samples are on Earth, then you can use the new technology instead of waiting 10 years for it to be implemented on the next rover, which could very well not even make it to Mars in working order. So no, it is not "stupid".
Clovis Rabello
Clovis Rabello Pred 2 meseci
I'm too old to witness humans landing in Mars by TV. May be I will be there waiting for them arrive.
Charles Cambri
Charles Cambri Pred 2 meseci
when sherlock characters name used in perserverance
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
The names are actually acronyms: SHERLOC (Scanning Habitable Environments With Raman & Luminescense for Organics and Chemicals) WATSON (Wide Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations eNgineering) MOXIE (Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment) MEDA (Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer) PIXL (Planetary Instrument for X-Ray Lithochemistry) RIMFAX (Radar Imager for Mars’ Subsurface Experiment)
Henry Wilder Foote IV
Henry Wilder Foote IV Pred 2 meseci
Clark Franz Convocar
Clark Franz Convocar Pred 2 meseci
@Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov yes
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
MOXIE, Range Trigger, Relative Terrain Navigation, Ingenuity Helicopter, RIMFAX, Sample collection and storage, helmet and spacesuit samples, SuperCam, SHERLOC, microphones.....
Mansoor Wali
Mansoor Wali Pred 2 meseci
Why don't NASA manufacture a Drone to discover Mars? It might be much more easy to move, avoiding danger of stuck in sand.
Ockertoustesizem Pred 2 meseci
ingenuity helicopter is attached to the bottom of perseverance
Ciprian Popa
Ciprian Popa Pred 2 meseci
Well, not sure if you realized but in this presentation it was mentioned that there is a drone included in this mission.
Tim Doctura
Tim Doctura Pred 2 meseci
mars atmosphere is the same density as earths... if you were at 100,000 feet. highest a drone on earth has ever flown is 33k feet highest a helicopter has ever flown is 40k feet. its impossible for normal drones or helicopters to fly at 100k feet. Thus the design of nasa's helicopter
Nicholas Chavez
Nicholas Chavez Pred 2 meseci
The atmosphere on mars is extremely thin. The drone would need to be so lightweight that they wouldn't able to fit as many scientific instruments as a rover or lander
Cameron Santiago
Cameron Santiago Pred 2 meseci
Mars has dust storms
T Shaffer
T Shaffer Pred 2 meseci
Me too. I remember the Apollo missions. For some reason I think that humans are already there.
Joey Wongalas
Joey Wongalas Pred 2 meseci
*#Nice** atmosphere for a parachute.*
William Christy
William Christy Pred 2 meseci
Mars is cool but I don’t think it’s the answer. After all it is a “dead planet” I think we would want to look elsewhere.
MusicforMe123 Pred 2 meseci
Mars is the closes planet to Earth in our solar system, they are testing different ways that we can use to possibly land on planets further into space.
Ciprian Popa
Ciprian Popa Pred 2 meseci
How did you realize that is dead? It may very well be. However, amongst the many goals of Perseverance there are also the topics of whether there was life on Mars long time ago and how Mars "has died".
dame dane
dame dane Pred 2 meseci
Maybe in the near future it might be useful to us.
هيثم محمد عويد الكعبي
لماذا لا تترجموه لنا نحن الغير قادرين على فهم اللغه الانكليزيه لكون لانجيدها
M Mans
M Mans Pred 2 meseci
@Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov Thanks for your hard and smart work to please everybody on this planet Earth with different languages and backgrounds. Very much appreciated!! Keep up the great work you've been doing! Cheers,
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
انظر أيضا "كيف تعمل Sky Crane Maneuver" الآن مترجم إلى العربية.
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
يرجى التحقق من الترجمة. لقد قمت للتو بتحميل ترجمات باللغة العربية.
soja jose
soja jose Pred 2 meseci
Great information thanks bro ...
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Pred 2 meseci
We proud of nasa
Darren S
Darren S Pred 2 meseci
I was devastated when Opportunity ‘Finally’ succumbed to the Martian environment. Outlasted it’s use-by-date by many years.
Rebecca Mumford
Rebecca Mumford Pred 2 meseci
I hope one day humans recover those rovers to honour them in a museum.
M Mans
M Mans Pred 2 meseci
Everything has an end, my friend. That's the bad news, but the good news was it had managed to survive for many many years beyond its initial lifespan. Every hour (30 minutes each way for the data to be received and sent from it) was an extra bonus for free. I would NOT ask for more than what it had accomplished. Cheers,
Engrjolo Pred 2 meseci
The engineers and scientists that are involved in this are truly genius
Columbo the true Patriot
It's exciting to know that Mars had large bodies of water on the surface! To find out where the water dissipated to will be a very interesting discovery, since water is the secret to life and the formation of our atmosphere! And the idea of setting up an internet system between the planets is also very exciting and amazing! We are setting up shop national, International, and now interplanetary! 🔧 🔨 🗼 😁
Waltkat Pred 2 meseci
I certainly hope NASA isn't planning to just haphazardly drop these pencil sized sample containers on the surface of Mars. That would be mind numbingly stupid. Better to prepackage them in holding containers with homing beacons which can be easily located and picked up via a magnetic latch or other means.
MS FOTO35 Pred 2 meseci
It doesn't seem practical to send humans when robots could be sent instead.
Vern Scheck
Vern Scheck Pred 2 meseci
Truem but robots have no imagination. They can't think of what might be. As yet they don't speculate.
Newbroken Pred 2 meseci
This seems to be a part of long term in the future project. What if humans develope more brand new technology to do space missions in different ways, before mars mission is done?
Dave Witter
Dave Witter Pred 2 meseci
How do they avoid high winds? I would like to receive current weather reports. AI assume there are day and night cycles?
ann onn
ann onn Pred 2 meseci
High winds are not a problem, because the atmosphere is so thin - about 1% of that on Earth. Even very fast wind would feel like a gentle breeze. It's not like was shown in that movie. Yes, there are day and night cycles, similar to Earth. A day lasts for bout 24 hours and 40 minutes. Unlike the previous rovers, Percy isn't powered by solar panels, so it can work at night. It's powered by radioactive plutonium.
josh Pred 2 meseci
12:14 did they just named that camera from a Sherlock Holmes character? Cool
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
The names are actually acronyms: SHERLOC (Scanning Habitable Environments With Raman & Luminescense for Organics and Chemicals) WATSON (Wide Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations eNgineering) MOXIE (Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment) MEDA (Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer) PIXL (Planetary Instrument for X-Ray Lithochemistry) RIMFAX (Radar Imager for Mars’ Subsurface Experiment)
Don Draper
Don Draper Pred 2 meseci
No self-cleaning mechanism? I wonder why they decided not to do it which judging by the video not mentioning it, it was not included. Pretty sure they had a good reason which Im curious to know.
Leaonard Land
Leaonard Land Pred 2 meseci
I was thinking the same thing. Why not brushes - like windshield wipers - for the solar cells and camera lenses? That seems pretty simple compared to all the other things.
redbarnz Pred 2 meseci
Am so proud of human ingenuity to design, build and send a craft this sophisticated to another planet! Now, is also the time to get business partnerships going!
MrWguts Pred 2 meseci
Great narration voice Carol, I'm so glad you don't use that up and down (see saw) voice that so many people turn on when in front of a mic. Thanks
Leaonard Land
Leaonard Land Pred 2 meseci
It was indeed great narration!
HORACE COMEGNA Pred 2 meseci
I want this model!
Karen Singh
Karen Singh Pred 2 meseci
its nuclear powered which is about time. cant rely on those solar panels and batteries.
Kevin Karbonik
Kevin Karbonik Pred 2 meseci
why didn't they put a fan on the arm do blow off the dust on the solar panels? ?
Leaonard Land
Leaonard Land Pred 2 meseci
I asked about that above. Why no windshield wiper-brushes for the solar panels and camera lenses? At least it wasn't mentioned. Those things would be relatively simple compared with all the rest. And what if it turns over? Is there a self righting mechanism? What if it sinks in sand? I sthere some mechanism for it to dig itself out?
EKoS26 Pred 2 meseci
it is nuclear powered
John Svensk
John Svensk Pred 2 meseci
My guess is: because increased mass, low density atmosphere on Mars making the fans ineffective... It might be possible to add piezoelectric ”shakers” below the panels to jiggle the dust loose... But, the smarter solution is the MMRTG , replacing the panels with a couple of kgs of plutonium...
Gabriel Fox
Gabriel Fox Pred 2 meseci
Is the perseverance rover programed will the AI machine learning we have now?
Stuart Morrow
Stuart Morrow Pred 2 meseci
I think something to do with the cameras uses ML. For autonomous navigation, I would guess.
DaleJoanna Brown
DaleJoanna Brown Pred 2 meseci
Me too! I am 68!
Dream Maker
Dream Maker Pred 2 meseci
They should have sent some machine or a robot to plant something which can help provide oxygen
Waltkat Pred 2 meseci
@Fred Flintstone Not to mention the lack of water...
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Pred 2 meseci
Mars’s temperature and massive solar radiation, would be a big problem for plant life. Good idea though...
rob sinclaire
rob sinclaire Pred 2 meseci
Great work Carol!
varun rastogi
varun rastogi Pred 2 meseci
Woowwwwwwwwwwwwww👏👏👏👏👏👍🏻go nasa
Gray Ghost
Gray Ghost Pred 2 meseci
Carbon dioxide is what living plants breaths, and exhales oxygen. So, if Mars is 96% Carbon Dioxide, plants can breath and creates oxygen for animals. The only element we need is hydrogen to produce water. Easy to say than done, but the basic chemical element is already present in Mars. I have faith and belief that Mars will be populated with people, animals, and plants in the future, may not be in our lifetime, but for our future generations.
ja Ed
ja Ed Pred mesecem
Plus soil, and protection the elements. Plants aren't that simple
Rebecca Mumford
Rebecca Mumford Pred 2 meseci
There are a lot of other problems to solve such as the lack of a protective atmospheric shield keeping the atmosphere 'stuck' to the planet.
mustapha achlim
mustapha achlim Pred 2 meseci
We need to take care of mother earth where humans live comfortably. We can breath fresh air and eat from growing food. We have everything here, we just need to take of it. Mother earth is beautiful
Youtubers Rewinds
Youtubers Rewinds Pred 2 meseci
Nice./Good job.
Jo Anne Roberts
Jo Anne Roberts Pred 2 meseci
Such a cool video! One day I sure we will have humans on Mars. I wont be here to witness it, unless we can pull it off soon. Im 60 y/o . We are so fortunate to have intelligent scientists who dont give up. Perseverance was THE BEST name, the scientists at NASA Jet Prepulsion labs could have named it. 🪐🔭📡🚀🛰
Columbo the true Patriot
@Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov The names are ???🤔 Well??🤔 Put a big smile on my face! 😁 Perfect and very thoughtful👍 Hey, " perfect and very thoughtful", could be the name of the next explorers!? Lol
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
Actually the naming of the Mars 2020 rover was opened not to the general public but to school aged students. That’s how Sojourner, Spirit, and Opportunity were chosen too. After the nation-wide contest a panel made up of 4700 volunteer judges, educators, professionals, and space enthusiasts reviewed the entries and narrowed the field down to 155 entries. After that field was narrowed down to 9 entries. The public then had 5 days to weigh in on their favorites. Those results were then submitted to NASA to make the final decision on the name.
Valkyrie Pred 2 meseci
imagine if perserverance comes across the other robot bodies v_v Also! when humans go to mars, imagine we step foot on mars, and we find the other robot bodies, :( I would hug the damn things, they're part of the reason we make it
Speed Gateways
Speed Gateways Pred 2 meseci
I am 100% sure that man will land on Mars in 2050, hope I will be alive to see the miracle
Bill Jones
Bill Jones Pred 2 meseci
Wish I was a young man again! I would volunteer for a one way mission to Mars in a heart beat. Plants for food, trees, water systems, or digging a cave to live in! Anything!
Paul Boulter
Paul Boulter Pred 2 meseci
Science fiction becomes reality..Huge respect to all the scientists at JPL.NASA and other organizations..I’m guessing most are product of MIT??
Apple Pop
Apple Pop Pred 2 meseci
just heard that it landed...excited
Scott Cupp
Scott Cupp Pred 2 meseci
Great Voiceover and presentation. I do have something I would like to address. As a recording engineer, I am hearing some clipping in your voice... The best way to resolve that is to bring your channel gain down a little bit in your DAW. That will eliminate any unwanted clipping problems
Rosa Perez
Rosa Perez Pred 2 meseci
Love it ! Thanks
Fred Kite
Fred Kite Pred 2 meseci
This is so much better than the stupid politics in America
Puneet Goyal
Puneet Goyal Pred 2 meseci
This is a great mission for the entire humanity. Our human race looks forward to the day when we step on mars.
Paul Roddy
Paul Roddy Pred 2 meseci
Brilliant information for us all especially young people, keep going NASA.
Swarup Seth
Swarup Seth Pred 2 meseci
Perseverance landed on mars successfully 🙌🙌
Tobie Louw
Tobie Louw Pred 2 meseci
freedoms2010 Pred 2 meseci
There goes my flat Mars theory
Mosese Qaloewai
Mosese Qaloewai Pred 2 meseci
I have to see a human step on Mars in my lifetime, i just freaking have to!!!
Jpizzle Pred 2 meseci
Just send people already
koriw1701 Pred 2 meseci
This was a very interesting video. The soundtrack was really impressive! I thought that I was watching Ben-Hur! Can I make a request? Can you PLEASE move your tags from the bottom center of the film because it's impossible to read any text that is part of the video from whomever the imagery is from. For example, I could not see the text printed at the bottom of the rover part description. I would have liked to see those! Can you please move them into one of the corners? I understand your wanting to credit your own page, but when it's detrimental to the story or video, it gives me more of a reason to watch this information from your competitors. Thank you.
Teena Croissant
Teena Croissant Pred 2 meseci
I don’t see any solar panels on this probe. What is its power source??
Teena Croissant
Teena Croissant Pred 2 meseci
@Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov That’s awesome! Thank you. So the only powers the probe for two years?
Carol Meier Narrator - revoeciov
Multimission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG). This will give you an explanation of how that works. Same as Curiosity. sltv.info/label/p6VmtM6xnoatpZA/video
Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle Pred 2 meseci
What happens to the Sky Crane? does it just flies away and crashes uselessly, or does it soft-lands and has usable sensors/cameras microphones/radio (relay), etc?
szaki Pred 2 meseci
I think, just crash far away, no use for it anymore!
Rodzillaone Pred 2 meseci
Human kind at its best! Minds from around the world compounding.
akriesman Pred 2 meseci
Very informative video !
David Roberts
David Roberts Pred 2 meseci
Hi carol that was an awesome video of what is happening with the planet Mars the next few years are going to be awesome keep the good work 🚀🇬🇧❤️👍David
A.M.7 Pred 2 meseci
I truly hope I'll live to see the first manned mission land on Mars! In modern day routine and stupidity, things like this remind us what remarkable feats we can accomplish when we put our minds to it.
aGuyWhoTypes Pred 2 meseci
No color photos from the new rover?
Art S
Art S Pred 2 meseci
Yes color cameras installed
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner Pred 2 meseci
Look at NASA's web-site. It's there.
Kue Eh Htoo
Kue Eh Htoo Pred 2 meseci
It not fully loaded you have to wait but they do send a new picture on news
Oscar Landry
Oscar Landry Pred 2 meseci
walter barber
walter barber Pred 2 meseci
Without a magnetic field to filter out deadly radiation it will be impossible to habitat Mars.
AMVAnimaI Pred 2 meseci
I think it's possible to block radiation with the Mars soil. A lot of propositions for Mars habitats involve "Mars bricks" surrounding the outside of the habitats, bricks 3D printed from processed Martian soil
szaki Pred 2 meseci
Probably, have to live underground or build habitats covered with dirt! Caves on Mars a cheap solution too!
Barbel Dagostino
Barbel Dagostino Pred 2 meseci
This is fascinating. So glad I'm still alive to experience a landing on Mars, if even only on TV or SLtv...lol
Cam Xi
Cam Xi Pred 2 meseci
How exciting!
big bob 169
big bob 169 Pred 2 meseci
We should start a pool on how many miles it runs for and how long it keeps on ticking .
Oskar W
Oskar W Pred 2 meseci
I hope that every piece of equipment will work as expected.
Prabhleen Kaur
Prabhleen Kaur Pred 2 meseci
Incredibly beautiful
minsa pint
minsa pint Pred 2 meseci
A huge achievement for America - bravo.
Gary Rathbone
Gary Rathbone Pred 2 meseci
Omg I can’t wait for the helicopter to take off what a great time to be alive!
Amanda White
Amanda White Pred 2 meseci
I hope the USA 🇺🇸 puts a man on Mars before the Chinese do
AMVAnimaI Pred 2 meseci
We probably will. China isn't even caught up with us on the Moon yet
David Eldred. Camping Wilder
Well done, USA.
Dorothy Kelly
Dorothy Kelly Pred 2 meseci
Amazing landed
Arya vijay
Arya vijay Pred 2 meseci
Thank u all very much .
Yes Way!
Yes Way! Pred 2 meseci
It was landed successfully!
J. PER Pred 2 meseci
amazing I also watched the moon landing . was glued to the screen .
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