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9. apr. 2021

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jacksepticeye Pred 28 dnevi
TacSMASH that tacLIKE button
William Carnes
William Carnes Pred 2 dnevi
The tacLike button is used by our great US soldiers, when in a battle field they press the tacLike button and become motivated.
that omnic mechanic
that omnic mechanic Pred 7 dnevi
I use cds to listen to music...well cds and vinyls.
Saberlight gaming
Saberlight gaming Pred 14 dnevi
Screw the metric system
Landyn Linman
Landyn Linman Pred 20 dnevi
@DeeperThnder I have
Landyn Linman
Landyn Linman Pred 20 dnevi
@Axell favorite song running at AAdfiAd
soevylayer Pred 2 urami
5:34 Jacksepticeye does a trade offer where he receives nothing and you receive a thumbdrive/USB stick. Do you accept?
Local idiot
Local idiot Pred 2 urami
CHEERIO’s VIBE Pred 3 urami
I have the boom touch and I can say it suprisinly works good. But you can hear a very quiet static when playing sound
Otaku Chan
Otaku Chan Pred 4 urami
What's next the ChugnShit lol
Cole Pred 4 urami
He should show the greatest freak out ever series.
Avery Hunter-wright
Avery Hunter-wright Pred 5 urami
I have a CD collection with over 200 CDs I love CDs T^T
Spin The wheel
Spin The wheel Pred 5 urami
Omg with the tac amplifier once it showed the TV I got a ad for the quiet place pt 2 lol
Video Game Time
Video Game Time Pred 6 urami
my names colton so when i keep seeing nick bolton i think, my name's not colton
ImperfectBalance Pred 6 urami
The intro is me when I'm bored after EOCs and Midterms
Noah Lydick
Noah Lydick Pred 6 urami
When you said “what see you trying to build s f*ckin husband” I died😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂
LosingMyMind Pred 7 urami
Im convinced that Jack is part Native American...which is at the beginning of this vid.
sammy cardoso
sammy cardoso Pred 7 urami
I literally thought my phone was glitching because of the thumbnail 🤣🤣
Terry the Outlaw
Terry the Outlaw Pred 8 urami
We use CD's For listening to country music in our truck
Darkness Burns223
Darkness Burns223 Pred 8 urami
safe n sound is probably a couple decades old if there are CDs.
Camron Pike
Camron Pike Pred 9 urami
Also if you pay attention to the old lady's computer the computer turned from a Dell computer to an Apple computer go back and watch the video Jack and watch her computer
ツツ Pred 10 urami
Not the green screen mall background-
Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner Pred 10 urami
i literally have one of those speakers lmao. my grandma gave it to me one year for xmas and tbh it’s kinda fire.
Mya Gowdy
Mya Gowdy Pred 11 urami
I had a good laugh out of this
Caleb Pred 12 urami
16:00 "The amazing D-Frost Wonder!" my response "Don't you have a microwave which defrost within a minute 30?"
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Pred 14 urami
The tac amplifier is basically hearing Aids because old people are wearing them
Matthew Revell
Matthew Revell Pred 14 urami
22:23 thank you Sean I needed someone to diss faren height again I just feels good to hear more and more people explain why this STUPID system is not needed
Lucidity Pred 15 urami
Yup Jacks the kinda guy to do a summoning ceremony to summon himself
5.Alex.C.M. Pred 15 urami
Juju on that beat frank
5.Alex.C.M. Pred 15 urami
Dodo fart
a yeet life
a yeet life Pred 15 urami
*the intro*:*demonic ritual intensifies*
abby wells
abby wells Pred 15 urami
The snap thing is cool my grandma has one
abby wells
abby wells Pred 15 urami
There is probably silver in the thawing one cause silver melts ice maybe
Min3mastR06 Pred 16 urami
Idk if we want your USB Jack, who knows that's on it🤔😂
Maunon ja Urhon pelit
Maunon ja Urhon pelit Pred 16 urami
Can be there a better intro (i am very bad at english because im from finland)
AmonAmarthFan609 Pred 17 urami
"A spanking paddle that eases your brain" is a sentence I never thought I'd hear
Thebeastjk Pred 17 urami
I actually saw a boom touch irl a while ago...
Slinkie Pred 17 urami
They use something like the sound amplifier but not how they put it. My dad has a pair of headphone type things that equalize sound. Basically someone talking in a low voice 20 feet away from you will be the same loudness as a gun going of right beside you head. I think my dad said it was supposed to help with tactical situations and flash bangs and stuff
Pred 18 urami
OMG WHEN I LIVED IN KOREA I LOVED THOSE HEATING PACKS!!! they're so hard to find in canada tho ;-;
Bakugo Katsukii-_-
Bakugo Katsukii-_- Pred 18 urami
I need tac glasses. Let’s goooo
Georgie O
Georgie O Pred 19 urami
When jacks on drugs 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Contax Pred 19 urami
@2:06 at night, that is basically what my vision is like (although that is indeed overexaggerated) to drive around in. Welcome to having astigmatism
Govind S Kurup
Govind S Kurup Pred 22 urami
" are you trying to build a effing husband " lol
Darion savannah
Darion savannah Pred 22 urami
Jack im so sorry that i havent been watching your vids
jellyci Pred 23 urami
well feck i mean i do want your USB stick
Linda Pred dnevom
Wait, I thought that the snapping heat pad thingies were like common? They are not a necessity to me but they sure are fun to use :P
Zander Myles Blake
Zander Myles Blake Pred dnevom
Those snap warm things aren’t new tho I forget the brand but I’ve seen small ones as hand warmers for winter when I was a kid
Zander Myles Blake
Zander Myles Blake Pred dnevom
Ok but why does it look like she’s trying to plug a wii into her computer that white tower looks suspiciously wii like
Ramiro Romero (Student)
Instead of Tacglasses wear sunglasses
Brandon McCandless
Brandon McCandless Pred dnevom
130 dollars for a bluetooth speaker? jack thats a 230 dollar pair of headphones
Fight with us
Fight with us Pred dnevom
ya now vince went to jail for beating a woman
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera Pred dnevom
The boom touch actually works my grandfather bought one and it surprised me you should get one to review it💯
Shawna Basallo
Shawna Basallo Pred dnevom
Okay...but if these products are still available he should absolutely get the products and see if it is 'rage inducing' or 'all the rage'
Holly Ess
Holly Ess Pred dnevom
ALL my families home videos are on CDs. anyone else?
Tacolover3707 Pred dnevom
I actually have a boom touch, it actually does work, the quality of the sound isn’t fantastic but it’s not bad.
kerrlyfry Pred dnevom
With the music I listen to that speaker would be in the trash on day 5. So the second would probably come in handy.
Lyra Pred dnevom
I hope I'm not the only one who thought of Joey Tribbiani when Jack was describing people dramatically opening up milk and saying there's gotta be a better way hahahaha.
SuperPlushBros Pred dnevom
*All With Just Two Fingers* Jack: o-o
Gaige Barth
Gaige Barth Pred dnevom
Also you cant absorb cold you cant cold isnt an energy cold is a lack in thermal energy
Russell Wilkes
Russell Wilkes Pred dnevom
12:11 extension cord without the extention
Gaige Barth
Gaige Barth Pred dnevom
I call bs on the tac amplifier if the marines had this my uncle wouldn't have seen two idiots get cut up by a helicopter rotor or maybe they just needed brains
one30am Pred dnevom
Those snap n soothe things work by a freezing process, it's really weird. Technology Connections has a video on it (and other hand warmers) that explains how it works.
Grace Holbert
Grace Holbert Pred dnevom
If hearing aids actually boosted volume like that I'd still be using them.
Kristi Pearce
Kristi Pearce Pred dnevom
I smiled like an idiot the whole time Sean was admiring his own bearded face. I don’t know why, it’s just nice that he’s got good self esteem.
Jamie Love
Jamie Love Pred dnevom
Why did I get an anti trans ad on this video??
Clive Pedersen
Clive Pedersen Pred dnevom
Five minutes in and I am checking when this was made
Zelda God
Zelda God Pred dnevom
If you connect multiple little shorties you get one big shortie
Kasee Layton
Kasee Layton Pred dnevom
Teachers: you look dumb me; laugh LAAAAUGH
Jake Cobbett
Jake Cobbett Pred dnevom
Dude those induction speakers do work I had one lol
Tim Eriksson
Tim Eriksson Pred dnevom
I heared you were giving away a free usb stick? Id like to get it. Well keep up the good works sean
Evan Worrell
Evan Worrell Pred dnevom
Is it weird that I have the boom touch
Killyun Derr
Killyun Derr Pred dnevom
Only five seconds in and I’m wondering what life choices led up to this... I love it
Levii Fn
Levii Fn Pred dnevom
Billy Rejekt
Billy Rejekt Pred dnevom
Carl Pred dnevom
The "Tac Visor" is very similar to the aftermarket sun visors sold by various companies to helicopter operators. Look up, "Rosen Sun Visors", for example. They're also marketed to large vehicle operators. It's possibly the only product I saw here that might actually be a sensible purchase if you happened to forget your sunglasses that day. The "D-Frost" plate is almost certainly just a slab of aluminum with ridges milled in for drainage. Aluminum is highly thermally conductive. I don't know that it works because I've never tried it, but it seems logical if logic means you infer a possible outcome based on vaguely known properties of a thing (aluminum, in this case).
Will Berger
Will Berger Pred dnevom
18:08 I'm sorry, bUT WHO SHAVES IN THEIR CAR!?!?!?
kyanshi Pred dnevom
SafeandSound? screw that, get a sandisk! No joke if you need a flashdrive that you don't want to worry about get a frigging sandisk. I've had one for more than 10 years, been through the washer about 20 or 30 times, drier almost 20, suffered through humidity, dropped, stomped and smashed on. Still in one piece and works like it's new. SanDisk people. THE best flash drive you will EVER own.
Bonnie Bunbuns
Bonnie Bunbuns Pred dnevom
Yes I use CDs to watch my favorite movies on my CD player
NiteStrikerYT 09
NiteStrikerYT 09 Pred dnevom
9:33 bell of bullshit
Mr OP Enchanter
Mr OP Enchanter Pred dnevom
Does Granny Lou have Arthritis?
Rainer Gangemi
Rainer Gangemi Pred dnevom
Some one random: (smashes a jar on the wall trying to open it) ther has got to be a better way! Some one working on this website: I introduce to you a high TEC jar opener that takes only 5 ours to open it and all you have to do is donate your blood 🩸 to satin, and it only costs 50000000 dollars. And you can pick it up on the center of the earth. Same random person: wow! Amazing (shows a huge machine trying to open it) Same person on the website: come get it today (machine throws guy off the screen) Machine:R O B O T S W I L L R U L E T H E W O R L D ! ! !
Jaxon Harbour
Jaxon Harbour Pred dnevom
Bro. The snam n sooth is SUCH a rip off. we had an exchange student from china, and there, they have the exact same thing, except with way cooler designs, and they were like 25 cents each.
joey campbell
joey campbell Pred dnevom
Growing up on C° I absolutely see that F° makes way more sense. Just imagine that you only know the number scale and no temperature scale, then try and tell me what sounds hot 100°F or 37°C.
le spiderweb
le spiderweb Pred dnevom
Tony Kavanagh
Tony Kavanagh Pred dnevom
shorty's together in market long
cheese stick
cheese stick Pred dnevom
I'm pretty sure that's not how magnetic fields work
Adam Khan
Adam Khan Pred dnevom
the soldier at 2:02 looks like Ian from smosh
Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith Pred dnevom
For the d-frost wonder, an aluminum cooking sheet works just fine. It's doing the same thing. If you REALLY want to thaw faster you can put another aluminum tray on top.
Charlie Mitchell
Charlie Mitchell Pred dnevom
Well, the melting board could be legit if its aluminum or copper. we had a ice shaper press that melts ice super fast made from copper. it just transfers the cold to the metal. kinda like a reverse heat sink
Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith Pred dnevom
As an electrical engineer, I think the way the magnetic induction of the boom touch works is that it it senses the magnetic fields created by the coils in the speakers and amplifies them to the bigger speaker. Pretty neat idea, but I can imagine you having to place the phone just right and the slightest magnetic interference noise being amplified and blowing out eardrums.
CSM RYAN Pred dnevom
my friend has the boom touch and its actually not that bad and it works just by putting the phone on top.
Marc sotelo
Marc sotelo Pred dnevom
What ever happened to the old intro, top of the morning to you laddies
Craig Ewing
Craig Ewing Pred dnevom
so glad I started watching your content again. "go fuck yourself nick" broke me.
earlysteven gamer number 2
“Traffic in New York is a warzone” *True*
Charlie Baklava
Charlie Baklava Pred dnevom
If you need to smash the knife to get through carrots it means you need to sharpen the knife and learn to cut better
Tagadhur Malaguld
Tagadhur Malaguld Pred dnevom
3:25 this got me, not the video, jack and the meme, god damn that was funny
Harry Daly
Harry Daly Pred dnevom
Who misses the whiteboard
Benjamin Moreno
Benjamin Moreno Pred dnevom
Sean you should play cry of fear again, I liked the old videos but I want to see it with current Sean.
mark renz A. perez
mark renz A. perez Pred dnevom
jack: hating cd me: loves cd because its my only entertainment besides paying for internet
andy rogers
andy rogers Pred dnevom
“A cd, who in their right mind is using cd’s anymore” i have a gaming computer that doesn’t have a cd tray anymore *me in 2040* remember when...
Umar Syahril
Umar Syahril Pred dnevom
When i watched that intro I thought I was in the Lion King.
Mike Barrow
Mike Barrow Pred dnevom
Tac hearing..Can I show them my hearing aids and say it advanced tac hearing?? Hmm people don’t even think twice and not say it a hearing aids. Hahahahha
GUN NUT Pred dnevom
5:41 Am I the only idiot that still does that?!
Jacksepticeye: says Fahrenheit is bullshit Me: cried in American Also me: laughs in 1% irish
Matthew Pred dnevom
I have the egg pod it works
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