I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card 

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.




14. okt. 2020

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im tired
im tired Pred 2 minutami
Either way I know this was a while ago but the going broke song you actually had some pretty good lyrics let's be honest your other songs were kind of bad but I actually think if you go that same style you'll have some pretty good songs just don't go like hype just chill with their songs you know like don't go hyperactive I'm just saying you would have a pretty good song thing cuz I noticed like you were more chill and not like me super hype I really hope you take that advice with your songs cuz actually the going broke one was pretty good but yeah you really got a chance and honestly if you made an album it would probably be really good just keep your same flow and maybe later down the line after you make a album or you don't you could rap battle KSI so we can finally win something in my right but yeah not be pretty sick
im tired
im tired Pred 4 minutami
Bro where the f*** have you been
a n e s t h e s i a
a n e s t h e s i a Pred 5 minutami
Dude please send your brother some help since you're actually a cultured individual
thedukes18 Pred 8 minutami
Evander Kane gonna win
Bryson Bamsch
Bryson Bamsch Pred 29 minutami
i have that card in my binder-
vroom vroom
vroom vroom Pred 40 minutami
Dark_Slayer4 Pred 56 minutami
I have that carx
Luke Pred uro
What is the background song in the beginning of the video?
Roman Gimenez Lima
Le caes mal al bananero
DatBoiDoe Pred uro
pokemon creators stalking in the back be like: hehe boi
Winter Armstrong
shave yo beard
ريبو / Repo
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ومحبكم من العراق والسعيد محتاج عشرة مشتركين الله يفرج هم كل من يقول تم ❤️
asri salleh
asri salleh Pred 2 urami
Can u shave your beard and get a haircut
Alejandro Pred 2 urami
150k usd is nice for a psa 10 charizard?
Eric Gates
Eric Gates Pred 2 urami
where are you where are you where are you where are you where are you where are you where are you where are you where are you where are you
Ramiro Torres
Ramiro Torres Pred 2 urami
Dude can post new videos life’s Pretty boring
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Pred 2 urami
It's an offer that he can't refuse! Definitely
Salvatore Centrone
Salvatore Centrone Pred 3 urami
Anyone he to ask logan to come back
Tam Lim
Tam Lim Pred 3 urami
A man tell that man go to philipines bicause it can cause milion pesos thier if change the dallors to pesos it can cause billion or million
Narlem Pred 3 urami
$953,324 for that card?? who is offering
Ferocity Pred 3 urami
New video is being uploaded on the hub: Hot girl bangs me during Pokemon deal
blissfulss Pred 3 urami
They grow up so fast.
Hizzy Pred 3 urami
Kane’s gonna rock ur ass
Mikey Fritts
Mikey Fritts Pred 4 urami
I have one
Sean Omari
Sean Omari Pred 4 urami
I divorced my wife just to follow your SLtv career.
Husain Saleh
Husain Saleh Pred 4 urami
bumhut Pred 5 urami
I’ve have that card along with all the rest of that set as well as many many more first edition sets. Let me know if you would like to take a look sometime
Fice Dize
Fice Dize Pred 5 urami
Logan Paul Is Better Than Jake Paul Change My Mind
Sour Clue
Sour Clue Pred 5 urami
That card is fake
Marian It
Marian It Pred 5 urami
Remember when the paul family actually posted stuff on youtube 😭
jon snow
jon snow Pred 5 urami
Damn dude you don't know how to keep a girlfriend do you
Reign Pred 5 urami
Rick Harrison is a fool harry potter says Voldemort
Champane Capi
Champane Capi Pred 6 urami
Anthony Alvidrez Gonzalez
Kilar Mod
Kilar Mod Pred 6 urami
rip logan paul
chen xuewei
chen xuewei Pred 7 urami
How the fuck is it so orange when your fucking color blind.
chiranjeevi yadav
chiranjeevi yadav Pred 7 urami
What about your dog ginger the giant What happened to her
Rag Time Rage
Rag Time Rage Pred 7 urami
I was expecting for garrys son to say i watch and enjoy your videos to lhana.
Selvid Boom
Selvid Boom Pred 7 urami
your content got shit bro good luck for the lil logang
JustMikey Pred 7 urami
get your brother in shape
frazzer l
frazzer l Pred 8 urami
Can Somebody tell were the fuck logan is ???
seba ,
seba , Pred 8 urami
I hate you bicht
EnderYT Pred 8 urami
When is the next vlog or video king
Lambowrap_YT Pred 8 urami
Only reason why Logan Paul’s not posting is because he broke up with his girlfriend I’m sorry about your girlfriend Logan
Mohammad Omer
Mohammad Omer Pred 8 urami
Roozbeh Pred 8 urami
This is what happens when people get too much money and feel like not entertaining us RIP Logan Paul 😘🤣
Diana Ortiz
Diana Ortiz Pred 8 urami
Martin Čadež
Martin Čadež Pred 8 urami
Gary is so coooollll
Martin Čadež
Martin Čadež Pred 8 urami
Martin Čadež
Martin Čadež Pred 8 urami
I m buying pokemon cards tho
Azle Washington
Azle Washington Pred 8 urami
Imagine saying no and ending up finding out it’s worth 5 million dollars 3 years later 😂
Iby Pred 9 urami
Anyone know why he ain't uploading I miss the vlogs
Martin Čadež
Martin Čadež Pred 8 urami
He might come back
Martin Čadež
Martin Čadež Pred 8 urami
He has just stoped
Brick sink
Brick sink Pred 9 urami
Can u upload a video
Youngun officials
Youngun officials Pred 9 urami
I use to love you but I fucked up in a fight with ksi so fkk uu
bob ross
bob ross Pred 9 urami
Who else misses the old logan paul?
Martin Čadež
Martin Čadež Pred 8 urami
@Angelo Jeremiah 7th 'A' Fuck u
Martin Čadež
Martin Čadež Pred 8 urami
Me tho
Angelo Jeremiah 7th 'A'
Adrian black
Adrian black Pred 9 urami
Hello Laura and Paul I've been wondering quite some time now when are you going to get an owl remember when that time when you saved one what the hell did take you so I don't think your mum but I recommend probably is a barn owl or a vampire owl
Måns Palmdahl
Måns Palmdahl Pred 9 urami
Man, where are u?😔
Anas Mayow
Anas Mayow Pred 9 urami
I hate you logan
dadas adadas
dadas adadas Pred 10 urami
He is gone
Manisvery Handsome
Manisvery Handsome Pred 10 urami
Haven’t posted another video in a month...😭😭😭😭😭
Hridaan Roshan
Hridaan Roshan Pred 10 urami
Why are you wasting money on Pokemon
Muhammed Cassim
Muhammed Cassim Pred 11 urami
AzingBlaze Pred 11 urami
i like how the girl at the back literally doesn’t give a fuck
Taylor Neilson
Taylor Neilson Pred 12 urami
3 years later, I just sold that charizard for 400k
Dave Alldrick
Dave Alldrick Pred 12 urami
O man kanes gonna destroy you
Cherise Burger
Cherise Burger Pred 12 urami
fight Josh Brueckner from Jatie Vlogs
Priston DSouza
Priston DSouza Pred 12 urami
I have Charizard ex how much money you will give
Lemon Juice Gaming
Lemon Juice Gaming Pred 46 minutami
I will give u 1 dollar
Priston DSouza
Priston DSouza Pred 12 urami
V.good he should get
MarcOP Pred 12 urami
Non me ne frega un cazzo, ok?
Drzyzu Dru
Drzyzu Dru Pred 13 urami
honestly I hate the pauls but Logan is the only one I have at least SOME respect for.
BISAYANG POBRE Guerta Pred 13 urami
Pls help my you tube channel to help my family pls help MGA KATANGS OFFICIAL VLOGS
aihal aminia
aihal aminia Pred 13 urami
Yo......... Logan fight Josh Bruekner from Jatie Vlogs
LPS siru
LPS siru Pred 13 urami
Feyzanur Celik
Feyzanur Celik Pred 13 urami
Türküm logan paul hayranıyım
Meliha Taştan
Meliha Taştan Pred 15 urami
Eskizoide Cards&Bootleg
And... It ended being truth that was the last thing on his collection...
Hüseyin Alakuş
Hüseyin Alakuş Pred 15 urami
La ne diyonki anlamıyom.
Vergara james
Vergara james Pred 15 urami
another vlog pls, its been a month bro
Gob Gamer
Gob Gamer Pred 17 urami
I found a Chinese charizard for $700 in eBay 😂
late doomer
late doomer Pred 17 urami
Jesus, almost all recent vlogs and videos of Logan's almost hit 10 millions while jake on the other hand....
Brian Koh
Brian Koh Pred 17 urami
Fuck you pauls
Supziq Pred 17 urami
Yes! Thats what i want
ZoomgamerZahi Pred 17 urami
Logan Paul do boxing again please I know you will one shot knock out someone
Supziq Pred 3 urami
@ZoomgamerZahi 😂
ZoomgamerZahi Pred 5 urami
@Supziq oh somebody’s salty 😂
Supziq Pred 16 urami
Stupid trashtalker
Supziq Pred 16 urami
Obviously he will lose
Supziq Pred 16 urami
@ZoomgamerZahi i will not fight but ksi will
Hi five
Hi five Pred 18 urami
ngl I used to hate logan but now is different
Supziq Pred 17 urami
Keep hating him i love it
Supziq Pred 17 urami
Lol don't do it
Kylie vlogs Wyandt-Schmeichel
Hey I'm a disstrake on the jake paulers so my channel is Kylie Kylievlogswyandtschmeichel
SportyAlt Pred 19 urami
Anybody else like Logan Paul now because they realized jake paul is a weirdo and logans actualy pretty chill and respectful
Aussie Artist
Aussie Artist Pred 19 urami
This took “Pokémon trading” to the next level
Grubbyzo123 4
Grubbyzo123 4 Pred 19 urami
We’re are the vids Logan
SammyBoy_YT Pred 20 urami
He started shit with the best youtubers. Mr Beast, Pewdiepie, Lazarbeam, and KSI. This dude such a bitch smh
Lux ll Fn Mc
Lux ll Fn Mc Pred 20 urami
daniel martín benavides salazar
Lana was at house, that is really awesome, but charizard is charizard
jesus lagunas
jesus lagunas Pred 21 uro
Logan fucking post I’m bored asf
Sam Bateman
Sam Bateman Pred 21 uro
How does it feel to have a douche as a brother? I seriously think your the better, more mature brother ngl.
Jeremiah McLenithan
Yo is it cool if I come move in? Thanks bro
Ygor Champz
Ygor Champz Pred 22 urami
•Esse é o balão 🎈 da sorte, quem “curtir” terá uma ótima notícia! VOCÊ PODE ME AJUDAR A BATER 19K DE INSCRITOS? 🔥❤️
Ivan :D
Ivan :D Pred 22 urami
Wya ?
Rooh Rauf
Rooh Rauf Pred 23 urami
we need an update on ginger
Ethan Vue
Ethan Vue Pred 23 urami
Did Logan lose weight and did his voice change?
Robert Foley
Robert Foley Pred 23 urami
I need a vlog bro
Robert Foley
Robert Foley Pred 23 urami
Make a fucking video
irishwarrior 1232
irishwarrior 1232 Pred 23 urami
Plz up load god
Mahiya Shukla
Mahiya Shukla Pred 23 urami
Official petition to remove Logan cause he does not upload as he says 😤