Ranking Guys Based on Apperance - Jubilee React #15 

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1. dec. 2020

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sirinelegrand Pred 8 urami
« Indonesian K-pop » 😂😂😂😂😂😭
NoyNation13 Pred dnevom
They calling Roy cute but they all know he would get friend zoned in an instant
Itz LynnPlayz
Itz LynnPlayz Pred dnevom
Ok,for me ROY is literally the most attractive for me and jorge will be 2nd cause of his generous personality👌❤
Chinese Tom
Chinese Tom Pred dnevom
bruh i hate their opinions so much FOR GUYS and for girls clearly the black guy and the muscled one are my favourite and for the girls excatly what pewds choose except i feel like the girl with yellow hair is abit crazy so i would put her before the last one
Ashley Singh
Ashley Singh Pred dnevom
The Indonesian kpop guy was the most attractive in my eyes ngl
Sanne Aarbakke
Sanne Aarbakke Pred 2 dnevi
Girls care just as much as boys, stop flatering urself
Bryan Blaisdell
Bryan Blaisdell Pred 2 dnevi
Ew the black girl was so full of herself... also Anthony is the best looking imo
Its Me
Its Me Pred 3 dnevi
Pink shirt is the most attractive from the 5
Susan V
Susan V Pred 3 dnevi
That white should have been a 3 at most.
Aurin Pred 3 dnevi
Vijay Jadhav
Vijay Jadhav Pred 3 dnevi
They should have called womens one by one and then rank them , all had different views but got influenced
Rashi Pred 3 dnevi
Whole world- we don't judge people, honestly everyone does
Gabeoman Pred 3 dnevi
"Because he might be a Trump supporter." So shallow, uninformed, and unintelligent.
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo Pred 3 dnevi
Thats so weird. The guy in the least attractive spot was the most attractive to me. Easily. Edit. His name is Roy
Sirina Rina
Sirina Rina Pred 3 dnevi
Kpop, k stands for korea... "Indonesian kpop"?
Nick Talks
Nick Talks Pred 3 dnevi
Honestly, if I had time to plan to be there I would be an easy 5th place
Sofie Gray
Sofie Gray Pred 4 dnevi
anthony shouldve been last sorry
Daksh Pat
Daksh Pat Pred 4 dnevi
"Women are into men butts" *Me confused why my dump truck ass isn't working on girls*
Quintessa CookieW0LF13!
Influencers عالم المشاهير
Did it happen ? Send me links !!!!!
TECKSMITH Pred 4 dnevi
@Influencers عالم المشاهير I'm just jk
Influencers عالم المشاهير
@TECKSMITHAyeeh ! Didnt know this place on SLtv is restricted for us 🥺
TECKSMITH Pred 4 dnevi
أشنوا كتديري هنا، مغربية؟
Priya Singh
Priya Singh Pred 6 dnevi
If I had to rank than Roy would definitely be no. 1 for me .his just the cutest
emma gartner
emma gartner Pred 6 dnevi
Nah I was rooting for Roy, I wish he was #1.
AwkwardAsianGirl Pred 7 dnevi
Roy really reminds me of Jun from JunsKitchen; and both are VERY attractive
Adwans Pred 7 dnevi
Defenetly Racist!!!
Clara Winther
Clara Winther Pred 7 dnevi
Pewdiepie: that dude's got the wrong hair cut Also Pewdiepie: has the exact same hair cut
coesheygalaxygames Pred 8 dnevi
pink shirt is the best looking in my opinion
she weird Anomaly
she weird Anomaly Pred 8 dnevi
I really liked Roy, he seems like a sweet guy any lucky girl would be lucky to get to know
Casmira Pred 8 dnevi
The girls were definitely feeling bitter after their rating session lol - primarily the ones that got placed lower. My rating: 1: Pink shirt 2: Bootleg Michael B 3: Roy 4: Anthony 5: Fratty
Madison Bertrand
Madison Bertrand Pred 8 dnevi
1- the black guy 2- roy 3- the tooth necklace 4- vin diesel 5- white boy
Yusur Kassem
Yusur Kassem Pred 9 dnevi
I don't know what that study is talking about, but as a women i can confirm on behalf of everyone that yes you're instantly 10 times more attractive if you have a dog or a cat with you
Jade Pred 9 dnevi
It's impossible lmao they're all 3s they're all decently attractive with a couple things I don't like about them personally... maybe that study is right like none of them are 10s so they're all the same
Smeargle OS
Smeargle OS Pred 9 dnevi
I actually liked Roy (No Homo) he seemed very humble. I personally am attracted to women who are shorter than me but not incredibly short and women that are my height at most.
Kɛlvin Pred 9 dnevi
5:01 Ipop
Fuck You
Fuck You Pred 9 dnevi
Can someone pls tell me where is the colaboration
Krttika Goel
Krttika Goel Pred 10 dnevi
more jubilee pls
Bookworm Pred 10 dnevi
Chisom Anyanwu
Chisom Anyanwu Pred 10 dnevi
It sucks how some Asian guys tend to get pity points because of their demure personality. If Roy was just a tad more confident and stood up for himself, he would’ve naturally been rated higher.
Sekar Vina
Sekar Vina Pred 10 dnevi
"Indonesian k-pop" While me Indonesian : uh...okay pewds
Lil JuiceBox05
Lil JuiceBox05 Pred 10 dnevi
Prewds is gay
Annyeong Hehe
Annyeong Hehe Pred 10 dnevi
x.babyxogirl.x Pred 10 dnevi
I would be Roy as number 1 because he’s like the perfect balance between hot and cute.
Lukaz Pred 11 dnevi
Blue shirt guy looks like a school bully ngl
M.o Pred 11 dnevi
i genuinely find roy the most attractive. Introverts are the best
natasha Mcloughlin
natasha Mcloughlin Pred 11 dnevi
They needed to rank individually and then average it out.
yung asian
yung asian Pred 12 dnevi
2:41 pewdiepie speaking my thoughts into existence 😌👌
ayse zeren
ayse zeren Pred 12 dnevi
pewds says suscribe to jubilee also pewds not suscribed
Rotlhe Masole
Rotlhe Masole Pred 12 dnevi
RIP Roy...
Jacob Vautier
Jacob Vautier Pred 12 dnevi
Odd man out 6 Gaming creators VS Pewdiepie Get like, Mark, Jack, Ethan, Poki, etc and put them in a group chat with no audio or visual and they have to try to get out Pewdiepie.
Countercurrents Pred 12 dnevi
Blue Shirt guy is easily mogs others to Oblivion.
Czechpol Pred 12 dnevi
For real. Jaw, Chin and Height = Chadlite and good potential
Raissa Naufal Sopyan
Raissa Naufal Sopyan Pred 12 dnevi
Sally K
Sally K Pred 13 dnevi
Bruh the black dude I would’ve put first 🤝
Megan Bell
Megan Bell Pred 13 dnevi
Anthony is ugly lmfao
Alt Cont
Alt Cont Pred 12 dnevi
Who hurt you?
Pink Goat
Pink Goat Pred 13 dnevi
How short is Anthony😭
Raaj Baniya
Raaj Baniya Pred 13 dnevi
Do ittt Pewdiepie 😂
Julia Kreuzer
Julia Kreuzer Pred 13 dnevi
the guys could definitely hear at least some of what the girls were saying
silly shalaka
silly shalaka Pred 13 dnevi
5:03 Did i hear correctly? Did he just say Indonesian kpop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Patricia M
Patricia M Pred 14 dnevi
I feel kinda bad they ranked Roy out of pity...
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Pred 14 dnevi
hunny you right we don't care about looks lmao
Camrine H
Camrine H Pred 14 dnevi
Yes do it!!!!!!!
NOSA Pred 14 dnevi
5:00 "Indonesian k-pop" lmao
Mariela Romero
Mariela Romero Pred 14 dnevi
“no he has the wrong haircut” -pewd *yet he has the same haircut*
NotPlayAllDay Pred 14 dnevi
Lessss Gooo ROY!
LifeisGood Pred 14 dnevi
Surprise, those earmuffs don't remove vocal sounds....
24 K
24 K Pred 14 dnevi
Anthony looks so wholesome
Michael Faber
Michael Faber Pred 14 dnevi
The audio at the end of the video is just gone ._.
Disney__Queen Pred 15 dnevi
I kinda wish the girls would have solely ranked before meeting together because I feel like it might have been interesting to see individual thoughts
x lorrix -
x lorrix - Pred 15 dnevi
All guys are good if you fry them for long enough
spadający ja
spadający ja Pred 15 dnevi
Lil calab I like it
Rishita Umasankaran
Rishita Umasankaran Pred 15 dnevi
they should bring gays into this it would be interesting
hehe lmao
hehe lmao Pred 15 dnevi
Faith McNabnay
Faith McNabnay Pred 15 dnevi
the guy they chose as #1 is the least attractive
Autumnverse Pred 15 dnevi
I like the intro 😸
Charlotte griffiths
Charlotte griffiths Pred 15 dnevi
The pink shirt was the hottest by far
Toxic_ Acid73
Toxic_ Acid73 Pred 16 dnevi
Thought he meant the restaurant
T1G Pred 16 dnevi
Roy needs to be higher
sorry for my english
sorry for my english Pred 16 dnevi
when he said Roy looked better from far away... that was exactly what i was thinking
Virgin Gains
Virgin Gains Pred 16 dnevi
proof pewdewpie is actually a gay man
マカロニぱすた Pred 16 dnevi
Second I say Roy he was #1 in my heart. He deserves wayy more than 4th place.
An Imposter
An Imposter Pred 17 dnevi
“Indonesian k-pop”
samuel nygaard
samuel nygaard Pred 17 dnevi
From one Sam to another, you’re making us proud dude.
Anti Fruit
Anti Fruit Pred 17 dnevi
Please please please make this collab happen!
howie metzger
howie metzger Pred 17 dnevi
I think they all just genuine decent looking guys
howie metzger
howie metzger Pred 9 dnevi
Lil JuiceBox05 not a bro if u can respect a mans good looks
Lil JuiceBox05
Lil JuiceBox05 Pred 10 dnevi
Fiyin Aregbe
Fiyin Aregbe Pred 17 dnevi
What kind of outfits do women like 🤔?
poulan9 Pred 17 dnevi
The black guy tries to style it out saying 'I think the girls were [judging] personality based' is a massive backfire - that's basically saying they thought he was the least attractive and he thinks he has the worst personality.
Elaf Alghamdi
Elaf Alghamdi Pred 17 dnevi
This is more way ffffuuuunnnn😭😭😭
Shahroz Nurullah
Shahroz Nurullah Pred 18 dnevi
Do it man.....
marshi Pred 18 dnevi
✨if✨you✨ don't ✨look✨like✨Jimin✨your✨not✨ attractive ✨ Jk
m Pred 18 dnevi
i'm a white girl and i dont like black guys he is a 5 - 5
ZainthMaster Pred 18 dnevi
spam 0 on the video its cool
Fils H
Fils H Pred 18 dnevi
“Being Mexican” Felix: ??? I don’t understand??
brooke Pred 19 dnevi
idk bruh short sock should be 1, beanie boy should be 2, shorty is 3 bc he seems full of himself, frat boy is 4 and kpop is 5 in my personal opinion
Wiktor Błażkiewicz
Wiktor Błażkiewicz Pred 19 dnevi
I have seen your reaction Has a little more views Well i have a little more subscribers Total destruction
cute pencilcase
cute pencilcase Pred 19 dnevi
Literally none of them look attractive imo
Obiazi Naomi Emefile
Obiazi Naomi Emefile Pred 19 dnevi
The black guy is actually cute but his clothes...not it
ash Pred 17 dnevi
yes. Dressed like a teenager. Would look great in a more mature outfit.
SGT_ 5WITCH Pred 19 dnevi
I'd probably be at the least one ALWAYS
Schrodinger's Cat
Schrodinger's Cat Pred 19 dnevi
i feel bad for the black guy, he deserved a much higher ranking, like 1 or 2. generic looking white guy would've been 4 or 5 for me.
bri Pred 19 dnevi
Roy deserves better. Roy is attractive.
saydee Pred 19 dnevi
Pewds never heard of that cause he’s not Hispanic I would put The black guy number 1 The white guy number 2 Asian guy 3 Hispanic guy 4 Short guy 5
Meshanda Priscilia
Meshanda Priscilia Pred 19 dnevi
Blue shirt guy like Elon Musk
Caleb Tabert
Caleb Tabert Pred 19 dnevi
He’s still not subscribed to their channel lol
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