My Daughter's Emotional Goodbye To Gymnastics 💔 

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My daughter is moving 3,000 miles away, and in this video she says an emotional goodbye to her gymnastics team.
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Salish has done lots of videos with me. She adopted a puppy "10-Year-Old Has Only 10 Minutes to ADOPT A PUPPY *Emotional*" sltv.info/label/od2jvZG6b3NweWs/video. She took on a bodybuilder "BODYBUILDER vs MY DAUGHTER - Adorable Fitness and Gymnastics Challenge" sltv.info/label/mZlo3c-1bZqFaK4/video. And learned contortion from Sofie Dossi "Sofie Dossi Teaches My Daughter Contortion" sltv.info/label/osyDsrOOinSrnoA/video
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7. jan. 2021

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