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5. nov. 2018

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Food Reacts
Food Reacts Pred mesecem
Wish the games were more than 30minsn
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Pred mesecem
3:25 he said he had his eyebrows done I don’t think he did
Daniel vuojolainen
Manchester United Lover
Alfie and Glander are the future of football am surprised on how there not playing pro
Smithey Pred letom
JJ is still fatter
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Pred letom
We are sidemates we are sidemates
CorinFM Pred 2 leti
Come on man I am ten and I play an hour matches on a bigger pitch aswell
Finn Crawford
Finn Crawford Pred 2 leti
Whats the song he uses to look at stats and that
safc till I die
safc till I die Pred 2 leti
100000 percent deserve top of the league
The thumbs up doctor
What’s wrong with your face
Eamon Mcloughlin
Eamon Mcloughlin Pred 2 leti
Side mates vs under the radar
DopeyG Pred 2 leti
Respect goes to you u rlly skinny
Kaustubh Pred 2 leti
So boring match. Under radar fc 💪
Birb Pred 2 leti
I wish I could be you right now dude you have been really good at taking care of your body compared to last year. You are one of my fav youtubers
Jaiveer Matharu
Jaiveer Matharu Pred 2 leti
Someone should make a compilation of all the ‘u don’t save those’
feras you can do it
imagine UTR vs sidemate ?who will win?
Ethan Phelan
Ethan Phelan Pred 2 leti
Wtf is that commentary, why do you talk like that it’s so fucking annoying
EbT103 Pred 2 leti
farhan 28
farhan 28 Pred 2 leti
How about sidemen vs sidemates
EQ Squared
EQ Squared Pred 2 leti
Is that behzinga or Ross Barkley???
Ligginsment Gold
Ligginsment Gold Pred 2 leti
Behz your commentary is something to be reckoned with FIFA 20 here we come
Brandon Hothan
Brandon Hothan Pred 2 leti
After you were Massive you have been so cringe
Trill Mercz
Trill Mercz Pred 2 leti
are you gonna fight in the next event?
Will Callan
Will Callan Pred 2 leti
Bro you’re lookin so good. Actually gassed for you mate
Ben Rodman
Ben Rodman Pred 2 leti
Yyyoouuu dddooooonnnntttt ssssaaaavvveee ttttthhhhhoooieeessss
Ziyaad Siddiqui
Ziyaad Siddiqui Pred 2 leti
Subscribe to pewdiepie and hit the bell
tyler hume
tyler hume Pred 2 leti
Your striker is btec
the diamond Justin
the diamond Justin Pred 2 leti
You’re friend Sean miss is you
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly Pred 2 leti
Looking good mate, keep grafting hard👍🏻
BALON Plus Pred 2 leti
Good good football guys...greetings from Italy!
NRLAU14 Pred 2 leti
will there be AFC Side Mates vs YTAS next year????!!!!!
5IVE GUYS FC Pred 2 leti
See you soon 😉5️⃣🏆
Frankie Elliott
Frankie Elliott Pred 2 leti
Your enthusiasm is on another level 😂
Jay Smart
Jay Smart Pred 2 leti
How many expressos?
Edwin Carmona
Edwin Carmona Pred 2 leti
Alfie is sick and he actually called that he was going to score a hat trick
ConRobo6 Pred 2 leti
No offence but has behz ever scored and If so what episode
ConRobo6 Pred 2 leti
You should do a sidemen sidemates Harry gk Cb JJ Cb josh Cb behz Cm Tobi St Simon Or move harry into midfield This would be hilarious
Jack Cain
Jack Cain Pred 2 leti
You are the only reason why I like Monday
GRC Pred 2 leti
Love the kit
Hain A
Hain A Pred 2 leti
The whitest team ever 😂😂
Joshua 1
Joshua 1 Pred 2 leti
I'd love to play with use up there with Alfie I'd bag 5 goals a game atleast
Joshua 1
Joshua 1 Pred 2 leti
Anyone else think Ethan looks alot happier and healthier it really has changed you totally and dramatically
The B00st3R
The B00st3R Pred 2 leti
Behz is looking proper fresh here !! Love it
BORA2004 Pred 2 leti
I love this team
Lil Brazy
Lil Brazy Pred 2 leti
Ethan lost so much weight woahh
mitchel clements
mitchel clements Pred 2 leti
Your competition is wack compared to the grays power play
Ibrahim Rafi
Ibrahim Rafi Pred 2 leti
The last time i saw this funny fat bitch, was fat as fck. He body in good shape bruh
nate9696 Pred 2 leti
how in gods name is that team 4th in your division with no keeper. there revolving door of keepers were terrible. You guys were top notch though.
Paul Fanning
Paul Fanning Pred 2 leti
Hangover who the fuck are they 😂😂
Noahtjuh Pred 2 leti
Wow you changed since last year, stay strong and keep doing you bro!
Conor Graham
Conor Graham Pred 2 leti
Hanover 96 is a pro team in Germany, jus isn't based from the Hangover
YT Kylo213
YT Kylo213 Pred 2 leti
Ethan why do you look so thin
Sam Masterson
Sam Masterson Pred 2 leti
When is your 11 side team gunna come that would be fun
Euann AC
Euann AC Pred 2 leti
Get in touch with Spencer FC and merge clubs 😂
Robbie Maclachlan
Robbie Maclachlan Pred 2 leti
Make an 11aside team 🤤
Voinz Pred 2 leti
Fuck me. thought i’d check your channel, just gotta say, with no disrespect. Your looking fit.
UpRize Ace
UpRize Ace Pred 2 leti
He has lost so much weight from the last time I watched him :)
Matt Metters
Matt Metters Pred 2 leti
You lost abit of weight and now your Ronaldo.
joshbrown2812 Pred 2 leti
Joshua Bijoy
Joshua Bijoy Pred 2 leti
Tom Havk
Tom Havk Pred 2 leti
It’s 6 aside, no point getting that excited
Brandon Newman
Brandon Newman Pred 2 leti
Keep up the good work and hope you win again, i really want to buy an AFC SIDEMATED kit but my mum doesnt agree with it so i’m asking for it for christmas
zInstinctHD Pred 2 leti
Im actually upset that when Bill scored his second he didnt celebrate by going to sit in his spot
Mason Pred 2 leti
I can tell you sent him with the step over in thumbnail
Harry Cartwright
Harry Cartwright Pred 2 leti
Your so good keep dabbing
runthefutmarket Pred 2 leti
Ben Glander is thicccc
Isaac Leslie
Isaac Leslie Pred 2 leti
Am I the only one that think behz looks thinner and stronger
Boston Self
Boston Self Pred 2 leti
Ethan looking bulk bruv
Football Featured
Football Featured Pred 2 leti
Nice win
Jackson Albert
Jackson Albert Pred 2 leti
I'm going to be one hundred percent honest. If you ever doubt whether these videos are any good, I don't even like the sport and I watch all these.
Giovanni Sanchez
Giovanni Sanchez Pred 2 leti
I didn't get a notification about this video. I have post notifications on. I saw on your Instagram and now I'm here
Jack W
Jack W Pred 2 leti
Just dominated the game. You guys had great ball movement. Well done.
JakeNineFive Pred 2 leti
Bill is a gangster
T Ali
T Ali Pred 2 leti
Not feeling the trim lol
T Ali
T Ali Pred 2 leti
Keepers decent
Chef_papi_pedro Pred 2 leti
Imagine playing with AFC sidemates and having fans get their kit before you
Ronan D'Lima
Ronan D'Lima Pred 2 leti
7:01 loving the weet-bix reference!
Mike-Lee Thezard
Mike-Lee Thezard Pred 2 leti
You look so nice now you are prob stronger than JJ. I like what i see bud
WËRØ Pred 2 leti
Bro u look very good, keep the workout bro!!😁😀
Ast Hartley
Ast Hartley Pred 2 leti
Just ordered the top u are wearing I can't wait to wear it to football
HamzIH Pred 2 leti
I miss fat behz
Born 2 Game
Born 2 Game Pred 2 leti
Go on the Sidemates! :D
t t
t t Pred 2 leti
I have the same cleats
Rene Sanchez
Rene Sanchez Pred 2 leti
He legit punched bill
Viperz HD
Viperz HD Pred 2 leti
Thumbnail looks like Thomas Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
Big Oskar
Big Oskar Pred 2 leti
When are you playing Ajax trees then
Pierre Beaufils
Pierre Beaufils Pred 2 leti
Side mates vs SE Don's 5's
SpeedyThe Gamer
SpeedyThe Gamer Pred 2 leti
Please do more match day vlogs
Irish Joe
Irish Joe Pred 2 leti
Need a goal from Ethans pink panthers now
Lil Logan
Lil Logan Pred 2 leti
Better than under the radar 😂
Josh Vlogs
Josh Vlogs Pred 2 leti
Glander looks like he's the result if abercrombie fucked Fitch.
Chris Pred 2 leti
You’ve gotten a lot slimmer Ethan great to see that hard work really does play off💪
Flkr Pred 2 leti
Steven is the best player on the team he’s a fucking beast
OscarM452 Pred 2 leti
Alfie in the background with his girl lul, THE SLAYER
James Morris
James Morris Pred 2 leti
Are you gonna do a walkthrough of red dead redemption
OscarM452 Pred 2 leti
Damn Ethan, you are looking great man, good job on the weight loss. U inspire me everyday
Triscia C
Triscia C Pred 2 leti
Wow! Alfie the man of the match....perhaps all match. Let's go Alfie!
EthanCTV Pred 2 leti
Looking good Behz
West Ham Fan TV
West Ham Fan TV Pred 2 leti
why are you fuckers nicking all of our jackets ! lol
Jimmy Cartwright
Jimmy Cartwright Pred 2 leti
Funny how you can provide tops for the fans but not for Alfie
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