THE GREAT 100 ZEALOT WAR - Starcraft 2: Neeb vs. Astrea 

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One of the Greatest Protoss vs. Protoss games I have ever seen. Neeb vs. Astrea.
Watch the Dreamhack SC2 Masters 2020: twitch.tv/esl_sc2
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16. jul. 2020

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SC2HL Pred 9 meseci
One of the Greatest Protoss vs. Protoss games I have ever seen. Tried to cut it down but at the end just too much was happening, enjoy!
Tokyo 420
Tokyo 420 Pred mesecem
Just wow
Carl Kaiden
Carl Kaiden Pred mesecem
@Victor Alvin Checking it out now. Seems great so far :)
Sound Tech
Sound Tech Pred 9 meseci
Omg that tempest play was incredible!
TheHeroicraptor Pred 9 meseci
Honestly, you coulda just uploaded the whole game
Aye-Htun Ohn
Aye-Htun Ohn Pred 9 meseci
I hate PvP but this one was like, “Where’s my pop corn!?”.
Hiro Reo
Hiro Reo Pred 3 dnevi
Battle of the A clicks
michael tan
michael tan Pred 5 dnevi
Stop the Protoss on Protoss violence 😭
Captain Fordo
Captain Fordo Pred 10 dnevi
I lost it when the zealots started fighting and they we're like "BRAVEHEART! Braveheart!"
Ross Metcalf
Ross Metcalf Pred 14 dnevi
This was one of the best PvP matches I've ever seen. Wow.
Peter Walker
Peter Walker Pred 23 dnevi
such a good game
Letys Pred 27 dnevi
The worst in this clip is that You didn't show, any once a single shoot from vision any of those player xD Still was nice to watch that such a fair play.
Aleš Holman
Aleš Holman Pred 27 dnevi
Most important rule of PvP lategame: tempests beat carriers
Jared Bruns
Jared Bruns Pred 27 dnevi
I noticed every time I like one of these videos I instantly get a commercial. Guess who's going to stop liking your videos.
Franco Dominguez
Franco Dominguez Pred 27 dnevi
Disruptors are the most retarded units in the game
Xxeon cunt
Xxeon cunt Pred 29 dnevi
Honestly astrae was trash was easily winnable
Görkem Sayılgan
Görkem Sayılgan Pred mesecem
Why neeb did not go for armor upgrade instead of shield? Is it because of disruptors? His units got one shotted anyways
Jack Hartnett
Jack Hartnett Pred mesecem
Joey Cheang
Joey Cheang Pred mesecem
I supported Neeb here because of florencio
Nobr4in3r Pred 2 meseci
I came for the Zealots. I stayed for the Disruptors
German Gimenez
German Gimenez Pred 6 meseci
My god, that was awesome!
Robert Nielsen
Robert Nielsen Pred 7 meseci
Holy shit that was insane
Raymond Li
Raymond Li Pred 7 meseci
The whole video : NEEB. Omg NEEB, NEEB the master of Protoss late game , NEEB I love the tempest choice NEEB NEEB NEEB
StarcraftSquall Pred 8 meseci
This isn’t just a great PvP (which is rare enough), this has got to be in discussion for GOTY 2020 - tell me you watched this game without grinning or laughing! 😁
Laurent Styx
Laurent Styx Pred 8 meseci
Damn I never understood how ppl could be so focused on football matches or stuff, but matches on SC2 is definitely something I enjoy watching. What a nice fight
Ernest Tucker
Ernest Tucker Pred 8 meseci
I remember watching astrea for the first time in the round of 24 this GSL season. Didn't make it out but I think this guy is gonna have a good SC career. Got so much potential
Silvalinionisis Pred 8 meseci
Those poor critters in the middle of the fight in 20th min. Casualties of war.
Fok Entertainment
Fok Entertainment Pred 8 meseci
14:23-14:39 tower defense
josiah Villamil
josiah Villamil Pred 8 meseci
WOW!!! What an absolutely amazing match.
TheWoWisok Pred 8 meseci
Would you be able to tell us who was casting in the "show more info" section please?
Epic Tag
Mark Daniel Louwe
Mark Daniel Louwe Pred 8 meseci
dinosaur just chilling in the middle of a war 21:22
FiSKEN80 Pred 9 meseci
22:15 is that a subtle fart im hearing?
Mete Çetin
Mete Çetin Pred 9 meseci
Serral is the queen of blades!
Gabriel Hospedales
Gabriel Hospedales Pred 9 meseci
Commentator Charity Play?
MrSAv1Or Pred 9 meseci
Macro like pro, micro like diamond :D
the dictator
the dictator Pred 9 meseci
Hahahahah civil war protoss XD
Comunistu Bula
Comunistu Bula Pred 9 meseci
Holy mother of god!!! What a massacre....
Le Panda Trotteur
Le Panda Trotteur Pred 9 meseci
the next guy telling me protoss is A click i will share him this video !
David Nikolić
David Nikolić Pred 9 meseci
I think Astrea would have fared far better if he went for the shield upgrades earlier cause Neeb was 2 shield upgrades ahead for most of the later game
David Nikolić
David Nikolić Pred 9 meseci
FUCK that was awesome! I was hoping for Astrea to win but oh well... was an amazing game! Worth every minute
TheMCLord64 Pred 9 meseci
I watched this in winterstarcraft
Gabriel Gutiérrez López
What an epic game, how it comes to one battle, or even one hit
European White Knight
European White Knight Pred 9 meseci
17:20 thumbnail. Your welcome.
Stefan Murawski
Stefan Murawski Pred 9 meseci
absolutly the best ever
Just-Some-Menace Pred 9 meseci
Me and the boys in the Eon of Strife.
Aceofacez10 Pred 9 meseci
Love the caster reaction at 4:47
Danil Sokolov
Danil Sokolov Pred 9 meseci
Наконец то достойный противник 114 пробкам!
Cold Hands Kal
Cold Hands Kal Pred 9 meseci
meanwhile in the terran mirror match they are staring at each other from their trenches
CURSE YOU...Jordan!
CURSE YOU...Jordan! Pred 9 meseci
Terias Pred 9 meseci
Never seen so many juicy disruptor hits in one game. Very entertaining
TheMock5000 Pred 9 meseci
Awww, wanted red to win. Idk, I'm not really on a specific players side, just like red, and I prefer to be red when playing lol.
バドンカドンク Pred 9 meseci
Holy shit so intense af
Максим Тютюньков
Best PvP ever!!!
Wail777 Pred 9 meseci
Nice to see the channel is doing well, averaging nearly 100k views per video :o
themissingslink Pred 9 meseci
Michael Casimer
Michael Casimer Pred 9 meseci
That was amazing. Absolutely amazing.
AceStormtrooper Pred 9 meseci
neeerf pvp!
그냥쉼터 Pred 9 meseci
Carlo xRN
Carlo xRN Pred 9 meseci
Daniel Oyarzun
Daniel Oyarzun Pred 9 meseci
Kyza Pred 9 meseci
17:25 Zealots Love Scene.
Welt Siebenhundert
Welt Siebenhundert Pred 26 dnevi
My Hero of 300 Spartans
Kyza Pred 9 meseci
Did Rod just turned 60 all of sudden? LMAO.
Grib Rus
Grib Rus Pred 9 meseci
Я так и не определился за кого болеть, как будто близнецы играют)))
Sean Roh
Sean Roh Pred 9 meseci
"A herd of DTs" -Catz
Hunter Yeee
Hunter Yeee Pred 9 meseci
Best game ever
Alexandr Belov
Alexandr Belov Pred 9 meseci
never thought one of the most nail-biting matches is going to be a PvP
D Gam
D Gam Pred 9 meseci
astrea get a fucking oracle holy shit
Welt Siebenhundert
Welt Siebenhundert Pred 9 meseci
4:37 Disruptors vs DTs
tyraelpl Pred 9 meseci
Haven't seen Kev in a loooong while... Is he going bald? :O What's goin on?
marlino321 Pred 9 meseci
Best match ever!
Haru kun
Haru kun Pred 9 meseci
I Will Salt
I Will Salt Pred 9 meseci
50 Zealots vs. 50 Zealots "Perfectly balanced, as all matches should be."
Ethanael Arkin P. Victa
Aeon of strife V2 except the other zealots retired
League of Koal
League of Koal Pred 9 meseci
Besd pvp ever
azarnoykir Pred 9 meseci
Neeb is Neeb
Hex Aquras
Hex Aquras Pred 9 meseci
This isn't the peak of PvP yet
Timur Abdibekov
Timur Abdibekov Pred 9 meseci
Perfect match displaying the power of micro over macro.
baroque'n'roll Pred 9 meseci
this makes me want to start playing protoss
Howdy Pred 9 meseci
kadenkks Pred 9 meseci
that last handful of tempests were worth their weight in gold with all those disruptors under them. Neeb had no more than 5 tempests for so long at the end, but they just kept taking down units.
AchromicWhite Pred 9 meseci
So shield batt overcharge good change?
Jalais Pred 9 meseci
PvP is retarded
Wan Muaz Hurayth
Wan Muaz Hurayth Pred 9 meseci
17:39 Hah. I always like that
J O Yu
J O Yu Pred 9 meseci
20:47 The bird is too poor...😥😢
Benjamin Joe
Benjamin Joe Pred 9 meseci
wow, last time I checked PvP was boring af
Евгений Пономарев
Hate these stupid tempests...
Nikko Moore
Nikko Moore Pred 9 meseci
If your here for the mass zealot vs mass zealot, you'll want 17:20
Salt Bucket
Salt Bucket Pred 9 meseci
This is the kinda of pvp we want to watch.
axelerat0r Pred 9 meseci
10 years ago I even could not imagine this kind of play
Leonidas Pred 9 meseci
When the hell did Rotti’s hair get JUSTed?
Dominik Stańczak
Dominik Stańczak Pred 9 meseci
This is the greatest and best game in the world.
Даян Хан
Даян Хан Pred 9 meseci
Lucas Zhu
Lucas Zhu Pred 9 meseci
Beautiful Tempest & Disruptor coordination. Wonderful play by Neeb!
TheCurryLanka Pred 9 meseci
So good!
Makor haris
Makor haris Pred 9 meseci
Somehow i feel they got khala in their head. it just connected to every protos unit inside the game
J. F.
J. F. Pred 9 meseci
How I imagine the aeon of strife played out.
MapleArk Pred 9 meseci
that was some epic battle I've been waiting for in a long time!!
Shu Pesmerga
Shu Pesmerga Pred 9 meseci
17:25 FOR AIUR!!!!
Choi Btc
Choi Btc Pred 9 meseci
thanks. That's all I need
Bunk4489 Pred 9 meseci
This is one lowko should cast for sure. Great game from both players.
Bunk4489 Pred 9 meseci
David Guild
David Guild Pred 9 meseci
4:46 I love that when the disruptor explodes its center sphere rolls around for a bit. It makes those big disruptor-on-disruptor shots even more satisfying to watch when you can see the aftermath.
Slim Beatz
Slim Beatz Pred 9 meseci
8:10 - anyone notice/know why those disrupters seemed to stop just before thy got hit?
Gredddfe Pred 9 meseci
HolySlaya Pred 9 meseci
You see the reason Astrea lost is because Lowko unleashed his wrath all of over Astrea for killing those karaks
Gredddfe Pred 9 meseci
In all my years watching and playing sc2 I have never seen large numbers of dts fighting each other.