The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show 

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The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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7. feb. 2021

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elias prado
elias prado Pred uro
the best super bowl
Vok Choxie
Vok Choxie Pred uro
Yes blinding lights
DavidDaNoob Pred uro
this was such a good superbowl. i was so hyped whhen i saw the weekend!
essprincess Pred uro
Weeknd doesn’t need a Grammy. A Grammy needs him.
Uddhav Galande
James Goodman
James Goodman Pred uro
I'm a fan of the weekend but what about the other 5 days of the week thats when the blinding lights tiktok dance comes in😁😁
FAFARSCL1898 Pred uro
The 51k dislikes are stadium neighbors
Deadpool Pred uro
Daft punk broke up 😢
Silvia Furio
Silvia Furio Pred uro
I went to Mars without Perseverance. Thanks Abel.❤
ScreedLeon Pred uro
Me looking for my mom at the store: 3:57
Tidefull Pred uro
I don't understand how someone can hate this. This is amazing.
paul ivan
paul ivan Pred uro
the weekend destroyed some years they loved their songs but they destroyed something darling daft punk
Tarun Bhojak
Tarun Bhojak Pred uro
I still can't get over from tha HOB - BL transition
Paty Aluisa
Paty Aluisa Pred 2 urami
Antônio Santos
Antônio Santos Pred 2 urami
os deslikes é de inveja o cantor é bom demais
I Will Change The Name Of This Channel
In my opinion, this was one of the greatest Superbowl halftime shows. Unlike other music performances, this was more of a cinematic experience than a concert.
Elisama Herrera
Elisama Herrera Pred 3 urami
Who wants to sing "Bling Lights" by The Weekend? click the like button👍
Tree Fall
Tree Fall Pred 3 urami
Petition for Taylor Swift at the next Super Bowl half time show sing up right here: #taylor2022halftimeshow!
Tree Fall
Tree Fall Pred 3 urami
Petition for Taylor Swift at the next Super Bowl half time show sing up right here: #taylor2022halftimeshow!
Andrey 1
Andrey 1 Pred 3 urami
Cholo Venus
Cholo Venus Pred 3 urami
69th time rewatching stills gaves me chills like for the first time seeing this. Damn weeknd bloody killed superbowl.
Josephine Y
Josephine Y Pred 3 urami
absolutely stunning 👍👍👍
Júlio Bernardes
Júlio Bernardes Pred 3 urami
Cadê os BR's?
JOSHUA CARLOS Pred 3 urami
That last shot though?!? Incredible.
juanc hernandez
juanc hernandez Pred 3 urami
The presentations of "Singers" has become an image show and the real meaning of the voice quality of the artist has been left aside and this is what The Weeknd demonstrated
LauraP. Pred 3 urami
My favorite Genius
Đức Đỗ Hồng
Đức Đỗ Hồng Pred 3 urami
I’m here for 3:58
Etun_gano Pred 3 urami
This halftime show is fully demonic. There is a literal satanic ritual in your face But you people are blind and can't see the reality of what is being shown.its sad
Eve Pred 3 urami
For the new fans: please go and listen to trilogy. You will thank me eventually 😌
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
sltv.info/label/o5CXycLKqX-amng/video WHAT
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
sltv.info/label/o5CXycLKqX-amnie/videottps://sltv.info/label/g5B3qaKqiX96eng/video DARK NET
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
DJ NiDzA Pred 3 urami
Caleb Stover
Caleb Stover Pred 4 urami
i just realized the out the cameramen into red suits to blend in 😭
Tsukasa kenzaki
Tsukasa kenzaki Pred 4 urami
What were all the songs he sang during this?
Thomas The Train
Thomas The Train Pred 3 urami
Well, he didn't sing Call out my name, the choir did
Thomas The Train
Thomas The Train Pred 3 urami
Call out my Name Starboy The Hills Can't feel my Face I feel it Coming Save your Tears Earned it House of balloons Blinding lights
Y Perm
Y Perm Pred 4 urami
1:34 this song didnt age well :(
2006subaru Pred 4 urami
The halftime show was dog water🤮
andrea egami
andrea egami Pred 4 urami
mientras tanto en el metro: 4:29
LucidHiTV 1
LucidHiTV 1 Pred 4 urami
4:00 This Is Bruno Mars!
Andreas Kruse
Andreas Kruse Pred 4 urami
Yan_45 Pred 4 urami
11:09 me after passing the asvab with good score
No Name
No Name Pred 4 urami
Blinding Lights now 2 BILION streams
Bertrand Morane
Bertrand Morane Pred 4 urami
Nwo, anticristo, 666
Yxvng Swerve
Yxvng Swerve Pred 4 urami
5 year old me trying to find my mom in the crowded store 3:57
E -_-
E -_- Pred 4 urami
The halftime show was better than the game itself 😂😂😂
RBLXPRO Pred 4 urami
The weeknd be blinding us by his lights during the super bowl.
NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy Pred 4 urami
11:08 l like how there is more people holding lights it's so cool
カネキケン Pred 5 urami
2nd Michael Jackson
Amandine Chevalier
Amandine Chevalier Pred 5 urami
Should Have invited Selena also ;) but nice !
Kappah Blessing
Kappah Blessing Pred 5 urami
a SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Pred 5 urami
Best halftime show in YEARS
Meme Account
Meme Account Pred 5 urami
Yeheyes Tadele
Yeheyes Tadele Pred 5 urami
Who else is happy if he is choosen to perform at the world cup...
Bhavna Rasaily
Bhavna Rasaily Pred 5 urami
I keep falling in love with Abel over & over again 😭❤️
djalioop Pred 5 urami
10 years from now, looking back at this performance and everything this world was going thru with the pandemic and all, you will have a different outlook and feel about The Weeknd, This man will be legend before our very own eyes, watch and see.
junocean1 Pred 5 urami
나에게 마이클 잭슨 슈퍼볼 다음으로 최고였다.
Nien Sylvie
Nien Sylvie Pred 5 urami
But... Coronavirus?
Producciones VJ Ronald
Captain Thorpe
Captain Thorpe Pred 5 urami
The modern day Michael Jackson. What a performance
Bindy Zana
Bindy Zana Pred 5 urami
The humdrum chick legally found because reward spectroscopically disarm throughout a spooky anger. actually, bitter command
Dark Thorns
Dark Thorns Pred 6 urami
The only best thing in this years Super Bowl
JOHAN LUCIANO Pred 6 urami
Aqui adicto a esta presentación 10 de 10
Cristian Halldark
Cristian Halldark Pred 6 urami
I watch this video at least once a day
Nathania Benita
Nathania Benita Pred 6 urami
I am literally unable to look away from this performance the entire time. I cannot think of a higher praise than that.
werlen batista
werlen batista Pred 6 urami
Jake Turner
Jake Turner Pred 6 urami
Promoting satan in the beginning, wtf! How do people not see this!
Nastro Sama
Nastro Sama Pred 6 urami
Yukon Pred 6 urami
No white musician, no white man in the backing vocals, isn't that racism ...? but the media are silent, and now imagine if the same situation was, only with the white singer ... is this not double standards? ( "translated into google translate" )
Razan Pred 5 urami
No its not double standars at all
Nasir Nizam
Nasir Nizam Pred 6 urami
That house of balloons to blinding lights transition >>>>>>>
Angel Marie
Angel Marie Pred 6 urami
To think he was heartbroken and homeless over 5 years ago, his music use to be so sad and real. I still love him and how far he’s become 💕
Moon Flame
Moon Flame Pred 6 urami
Боже,я чувствовала эту энергию даже через экран🤯🤯🤯 Он теперь Гений Шоу! Аплодирую стоя!
cakedoodle Pred 6 urami
This Pepsi Halftime Show makes me feel happier than any other in recent memory. Well done, The Weekend, WoW!
Уфа это Атланта?
*Гори мой огонёк,не гасни*
Marta Nielsen
Marta Nielsen Pred 6 urami
Was this bedste covid?
드라마 Pred 7 urami
형 제발 내한 좀요 학교 땡땡이 치고 갈게요ㅠㅠ
eKeqing Pred 7 urami
Where's "Die for you"? T_T
Crazy Loop
Crazy Loop Pred 7 urami
Daft Punk 😌💓
jonny boy
jonny boy Pred 7 urami
The Hills 🔥
jackson mayfield
jackson mayfield Pred 7 urami
the best thing about this super bowl was the halftime show
Nick Drums
Nick Drums Pred 7 urami
Like it or not, 9:38 gave me chills
xotwod 048
xotwod 048 Pred 7 urami
Cant believe he was camera shy 3:58
Light Light
Light Light Pred 8 urami
.(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇👇 Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) 👇🏻👇🏻 www.nasser-mohammad.com/showthread.php?p=326682
Nadia Bouzahar
Nadia Bouzahar Pred 8 urami
Abel is a legend! I mean all the details of this production is out of this world, his vocals are perfection, he looks just divine AND HE DESERVES THIS SO BAD!!!! What a amazing show best live performance ever! Blinding lights is the best song of this century! 👌👑🎼💗
Vasiliy Tsar
Vasiliy Tsar Pred 8 urami
Diego Armando Hamilton
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr Pred 9 urami
The weeknd ❎ The legend ✅
James G
James G Pred 9 urami
That rendition of House of Balloons gives me chills to this day, I come back for that feeling every time. I wish Abel had given it a lil more love :(
Kelixx Pred 9 urami
Weeknd for life ❤️
darklaouve Pred 9 urami
I want the longer version of Call Out My Name please.
Jakov Alejandro Infante Soto
Damn the weekend walking away from the dancers at the end it's just amazing 😍
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry Pred 10 urami
I feel it coming will be the last song and memory of Daft Punk
sakib killer
sakib killer Pred 10 urami
Best performance ever ❤️❤️❤️
MarGoLuv Pred 10 urami
I don’t understand why there are ads in the middle of this video. Ruins the flow.