Perfectly Cut Screams #4 

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2. maj. 2021

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TheDO0M_Slayer Pred 35 minutami
11:29 that went from 0 to 11 real quickly
cia Pred uro
I remember when I was in school my teacher gave my class a link to click on and it sent us to Tumblr Thank God it was blocked 3:04
The Big Red 21
Nice sweaty pits my man
HDK-gamer Pred uro
I use mobile so that prank doesn’t work
•Skye's Tails•
Ok I was supposed to be watching My Hero Academia so I could continue my book but this is more important
Charles DeCamella
Charles DeCamella Pred 2 urami
Honestly Sean. You looked good at 12:30.
PP Muncher Films
PP Muncher Films Pred 3 urami
12:43 sounds like Henry Rollins standup
Gavin R
Gavin R Pred 4 urami
he's the ceo of skpe
Colin Tighe
Colin Tighe Pred 6 urami
OMG 😱 what why did he do that but a child in a frenec
Anthony Jabaroni
Anthony Jabaroni Pred 8 urami
Mega Pred 8 urami
''im european, i don't what biscuits is'' yeah the next one was proof ksi is smart, can we get one of thos for jack too?
Gootz Pred 8 urami
thumbnail comes from 6:14
Foxyish Pred 9 urami
Wiblur Scoot
Tøxïç - Såñ
Tøxïç - Såñ Pred 10 urami
Skip to the end of the video and then rewind it all asfter it ends. The ads are no more. 😌
Rowan Headford
Rowan Headford Pred 10 urami
Reddit is amazing😎 and perfectly cut screams are hilarious 😄
End Slayer
End Slayer Pred 11 urami
The fake pause happened as I bumped my headphones on the wall i flinched then went waaaaaaait that i waited for like a mintiue
JFG Cyclone
JFG Cyclone Pred 14 urami
300 likes in this comment to make jack play osu
yeee_51 Pred 16 urami
no one: Connor from Assassins Creed: 11:29
Caleb Maness
Caleb Maness Pred 19 urami
2:51 my stepsister in dryer ;-)
V. Deku Cr:???
V. Deku Cr:??? Pred 20 urami
2:19 pov you steal something in Skyrim and a guard "sees" you but you have ai detection off:
Mr Z
Mr Z Pred 21 uro
If i had a dog and accidentally hurt it, I will probably just go for a long walk and think about what I’ve done
PurpleLynx 231
PurpleLynx 231 Pred 22 urami
Dude at 11:31 had no remorse
nba youngin
nba youngin Pred 23 urami
0:00 when I don’t wanna go to school:
Ian Her
Ian Her Pred dnevom
2:50 why is jack standing like that lol
Scarr'd Pred dnevom
I screamed when I saw Wilbur-
Kakashi Pred dnevom
at 7:06 it glitched i think, jack what happened, it paused without me pausing it but it wasnt paused but it was at the same time
Nicholas Godwin
Nicholas Godwin Pred dnevom
Same jack same
Santiago Alvarez
Santiago Alvarez Pred dnevom
bottom of the evening
Shaniza Garcia
Shaniza Garcia Pred dnevom
The Tapping Maniac
The Tapping Maniac Pred dnevom
“Top of the mornin to ya laddiess and welcome back to another videeeooo” is it just me or does anyone else feel super old but still remember this mans old intro? Thank you sean for being a youtuber, youve helped me through the thick and thin and i wanted to say thank you for always being there!!!!!!
Sxr Bxxf
Sxr Bxxf Pred dnevom
protron38 Pred dnevom
13:51 I laughed so hard at this part
Purple princess numbeblock four
But..but....buh.. ur mah daddy😪
Eddie😎 Pred dnevom
Wer is toop of morn? Ples say top oof morn! *T O P OF M O RN* Pls? Why not t0p of m0rn Mean boie says no top of morn????? I can’t find top of MRON IM DONE NO MORN OF TOP? KCUF U HuHuHuhU Ok fr just say top of morning Ok it end Thamk of munch Bye
Kason Portugal
Kason Portugal Pred dnevom
one time i steped on my whole cat
DanOnYT Pred dnevom
Jack: I get it, everyone’s on TikTok! Me: I’m not
Ewok_Jedi91 Pred dnevom
mysterious n unknown person
Jack's perfectly cut scream is to long before it cuts
CC_Caleb14 Gaming
CC_Caleb14 Gaming Pred dnevom
Me: Steps on Doggies Paw Also Me: “I must commit Arson on the property of Existance” My Gamer Me: “INTO VALHALA, I MUST GO BROTHERS!!!!!”
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
Lilly screams remind of a demon
_fxck._.mondays_ Pred dnevom
You know it's Jack when it's still loud after turning your volume down.
Natileroxs Pred dnevom
14:45 is from the channel Fairbairn Films, for anyone who is curious
vfg nhj
vfg nhj Pred dnevom
The ashamed wolf electronically shock because mexico contradictorily shiver plus a obedient coin. dear, earsplitting exchange
Random_Man_Is_Back Pred dnevom
I love dogs but I laughed super hard at 14:27
ɪᴛᴀᴄʜɪ ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ
SHES 16 1:48
꧁𝐸 𝐿 𝐿 𝐼 𝑂 𝑇꧂
GamingTime Pred dnevom
Jack when he sees little kids going down a slide at mock 5: "I hope that doesn't happen in public cuz i'll bust out laughing" Jack when a dog gets zapped by a BUG zapper(meaning it prob wouldn't hurt the dog): "OHHHHHHHHH, the POOR DoG!
whatdoesthefox say
whatdoesthefox say Pred dnevom
I screamed when the girl screamed to at 1:09am
Lilliana Reinier
Lilliana Reinier Pred dnevom
THE WILBUR SOOT ONE AND THE REACTIOn- it was priceless. the "oh look a kid throwing a tennis ball against a wal- AhHhHHHH"
Teagan Roche
Teagan Roche Pred 2 dnevi
Teagan Roche
Teagan Roche Pred 2 dnevi
I said no, jack.
Legend Crew
Legend Crew Pred 2 dnevi
Jack septic eye vs reekid
Jonah Kelly
Jonah Kelly Pred 2 dnevi
Tumbler is like scouts weapons, it used to be annoying to deal with then it got nerfed and now nobody uses it
Jerry Liveoak
Jerry Liveoak Pred 2 dnevi
Can you please do more
basic-cat Pred 2 dnevi
Am I the only one who laughed when the dog got zapped(i feel like a bad person) :(
Texas Shortcake
Texas Shortcake Pred 2 dnevi
The dog Yelp omg SPOT ON
Creeperjo7 Pred 2 dnevi
3:08 deviantart ceo
Gorila Boy
Gorila Boy Pred 2 dnevi
this explains itself 10:24
Night Fire
Night Fire Pred 2 dnevi
i rlly wonder how the game is called at 7:50 and if someone knows pls reply on my comment saying the name
Ben Crow
Ben Crow Pred 2 dnevi
nah you didnt trick me with the pause button in fact it was more of a jumpscare really
The FadedTron
The FadedTron Pred 2 dnevi
Jack: makes the video look like it was paused Me whose on my phone: something's wrong, I can feel it
Eulalia Escalante
Eulalia Escalante Pred 2 dnevi
14:17 got me
Neela Vermilion
Neela Vermilion Pred 2 dnevi
7:04 I don’t even use a computer and it got me
frostbite 12
frostbite 12 Pred 2 dnevi
That outro is just beautiful,cheers to you👏
Skitzo Pred 2 dnevi
7:04 jokes on you. I’m on mobile
Traceyl77b Pred 2 dnevi
When that family was just having a fun time and the girl fell and cried, The dad just turned into Connor from Assassins Creed *REAL* fast... 11:27 Atleast I think it was the dad.
Gianni DeSouza
Gianni DeSouza Pred 2 dnevi
14:30once stuck my finger in one of those
Elijah Ortega
Elijah Ortega Pred 2 dnevi
Not only did Jack give up on English but he also gave up on England
Thorny Rose
Thorny Rose Pred 2 dnevi
12:43 Guy sounds like the love child of Dwight Schrute and Andy Bernard
Manu Daigneault Iavicoli
11:20 no mercy
Alex Marian
Alex Marian Pred 3 dnevi
at 7:03 my hart stop because i thot a gost toch my keybord its 3:00 am
Earl Ciel Phantombrat
You saved my life tonight.. Thank you Sean..your amazing..
Aizawa Sensei
Aizawa Sensei Pred 3 dnevi
Which surprised Pikachu is he referring to (this is for MHA my hero academia fans so if you don’t understand) we’ll find out. Is here referring to Pikachu or Denki Kaminari be cause I see no difference
bannana lord Said
bannana lord Said Pred 3 dnevi
plot twist luigi jumped him when he was riding the bike
Konnor Gory
Konnor Gory Pred 3 dnevi
hey uh jack u got some sweaty pots their dude
Skatestuff010 Pred 3 dnevi
6:11 you got a point there
inventive cheetah93
inventive cheetah93 Pred 3 dnevi
14:21 what game is this it looks legit fun as fuckin hell
Anthonio 38
Anthonio 38 Pred 3 dnevi
4:06 4:54 5:25 16:48
God Pred 3 dnevi
The first few seconds actually scared me lol
Gorgeous Freeman
Gorgeous Freeman Pred 3 dnevi
Archer For Hire
Archer For Hire Pred 3 dnevi
The girl that said hey what the hell. Looks like suki from 2fast 2furious
Drew Mister
Drew Mister Pred 3 dnevi
7:03 who else didn't fall for this?
Matt First
Matt First Pred 3 dnevi
DemonHunter Pred 3 dnevi
bruhhhh i tried to unpause my video when jacks editor paused it Lmao
SniperSpook 05
SniperSpook 05 Pred 3 dnevi
The surprised pikachu sounded like something else entirely
Matthew Callighan
Matthew Callighan Pred 3 dnevi
LIKE MAYBE!!!!!!! There's 104 days of summer vacation And school comes along just to end it So the annual problem for our generation Is finding a good way to spend it Like maybe... Building a rocket Or fighting a mummy Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower Discovering something that doesn't exist (Hey! ) Or giving a monkey a shower Surfing tidal waves Creating nanobots Or locating Frankenstein's brain (It's over here! ) Finding a dodo bird Painting a continent Or driving your sister insane (Phineas! ) As you can see There's a whole lot of stuff to do Before school starts this fall (Come on Perry) So stick with us 'cause Phineas and Ferb Are gonna do it all So stick with us 'cause Phineas and Ferb are Gonna do it all! (Mom! Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence! )
Eric Boley
Eric Boley Pred 3 dnevi
The shoes that you were watching
John Labbe
John Labbe Pred 3 dnevi
I went to grab a Tortino and thought it paused the video
FazeWyd_YT Pred 3 dnevi
2:51 a drunk Irish man
olivia holmberg
olivia holmberg Pred 3 dnevi
oh iv been in the vr roller coaster fase fore a bit
tnk Pred 3 dnevi
Deimis Deimis
Deimis Deimis Pred 3 dnevi
The video: fake pauses Me: haha jokes on you I'm watching this on a phone
i like cheese
i like cheese Pred 3 dnevi
7:05 im on mobile so the trick doesnt work on me
Hayden Morriss
Hayden Morriss Pred 3 dnevi
Ahh jack you can’t trick me I’m on mobile
Lori Stewart
Lori Stewart Pred 3 dnevi
2:25 put that in the next try not to laugh I'm being serious I'm actually crying please
Filip Dusanovic
Filip Dusanovic Pred 3 dnevi
I died of laughts here 11:28
sam sullivan
sam sullivan Pred 3 dnevi
Jack: *trys to trick people into pausing the video* me: doesn't realize the punchline till a few seconds later me realizing the punchline: oh wait...
James Kelley
James Kelley Pred 3 dnevi
Does he look younger after the haircut
LioxLynx Pred 3 dnevi
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