Can you beat Pokemon Platinum Without Taking Damage? 

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You know how when you do Pokemon battles you generally take damage? What if you just don't?
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20. feb. 2020

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SmallAnt Pred letom
This one was a bit complicated so I opted for some post commentary for once. Hope you like it! (I'm still doing my regular style of videos normally so don't worry)
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Pred 18 dnevi
gen 4 gang
Puff Puff Smash
Puff Puff Smash Pred 27 dnevi
@Supernova Cuber oooooooooooooo
lightning Pred 2 meseci
i trayed this but i got stuck on the 8th gym even with your strats lol i cant get past it i did everything
Inferious Pred 2 meseci
Butterz OCE
Butterz OCE Pred 2 meseci
Keep doing post commentary
Makko Bumper
Makko Bumper Pred 15 minutami
He needs so much more likes man
Andrés Salvador Thiems
Torterra Garden
Torterra Garden Pred 13 urami
I’m happy he chose trutwig
Pranav Pred 20 urami
Man you are a living legend
Louis Le
Louis Le Pred dnevom
As we all know, the most important Pokémon on the team was Champ, the Bibarel.
wake up
wake up Pred dnevom
You must be a chick magnet with those skills🐣
Morgan Aubrey
Morgan Aubrey Pred dnevom
Try doing it in one playthrough.
Krishna Verma
Krishna Verma Pred 2 dnevi
Respect for you bro.....Big salute for completing this insane challenge.
OB is OP
OB is OP Pred 2 dnevi
Should catch the shiny buizel if u wanted a buizel
Brooken_VOID Pred 2 dnevi
i was born 2008 :)
WSA Fourtuoh
WSA Fourtuoh Pred 3 dnevi
Digging the commentary! Kinda shortens things up and keeps the same awesome content
José Pred 3 dnevi
true legend
Paperplane Pred 3 dnevi
rip buizle
Neftali Adrian
Neftali Adrian Pred 3 dnevi
I enjoyed this
Carter Tomey
Carter Tomey Pred 4 dnevi
Killed a shiny buizel but caught a normal one. BRUH im Done!
kristoffer lundin
kristoffer lundin Pred 4 dnevi
Why is turtwig called wank in swedish?
Leonardo Caironi
Leonardo Caironi Pred 5 dnevi
Nickita Moskalenko
Nickita Moskalenko Pred 6 dnevi
Siva Pingali
Siva Pingali Pred 6 dnevi
This is one of the greatest playthrough challenges on SLtv.
Brianna B.
Brianna B. Pred 6 dnevi
I do *not* understand why you didn't save more often. This was just cruel.
Red-nosed Rowlet
Red-nosed Rowlet Pred 2 dnevi
watch the whole vid he explained
Jacob Freese
Jacob Freese Pred 6 dnevi
How can you not give this guy a like for the freakin grind. Holy S***
Hannes Green
Hannes Green Pred 7 dnevi
"Runk" is Swedish for "Wank"
Erik Kotschenreuther
I have watched this video at least 10 times and it still amazes me every time I watch it
Tyler Russin
Tyler Russin Pred 7 dnevi
Trash evs definitely don’t help this one
Julio Castro
Julio Castro Pred 7 dnevi
The fact that you could’ve caught that one shiny Buizel...
Yi Zao
Yi Zao Pred 7 dnevi
Do this but in one single run
Lol Ooll
Lol Ooll Pred 7 dnevi
I expected mindless grinding for hours. Unsubbed, disliked and reported
Disclosetup Pred 7 dnevi
I put a like only because you waste sooooo many time only to beat a game without taking damage. And I must say, this is impressive, great patience, keep it up!
DevineGamingTV Pred 7 dnevi
"Runk" in Norway means "Wank". Nice naming
Thuy V.
Thuy V. Pred 7 dnevi
Bro your are hardcore xD impressive perseverance!
lolwizbe Pred 8 dnevi
"If rock tomb missed I would have to spend 8 hours cycling up and down to get my level 100's back" - You saved the game before battles in other runs, why not this run?
Jacky Shean
Jacky Shean Pred 8 dnevi
Because the rule say that be can only save after he beat a gym
Iris œ
Iris œ Pred 8 dnevi
69 + 1 resets pog
ThePugLord18 Pred 8 dnevi
GameChamp would be proud
What a tremendous effort he made on this challenge... I’m so glad this game, Pokemon, made in Japan has been loved by people all over the world and happy I could have this video in my recommendation. Great work🔥🔥🔥
Aidan Mcilduff
Aidan Mcilduff Pred 9 dnevi
God is here
Shiny Charjabug
Shiny Charjabug Pred 9 dnevi
They called me a madman
You should use save states
Jerry Derkaloussian
Jerry Derkaloussian Pred 9 dnevi
*Tutorial complete! Now do it with set play style.*
chris lind
chris lind Pred 10 dnevi
why did you not save after the 8 hours of biking????
Jacky Shean
Jacky Shean Pred 8 dnevi
Because the rule say that be can only save after he beat a gym
PoKeT gAmInG
PoKeT gAmInG Pred 10 dnevi
overprotective parent
Mineviniboy10 e Shadow Bonnie
Ant realizing the time that he spent he could finish the game pretty fast
Da gamin Legend
Da gamin Legend Pred 10 dnevi
That’s a fricking shiny baivel why would u do that
Son Goku
Son Goku Pred 10 dnevi
Jesus christ
Son Goku
Son Goku Pred 10 dnevi
How is this even possible
Son Goku
Son Goku Pred 10 dnevi
Huge part of my childhood
Maahir Joshi
Maahir Joshi Pred 10 dnevi
When you realize he won without damage And you struggled against diantha
Šøčúdô ñô
Šøčúdô ñô Pred 10 dnevi
Imagine being the second gym leader expecting like level 16s and this dude comes in with a level 40
Venedetta Pred 10 dnevi
You psychopath!
Wahyudi M. Khalifa
Wahyudi M. Khalifa Pred 11 dnevi
12:07 34+35
Surajit Banik
Surajit Banik Pred 11 dnevi
Ur still alive?????
GameboyBlue Pred 11 dnevi
How did he have the money to withdraw the lvl 100 pokemon, shouldn't that be more than available?
Kylian M
Kylian M Pred 11 dnevi
12:10 the part that 99% was stuck
Rigistroni makes dumb vids
It's really good that sturdy doesn't have it's gen 5 buff in this turn
Kylian M
Kylian M Pred 11 dnevi
Definition of 3000 iq
NinjaKirsh Pred 11 dnevi
8:30 why havnt you caut the fricking shiny????????
Freeze_Bee Pred 11 dnevi
You soldado have trained a zubat until it knows Flight. So you wont take damage shen you attack
C. Catarro Pa Mi Cuerpo
What's the song on the start of the video?
Rich Alexander
Rich Alexander Pred 12 dnevi
Ur insane! RESPECT
forbangpooonly Pred 12 dnevi
Tys W
Tys W Pred 12 dnevi
You're like the One punch Man of Pokemon
Skerry Pred 13 dnevi
How did they not disobey you? I'm guessing you're running on a emulator? I don't know though.
Nimish Rai
Nimish Rai Pred 13 dnevi
He did it!!
Garrett Carbullido
Garrett Carbullido Pred 13 dnevi
Did extreme speed not have priority in gen 4 or did you get lucky that lucario didn't use it?
Philip's Pred 13 dnevi
An italian youtuber made this in red fire with Shedinja (he’s name is creepy)
Ostrich dude
Ostrich dude Pred 13 dnevi
I always watch this it’s my favorite
Andrew Chen-ngu
Andrew Chen-ngu Pred 13 dnevi
quick attack? more like sneaky neck snap
Cryingobi Pred 13 dnevi
legends say he is still waiting in the cave to battle with him
Tys W
Tys W Pred 12 dnevi
Cryingobi Pred 13 dnevi
look at the 69 exp gained after the first match
Sow Najee
Sow Najee Pred 14 dnevi
In the first battle I took no damage Luck:100
Kajkullah23 Pred 14 dnevi
How does a lvl 40 Pokemon listen to you before you beat the 2nd gym? Or for that matter, a lvl 100 Pokemon?
Kajkullah23 Pred 13 dnevi
Ahh I see thanks
Kohinoor Banerjee
Kohinoor Banerjee Pred 14 dnevi
Badges are only needed for traded pokemon
Marci Poke
Marci Poke Pred 14 dnevi
Because it’s not a traded Pokémon.
Wittschi Pred 14 dnevi
I just remembered how much I love this game it was my childhood
The Nintendo Gamer
The Nintendo Gamer Pred 14 dnevi
When you realize Kuro is a reference to Ori . Happiness noises!
Yeetos Boritos
Yeetos Boritos Pred 7 dnevi
Is that an anime or something?
Addxiety Talentless bi-
Yessssssssss my Ori heart is happy
Mllky Pred 10 dnevi
Omg I was thinking this
Meyger :D
Meyger :D Pred 14 dnevi
why do you waste your life with that?
Mr.Popikone Pred 15 dnevi
This is insane.
Poof Pred 15 dnevi
Lau Yu Quan
Lau Yu Quan Pred 15 dnevi
When will those two rich kids learn not to battle this guy.....
broken_oz5158 Pred 15 dnevi
I swear you can do anything
IL!ke Memes
IL!ke Memes Pred 15 dnevi
You know it learns moves faster if you don’t evolve it right? So let it learn magadrain/quick attack THEN evolve it
Pokemaster 121
Pokemaster 121 Pred 15 dnevi
7:26 RIP Shiny Buizel
Steve Maverick
Steve Maverick Pred 16 dnevi
I don’t really see the point in a challenge based entirely on luck...
Joba Pred 13 dnevi
Luck?! This dude grinded over 150 hours with meticulous planning and wargaming each individual mandatory fight just for this video. It's a hell of a lot more than luck...
YouKnowWho Pred 16 dnevi
Is there a VOD for the whole stream
Apep Pred 16 dnevi
Did you know that a SLtvr/streamer beat Pokémon platinum without taking any damage and managed to beat the entire game.
Jose Enrico Coronel
Jose Enrico Coronel Pred 16 dnevi
Your dedication is commended
Red Zacian
Red Zacian Pred 16 dnevi
Hes a Joestar for sure
BlueGG99 Pred 16 dnevi
The thing i don't understand is how you beat the enitre game without having to deal with a single sturdy pokemon xd
Kohinoor Banerjee
Kohinoor Banerjee Pred 14 dnevi
Sturdy in gen four only prevents one hit KO moves from working. The survive on 1 hp thing came in gen 5.
bahjeet kahn
bahjeet kahn Pred 16 dnevi
Brayan Matos Velez
Brayan Matos Velez Pred 16 dnevi
why you did not get the shiny
Ethan Dela Torre
Ethan Dela Torre Pred 17 dnevi
I got lucky and caught it first try...... *then I accidentaly pressed the power button and had to redo it all.*
Scarfy The Kitten
Scarfy The Kitten Pred 18 dnevi
"And ice beam the rest" Well u used ice shard my guy
Nathan Hendon
Nathan Hendon Pred 18 dnevi
This it like the 3 time I’ve rewatched this
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Pred 18 dnevi
I now hate myself because in sun and moon I accidentally caught Lunala in a net ball
TheLgameZ Gaming
TheLgameZ Gaming Pred 18 dnevi
Someone said how long will this challenge take. I think i know what he said...
Qartsy Pred 19 dnevi
It feels like I’ve watched this infinite times now. Never gets old
Vicious Zero
Vicious Zero Pred 19 dnevi
Killing a shiny for this challenge, what a Chad. I would've cracked.
Artifice Pred 19 dnevi
Lol I actually did this in Pokémon red in Nokia phone when I was small. Yea I saved up before every battle 😌... Ah we evolved with Pokémon's.
Daily Paroll Officer
Daily Paroll Officer Pred 19 dnevi
Nick Jones
Nick Jones Pred 19 dnevi
I stopped watching at "its pokemon if youve played it through once there isnt much reason to play it through again."
Bugno Pred 19 dnevi
intimidate is kinda a sucky ability if you can't take any damage anyway
Tonyshazam Pred 19 dnevi
Here sir take my sub with grace
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