The End of the Trump Presidency: A Closer Look 

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Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump spending his last full day as president of the United States stewing in private, mulling pardons for well-connected allies and releasing a meaningless, lie-filled farewell message.
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The End of the Trump Presidency: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




19. jan. 2021

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Joyce Cayton
Joyce Cayton Pred 11 urami
How can he show he face the people with all his lies.I hate the way he walks,the way he looks,the way he talk, the way he speaks to the people.the way he. The way he flaaaa
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Pred dnevom
Alv pumpkin man.
How to change name?
How to change name? Pred 3 dnevi
2017 inauguration : look at the size! Bigger than Obama 2021 "inauguration" : see? They're here for me
Katy Yuli
Katy Yuli Pred 5 dnevi
algorithm keeps bringing this video up and it cracks me everytime!
John Peter
John Peter Pred 5 dnevi
Boy this has AGED WELL
russell lacy
russell lacy Pred 5 dnevi
You should have a show concerning The Trumps installing solid gold toilets throughout the White House. While moving out of the WH it showed golden toilets being loaded into a moving van
tom k
tom k Pred 8 dnevi
Unlike Donald The Virus Trump which has seen better days lately. Because his days of getting away with murder and living above the law with no consequences is over with now 33 lawsuits and 7 separate serious investigations against him lead by all the top procescuters in the country and the father of RICO and Racketeering Mark Pomerantz who took down John Gotti and the mob leading this army to bring down his 30 year old criminal empire and anybody connected to it .Then on top of that got caught in another lie for the thousandth time Robert Muller was right all along but couldn't go after Trump because of his former presidential shield protecting him from anything but now he's just a 74 year old child and washed up showman who has temper tantrum's every day and crashes people's weddings to keep hitting that replay button of bogus conspiracies and lies that the world and America are tired of hearing about and have moved on with a real a president not the pretend one you were last year who caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless Crisis in Modern History and let a half a million die because of your lies and bogus conspiracies and inciting the most cowardly and disgraceful act in us history the insurrection that added to your half million dead American body count since last memorial day when you told people this would go away in days and disappear on its own and then have balls to open up the country up in the middle of the worst pandemic in Modern times and continued to Downplay everything and call it a hoax when yesterday your daughter got the vaccine and did the right thing and told all your supporters to do the right thing and get the vaccine because this virus is real and it's not a joke it kills and cripples are lives are family's and are friends everyday the longer you stay complacent and ignorant to the truth that this is the step back to a new normal life and gives us a fighting chance against the 3rd wave coming so it won't be no where near as deadly as last year and every time we get the newer stronger vaccine that comes out for the 3 rd shot next year hopefully Everybody by then will have been vaccinated and the pandemic will start to shrink in numbers to finally be contained in America
Angie2343 Pred 5 dnevi
wctrqn Pred 8 dnevi
Oh, God! Mel!?! Mel!! Hilarious! 13:59 Will miss Seth yelling “Mel!”
QueenofSnarks Pred 8 dnevi
This hits different the day after Rudy got raided
Fabian Gong
Fabian Gong Pred 8 dnevi
Any body see all the drugs Trump had in his desk...boxes and boxes of cold medicine 😷 💊 🙃 God bless 🙏 any one of us 🇺🇸 can't buy that many boxes,we would get charged for making Meth ..Really..
Angie2343 Pred 10 dnevi
Todd Simmonds
Todd Simmonds Pred 12 dnevi
You totally did Mitch as Garth.
David Fuentes
David Fuentes Pred 13 dnevi
Red 13
Red 13 Pred 16 dnevi
"..too nuts for Chock Full o' Nuts! Hey-O!"😂
Brian Coates
Brian Coates Pred 16 dnevi
Who’s going to win the DEVIL or any attorney general to convict him before the waste of space dies
sixin1 Pred 18 dnevi
But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.
Keto S.O.S
Keto S.O.S Pred 20 dnevi
Ican FeeLIt
Ican FeeLIt Pred 21 dnevom
Yeah Biden took over and now China pulled of the E-coin cause they dont have money , and us soon will follow and people will buy it cause they dumb
Martin D
Martin D Pred 22 dnevi
The Republican party is a theatrical production which puts on a little play called What it would look like if the persons who could be got after were got after. These creatures' purpose is to make justice a perpetual embryo. The military are developing a fool-proof alliance to Red China syllogism; Zion, Republicans and most Democratic leaders are headed for Near-Eastern lockdown at the grazing of wingtips. Torturers don't need to understand English to cause cancer.
Scorp io
Scorp io Pred 22 dnevi
Bye bye bobblehead. Biggest sore loser in history.
Peter Whitehead
Peter Whitehead Pred 22 dnevi
If there is a lesson here it is this! Trump represents over 70 Million Americans whose attitudes and beliefs are based on Self interest and fear. From a gun culture that is out of control to a racist progressive culture, This is a broken Country in desperate need of healing.We should offer Trump a debt of thanks, he was a warning of what happens to an Empire consumed by its own narrow ideologies.
vincent vangogh
vincent vangogh Pred 22 dnevi
Oh my god! I can't even look at the little clips from Fox 'News' without cringing!...I find it unbearable to have to listen for more than 3 seconds to those silly clowns pretending to be newsanchors spewing their unbelievable garbage into the bewilderd faces of their braindead audience...With most of them ACTUALLY believing in that made-up bullshit!! ...It's absolutely mindblowing and horrifying!...
Sandra Nunes
Sandra Nunes Pred 23 dnevi
Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!! Go get your FACTS Right.
Sandra Nunes
Sandra Nunes Pred 23 dnevi
Rudy is being investigated.
Chris Nesbitt
Chris Nesbitt Pred 24 dnevi
it was only two weeks until the new health care plan too... :'(
Sandra Nunes
Sandra Nunes Pred 24 dnevi
Why is trump still here??? Charge him already.....
Sandra Nunes
Sandra Nunes Pred 26 dnevi
And yet you left the nation in tetters.!!
Richard Greenwood
Richard Greenwood Pred 27 dnevi
Youll be gone before him your show sucks.
Jay Haryu
Jay Haryu Pred mesecem
The sad thing is, I absolutely know people who are gonna give drumpf credit for his supposed coronavirus miracle and cite jr.’s nonsense argument as irrefutable proof
Dion McGee
Dion McGee Pred 21 dnevom
And they'll look confused when you try to explain to them that the corona virus was the responsibility of the Federal govt. Just like every other national emergency we've had. These people are really stupid.
Idris Maryjane
Idris Maryjane Pred mesecem
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Johnny Ramirez
Johnny Ramirez Pred mesecem
Just like you ms McConnell
Johnny Ramirez
Johnny Ramirez Pred mesecem
Yeah you did that's why your no longer the president a shameful one at that
Shana Newman
Shana Newman Pred mesecem
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David Henderson
David Henderson Pred mesecem
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Martha Ingram
Martha Ingram Pred mesecem
Don’t! Believe that count
William Ingham
William Ingham Pred mesecem
LIES- Coronavirus wrecked the country. He gave us a strong economy, higher wages, lower gas prices, less taxes, fewer school shootings. World peace. better boarders, more police reform. Orangeman or not he had a different approach where we mattered. I'm gonna say I told you so after this administration leaves you in the dust.
Pikkabuu Pred mesecem
So lets see. Trump coasted by on the economy that Obama left him but then he started the trade wars that hit especially the American farmers. And he didn't do anything to stop it. The higher wages are due to the low level of unemployment which gives advantage to the workers. And funny how the deficit and debt are only a problem when Democrats are in power... And how is the world at peace? Trump has thrown more fuel to the fire than anyone since Bush W in 2003! So Trumps approach was to destroy everything and leave us with the bill...
Carroll Drebert
Carroll Drebert Pred mesecem
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Alicia Thomson
Alicia Thomson Pred mesecem
A bad tiny .....
M Bot
M Bot Pred mesecem
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Red or Dead
Red or Dead Pred mesecem
Why is Don Jr always on FFW? ⏭
Noah Markman
Noah Markman Pred mesecem
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Ged Jones
Ged Jones Pred mesecem
Still struggling to get your head around the ENGLISH LANGUAGE there boy?
Marta Villanueva
Marta Villanueva Pred mesecem
The only yelling I can tolerate is Seth's.
Scott Pitner
Scott Pitner Pred mesecem
It’s March now but I had to re watch. So funny. I don’t miss the daily wonder of what clusterfuck is surrounding trump at any given moment and hearing the fans support him even though they were poorly lied to. What an asshat. All time biggest, biggest loser of politics and I pray we don’t make the mistake of letting this catastrophe happen again.
Bryan MG
Bryan MG Pred mesecem
Thank God he's been kicked out of the White House. Four more years would have sunk the country!
Kris George
Kris George Pred mesecem
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pred mesecem
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kim zim
kim zim Pred mesecem
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Linda bachelier
Linda bachelier Pred mesecem
Biden is a joke. And so is your show. I'm just saying
Linda bachelier
Linda bachelier Pred mesecem
@4a8p9x hater!
4a8p9x Pred mesecem
You lost. Get over it. And enjoy your stimulus check
Linda bachelier
Linda bachelier Pred mesecem
Lolol you need to look better into that. He's going to be back. N I Your show is gone. Lol
Elise Code
Elise Code Pred mesecem
"i totally forgot what i'm here to say" actually made me laugh
Toby George
Toby George Pred 2 meseci
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Action Man
Action Man Pred 2 meseci
Well you must be lovin Jao Bi Den.Idiots 🤣🤣🤣
Guitar Overkill
Guitar Overkill Pred 2 meseci
The personal hatred for Trump is ironic coming from the all inclusive Dems. And now that Biden continues to allow illegals in, breaking the law, and on his way to the nearest nursing home, we can only hope that the girl that was bused to school can stand up to the Chinese.
Adriana Manjarrez
Adriana Manjarrez Pred 2 meseci
Cameron Dickson
Cameron Dickson Pred 2 meseci
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Dominic F
Dominic F Pred 2 meseci
I like Seth but I'm sick of every tyt or secular talk video going to this exact video next.. youtube, ur hacks
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu Pred 2 meseci
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Tim Aldrich
Tim Aldrich Pred 2 meseci
Lindell is so full of crap, it's coming out his ears. Why would any rational person even listen to a P.O.S. like him?
Jennifer Lewisfe
Jennifer Lewisfe Pred 2 meseci
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Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez Pred 2 meseci
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay Pred 2 meseci
Trump supporters love him still!! The greatest president ever is Donald J. Trump!!
Ardiva Chambers
Ardiva Chambers Pred 2 meseci
Yoon Robichaud
Yoon Robichaud Pred 2 meseci
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Steve Eone
Steve Eone Pred 2 meseci
.....................MY RESPONSE IS........IN ANOTHER VIDEO.......THAT IS RELATED......IN A STORY WHERE A TRUMP SUPPORTER IS NOW CLAIMING TO THE WORLD-THAT HE WAS SCAMMED BY THE TRUMP SCAM-VOTER RECOUNT-SCAM-SCAM....I SAY TO THAT STORY..........IM A BROADCASTER & A BEHAVIORAL SPECIALIST.......AND IM AT THE END OF MY EMOTIONAL ROPE.......LISTENING TO & KNOWING ABOUT......EVERY SINGLE TRUMP VOTER......WHO IS ENJOYING.....THEIR OWN.....INTENT AT DEMONIC EVIL JOY AGAINST THEMSELVES & AGAINST OTHERS......ALL OF THESE TRUMP VOTERS......R MORONS FROM HELL & THEY ALL KNOW IT & LIKE THE MASOCHIST THAT TRUMP IS......THEY TO ARE MASOCHISTS-INTENTIONALLY........&............YES THEY ARE ENJOYING THEIR OWN DEMISE.(they are in essence.......emotionally SUPER SICK to the point........where they will want to......&.......should take their own lives .........like Herman Caine did AND like Rush Limbaugh did.....THEY BOTH TOOK THEIR OWN LIVES).......PROVING once again.......how emotionally sick and intentionally EVIL......most most most Americans have become-AND AS ALL ALL ALL TRUMP VOTERS....... ARE OR HAVE BECOME.........as ironically Most Americans complain about OTHER 3rd world behavioral traits........(again......MOST AMERICANS meaning 3/4 of the massive 352 million of us here.......HAVE INTENTIONALLY BECOME.......SUPER SONIC DEMONIC EVIL TO THEMSELVES AND TO OTHERS......ITS SURREAL WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY.......UNDER THE FAKE.......I ........ PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.(wow.........this country is SO FAR down the rabbit hole........that even the RABBIT itself........is afraid of dealing emotionally with MOST AMERICANS).wow.(& your comments are welcomed).
Gah Tang
Gah Tang Pred 2 meseci
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Richard T
Richard T Pred 2 meseci
As I am listening to this on 2/23/21, I thought Seth did a great job of hitting the high points of Trump's 30,000 or so lies. It makes me wonder what is going on, or not going on in the brains of people that have continued to support and vote for him.
Springtime Cat
Springtime Cat Pred 2 meseci
Well I guess you’re thrilled with Biden’s win. You deserve what you wish for .
millieo Pred 2 meseci
I'm surprised I'm not surprised.
Flea B
Flea B Pred 2 meseci
Almost 5 yrs of stupidity and oooooyea get the ____ out
ULI ULI Pred 2 meseci
carlos spencer
carlos spencer Pred 2 meseci
Donald Trump Jr reminds me of that character Harry Ellis (I looked up the name) in the first film Die Hard, doing cocaine in Holly's office. he comes across as a very very slimy person and completely self absorved.
kvdgadj Pred 2 meseci
How long before he appear in a court room? Will he have a high price lawyer with him.
Karen Crofts
Karen Crofts Pred 2 meseci
Davin MacKay
Davin MacKay Pred 2 meseci
Did Seth accidently call it the repumpkin party... it works ;)
Elizabeth Sohler
Elizabeth Sohler Pred 2 meseci
Seth--Yes he is insane. Next!
Pia Funes Bakker
Pia Funes Bakker Pred 2 meseci
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace Pred 2 meseci
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DAVID LEAMAN Pred 2 meseci
After seeing four years of Trump, who thinks that he actually won in 2016? At that time, it would have been much easier to cheat. Trump blew it for himself in 2020, when he told everyone to watch the election for cheating. He's so stupid that he didn't realize that peoples eyes would also be on his cheating. No cheating happened and the election came out with a fair result and he wasn't ready for that.
DAVID LEAMAN Pred 2 meseci
If Ivanka runs for office, I suggest that everyone convince Mary Trump to run against her.
Calvin Smyth
Calvin Smyth Pred 2 meseci
Under Biden I received a smaller stimulus check. Gas is 40 cents more and goes up weekly. I'm still out of a job. Still loked down. No free health care. No free school. Reparations maybe, but only for some. Can't get the vaccine. Biden's world is a ride to Hell.
Botwin Nancy
Botwin Nancy Pred 2 meseci
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Marguerite Clark
Marguerite Clark Pred 2 meseci
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Dominic F
Dominic F Pred 2 meseci
How does every left wing news video end up on this? 🤣
Jude Ghazaleh
Jude Ghazaleh Pred 2 meseci
That's hilarious, the gentleman is comic genius.
Lonny Strickland
Lonny Strickland Pred 2 meseci
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Grace Walker
Grace Walker Pred 2 meseci
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what ever
what ever Pred 2 meseci
This guy suches
jackie kennedy
jackie kennedy Pred 2 meseci
Sad that we had a Mafia Boss wannabe in our White House. Absolutely this con man with a low IQ will hopefully will have taught a lesson to the country. EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!
Jhoanna Gutierrez Diaz
I love how he was making fun of him😂😂😂😭
Linda Moody
Linda Moody Pred 2 meseci
Walküre Unruh
Walküre Unruh Pred 2 meseci
A friend bought me a tiny paece of the the moon, what i need to be fully happy would have been: A pardon from Donald J: Trump! But you cannot have all in life,
Peter McLelland
Peter McLelland Pred 2 meseci
Just can't dump the unfunny, unoriginal, 'their bread & butter for 4yrs' - 'Trump' crap ? - can they ?
Erin Walter
Erin Walter Pred 2 meseci
Seth Meyers is a sexy man. Love his hands.
david whang
david whang Pred 2 meseci
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MegaTronn Pred 2 meseci
"My name is Rudy, and I'm here to say, I totally forgot what I'm here to say!" Fart. FAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!
anna farris
anna farris Pred 2 meseci
Camelia Simina
Camelia Simina Pred 2 meseci
you're such a stupid man. I really feel sorry for you. As I feel sorry for the people who are not capable to understand whats happening these days...
elaineeyyy Pred 2 meseci
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aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Pred 2 meseci
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Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Pred 2 meseci
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