The End of the Trump Presidency: A Closer Look 

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Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump spending his last full day as president of the United States stewing in private, mulling pardons for well-connected allies and releasing a meaningless, lie-filled farewell message.
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The End of the Trump Presidency: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




19. jan. 2021

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Tim Aldrich
Tim Aldrich Pred 19 urami
Lindell is so full of crap, it's coming out his ears. Why would any rational person even listen to a P.O.S. like him?
Jennifer Lewisfe
Jennifer Lewisfe Pred 22 urami
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Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez Pred dnevom
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay Pred dnevom
Trump supporters love him still!! The greatest president ever is Donald J. Trump!!
Ardiva Chambers
Ardiva Chambers Pred 2 dnevi
Yoon Robichaud
Yoon Robichaud Pred 3 dnevi
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Steve Eone
Steve Eone Pred 4 dnevi
.....................MY RESPONSE IS........IN ANOTHER VIDEO.......THAT IS RELATED......IN A STORY WHERE A TRUMP SUPPORTER IS NOW CLAIMING TO THE WORLD-THAT HE WAS SCAMMED BY THE TRUMP SCAM-VOTER RECOUNT-SCAM-SCAM....I SAY TO THAT STORY..........IM A BROADCASTER & A BEHAVIORAL SPECIALIST.......AND IM AT THE END OF MY EMOTIONAL ROPE.......LISTENING TO & KNOWING ABOUT......EVERY SINGLE TRUMP VOTER......WHO IS ENJOYING.....THEIR OWN.....INTENT AT DEMONIC EVIL JOY AGAINST THEMSELVES & AGAINST OTHERS......ALL OF THESE TRUMP VOTERS......R MORONS FROM HELL & THEY ALL KNOW IT & LIKE THE MASOCHIST THAT TRUMP IS......THEY TO ARE MASOCHISTS-INTENTIONALLY........&............YES THEY ARE ENJOYING THEIR OWN DEMISE.(they are in essence.......emotionally SUPER SICK to the point........where they will want to......&.......should take their own lives .........like Herman Caine did AND like Rush Limbaugh did.....THEY BOTH TOOK THEIR OWN LIVES).......PROVING once again.......how emotionally sick and intentionally EVIL......most most most Americans have become-AND AS ALL ALL ALL TRUMP VOTERS....... ARE OR HAVE BECOME.........as ironically Most Americans complain about OTHER 3rd world behavioral traits........(again......MOST AMERICANS meaning 3/4 of the massive 352 million of us here.......HAVE INTENTIONALLY BECOME.......SUPER SONIC DEMONIC EVIL TO THEMSELVES AND TO OTHERS......ITS SURREAL WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY.......UNDER THE FAKE.......I ........ PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.(wow.........this country is SO FAR down the rabbit hole........that even the RABBIT itself........is afraid of dealing emotionally with MOST AMERICANS).wow.(& your comments are welcomed).
Gah Tang
Gah Tang Pred 4 dnevi
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Richard T
Richard T Pred 4 dnevi
As I am listening to this on 2/23/21, I thought Seth did a great job of hitting the high points of Trump's 30,000 or so lies. It makes me wonder what is going on, or not going on in the brains of people that have continued to support and vote for him.
Springtime Cat
Springtime Cat Pred 4 dnevi
Well I guess you’re thrilled with Biden’s win. You deserve what you wish for .
millieo Pred 5 dnevi
I'm surprised I'm not surprised.
Flea B
Flea B Pred 6 dnevi
Almost 5 yrs of stupidity and oooooyea get the ____ out
ULI ULI Pred 7 dnevi
carlos spencer
carlos spencer Pred 7 dnevi
Donald Trump Jr reminds me of that character Harry Ellis (I looked up the name) in the first film Die Hard, doing cocaine in Holly's office. he comes across as a very very slimy person and completely self absorved.
kvdgadj Pred 7 dnevi
How long before he appear in a court room? Will he have a high price lawyer with him.
Karen Crofts
Karen Crofts Pred 7 dnevi
Davin MacKay
Davin MacKay Pred 8 dnevi
Did Seth accidently call it the repumpkin party... it works ;)
Elizabeth Sohler
Elizabeth Sohler Pred 8 dnevi
Seth--Yes he is insane. Next!
clown hunter
clown hunter Pred 8 dnevi
He tried to destroy the country\or even worse ,he thought he was doing good.
Pia Funes Bakker
Pia Funes Bakker Pred 8 dnevi
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace Pred 8 dnevi
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DAVID LEAMAN Pred 9 dnevi
After seeing four years of Trump, who thinks that he actually won in 2016? At that time, it would have been much easier to cheat. Trump blew it for himself in 2020, when he told everyone to watch the election for cheating. He's so stupid that he didn't realize that peoples eyes would also be on his cheating. No cheating happened and the election came out with a fair result and he wasn't ready for that.
DAVID LEAMAN Pred 9 dnevi
If Ivanka runs for office, I suggest that everyone convince Mary Trump to run against her.
Calvin Smyth
Calvin Smyth Pred 9 dnevi
Under Biden I received a smaller stimulus check. Gas is 40 cents more and goes up weekly. I'm still out of a job. Still loked down. No free health care. No free school. Reparations maybe, but only for some. Can't get the vaccine. Biden's world is a ride to Hell.
Botwin Nancy
Botwin Nancy Pred 10 dnevi
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Marguerite Clark
Marguerite Clark Pred 10 dnevi
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Dominic F
Dominic F Pred 11 dnevi
How does every left wing news video end up on this? 🤣
Jude Ghazaleh
Jude Ghazaleh Pred 11 dnevi
That's hilarious, the gentleman is comic genius.
Lonny Strickland
Lonny Strickland Pred 12 dnevi
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Grace Walker
Grace Walker Pred 12 dnevi
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what ever
what ever Pred 12 dnevi
This guy suches
jackie kennedy
jackie kennedy Pred 12 dnevi
Sad that we had a Mafia Boss wannabe in our White House. Absolutely this con man with a low IQ will hopefully will have taught a lesson to the country. EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!
sgt pep
sgt pep Pred 12 dnevi
where're the lawyers that are taking on lawsuits against the trump gang for blatantly letting the infection come to America & panic the USA, damn genius right yeah! can we sue trump & most of the rubs for stress at night, lost sleep, anxieties lots of unnecessary worries of death! trump & his minions r responsible for the murder of blue states, they have no rubs it's ok to kill them too! crazyass rubs
Jhoanna Gutierrez Diaz
I love how he was making fun of him😂😂😂😭
Linda Moody
Linda Moody Pred 14 dnevi
Walküre Unruh
Walküre Unruh Pred 14 dnevi
A friend bought me a tiny paece of the the moon, what i need to be fully happy would have been: A pardon from Donald J: Trump! But you cannot have all in life,
Peter McLelland
Peter McLelland Pred 14 dnevi
Just can't dump the unfunny, unoriginal, 'their bread & butter for 4yrs' - 'Trump' crap ? - can they ?
Erin Walter
Erin Walter Pred 15 dnevi
Seth Meyers is a sexy man. Love his hands.
david whang
david whang Pred 15 dnevi
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MegaTronn Pred 15 dnevi
"My name is Rudy, and I'm here to say, I totally forgot what I'm here to say!" Fart. FAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!
anna farris
anna farris Pred 16 dnevi
Camelia Simina
Camelia Simina Pred 16 dnevi
you're such a stupid man. I really feel sorry for you. As I feel sorry for the people who are not capable to understand whats happening these days...
elaineeyyy Pred 16 dnevi
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aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Pred 17 dnevi
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Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Pred 17 dnevi
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aracia Pred 17 dnevi
Nobody has brought up article 2- if you're impeached- you can't grant pardons- unless it means something else?? lol
Sar Laz
Sar Laz Pred 17 dnevi
how can you talk about these "approval ratings" when the man had 74 mill or whatever votes?
Miss Barilla De Fenton
You mean to title the end of USA. Let’s take this serious. And pray for our children 👶
Jeff McCrea
Jeff McCrea Pred 17 dnevi
I can't wait to see the tRump presidential library. McDonalds menus sorted by date.
Elizabeth Sohler
Elizabeth Sohler Pred 8 dnevi
Someone else suggested coloring books--one problem--he hadn't finished coloring the 2nd one.
2028 JC
2028 JC Pred 17 dnevi
Humans can never understand God's plan. Do not mock God. God our Father will have the last laugh. Tedros, Biden and CCP will pay for the lives lost in 2020-2022.
Rychy St. Vincent
Rychy St. Vincent Pred 18 dnevi
4 PEOPLE DIED IN BENGHAZI working in a war zone on the other side of the world. Republicans spent 2 years and millions of dollars raking someone over the coals. What will become of the 7 who died on DARK WEDNESDAY. Who gets raked for this dogeared page in history?
j Miller
j Miller Pred 18 dnevi
Federal courts have the sole power to determine constitutionality. If facts came out in trial that Trump or a future President told people to stop the certification of the next President by blowing up the Capital where legislators were voting, Courts, not running scared Republican politicians, have the sole power to determine the constitutionality of impeaching and convicting in order to stop him from being President again. If Trump or a future President told people to blow up the Capital where legislators were voting, Courts, not running scared Republican politicians, have the sole power to determine the constitutionality of impeaching and convicting to stop him from being President again.
Paul D
Paul D Pred 18 dnevi
Awh, he didn't lie about the map. He just didn't know where Alabama was.
Philstir Pred 19 dnevi
A Gotdamn circus with no other attractions but clowns. Superclowns. TRE45ON
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Pred 19 dnevi
hey I'm playing the Jurassic world game on the ps4 and um I've got three indominus rexes and two t.rexes and I plan to have em "co-exist" but the thing is one I.rex has 222 attack and 195 defense and the other I.rex has 223 attack and 195 defense the last I. rex is a vanilla one both rexes are heavily modified but not quite enough the highest attack they could get was 195 ironically but I feel like the rexes may tag team the I.rex has t.rexes have been shown to do small packs so eh figured 75/25
TRUMP WON Q ANON Pred 19 dnevi
Democrats are disingenuous idiots. Trump will win his trial. The few Republicans claiming to vote against Trump are going against their own constituents. They're idiots too...MAGA 2024, we'll see you in 4 years!!!
Ivy Cass
Ivy Cass Pred 17 dnevi
hahahahahhahahahahahaahahhaha cope
Moriusca Natha
Moriusca Natha Pred 19 dnevi
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Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Pred 19 dnevi
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Mike Henkelman
Mike Henkelman Pred 19 dnevi
I literally lost it/coughing and choking on the "pronouncing hamburger" bit...jesus
Anthony hau
Anthony hau Pred 20 dnevi
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TheFourthWinchester Pred 20 dnevi
Don't get the hate. Trump has been the best US President for the world in almost 2 decades. He started no fake wars or committed atrocities like his predecessors. That's a huge win. He maybe an imbecile but that saved the world from the USA.
Tim Hannigan
Tim Hannigan Pred 20 dnevi
He'll be back😡
Barry Macockiner
Barry Macockiner Pred 20 dnevi
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Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen Pred 21 dnevom
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Civerius Pred 21 dnevom
They don't deserve the flag on their chest.
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace Pred 22 dnevi
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Jimmy Schritt
Jimmy Schritt Pred 21 dnevom
Couldn’t have said it better myself.
barbara kennedy
barbara kennedy Pred 22 dnevi
I have a feeling he still won't reveal his health care program.
TJ Wilson
TJ Wilson Pred 18 dnevi
P Jackson
P Jackson Pred 21 dnevom
Justin Wong
Justin Wong Pred 22 dnevi
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Samson Jackson
Samson Jackson Pred 22 dnevi
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Jaijames Pennycuick
Jaijames Pennycuick Pred 22 dnevi
Killed less than Obama Deported less than Obama Started less wars than Obama All in all not bad
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred 22 dnevi
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Bee Dubb
Bee Dubb Pred 22 dnevi
This is for totally negative shitheads, this guy just shits on everything and feels like he's neat.
Salvatore Sciarretta
Salvatore Sciarretta Pred 23 dnevi
And in the end , the love you take, is equal to the love you make. sltv.info/label/Z5WFmqfbgZqcoog/video
Gaston4.7.8.0 Pred 23 dnevi
The US Failed This Test, Denmark Didn’t" 😂 sltv.info/label/nJpguLq4aapriqY/video
Cruz Froehlich
Cruz Froehlich Pred 23 dnevi
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Alex Gulino
Alex Gulino Pred 23 dnevi
I stopped using the word liar to describe Trump in 2016. He's much closer to a freelance disinformation agent.
Karin Hess
Karin Hess Pred 23 dnevi
An intelligent and very FUNNY man
David Ferguson
David Ferguson Pred 23 dnevi
Would be great if the whole bunch, Trump, Mel, Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, all ended up in a Witness protection program somewhere in Alabama.
Teresa Hanson
Teresa Hanson Pred 23 dnevi
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Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk Pred 23 dnevi
So interesting that people still tune in to seth just so they can can complain him!
Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk Pred 23 dnevi
And djtj will be out too!
Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk Pred 23 dnevi
I am so glad Biden will replace trump's bs. I can not listen to trump one more time!
gil g
gil g Pred 23 dnevi
The 2020 election is a fraud. The election's departments,,,, chose the president,,, not the people. All crooked stuffed with phony ballots.
Clem G
Clem G Pred 23 dnevi
what a child.
Susan Johnston
Susan Johnston Pred 23 dnevi
Good riddance! Go get help!
Dr.Mikizzle Therapist
Dr.Mikizzle Therapist Pred 24 dnevi
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Isabel Lacson
Isabel Lacson Pred 24 dnevi
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GroovyVideo2 Pred 24 dnevi
creepy donald
Francis Schreurs
Francis Schreurs Pred 24 dnevi
You 're totaly right by saying Donald Trump was as president a stupid heavy criminal president. So Donald Trump wasn' t able to organise a coup in the capital, who was?
Serapis Christos
Serapis Christos Pred 25 dnevi
to interpreted what rudy is trying saying ,let use the words of president clinton "I did not have sexual relations with that woman".
Candis Pred 25 dnevi
I wouldn't be surprised if there is a kid out there named Reagan Kennedy Carter. I also doubt there will be any schools, libraries, airports or children named after Trump. No one will EVER forget the HAVOC he caused!
xujfk kbthd
xujfk kbthd Pred 25 dnevi
The hollow beast rhetorically prick because education actually arrest about a wicked school. acceptable, woebegone sampan
Jon Foster
Jon Foster Pred 26 dnevi
biden is going to push through everything that the elites at davos tell him to do, y'all are gonna be missing trump soon enough
Adrian M. Kleinbergen
Adrian M. Kleinbergen Pred 22 dnevi
Not likely...
H D Pred 26 dnevi
Trump performed a giant smear campaign against the truth.
GTA 5 shaded rich
GTA 5 shaded rich Pred 26 dnevi
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Mogan Yee
Mogan Yee Pred 26 dnevi
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Yeh jaw Loj kiz
Yeh jaw Loj kiz Pred 26 dnevi
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Vivian Phillips
Vivian Phillips Pred 26 dnevi
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Angel Regan
Angel Regan Pred 26 dnevi
I was twelve when Donald trump took office and even then I just knew he was going to wreak at least one thing in our government.
Chan Hung Kee
Chan Hung Kee Pred 27 dnevi
The then President may be trying to convince himself more than convincing others.
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