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30. nov. 2019

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cvetan05 Pred 7 urami
Why does jj walk like a duck and tobis laugh has me dead
Stephanie R
Stephanie R Pred 22 urami
Still can’t believe Lux lost two phones on this trip
Sonia Teneyck
Sonia Teneyck Pred 23 urami
When they saw and ran to Josh, it was so wholesome
Ark Pred dnevom
Imagine lockdown with a villa like this 😍
Justin Finch
Justin Finch Pred dnevom
JJ: we completed it, we completed the game. [What We Have Learnt From This Video] Life Is a Game. Remember That Kids...
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman Pred dnevom
When they saw and ran to Josh, it was so wholesome
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann Pred dnevom
Why do I watch people have the time of their lives whilst I’m in bed with a bag of walkers crisps...
mish4ri sama
mish4ri sama Pred 2 dnevi
That is amazing but also reminds me how poor i am
Roman Empire Guy
Roman Empire Guy Pred 2 dnevi
Maxi Bodyalive
Maxi Bodyalive Pred 3 dnevi
Nice track! I also make professional multitracks remixes! check here if you like.....sltv.info
Gman31 B
Gman31 B Pred 3 dnevi
51:59 got busy
Bob Goslings
Bob Goslings Pred 4 dnevi
1:09:10 whats the song name please?
James Shone
James Shone Pred 5 dnevi
Whys jeremy lynch guiding queues 5:51
Neyo Mayo
Neyo Mayo Pred 5 dnevi
Do 4 more: African edition Middle East edition America edition Australia edition
Alison Minzola
Alison Minzola Pred 6 dnevi
That closet in jjs room was the size of my entire room😂😂😂
Russell Green
Russell Green Pred 7 dnevi
Imagine lockdown with a villa like this 😍
Stevan Govedarica
Stevan Govedarica Pred 7 dnevi
3:33 got scared of the drug sniffing dog
Erkki Lundquist
Erkki Lundquist Pred 8 dnevi
Cyan sommvan bild diss in minecraft
meat eater
meat eater Pred 9 dnevi
Yoooo this is beter then purple, purple team was simping and watching p0rn shows and orange team was liveing in luxury
Jake Leigh
Jake Leigh Pred 9 dnevi
Anyone here from 2020
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas Pred 10 dnevi
A class , B class and a + class😂🤦‍♂️🤣
Gamer Gal
Gamer Gal Pred 10 dnevi
love how they sat at the back of the bus, just like when your teenagers hahah
CharlieS24 Pred 10 dnevi
Honestly cal & cal need a shared channel their so funny together
AmThatSimp Pred 11 dnevi
When they were echo singing I actually thought is this how they made halo theme tune
Ceire Pred 11 dnevi
I am extremely jealous of lux and freezy
Exem29 Pred 12 dnevi
whats that song at 1:09:10
Jonas Johnson
Jonas Johnson Pred 12 dnevi
Harry’s so awkward, and he speaks to a camera for a living...
Kazers_ Pred 12 dnevi
I can't be the only one thinking this who's that women ??? 40:40
Gustavo Flores
Gustavo Flores Pred 13 dnevi
Josh acting like a dad
Noah Searle
Noah Searle Pred 13 dnevi
They’re an Oreo on the plane
Oscar Granados
Oscar Granados Pred 14 dnevi
They should rent this house again and do a hide and seek
Eldrick Dejesus
Eldrick Dejesus Pred 14 dnevi
I love the way that jj screams like he cant afford this things lmao
Decay Pred 14 dnevi
harry: " there's a punching exercise bag thing"
PWA Chrome
PWA Chrome Pred 15 dnevi
For a 10 mill special they should all come here
Nuke Pred 15 dnevi
tobi actually got a choir voice wtf
Howling Gamerz27
Howling Gamerz27 Pred 17 dnevi
2:00 when Harry is on the call with Josh you can see that he has wounds on his elbows,I think this is from the road trip video when he fell off the car. Ps. I was so close to writing shoulders instead of elbows
Isaac Leslie
Isaac Leslie Pred 17 dnevi
Now I'm curious to know what "The Switch" is
HRH jr
HRH jr Pred 17 dnevi
Yes there are 3 paols logan,Greg,prick paols
Lǝo Pred 17 dnevi
Mexico edition
Lil Yogurt
Lil Yogurt Pred 18 dnevi
JJ is such a nice and caring person damn, like I know sometimes he puts up the rich asshole personality but you can tell he is really a nice optimistic guy who loves his friends
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann Pred 18 dnevi
The dislikes are just Ethan, Simon and vikk making multiple accounts
Chloe Lepage
Chloe Lepage Pred 18 dnevi
The dislikes are just Ethan, Simon and vikk making multiple accounts
Imagine Nation
Imagine Nation Pred 20 dnevi
lol jj not knowing what putamadre is
Josh Yuen
Josh Yuen Pred 20 dnevi
Josh looks happy that theyre happy
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann Pred 20 dnevi
When they saw and ran to Josh, it was so wholesome
PokéNate Pred 20 dnevi
miss 2019, 2020 sucks covid is making me sad i miss these kind of vids
cheng chao
cheng chao Pred 21 dnevom
3:54 when harry looked at the camera had me dying, he's so awkward, hes like what do i say here😂
Ellwoo_ Pred 21 dnevom
3:51 Harry just having a nice conversation with some 6 year olds about going on holiday is so wholesome
Neyo Mayo
Neyo Mayo Pred 5 dnevi
Harry had a mini heart attack when that sniffer dog was lerking about
esteban collazo
esteban collazo Pred 22 dnevi
Do 4 more: African edition Middle East edition America edition Australia edition
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen Pred 22 dnevi
3:54 when harry looked at the camera had me dying, he's so awkward, hes like what do i say here😂
Luke Passmore
Luke Passmore Pred 22 dnevi
I wish I was rich
Summer Bennett
Summer Bennett Pred 22 dnevi
Say we’re dodgy because we drink sparkling water what’s up with ur camera
z1ga 7
z1ga 7 Pred 22 dnevi
i wouldnt mind spending lockdown in a house like this with the sidemen
TotallyLouis Pred 23 dnevi
32:29 funny af
Jonas Johnson
Jonas Johnson Pred 23 dnevi
Harry’s so awkward, and he speaks to a camera for a living...
Javonte Devinsis
Javonte Devinsis Pred 23 dnevi
KiTT Pred 23 dnevi
Freezy isn't funny
Farming Life
Farming Life Pred 23 dnevi
Harry talking to the kids🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Glitching Øłívē
Glitching Øłívē Pred 23 dnevi
Nice to see comments are active even in lockdown
Tom Duncan
Tom Duncan Pred 23 dnevi
Before COVID 🥺
Brayden Dennis
Brayden Dennis Pred 24 dnevi
Joshua Bryce Lennon
Joshua Bryce Lennon Pred 24 dnevi
JJ u went to a private school, stop acting like ur from the hood
RJ OReilly
RJ OReilly Pred 24 dnevi
I had a smile on my face throughout the whole video, you can really feel their happiness its gas
Annamaria Goswick
Annamaria Goswick Pred 24 dnevi
The sidemen literally own uk SLtv
Habari namichezo
Habari namichezo Pred 24 dnevi
I see a lot of rich and poor people who unhappy...life always can't be defined and if you see poor people don't care about money that's is high level of life bro we fight we do anything to find money and there is no one stay and wish to be poor it's complicated but all in all money play big party in our life in sadness or happy.. Remember. Hug can not make your stomach full. Smile can not buy a new car. Love can not pay your bill.
I AM LITERAL LAG Pred 24 dnevi
2:03 u can see Harry’s wound from kicking Stacy
Jamie14 Pred 25 dnevi
Who else got bored in lockdown ?🤔
James Williams
James Williams Pred 25 dnevi
1:21:54 the boys in background trying to listen to the boys, looks like they wanted a pic - I'm sure they showing their parents the channel
Squigglebeany Pred 25 dnevi
no one: jj: starts rimming simply shuttles
Reece Smith
Reece Smith Pred 25 dnevi
‘. ( Thuckrees
Rudy Rosas
Rudy Rosas Pred 25 dnevi
17:05 I'm dead😂😂😂😂 Edit: I don't think they understand what that meant 😂😂
Jaafer Zaneer
Jaafer Zaneer Pred 25 dnevi
Joshyboy Pred 25 dnevi
0:49 jj doesn’t realise that his glasses shows the reflection of his password
Aidan Barker
Aidan Barker Pred 26 dnevi
14:53 I’m going to need an explanation for that sound
Logan Squire
Logan Squire Pred 26 dnevi
Tobi’s laugh when he later on josh was so wholesome
Firebat 66
Firebat 66 Pred 27 dnevi
Purple team are better and their trip is more fun so FUCK your orange team
Firebat 66
Firebat 66 Pred 26 dnevi
@stealer knob I’ll keep that in mind
stealer knob
stealer knob Pred 26 dnevi
@Firebat 66 as soon As u get to that hotel u will regret that
Firebat 66
Firebat 66 Pred 26 dnevi
@stealer knob yes because they make it fun and Simon makes it all positive
stealer knob
stealer knob Pred 26 dnevi
So u would rather be on the purp team Then orange
KJ Koroma
KJ Koroma Pred 27 dnevi
Her with ksi
KJ Koroma
KJ Koroma Pred 27 dnevi
Sorry don't go to the recent video go to the 100 vs 1000 and it's the one with ibza like is it maylabai anyway go to that one where its Harry ksi and tobi right and in 1:00:12 you see the girl that was in the newest sidemen video which is the one with ethan and others girls where he picks the girls who he think look nice and the one that said no in the green dress is the one that said no I forgot her name but yeah if you go to the sidemen on holiday 100 vs 1000 and go on 1:00:12 you will see hrf
KJ Koroma
KJ Koroma Pred 27 dnevi
Everyone go to 1:00:12 in the recent sidemen video with ethan and 20 girls thing you see the girl who had the green dress on and said no to ethan you see her in this video the 100 vs 1000 which is crazy that she had made a return in the the most recent sidemen video how crazy its mad
Sheryl Jumlani
Sheryl Jumlani Pred 27 dnevi
Josh is like the DAD of sideman
Mohammad Ahmadi
Mohammad Ahmadi Pred 27 dnevi
When reality hits you and you look around your room.
Alec Henderson
Alec Henderson Pred 27 dnevi
I feel so bad for the guy at 6:30 he looked so uncomfortable😂
Lloyd McCroskey
Lloyd McCroskey Pred 27 dnevi
Tobi: Aw mate, your black Harry: looks at jj Also Harry: WHAT ME?? 6:55
spoon Pred 27 dnevi
How did Josh get to the villa before the other 3. Like he was probably on the flight before or even the same flight as them
spoon Pred 27 dnevi
When they landed in malaga. I go there on holiday. So I know that airport like the back of my hand. And its cool to see the sidemen in an area that I am familiar with
Anmol RB
Anmol RB Pred 27 dnevi
I am so Jealous of their lives...
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez Pred 27 dnevi
When they saw and ran to Josh, it was so wholesome
Stage GNS
Stage GNS Pred 28 dnevi
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Neyo Mayo
Neyo Mayo Pred 28 dnevi
The dislikes are just Ethan, Simon and vikk making multiple accounts
Neyo Mayo
Neyo Mayo Pred 28 dnevi
why is everyone freaking out about the indoor pool.. they had one at the sidemen house too wtf
Valde Pred 28 dnevi
Adam does things
Adam does things Pred 29 dnevi
if i reach 150 subs by the end of the year i will upload 2 animations a day so please consider subscribing and checking out some vids
Alfie Collier
Alfie Collier Pred 29 dnevi
Josh? 😂
SKATECORE _ Pred mesecem
SpeedFreak69 Pred mesecem
I don't know why I love watching this time and time again. But I don't care I'm watching it.
Jair Higuera
Jair Higuera Pred mesecem
It sucks that its weird watching them without face mask
Oliver Bow
Oliver Bow Pred mesecem
At 29:10 when harry said "have a sniff its quite lovely" my drink came out of my nose in laughter 😂
Ažuolas Mickus
Ažuolas Mickus Pred mesecem
Bro im watching this back and realised how i miss these videos
FCKED _ Pred mesecem
how many times they said orange team I V
megan donaghey
megan donaghey Pred mesecem
ksi could afford one of these he a=earns 2.5 million per year the villa would only cost 1.2 million
stealer knob
stealer knob Pred 26 dnevi
Still too expensive
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