Never call Bobby short....he lived to regret it.. 

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Hey guys! In this video, Joey and Bryan's wives come play a crazy trivia challenge! If the wife gets the answer wrong, the husband gets punished! We have punishments like PB&J ear muffs, Syrup masks, and paintball guns! We have trivia questions to guess the logo, letter switches, and husband true or false facts! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Dunk Your Wife Challenge!! | Dunk Tank Basketball!! Crazy Sports. We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win this challenge??
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18. sep. 2020

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MrWicked505 Pred dnevom
I’m so confused...
No Steam Money
No Steam Money Pred dnevom
Bobby is NOT short he js tall
RackRevival Pred dnevom
Bobby has the best facial expressions
Sandy Frerichs
Sandy Frerichs Pred dnevom
I would never call bobby short after this
Patty Johnson
Patty Johnson Pred dnevom
The cheap island acromegaly consider because pastry inherently concern regarding a outgoing nerve. gorgeous, round myanmar
Andres Olmedo
Andres Olmedo Pred 4 dnevi
20:05 look at Joey walk 😂 😂 he’s not a giraffe anymore he’s a penguin 😂
Gagan Gandhi
Gagan Gandhi Pred 4 dnevi
j Fred twitching me on the floor laughing
Makenzie Creek
Makenzie Creek Pred 5 dnevi
How many weeks is J-Fred’s wife in Pregnancy 🤰🏼
#FREE JARVIS Pred 6 dnevi
8:24 was she about to hit her lol
the furry
the furry Pred 7 dnevi
10:30 look at jays shirt it has a jelly falling off
Hinkson7 Pred 7 dnevi
This is super funny but really breaking my heart
CT Maze
CT Maze Pred 9 dnevi
adn can we go back to wen kelly ripped the wax strip of look at joeys face he looks constapated
CT Maze
CT Maze Pred 9 dnevi
at 13:17 to 13:20 joey burst a hole in the shoe in about three seconds
EziosBladez Pred 9 dnevi
He should be glad that stuff cushioned that slap by Bobby xD He really pulled back on that slap.
Daniel Cornett
Daniel Cornett Pred 10 dnevi
wait for the you think you know me challenege, bobby said you get both wrong he gets punished, both teams got one wrong, both teams lost 1 life, only J-fred got punished... why tho
C4mm0gr33n Yt
C4mm0gr33n Yt Pred 12 dnevi
Joey was acting like he never put bagels on his ears
Afton Letwin
Afton Letwin Pred 12 dnevi
Is Sara J-Fred's sister cause she looks a lot like him
Justin Adams
Justin Adams Pred 14 dnevi
Bobby you are short
Kiana Berry
Kiana Berry Pred 15 dnevi
Question to Bryan: do you ever look at your wife and see Joey 😂 🤔
Tricc HalossS
Tricc HalossS Pred 15 dnevi
Bobby is loving this so much, even tho he’s been a host too much! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
vitani weapon
vitani weapon Pred 17 dnevi
When he had that green mask he looked like his brother
Tiny Wolfe316
Tiny Wolfe316 Pred 17 dnevi
Why does Brian's wife look like Mathias?
skull_princess 23
skull_princess 23 Pred 17 dnevi
Is Bobby still single
Agent LTK
Agent LTK Pred 18 dnevi
Everyone enjoying the super under-saturated super low contrast and super high sharpness
E_MAN Shine
E_MAN Shine Pred 18 dnevi
I guess we don't call Bobby short or call him names because... I think it's rude and also this video also shows proof of how sensitive he is
Tyler Terwilliger
Tyler Terwilliger Pred 21 dnevom
Can you do another spicy challenge carolina reaper as the losing punishment
Vishnu Pred 21 dnevom
This is the best darmaan video I've ever seen🥲
SentinelYT Pred 21 dnevom
Don’t call me SHORT
Janky Bean
Janky Bean Pred 23 dnevi
"Don't clench it, it will hurt worst" hahahaha
jwpx11 Pred 25 dnevi
would not want to be jfred right now
Heathbunny Pred 25 dnevi
Joey licking his mouth in the ski mask gave me the same vibes of that weird goat video from years ago. You know the one.
EziosBladez Pred 27 dnevi
Slow-mo guys gotta do the slap like that.
Scar FN
Scar FN Pred 27 dnevi
2:48 what did he sayyyyyy
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards Pred mesecem
Zoomer Pred mesecem
8:24 want to see one little liar
Chaska Bluestone
Chaska Bluestone Pred mesecem
Antonio Ojeda160
Antonio Ojeda160 Pred mesecem
Brians wife looks like Matthias
THE CUBE GEEK Pred mesecem
I have re-watched this vid a couple of times and I want to point out 2 pretty funny things. 1: at 20:46, bobby is looking exactly like billy when billy had scared bobby with 'hello' in the midnight hide and seek vid. 2: idk if anyone else noticed, but in 18:55, kelly actually shouted 'YEE HE HE SSSS!'!!
mr_nugget2007 Pred mesecem
J-fred whene he put on the ski mask and the bagel ear muffs Bryen "you look like a fort nite character!"
edgar torres
edgar torres Pred mesecem
Just a comment but Mayans are also in Mexico just as Aztecs and purépechas just an educated comment 😉
HaydenCooper Pred mesecem
Omg he's 5"9 he's not that short at all
Dexter Barrett
Dexter Barrett Pred mesecem
Wi is bobbe wairin gluvs
dadood vlogs and vids dadood
They do this stuff for no reward
Jadin Jones
Jadin Jones Pred mesecem
I'm 11 and I knew DiCaprio won right off the bat
John McMonigle
John McMonigle Pred mesecem
its a smoothie dude
Kai _
Kai _ Pred mesecem
13:48 13:48
Kai _
Kai _ Pred mesecem
13:51 13:51
louie playz
louie playz Pred mesecem
jelly said it first .-.
Dacodis Pred mesecem
I was like Sarah look like Mathias but I found out they were siblings
Firefighters Power
Firefighters Power Pred mesecem
Jeff has the best girl she big brain
phantomforcesnoob Pred mesecem
u call bobby short then lock your doors twice and windows and dont sleep he will beattttttt you
Chxnz Pred mesecem
Some jelly fell from joys ears to his shirt at 10:28 😂😂😂😂😂
Thiccc Boi
Thiccc Boi Pred mesecem
Bobby is me and J-Fred and Brian are my friends
onur asan
onur asan Pred mesecem
Lana Del Rey
Colin N
Colin N Pred mesecem
Bobby : Doing the outro Brian: Dying/Gagging while no one pays attention to him
Jai Nuttall
Jai Nuttall Pred mesecem
Waxing hurts more slow
Kyle Duvall
Kyle Duvall Pred mesecem
6:32 - My favorite moment in this entire episode.😂😂
Game sharks 51
Game sharks 51 Pred mesecem
Wierd, when J-fred got the syrup mask his wife only got one wrong , and so did Bryan's wife
Mr poetic
Mr poetic Pred mesecem
Editors ending no videos popped up
Mr poetic
Mr poetic Pred mesecem
Wife's and girlfriends should paintball shot there husband or boyfriend
Fallon Geurds
Fallon Geurds Pred mesecem
yall don't now who taylor swift is now thats sad
Tyler Bevers
Tyler Bevers Pred mesecem
Joey: famous bozos Me: yeah and your in it
GreenFunninja Pred mesecem
2:23 why does it say jelly wins? Did kelly just quickly switch her name or something?
Maroon Godspeed
Maroon Godspeed Pred mesecem
I hope your question is sarcastic, but if it isn’t Kelly+j-fred=jelly
Orient Prospect
Orient Prospect Pred 2 meseci
Sailor tift.....
Francisco Rint
Francisco Rint Pred 2 meseci
"well i'll tell ya";) hahaha best word
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones Pred 2 meseci
I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe
Mr poetic
Mr poetic Pred 2 meseci
Cup pong wife addition
Matthew Dixon
Matthew Dixon Pred 2 meseci
Who is watching this on Christmas Day of 2020 cuz I am!
Tim Kerbel
Tim Kerbel Pred 2 meseci
9:06 is KILLING ME 😂 I'm screaming
faroh khan
faroh khan Pred 2 meseci
i hate kelly she acts like shes old like she barely new those brands and she thinked for like 10 seconds for adidas like how do u not know that
Paula Farmer
Paula Farmer Pred 2 meseci
I think bobby liked this a LOTTT
TSG-Lolko Pred 2 meseci
Si there is a singer named sailor twift and another singer named taylor swift!?
Lindsay Morris
Lindsay Morris Pred 2 meseci
bobby is small !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girlish _Killer
Girlish _Killer Pred 2 meseci
2:16 did joey cuss??
Mr poetic
Mr poetic Pred 2 meseci
This should b happening more
RaInBoW • 27 years
RaInBoW • 27 years Pred 2 meseci
Brians wife stupid
lit _TripleSmile
lit _TripleSmile Pred 2 meseci
How do they not know these
william rhinehart
william rhinehart Pred 2 meseci
No offense but Brian’s wife is not smart I have no idea how she pulls off this level of stupidity
Valentine Oraha
Valentine Oraha Pred 2 meseci
Please do a sibling trivia Matthias Joey and Sara v Marvin Kevin and bryan
Nicholas Keene
Nicholas Keene Pred 2 meseci
are we gonna talk about how joey's and brian's wife are mithias's sisters still love team edge
Nicholas Keene
Nicholas Keene Pred mesecem
@MuncherGaming oh sorry
MuncherGaming Pred mesecem
Joeys wife is not Mathias sister. Brian’s wife is.
Abigail Barisoff
Abigail Barisoff Pred 2 meseci
Dreydan Nee
Dreydan Nee Pred 2 meseci
"he lived to regret it" Dhar Mann: Write that down, Write that down!
Samantha Dick
Samantha Dick Pred 2 meseci
The tedious lunchroom ultrasonically squeak because john electronmicroscopically wait atop a prickly crab. separate, rebel vegetarian
Robbie Tha Boss
Robbie Tha Boss Pred 2 meseci
Chris Viola
Chris Viola Pred 2 meseci
10:58 how does bryan have 2 doesn’t he have 1
Vulkyrie Pred 2 meseci
Barrett Parker
Barrett Parker Pred 2 meseci
Joey explains how the game works then says I still do not know how this game works
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Pred 2 meseci
willwillme Pred 2 meseci
10:16 "Gotta say it fASt babe."
August Holm
August Holm Pred 2 meseci
Dillon Colelli
Dillon Colelli Pred 2 meseci
5:09 she said sh!t
Infidel Marine
Infidel Marine Pred 2 meseci
"Don't clench it, it will hurt worse" *Bryan getting veitnam flashbacks* "NO CLENCHING IT HELPS"
Leslianne newberry
Leslianne newberry Pred 2 meseci
i love that joey just randomly screamed
Edwin Munoz
Edwin Munoz Pred 2 meseci
bobby said where going to do something weird with these banana.
Kelly:Slor twift.Bobby:yes thats the correct answer.but the real answer is Taylor Swift
Isabella Maez
Isabella Maez Pred 2 meseci
At 7:58 J-Fred sounded kinda like Matt if you look away from the screen
Broccoli Bro
Broccoli Bro Pred 2 meseci
Does anyone notice at the end, Bobby points at the so-called videos and subscribe button when frankly, they are not there. Or is it just me.
Dwinata Marjadi
Dwinata Marjadi Pred 2 meseci
The title: No One: Me:OMG Dhar Mann It's that you
Sam Pred 2 meseci
I liked how the wives were slowly warming up to the environment hope they come by again! I like the chemistry between the couples 😂
Brooklyn Bonnie Soul Johnson
I want Bobby to lead more tbh
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