This Doomsday Prepper Show is Hilarious 

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8. jun. 2021

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Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz Pred 25 minutami
Oh, man. I lost it when he pulled the gun and said, “Let’s have some fun.” Cody actually broke something? Wow.
Sam D
Sam D Pred 38 minutami
instead of burning gaze i heard burning gays and i was honestly very confused for a second
Lyonheart501st Pred 52 minutami
Dona prolly died during the pandemic RIP
_.desireeg Pred 54 minutami
“a research rabbit hole …. an rhr” i love a good research hole rabbit 😍
Catastrophic Koi
I’d like to imagine in 2019 she got over her fear and got rid of all of her pandemic stuff…
ally gotto
ally gotto Pred uro
Jus me or does it feel like he’s trying to be yourwetsock lol
EmmiBebaked -
EmmiBebaked - Pred uro
EmmiBebaked -
EmmiBebaked - Pred 2 urami
Wait I’ve been stuck high AF “research rabbit hole” (RHR) ??? Shouldn’t it be RRH? 😰😭💀🤣
randomhumor1 Pred 2 urami
Ironic if Donna was the first person to die of Covid in America.
futurehomestead Pred 2 urami
She was right because she realized the chance of a pandemic happening actually arent low.
Blank Blank
Blank Blank Pred 2 urami
Cody looks like an aethist jesus
sincerity is scary
sincerity is scary Pred 3 urami
cody _please_ update your pfp and end screen
sincerity is scary
sincerity is scary Pred 3 urami
one of the greatest decisions cody has made during his time on the internet is growing out his hair imo
GlockKay Pred 3 urami
This video was so fucking funny
Anna Portanova
Anna Portanova Pred 3 urami
Cody looks like he’s trying to market a startup photo editing app…
kayla.jeannn Pred 3 urami
ohhhhh so Donna is why we had no PPE at the hospitals .... thanks Donna
Rachel Strong
Rachel Strong Pred 4 urami
dude I’m cackling. “Can’t a walking stick become a hitting stick?”
Janice MacGregor
Janice MacGregor Pred 4 urami
Someone needs to do a follow up on Donna. Where is she and how is she doing today?
liv odd
liv odd Pred 4 urami
Cody looks like a 40-year-old, mid-life crisis man with his long hair and piercing.
Andrea Pred 4 urami
Wait a min... That guy said he didn't have a gun and then pulled one on his daughter
liv odd
liv odd Pred 4 urami
Imagine them using the wrong spice and killing their whole family... why would they keep a deadly spice in their spice rack?
MacPrincess Pred 5 urami
Cody you have been poppin out some fire ones lately
DeebO Pred 5 urami
Every time I sub to a new YTer, they wind up getting canceled or become an asshole. I hope Cody never lets us down.
magini martini
magini martini Pred 5 urami
“Research rabbit hole, an RHR!” Yeah I don’t think that’s the acronym
Harriet B
Harriet B Pred 5 urami
Free those damn kids 😬😬
maymay Pred 6 urami
Rhr or rrh?
haveaniceday grocerybag
Cody being triggered by the P word is far too real lmao we're going to be hearing choppers approaching for the next decade every time someone mentions 2020
Ja boi
Ja boi Pred 6 urami
2:30 - 2:36 everyone who mass bought toilet paper
Alex Gall
Alex Gall Pred 6 urami
Research rabbit hole = "RHR"
Ulf Fus
Ulf Fus Pred 6 urami
i mean every 100 hundred years its seems to be a pandemic soooo, and they last a couple years
Bill Eck
Bill Eck Pred 6 urami
Lol you totally could be big Ed's son
Genesis David
Genesis David Pred 7 urami
I mean if the world were to end in some catastrophic event the survives are gonna suffer far more than those who died. I'd very much like to die in the first wave, just done and over with within seconds.
Secure VerifyTM
Secure VerifyTM Pred 7 urami
porksandwitch Pred 7 urami
Those pepper spray people seemed like a portlandia bit lol
Jordan Hicks
Jordan Hicks Pred 7 urami
happy to share that donna nash is alive and well after the pandemic her linked in says she’s an energy healer
Tamazaaa Pred 7 urami
I was waiting for someone to find this absolute gem of a show
Public Alias
Public Alias Pred 8 urami
Do Noah's Ark next
Dakota Pred 8 urami
Oh Lord.
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Pred 8 urami
i like how no one is talking about how cody threw a “trusty throwing lemon” at the end and shattered something
Em Pred 8 urami
Donna was a fuckin prophet
123 Pred 9 urami
Sierra Tiatia
Sierra Tiatia Pred 9 urami
cody would be the jester if we went back to medieval times
Keelan Pred 9 urami
Ahh yes, the classic RHR, Research Hole Rabbit.
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Pred 8 urami
kids is absolutely useless against some with a gun.
Lia G
Lia G Pred 9 urami
You look like the school employee who has a job that has a lightweight sketchy title like “music counselor” and hangs out in the library with a guitar and a tie dye shirt …. You know the one…. He reminds you he’s always there to talk and smiles at you with direct eye contact that goes on a little too long…. And likes to touch skin not in a chi -mo way but like a, paternal hand of affirmation on the arm or shoulder even if you’ve never met him before…. … Not speaking from experience, this is just what your hair does to you
mary smith
mary smith Pred 10 urami
cody your hair looks great, buddy
Rainbow heart
Rainbow heart Pred 10 urami
I literally almost had a heart attack I thought you said burning gays
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson Pred 10 urami
When the pandemic 1st started I saw a woman walking down the street spraying disinfectant around her as she walked. It took every ounce of will power to resist the signals my brain was sending to my muscles to slam the gas pedal and veer my car onto the sidewalk.
Wayne_ Pred 11 urami
Elizabeth Galvan
Elizabeth Galvan Pred 11 urami
My only question is what did the trusty throwing lemon break lmao
noah greene
noah greene Pred 11 urami
Yeah we laugh at these people until society collapses
Old Ben
Old Ben Pred 11 urami
I know it seems like pandemics are low chance, but if you think about the hygienic standards of people its not that low chance
Matt’s Software is Webull
The guy with the bad ass deer skin fit is basically a real life Dwight Schrute.
strutyx Pred 13 urami
the last guy is the irl version of dwigt from the office
Keenan Myers
Keenan Myers Pred 13 urami
When you think foot covers keep you from getting a virus. And not for keeping medical facilities/labs clean from your shoes.
Emily Harrison
Emily Harrison Pred 15 urami
My grandma was on doomsday preppers! She's written books, she's obsessed lol
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Pred 16 urami
kids is absolutely useless against some with a gun.
12345 hopa
12345 hopa Pred 16 urami
china : points its nukes at US Micheal : hold my throwing sticks
Darius Piggott
Darius Piggott Pred 16 urami
there's no such thing as the wrong beat
Darius Piggott
Darius Piggott Pred 17 urami
cody has been on fire lately
Kayla Mucciolo
Kayla Mucciolo Pred 17 urami
Donna knew
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Pred 16 urami
hey uuuh cody uuuuh you next to edd boy makes yall also look like corpse grinder from cannibal corpse so yeah ummm that's fun... you should look into that for sure...
Mary Shammas
Mary Shammas Pred 17 urami
I need to know where Donna is today
ShonThePrawn Pred 17 urami
“Ass as clean as a whistle”
Jay Payne
Jay Payne Pred 18 urami
3 million people didn’t die 🤣 it was like 50k
Culture Orphan
Culture Orphan Pred 19 urami
big ed with the hair up, gabbie hannah with the hair down
Abby Owens
Abby Owens Pred 19 urami
I used to watch this show as a kid and omg hahaha
Becca Ruggiero
Becca Ruggiero Pred 19 urami
cody please dont let them get to u..... ur hair literally looks incredible the longer it gets and i hate that all of these people are shaming you for NO REASON!!!! keep the locks they are incred
Becca Ruggiero
Becca Ruggiero Pred 19 urami
they are jealous because they cant grow their hair like yours
shannon celeste
shannon celeste Pred 20 urami
9:42 Did... did she just correctly interpret a robin’s distress call via her father as... “Love is a lie”?
Aneetah.B. Robert
Aneetah.B. Robert Pred 20 urami
Research Rabit Hole = "RRH" not "RHR"
karla cooper
karla cooper Pred 20 urami
we need a donna 2021 update
spoopymulder 07
spoopymulder 07 Pred 20 urami
I think the second people are just training to be the worlds most incompetent serial killers...
lisek chrystusek
lisek chrystusek Pred 20 urami
it's Donna's world and we're just living in it
John Adams
John Adams Pred 21 uro
0:34 Research Rabbit Hole.... acronym RHR
John Adams
John Adams Pred 21 uro
2:18 that's lysol not febreze
Jhon Weck
Jhon Weck Pred 21 uro
atleast you have a lemon
LIAM KIMBALL Pred 21 uro
hey uuuh cody uuuuh you next to edd boy makes yall also look like corpse grinder from cannibal corpse so yeah ummm that's fun... you should look into that for sure...
Axel The bunny
Axel The bunny Pred 21 uro
Ok that guy with the kids is literally Dwight Shrute in real life
Jacob Burrows
Jacob Burrows Pred 22 urami
Please tell me someone else could see a massive resemblance between that last guy and Dwight Schrute
Dyl Pred 22 urami
Research hole rabbit
Kringle Pred 22 urami
9:20 so that's what Roy has been doing since getting fired from Dunder Mifflin
Cj Foust
Cj Foust Pred 22 urami
9:36 ......... "Yeh know that one"
Leann 426
Leann 426 Pred 22 urami
I used to be obsessed with this show, these people were crazy yet way ahead of the times.
Emily Kennard
Emily Kennard Pred 23 urami
where u get ur shirt ugly
Brandon Henson
Brandon Henson Pred 23 urami
maybe a throwing shotgun but not a shooting shotgun LOL!
avery beutner
avery beutner Pred 23 urami
do u think the pandemic lady was rooting for covid to come to the U.S?
Seigi_37 Pred 23 urami
An "RHR" ahh yes "Research Hole Rabbit" Also not thinking the Lysol was Febreeze hahaha
Appendix Carry Bear
Appendix Carry Bear Pred 23 urami
Satan be like: 2:46
Scott Holman
Scott Holman Pred dnevom
RHR = research hole rabbit?
ED Pred dnevom
that ending 😂😂😂
Supreme_Court Pred dnevom
Nah, the pandemic prepper still looks ridiculous
ian cork
ian cork Pred dnevom
RHR + Research Rabit Hole
Wisdomatic1 Pred dnevom
You can’t hit me with that! That’s a walking stick!
ChewieDevilGum Pred dnevom
the couple with the poison is definitely doing some Ozark shit
Michael Hallyburton
"research rabbit hole - RHR", research hole rabbit
C3rb3rus Pred dnevom
Did you not think about the possibility that they could invite someone in and later on find out they are there for wrongdoings?
Anika T.
Anika T. Pred dnevom
Jaime Contreras
Jaime Contreras Pred dnevom
So no one is gonna talk about the lemon?
Will Dunn
Will Dunn Pred dnevom
A research rabbit hole... Cody: "RHR" research hole rabbit?
DaperDerBy Pred dnevom
Without covid those same 3 million people would have died
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