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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme & Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit
Shystie: iamshystie
Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
Elicit: ThisIsElicit
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19. avg. 2018

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K 9 1.0
K 9 1.0 Pred 26 dnevi
This is 40 mins long!
Sharp Xenon
Sharp Xenon Pred mesecem
Man, dont fuck around with kon. Mans wont do nothing to you but his Russian brothers will
Roasting Camp
Roasting Camp Pred 3 meseci
i watched the whole video for some reason
Ben Essien
Ben Essien Pred 3 meseci
1600s any one who knows history knows that it was not the 1600s
Quicksilver 164
Quicksilver 164 Pred 3 meseci
I don’t know why I’ve watched this at least 5 times, but I keep coming back
Bella Little
Bella Little Pred 4 meseci
I don't like kisi I like logan and jake better
Kaidon Gaming
Kaidon Gaming Pred 4 meseci
Jj i dont feel so good...
Cara Mcenhill
Cara Mcenhill Pred 5 meseci
when logan says at the end jj i dont feel so good use kinda predicted the fight lol
Whisper T
Whisper T Pred 5 meseci
Lol they predicted Mavericks death
Karim Atta
Karim Atta Pred 5 meseci
Proud R.A.F. Cadet
Proud R.A.F. Cadet Pred 5 meseci
Henry the Eighth was an early 1500s monarch not 1600s.
Quilted Live
Quilted Live Pred 5 meseci
Kon “what is the color of kryptonite?” Me (A Comic Fan) “Green, red, blue, black, pink, gold, and others”
Wooden Stool
Wooden Stool Pred 5 meseci
This song screams: ‘You see me as the villain. I like that’
Beng M. Salud
Beng M. Salud Pred 6 meseci
If KSI lost this would be an awkward video
Throwaway Account
Throwaway Account Pred 6 meseci
I love that the blindfolded girl has JJ’s bandana
TaZe Colezy
TaZe Colezy Pred 6 meseci
I think you missed the forest bit like suicidel forest joke
Eric lol
Eric lol Pred 6 meseci
Who came here after the long references comment in the original music video
《 Erikku_Senpai 》
《 Erikku_Senpai 》 Pred 6 meseci
from 5 minute song to 40 minutes video
Catarpillarjoe Pred 6 meseci
The numbers in the room was JJ foretelling the Logan math question thing
james daniel
james daniel Pred 6 meseci
What degree did you get
Xenon-CRON1C Pred 6 meseci
Its 2020 and I still haven't seen infinity war or endgame!!
DynamixX Pred 5 meseci
Iron man dead
hstroughair Pred 6 meseci
Thanos dead
Liamthelion Gaming and vlogs
You could say the fact Logan was running away from JJ the way he tried to run away from the fight
Adrian wheezy
Adrian wheezy Pred 6 meseci
whos here after konstantins new everyrhing you missed helium music video
B3ST FR13ND Pred 6 meseci
Josh:Is the bird still alive? Kon:hm
Kylie Ψ
Kylie Ψ Pred 6 meseci
I’m sorry but the why don’t we look alikes so bad 😂
TheGenuineFish Pred 6 meseci
6:20 "Is it Still alive" nope
Jasmin Sabitovic
Jasmin Sabitovic Pred 6 meseci
Anyone after the explanation for the Helium Song on Kon's channel?
Joyce Pred 6 meseci
Did my man really say Henry VIII was a king from the 1600’s😶
Jasmin Sabitovic
Jasmin Sabitovic Pred 6 meseci
Dan Pred 6 meseci
Pomeranian you damn heathens
EESAALIx Pred 6 meseci
anybody in 2020
CLAIRE DENOVAN Pred 6 meseci
I hate the Paul family
Overeach Gaming
Overeach Gaming Pred 6 meseci
I’m surprised they managed to make a 41 minute video from a 5 minute music video but then again there is a lot.
Komplexity_shadow Pred 6 meseci
I’m going to guess jj got a fake maverick shirt
10_BOBUCKS Pred 6 meseci
kon is a mastermind
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen Pred 6 meseci
40:01 According to Kon, Josh had 3 mil subscribers in late August, he has 3.4 mil right now. Now that is sad. Lmao
Denis GK
Denis GK Pred 6 meseci
damn josh made a 5min music video into a 41 min video
Charlie Williams
Charlie Williams Pred 6 meseci
kon rly is a fucking magician
Wheelie J
Wheelie J Pred 7 meseci
Most of the vid is just him pausing the vid
Ollie Burpitt
Ollie Burpitt Pred 7 meseci
you can tell there millies cookies
Jamie Kinsella
Jamie Kinsella Pred 7 meseci
who else seen kon hold up 4 fingers when he said 3
Lucy Steers
Lucy Steers Pred 7 meseci
6:19 about that
Void FishX
Void FishX Pred 7 meseci
I’m from the future and I can tell you... jake Paul loses. 😃
DynamixX Pred 5 meseci
KSI win by a...?
Mohammed Alam
Mohammed Alam Pred 7 meseci
'JJ I don't feel so good'..............' you can tell i am sick i woke up sneezing 3 times'
ToXiC Phantom
ToXiC Phantom Pred 7 meseci
Imagine having a green screen and not using I- Oh
Trey Manning
Trey Manning Pred 7 meseci
This video was just like one massive English lesson
J Tries
J Tries Pred 8 meseci
how did you get 41 minutes from a 5 minute video
Michael Dwyer
Michael Dwyer Pred 8 meseci
is that bezinga?????
Krishna Datwani
Krishna Datwani Pred 8 meseci
the shirt the team pool the gloves became red was that something they were referencing
EvanUpNext Pred 9 meseci
Thought Kon was Ethan omg
BVB Music
BVB Music Pred 9 meseci
Kon should start a crash course for people that are interested in media studies
Sara Doodles
Sara Doodles Pred 10 meseci
lol Kong is a Pomeranian... well, was. Wtf is a Pomiterrian 🤣🤣
hi Pred 7 meseci
i was like: Pomeranian! Josh: Pomiterranian Me: .. That’s a breed..?
Tyler Mayne
Tyler Mayne Pred 10 meseci
con has such a calm voice
Chaitanya Kotra
Chaitanya Kotra Pred 10 meseci
This man spent 40 minutes analyzing a 5 minute long music video.
Zaccy Is Waccy
Zaccy Is Waccy Pred 11 meseci
*I just learned how to make comments bolder*
Viper Pred 11 meseci
For some reason before you said the other guys name I thought it was Ethan
Gabe Oliva-Booth
Gabe Oliva-Booth Pred 11 meseci
kryptonite can be any color
Rebecca Richards
Rebecca Richards Pred letom
What happened to jake Paul in the forest
Ozzy R
Ozzy R Pred letom
When Logan has the apple in his mouth reference to him being coky and being all mouth?
Ozzy R
Ozzy R Pred letom
21:51 top left same photo but no jake head or the 2 twins anymore small detail?
Hyper - Edits
Hyper - Edits Pred letom
Top 2 times villains won 1. KSI 2. Thanos
DynamixX Pred 5 meseci
But in the end thanos loses
Cole Ramirez
Cole Ramirez Pred letom
y does he know so much about logan???????????????????????????////
Sheereel Pred letom
Imagine taking A 5min vid and turning it into 41
Alex Sobotker
Alex Sobotker Pred letom
Kon is a genius
Kurtis Jones
Kurtis Jones Pred letom
They predicted the future maverick is dead🕊
Aidan Williams
Aidan Williams Pred letom
Paul fans hit the dislike button faster than Logan's reactions at the UK press conference 2019.
big boi
big boi Pred letom
Did anyone actually watch the sucide foresr video from logan for he deleted it
DynamixX Pred 5 meseci
Yo the dead guy is purple
Nowak Pred letom
Explaining wayyyy to much jeez, spent 10 minutes explaining the first minute of the music video... Wowie
Tim Pred letom
Watching this before KSI Logan 2 and I forgot how overly gassed Josh got in this video lmao
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Pred letom
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Pred letom
Mother Russia
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke Pred letom
5 min song turned into a 40 min vid😂😂
Furkan Uzuner
Furkan Uzuner Pred letom
It’s dead now
Exoid Pred letom
if you look closely, it's not really logan paul.
XenoMorphing23 Pred letom
Just me or does 34:50 look like RackaRacka
Countdown 09
Countdown 09 Pred letom
WoW nIcE wAy To StReTcH a FiVe MiNuTe ViDeO iNtO a 40 MiNuTe one!
Mr_Clean107 Pred letom
Lol con held up four fingers and said third😂
[Content deleted]
32:37 you missed that in the middle window jj is looking out in the picture
max kristian
max kristian Pred letom
1% of reacting 99% explaining paintings
Wonky Warren OFFICIAL
How to say the breed of dog is Pom-er-rane-ee-an
C Snickers
C Snickers Pred letom
How tf do you make a 41 MINUTE VIDEO out of A FIVE MINUTE VID JESUS
hot mama
hot mama Pred letom
I love the sidemen and hate Logan but how tf did josh make a 5m vid into a 40m vid 🤣
Mr Mossy4
Mr Mossy4 Pred letom
Im watching this video after the new press conference and KSI brought up the dog
Arthur Shipp
Arthur Shipp Pred letom
The maveric t shirt is quite deep now tho
Howww yeah Howw
Howww yeah Howw Pred letom
I thought the green color in the Greg Paul scene was a sleeping beauty reference with the pricker being poison to Aurora but in this case the girls poison to Greg and he’s ruining himself
smxshFNBR Pred letom
pauses way too much
Its Volts
Its Volts Pred letom
so they made a 40 minute video out of a 5 minute video......
Paul Perez
Paul Perez Pred letom
Did jj predict the death of Maverick 🤔
Paul Perez
Paul Perez Pred letom
@Truffle eventually we all are
OnlyNC17 Pred letom
Is he actually Russian
Tyler Verner
Tyler Verner Pred letom
Holy shit I just realised it is 41 minutes even though it’s just a diss track
Neo Skadoosh
Neo Skadoosh Pred letom
41 mins WhAt
Macie T
Macie T Pred letom
*talking about Maverick* Josh-Is it still alive? .... Me in 2019: well......no.
Gabrijel Piplica
Gabrijel Piplica Pred letom
Also, maybe the beggining is reffering to the dark time when Logan went into the suicide forest I Know he wasn't alone but still…..
Tiny Squirrel
Tiny Squirrel Pred letom
White choc chip cookies hmmmmmmmmmmm
28 Stab Wounds
28 Stab Wounds Pred letom
It's a pomeranian. Pom-er-ani-un
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Pred letom
The curse is real I was stuck in it I checked it out then got stuck watching that shit
GTJ Davies
GTJ Davies Pred letom
5:44 one thing NO-ONE noticed Evan's yeezis
Gigi Pred letom
Pom-Er-Ain-Ian...K-Kong's a Pomeranian
Toni Croitoru Croitiru
28:58 jj is wearing a t-shirt with hands praying which could suggest that logan should pray and baw down to him like a god persona
LFA Pred letom
You know wen the mum answered the door it seemed it’s her house so y does the fake Logan Paul thinks like his never been in that house before
Bailey HP
Bailey HP Pred letom
jake pauls house, which was why there were team 10 pantings
Char the gamer Clips
Who else noticed that they managed to make a 5 minute song into a 31 minute video?
Char the gamer Clips
Who else noticed that they managed to make a 5 minute song into a 31 minute video?