I Ranked *EVERY* Fortnite Collab! (Tier List) 

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7. maj. 2021

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Ivan Vargas
Ivan Vargas Pred 14 minutami
Cable is from deadpool
D. Rap
D. Rap Pred 15 minutami
Astro Jack is 100% in my opinion s tier
Jack Schrama
Jack Schrama Pred 2 urami
I love Lachlan but it’s funny that he doesn’t think playing video games all day isn’t a vacation
Treagan Blaise
Treagan Blaise Pred 3 urami
7:58 is that why though
Kelvin Okpa
Kelvin Okpa Pred 3 urami
U broke me
Kelvin Okpa
Kelvin Okpa Pred 3 urami
U put The joker in dope but Green Arrow minor yikes
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson Pred 4 urami
you can get superman now as well
Sinister Omen
Sinister Omen Pred 4 urami
They all suck
Justin Templeton
Justin Templeton Pred 5 urami
“I read it on the internet, it must be true” -Lachy 2021
GamingWithHype82 Pred 9 urami
I snapped until he said his favorite
TheRealOne #22
TheRealOne #22 Pred 10 urami
I’ve been watching this dude since season 2 and it actually means a lot and is crazy that he has his own skin in game
BlueSpino Pred 10 urami
Wait.....He forgot the icon emotes.....HE FORGOT THE RICKROLL!
Sharky OMG
Sharky OMG Pred 11 urami
Who is here after the best collab with Rick and morty
Lord Draco Og
Lord Draco Og Pred 13 urami
You know the hate comment makes him furious subscribers only live streams chats warning people about his own opinion and not to get upset
Jums Pred 14 urami
"That was nightmare for a week, nightmare for a week.. BUT NOW IT'S A FORTNITE SKIN :D"
George and Del Ulrick
George and Del Ulrick Pred 16 urami
lets see the consept art
Quareeb Pred 16 urami
Lol I am in 12jun 7
Sami Kamaly
Sami Kamaly Pred 17 urami
Ayo he forgot Ikonik
King_rankup Pred 20 urami
4:17 little did he know, season 7 is coming
J Smith
J Smith Pred 21 uro
Prick left out Lara Croft. WTF, mate!
Jughead Jones
Jughead Jones Pred 22 urami
Can we just realise the way Lachlan said domino
Gabe Hansen
Gabe Hansen Pred dnevom
Taskmaster is a sick villain in the comics
Axolotl Pred dnevom
Yeah the Fifa ones are MLS as well because Atlanta United is there.
cyclxne_art Pred dnevom
Cable is from Deadpool I think
James Galvin
James Galvin Pred dnevom
Loser fruit and Lachlan❤️🤫
Tochi Productions
Tochi Productions Pred dnevom
"Superman yet..."
maxwell playzXD
maxwell playzXD Pred dnevom
Block and why do you put yourself in the S tier
Braden Broussard
Braden Broussard Pred dnevom
Deadpool 2 is we’re cable is
spitzy Pred dnevom
funny thing about the 8:45 part that skin made me so mad at it because i played the among us fortnite verison and he killed someone infront of me and the skin glowing and i got voted out still and i even said "HIS SKIN IS GLOWING"
Theo Milne
Theo Milne Pred dnevom
Still mad there’s no dearth Vader 😠(Star Wars)
EpixSkillz Pred dnevom
The amount of times he said that’s dope
Hilton6 Pred dnevom
Star lord is a guardians of the galaxy calab
zex ro
zex ro Pred dnevom
Cable from deadpool
Kylie Estridge
Kylie Estridge Pred dnevom
If taskmaster is a master doing task he's not sus so he could never be thrown out in among us
NiMaEg Pred dnevom
Taskmaster are from Spiderman
Priya Nagpal
Priya Nagpal Pred dnevom
The demonic freeze frequently carry because cobweb preclinically land to a nimble noodle. obsequious, fine cloth
Timmy Tron
Timmy Tron Pred dnevom
To be honest I literally cried inside because I couldnt play your cup and I was never able to buy your skin but I wall say that it is my favourite icon skin ever. Very happy that you got your own skin!
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Pred dnevom
Cable is from x-force
Sans_ Squirtle
Sans_ Squirtle Pred 2 dnevi
What if fortnite x buff dog meme with the cheems doge as a pet backbling
nate lewing
nate lewing Pred 2 dnevi
29:46 he is a pro among us player
Lil_BABY CODM Pred 2 dnevi
Of course lachy will put his on S
meried Pred 2 dnevi
It would be so cool to see the concept art for the Lachlan skin.
Ka- Boomz
Ka- Boomz Pred 2 dnevi
Lachlan: we don’t have Superman viewers past April 8th haha funny
Aydin Lewis
Aydin Lewis Pred 2 dnevi
Doctor doom fantastic 4
EmpaMc Dempa
EmpaMc Dempa Pred 2 dnevi
Cable is from deadpool 2
TrexX_ Pred 2 dnevi
When you said Superman wasn’t out yet and it is the secret skin in season 7
gamer indoraptor
gamer indoraptor Pred 2 dnevi
Of course you put your skin in the top teir witch is dumb
bob howard howard
bob howard howard Pred 2 dnevi
super man is a skin in seasin 7 now
NSG NitroRL Pred 2 dnevi
Who is here when Superman is here
Bloom Pred 2 dnevi
we dont have superman yet, season 7: im bout to ruin this mans whole career
Luke Doulaveris
Luke Doulaveris Pred 2 dnevi
Well now we have supernan
Phyco Pred 2 dnevi
Razor is my favorite skin in the game and he put it at minor yikes, Sadge
Rayyan Shamsi
Rayyan Shamsi Pred 2 dnevi
Little did he know Rick & Morty were coming to the game within the next month
SgtTr00mso Pred 2 dnevi
How do you get so many subscribers?
IamMiguel Pred 2 dnevi
Do one on the vehicles
Dunesh Lambert
Dunesh Lambert Pred 2 dnevi
Me playing s7 fort : lachlan can see the future
Pamela Donnerson
Pamela Donnerson Pred 2 dnevi
Man did not watch Deadpool 2
Pamela Donnerson
Pamela Donnerson Pred 2 dnevi
Who’s here when we have Superman
Luke Doulaveris
Luke Doulaveris Pred 2 dnevi
Rohit Rajanikanth
Rohit Rajanikanth Pred 2 dnevi
lachlan every movie or series in the collab says " I really don't watch this"
Logan Divens
Logan Divens Pred 2 dnevi
Hint: my name is Logan maybe you'll think of wolverines name?
Alicia Mankowski
Alicia Mankowski Pred 2 dnevi
“We don’t have Superman” me now “ha”
JxcobOnScuf Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine hatin on the flash when his pick axes and black was better then yours
JxcobOnScuf Pred 2 dnevi
We do got Superman
Msm gamer blaze
Msm gamer blaze Pred 2 dnevi
Me=see him put black panther in that’s dope tire Also me=unsubscribes
Josue Cambron
Josue Cambron Pred 2 dnevi
He just poot his skin on top that’s sad at least other skins
Lion Pazam
Lion Pazam Pred 3 dnevi
Task master studies hero’s abilities, and trains so he can predict, and do the exact moves
Noah_G.O.A.T Pred 3 dnevi
The rick and morty collab would definitely be in his s-teir
Jason Meyer
Jason Meyer Pred 3 dnevi
Lachlan the only reason I don’t have your skin is because I was on vacation when it came
Kaylum Trevelyan
Kaylum Trevelyan Pred 3 dnevi
I was offended
Kiera Hurt
Kiera Hurt Pred 3 dnevi
POV you are watching this in season 7 where there is superman
Timothy Dunham
Timothy Dunham Pred 3 dnevi
Do another one but “Best Skins by Popularity”
Boy Toy 😄
Boy Toy 😄 Pred 23 urami
Yes cuz all that he'd personally chose sucks
Hayden Frazer
Hayden Frazer Pred 3 dnevi
Would love to see the concept
Tyler Louk
Tyler Louk Pred 3 dnevi
He did green arrow so dirty lmao
The Villain club
The Villain club Pred 3 dnevi
That's a good way to look at his own skin respect to lachlan
TwistedGames 09
TwistedGames 09 Pred 3 dnevi
Cable is from Deadpool 2
gage6570 gage6570
gage6570 gage6570 Pred 3 dnevi
i have the same opinion exept i would put star wars higher
Pillion Pred 3 dnevi
Cable is from Deadpool
Synergy Slicc
Synergy Slicc Pred 3 dnevi
My guy said we dont have superman woah my guy is a epic worker 😳
Tommy Gorski
Tommy Gorski Pred 3 dnevi
Zori bliss was from the rise of sky walker Star Wars movie
Chester Wiley
Chester Wiley Pred 3 dnevi
He actually actually predicted Superman!!
Caspian Steinsbø
Caspian Steinsbø Pred 3 dnevi
I love fortnite and you.what is your favorite skin in fortnite?
KWEST. Pred 3 dnevi
Did he just call that Superman gonna be in the next season Bc he said no Superman yet
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Pred 3 dnevi
I’m from the future Superman is a battle pass skin
Isaac Green
Isaac Green Pred 3 dnevi
It put a bright smile on my face to see borderlands in S their
Ozzy and Freddie Gamer
We don’t have superman yet me right now hmmm when was this made.... Oh YeA
Jered 1515
Jered 1515 Pred 3 dnevi
"we don't have superman yet"
Fuel_ hypr
Fuel_ hypr Pred 3 dnevi
I love the “and now it’s a fortnite skin” lol
bruh meme
bruh meme Pred 4 dnevi
No one: Absolutely no one: Lachlan: Domeinoh
Quckeyalt Pred 4 dnevi
The fact that he predicted superman coming into the game a season early
JimmyJohn Joe
JimmyJohn Joe Pred 4 dnevi
26:54 my god street fighter fans are PISSED. Did mans just say ru? Cuz it’s ryu. Pronounced ree-you
Rhino Man
Rhino Man Pred 4 dnevi
The new season came out today and of course, there is Superman
Blare Pred 4 dnevi
I hate football
xd Pyro
xd Pyro Pred 4 dnevi
Who's here when theres actually superman in the game
Brencario Pred 4 dnevi
When superman knocks down the door
Wassabii girl
Wassabii girl Pred 4 dnevi
Superman is here lollllllllll
Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson Pred 4 dnevi
In season 7 Superman will come out
NS Pulsze
NS Pulsze Pred 4 dnevi
Please play horizon its goated
Untamed_Pepper Pred 4 dnevi
“We don’t have super man yet” super man comes out in season 7 😎
Athiei Chan
Athiei Chan Pred 4 urami
U knew the future
Jstyles Pred 14 urami
Brooky and laxxy I don’t have one
How in the would do you now
Untamed_Pepper Pred dnevom
@Theo Milne yes 👍
Theo Milne
Theo Milne Pred dnevom
Mhm superman
mrok 12
mrok 12 Pred 4 dnevi
your skins is probably the worst its just a dude xD
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