Amazing Inventions You Wouldn't Believe 

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Amazing Inventions You Wouldn't Believe
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20. feb. 2021

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jordon briggs
jordon briggs Pred dnevom
the thing that clean the solar panels are solar paneled
Donovan Douglas
Donovan Douglas Pred 2 dnevi
0:30 this is why you cant hate Harry 🤣🤣🤣
conor Clarke
conor Clarke Pred 2 dnevi
5:25 you mean a vending machine
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Pred 4 dnevi
9:25 teens will fuck this up with their gum
DunkdaHunk Pred 5 dnevi
Harry's next level invention joke went over their heads.
Michael Dolan
Michael Dolan Pred 6 dnevi
We have the neek the geek and the freak
you guys need to react to fast workers
Jake the Gamer
Jake the Gamer Pred 17 dnevi
The robot opens bottle it can break someones neck SPEC OPS
Giovanni Zarlengo
Giovanni Zarlengo Pred 18 dnevi
This is probably the best trio to do reaction videos
Casey Rogers
Casey Rogers Pred 21 dnevom
So there’s no way he said “hammer.” He said “Hummer.”
TKM Pred 27 dnevi
its hard to keep up
justez witika
justez witika Pred 28 dnevi
for the last one have a secret self destruct button
banana bread
banana bread Pred mesecem
What do you know simons not in the vid and no bodys hating
Dane Schlager
Dane Schlager Pred mesecem
Note watching this while picking the balls off the range👀 where's out automated picker
Gasper Koren
Gasper Koren Pred mesecem
Why don't you make something, where you will trying new gadgets?
Dakotabz Pred mesecem
i can't eat anything watching JJ
Jack Sanders
Jack Sanders Pred mesecem
Makes me wanna play Detroit: Become Human again!
edik bazaar
edik bazaar Pred mesecem
9:27 JJ is starting to get influenced by Harry
Jimmy Cricket
Jimmy Cricket Pred mesecem
Robot that gives someone a drink Vending machine
Edwin Quinde
Edwin Quinde Pred mesecem
I need that extra thumb when I’m trying to checkout on supreme 🥴
SULLY SULLY Pred mesecem
“ Mallet”
Alex Evans
Alex Evans Pred mesecem
Amazing invention Harry : the chairs that go up the stairs
Sufficx Gaming
Sufficx Gaming Pred mesecem
13:26 looks like the sentry bot from fallout
Jimmy Conga
Jimmy Conga Pred mesecem
Who else recognised Massa and Alonso
Tobias Åhlander
Tobias Åhlander Pred mesecem
Instead of a robot opening a door, try automatic door
Shane Nolan
Shane Nolan Pred mesecem
That thumb could be used for waiters and stuff
JulioAbel90 Pred mesecem
Is like Harry's the only sidemen who can't afford a headset
Nedread Pred mesecem
But if the Mercedes raises up before the collision, wouldn't it be easier for it to roll over?
Josh Kramer
Josh Kramer Pred mesecem
look at the size of jj's forehead holy shit 😂
Dina Kate
Dina Kate Pred mesecem
Pillow thingy is on blackish if you've watched the show, so it does exist lol.
Potdyeng YT
Potdyeng YT Pred mesecem
“Bugatti Kyron”
BoyDovan Pred mesecem
Gundams are coming world War 4 going to be insane
Zach Milekic
Zach Milekic Pred mesecem
9:55 my man said Kairon instead of Chiron 😂 what a donut
MD HUSSAIN Pred mesecem
The funniest thing about Harry is that he answers everything with a straight face, brutal honesty and doesn’t show any intention to be funny.
Kraken 2
Kraken 2 Pred mesecem
Basically Roy Kean
EJstheworst Pred mesecem
a toothbrush that actually can brush out the cavities and floss right after in every place you need. we need that invention
Jack Darlo Football
Jack Darlo Football Pred mesecem
Edmund C.X.
Edmund C.X. Pred mesecem
Bruh Japan is making knightmares now won’t be long before brittania is formed
Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar Pred mesecem
Carlisle Jones
Carlisle Jones Pred mesecem
4:33 Imagine watching that while drunk or high
Retro Pred mesecem
I hate that JJs camera is so good and with the sun at that angle you can see dust in his room
Chicken Mans
Chicken Mans Pred mesecem
Sub to my channel for a water bottle
Chicken Mans
Chicken Mans Pred mesecem
Sub to my channel for a water bottle
Swe Slipknot
Swe Slipknot Pred mesecem
Bugatti kyron 😂
Judfj Jeje
Judfj Jeje Pred mesecem
Jj should buy a jet pack
Da real Ziyan
Da real Ziyan Pred mesecem
we can only see jj in sidemen reacts
Honey Anson
Honey Anson Pred mesecem
I live close to abu dhabi I live in dubai
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Pred mesecem
I got the bench
Yourboy Danny
Yourboy Danny Pred mesecem
5:27 here is drunk jj’s turn to speak
BlinGFtW Pred mesecem
@7:35 i would say thats obvious how it works, its spinning a rotor in the water
Epico Borger
Epico Borger Pred mesecem
Harry: Tooth wiper Me: Automatic toothpaste filler toothbrush!
Rron Elshani
Rron Elshani Pred mesecem
13:20 yooo its like code geass
MrRHughes11 Pred mesecem
The toothbrush arse wiper is perfect for all the people who talk shit.
MrRHughes11 Pred mesecem
The toothbrush arse wiper is perfect for all the people who talk shit.
Rottenst3w Pred mesecem
I reckon ski was drunk during filming this
D'Angelo Jali
D'Angelo Jali Pred mesecem
That Big Iron man robot made me think about titanfall
The Bezmen Killer.
The Bezmen Killer. Pred mesecem
i like the thumbnail.
Joshua Vincent
Joshua Vincent Pred mesecem
but now you have 2.7 million subs
Gaming With Matthew
Gaming With Matthew Pred mesecem
the problem with robots though are people are going to lose their jobs and our economy does not need that.
Auxy Pred mesecem
This is probably my favourite trio by far.
Ꭱite Pred mesecem
King Kiata
King Kiata Pred mesecem
The last one literally look like something from an anime.
Cooksuckingbitch Pred mesecem
it took 2 fucjan mminuta just to start the video fam cmom
David Fullah
David Fullah Pred mesecem
Imagine that jetski being in a sidemen sunday
Gotowarbusterman290 Lionroar123
10/10/10/10 stars reaction
Ghxst Pred mesecem
Video games are becoming reality. I was born in the right era, FRICK YEAH!
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez Pred mesecem
the wheel invention was phased out of the car world because it would fall out at random times end caused crashes and deaths
Harry Bedford
Harry Bedford Pred mesecem
American: "Booogady Kyron" Me: " No its a Bugatti Chiron"
Fizzco Pred mesecem
Man said Bugatti ”Kiron”
Joel Kalinyuk
Joel Kalinyuk Pred mesecem
The absolute cringe when the narrator said Bugatti Chiron the way he did. Omg how stupid can you be.
ImYourDaddy-_ -
ImYourDaddy-_ - Pred mesecem
JJ sniffing crack ain't gud bro. You need help my G
Hussain Khawar
Hussain Khawar Pred mesecem
me - sees the pillow First thought: DUDE PERFECT
Chad A*****
Chad A***** Pred mesecem
the thing on the back of the jetski sucks up water for it to use as propulsion since its out the water
Thomas Underwood
Thomas Underwood Pred mesecem
5:38 Jj just looked absolutely smashed
DJ enzone X DJ RAJA
DJ enzone X DJ RAJA Pred mesecem
8.09 the only problem with that is that u would get the bends. So dead
Just Justin 373
Just Justin 373 Pred mesecem
Was ksi on high in this video
Kenji Salome
Kenji Salome Pred mesecem
harry use 1 of the condoms u got with the super milker
Faith_Davis Pred mesecem
Was jj okay?
Julius Zondag
Julius Zondag Pred mesecem
Harry's invention idea is truly awful 😂
Peter File
Peter File Pred mesecem
Make sure you use the right end of Harry’s stick infection
kellz2 Pred mesecem
This is the best group easily
ITZZ_ FACTZZ Pred mesecem
Did anyone notice he said buggati kyron
Lewis Panter
Lewis Panter Pred mesecem
Theres robots on the street in my home town
Bladex Pred mesecem
Why does JJ look high
fanaxsaciid said
fanaxsaciid said Pred mesecem
4:15 Ksi sounds like a villager
Goatrazzi Family
Goatrazzi Family Pred mesecem
Sidemen have no talent except of their amazing laughters
Edwin Carter
Edwin Carter Pred mesecem
was JJ high when you filmed this??????
Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin Pred mesecem
My fav 3 sidemen
Jen Butcher
Jen Butcher Pred mesecem
joe allen
joe allen Pred mesecem
new zealand made foiling boats my dad was apart of it
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson Pred mesecem
the Bugatti Chiron has been replaced by the Bugatti kyron
wolfram116 Pred mesecem
you guys should react to Hacksmith Industries they make some pretty cool stuff :D
KapX Kai
KapX Kai Pred mesecem
Little just jj know we’ve now seen what he looks like on rollercoaster 🤣🤣🤣 “🤤🤤”
KapX Kai
KapX Kai Pred mesecem
Jj’s bored as hell 🤣🤣
TTV_ Khwajaji
TTV_ Khwajaji Pred mesecem
The ostrich pillow was introduced on dude perfects channel first, lol
ALEPH-ONE Pred mesecem
5:36 GradeAUnderA?
jordan thomas
jordan thomas Pred mesecem
Guy on the right looks like he’s had a cold since year 9
JamiepjTV Pred mesecem
Wave video 😭
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis Pred mesecem
React to gold diggers pls
african kaleab
african kaleab Pred mesecem
Dang,Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.
Zak Groucott
Zak Groucott Pred mesecem
the last robot thing in the street was CGI
High Moder
High Moder Pred mesecem
1million quid for ksi milk 😂😂
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