Minecraft, But You Can Craft Any Armor... 

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Minecraft, But You Can Craft Any Armor... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, you can CRAFT ARMOR out of ANY BLOCK! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was a really weird one.
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11. apr. 2021

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Hajar Tlais
Hajar Tlais Pred 6 minutami
Make voido of your code
German Cruz
German Cruz Pred 2 urami
Omg wisp is that a mod?
Robloxplayer101 Pred 4 urami
Beginning of the video: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ok Pred 4 urami
Whats the mod called
Pyro Mancer
Pyro Mancer Pred 8 urami
I'm disappointed that I actually enjoy this
LazerKat Pred 9 urami
does anyone know the mod
LazerKat Pred 9 urami
www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/block-armor found it
Naty Pred 13 urami
I love it when Wisp Acts like he actually doesn't know That it can be cRafted and he screams
me me
me me Pred 13 urami
I like it it's a good video
Da Epic Memer
Da Epic Memer Pred 14 urami
Anyone have link for this modd
MasterGamingYT Pred 14 urami
Minecraft but u can get items using secret words what u need to shearc around the area
Mareing Kautu
Mareing Kautu Pred 14 urami
Villager armor? 👁👄👁💧
Yuichiru Pred 14 urami
Pasquale Pred 15 urami
My mind : what if he made Iron ore armour
Cohen Buss
Cohen Buss Pred 16 urami
Cohen Buss
Cohen Buss Pred 16 urami
Savar funny and rivaan dummy Peace
Can you even link the mod you use in every vidio
KENZO BENAYA Pred 17 urami
Cool vid dude :D
Fred Wong
Fred Wong Pred 23 urami
what about bedrock
Leo Pred 23 urami
Skin is gone
MINECRAFT_PRO_32 Pred 23 urami
0:43 The data from "only a small % of the people etc..." is not true, I mean, it's not 100%, it's 100.1, witch is not true!!
UnderGamer Pred dnevom
Im actually an Enderman - Wısp 2021
Rizky Abidzan
Rizky Abidzan Pred dnevom
bedrock is undying stuff dude
xafti Pred dnevom
Sour Lemonade
Sour Lemonade Pred dnevom
Hear me out.. Redstone repeater armor and sticky piston armor.
Shonte Torres
Shonte Torres Pred dnevom
Wisp got a wisp advertisement
Lillian Rose
Lillian Rose Pred dnevom
could you do a mod where pets give you ability's?
kreckcraftiscool ilovelegos
Me seeing preshureplate in 5:57
Federal Bureau Of Investigation F.B.I.
The Thumbnail Is Basically What The Terrorists Use To Raid A US Embassy.
Samuel Reibig
Samuel Reibig Pred dnevom
5:55 there's a pressure plate there
Emiliano tolentino
Emiliano tolentino Pred dnevom
Angel Minecraft videos cuz I'm a kid I'm 7
Emiliano tolentino
Emiliano tolentino Pred dnevom
I love you videos how do you do Moon Minecraft videos really really love them
Emiliano tolentino
Emiliano tolentino Pred dnevom
I like you Minecraft Beauty can you do more
Emiliano tolentino
Emiliano tolentino Pred dnevom
I love you Minecraft videos
Emiliano tolentino
Emiliano tolentino Pred dnevom
Because I love you Minecraft
Joshua Woodward
Joshua Woodward Pred dnevom
At 5:54 and 5:56
Joshua Woodward
Joshua Woodward Pred dnevom
Did anyone see the pressure plat on the floor
Nikki Anderson
Nikki Anderson Pred dnevom
wisp keep the magma ammor
Kill Switch
Kill Switch Pred dnevom
“No don’t sleep, I’m not tired, I’m playing Minecraft” 😂😂😂
Light FN
Light FN Pred dnevom
You should. Wood tools only
Alex Mobbs
Alex Mobbs Pred dnevom
can i get a huaaaaa
Braidz Pred dnevom
I love it when this notification shows up "Someone liked your comment" and "You have a new subscriber" :)
Molly Jones
Molly Jones Pred dnevom
14:15 "why does that look like Skeppy but red?" *Dream Smp Egg Lore Intensifies*
mhpeli Pred 23 urami
Jayden Perez
Jayden Perez Pred dnevom
I like Steve he's my Minecraft character
QuestToTreasure Pred dnevom
God apple ? HELL NO TNT!
Why was there a random stone presure plate on the ground at 5:55?
tadzio bum
tadzio bum Pred dnevom
what is the name of this mod?
Riley Klinck
Riley Klinck Pred dnevom
Bertha! How dare you fireball Wisp! Watch your manners!
Marko Ćatić
Marko Ćatić Pred dnevom
Chanting table ormar
Marko Ćatić
Marko Ćatić Pred dnevom
Ender dragon time
Flexhero Pred dnevom
Craft a chest amor
Stoio Pred dnevom
Maybe wips gonna beating ender dragon!!!!!
Stoio Pred dnevom
I have a nice dog
Stoio Pred dnevom
Subscribe to wips and like button
Stoio Pred dnevom
Stoio Pred dnevom
Maybe we and wips gonna beat the cool armor
•Bad Bish•
•Bad Bish• Pred dnevom
Crafting crafting tables into armor by using a crafting table
The gamer
The gamer Pred dnevom
I can makeCursed armour bucket armour
Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor Pred dnevom
We need cable stone armor in game real seenc when u have just cobble stone so ya
Yuri Mori
Yuri Mori Pred dnevom
How do you do that? I wanna try that too
Azaan Royale
Azaan Royale Pred dnevom
Not to dis him but he could use the power bow he made which is way safer than the teleporting armour... But good video though
ChocChip Pocky
ChocChip Pocky Pred dnevom
imagine: Wisp is your local macca's worker
Dyon Buik
Dyon Buik Pred dnevom
He did not craft amrmor from armor
Dylan’s Channel :]
0:11 Wait- *WHAAAAAAAAA*
machani Subodh
machani Subodh Pred dnevom
is it mods
NewPRO12 Pred dnevom
[𒊹Mxlky Cow𒊹]
if skeppy watches: wow, i look like leggings tnt leggings
Flame Beast
Flame Beast Pred dnevom
I think tnt amor is better
hbk.dylxnn Pred dnevom
i think you just had to have 4 armor on no matter what it was so u can where obsidian suger canes and tnt
Jayden Clonaris
Jayden Clonaris Pred dnevom
Is it just me or at 6:00 there was a pressure plate on the ground in the cave?????
The4Souls Pred dnevom
Anybody gonna question why there was a pressure plate at 5:55
Rashed Al Nuaimi
Rashed Al Nuaimi Pred dnevom
your the best youtuber in the universe
Careless Birb
Careless Birb Pred dnevom
Boom boom boom boom and done
FadeLan Pred 2 dnevi
download link?
Casimir Bautista
Casimir Bautista Pred 2 dnevi
you know the dream smp
Jasjit Singh
Jasjit Singh Pred 2 dnevi
Sarbjit Bassan channel
Zukan Pred 2 dnevi
how do you craft bedrock armor???
TheMasterXL Pred 2 dnevi
What about the *TNT Sword?*
Mr. Gummies
Mr. Gummies Pred 2 dnevi
make armor at of armor
Ubeluyu272 Pred 2 dnevi
Coal Armor...
Kyndell Stewart
Kyndell Stewart Pred 2 dnevi
Face reveal
Orion Bliss
Orion Bliss Pred 2 dnevi
Rotten flesh armor...
Isaac Rodriguez Jimenez29
I hate the fortnite
Elaine Webb
Elaine Webb Pred 2 dnevi
TheYumeSharkoogan Pred 2 dnevi
13:42 Why does this armour actually look good
Detective Toppat
Detective Toppat Pred 2 dnevi
Him: makes survival minecraft mods Also him: doesn't play in creative at all
Tommy Gesualdi
Tommy Gesualdi Pred 2 dnevi
Do Wool armor
Tommy Gesualdi
Tommy Gesualdi Pred 2 dnevi
Wait Whoa
Sigara 187
Sigara 187 Pred 2 dnevi
Nether aka obsidion
Sigara 187
Sigara 187 Pred 2 dnevi
Why doesnt he mage nether armour
Naomi Sugawara
Naomi Sugawara Pred 2 dnevi
im new to minecraft but hes so good im learning just by watching
killzz Pred 2 dnevi
look at the time its the same when it was made in
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez Pred 2 dnevi
what if you used gold blocks instead of gold ingots?? will the armor be stronger?
Fishboy Pred 2 dnevi
did anyone else see the pressure plate at 5:54
LEMON CANDY007 Pred 2 dnevi
Any one else mad he did not make cactus armor
zac brunnett
zac brunnett Pred 2 dnevi
12:37 in the video he is cheating and using god arrows.
Am_VI0LET Pred 2 dnevi
make this a uhc
Magdalena Kuźniarz
Magdalena Kuźniarz Pred 2 dnevi
Magdalena Kuźniarz
Magdalena Kuźniarz Pred 2 dnevi
that says: beep boi uznają Zuzan 191
im_that1retard 100%
im_that1retard 100% Pred 2 dnevi
Crying obsidian is stronger than normal obsidian
Wouldham All Saints School
Me: Gets mad because he doesn't make crying obi armor!
Sparky the Pyro
Sparky the Pyro Pred 2 dnevi
Diamond horse armor armor.... just curious