House Votes To Impeach And McConnell Provides Cover For GOP Senators To Break With The President 

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For Americans eager to hold the president accountable for inciting a violent mob to attack Congress, Wednesday brought key glimmers of hope as the House of Representatives voted in favor of impeachment and a comment by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared to give cover for Republican Senators to do the same when the trial begins in that chamber. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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13. jan. 2021

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Andrew Cutler
Andrew Cutler Pred 17 urami
A cock is a rooster not a chicken.
Hlaing Thinthin
Hlaing Thinthin Pred 3 dnevi
Hollywood Clark
Hollywood Clark Pred 8 dnevi
Just wanted to say, All Franklin has a read closing speech for Senators.
TheDMTLover Pred 10 dnevi
Scared of something being revealed about you Colbert ?
Abby L
Abby L Pred 10 dnevi
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Abby L
Abby L Pred 10 dnevi
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William Mofford
William Mofford Pred 12 dnevi
They said Trump wasn't in office at the time of the riot no but he hadn't conceded .
Valelacerte Pred 12 dnevi
Donald Trump (Jan 6th, 2021): “We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capital building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. “
TWSTF 8 Pred 12 dnevi
Hahaha He IS Sammy Davis Hitler! 🤣
Leo-Angel Crespo
Leo-Angel Crespo Pred 13 dnevi
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david whang
david whang Pred 13 dnevi
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Asuncion B. Ordonez
Asuncion B. Ordonez Pred 13 dnevi
This Kangaroo Coutt Imoeacjment hearing only makes America a laughing stock all over the world, period.
DUMP TRUMP Pred 14 dnevi
Trump will not be convicted because of the white supremist on the Republican side of the senate who approved of the attack on Jan 6th and wanted a coup. They will never live up to the oath of office like Trump did.
amy joy
amy joy Pred 17 dnevi
if brooks was talking about "kicking a donkey," why isn't PETA calling for action against him?
Charles Lynch
Charles Lynch Pred 17 dnevi
Thank you..👍😐.. for showing how freekin stupid these Itzmo's ( Idiots and Morons ) are and please don't stop what you're doing..👍
Scott Hafele
Scott Hafele Pred 17 dnevi
The sky is not blue. Thats just t he color our eyes can interstate
Nazeem Pred 19 dnevi
HA HA HAAAAAA. Flacid....
amy joy
amy joy Pred 21 dnevom
i heard that t****** hired prostitutes to pretend to be flight attendants, and maids, housekeepers, personal assistants, etc. (insert whatever misogynistic stereotype the situation called for)...they wore body cams and got lots of naughty footage and that is the reason for the spinelessness of the GtP (formerly GOP) at large...my sources are impeccable...not made-up, or anything...
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Pred 21 dnevom
James and The Giant Impeachment. I wanna see that movie also want to see The Nightmare After 2020. Bidal Juice this new will be coming this summer it is meant to be funny will see if it gets any good reviews.
Amil James
Amil James Pred 25 dnevi
A chicken-hearted President who bent and protected a charlatan in a : Mr. Zelenesky shall remember how Mr. Trump intimidated him to do the and he later claimed cowardly that he was not force by Mr. Trump to do the defamatory investigate into son of Mr. Biden. If he can not remember he shall watch how Mr. Trump try to overturn the result of election by intimating and forcing GA official in a similar telephone call to Mr. Brad Raffensperger to steal 11780 votes for him. But on contrary to cowardness of Mr. Zelenesky, Mr. Brad Raffensperger has courageously resisted the charlatan Mr. Trump and told him he does not commit crime. The election has not been rigged, there was no irregularities in the GA-election and the machines have counted correctly, we have counted them by hand several times. Go to a coward President maybe he will help you by another . You are wrong Mr. Charlatan. In other word he told to Mr. Trump I am not Zelenesky who was easily intimated by charlatan, committed crime and lied to the world that he was not forced by anyone... Which was an international crime. It was a WHITE COLLAR CRIME you did Mr. Zelenesky that should be investigated and the convicted person should be punished. The international justice title of crime you and your friend Mr. charlatan Trump committed is . Now, flip-floper Mr. Zelenesky, the fair weather friend of democracy!!!!! will make a U-turn and change the direction, may be he gets some millions dollars and makes Ukrain great again!!! Mr. Zelenesky thinks it is no problem to commit crime. Ukrain does not need trust, it need money. If later Qanon comes another U-turn! We are joking and mocking the world to get some millions dollars to Make Ukrain Great Again.
High King Trasher
High King Trasher Pred 26 dnevi
I voted Biden, but I also voted Kinzinger. I'm glad to see both of them cheering to get that orange stain out if office forever.
Kalman Babits
Kalman Babits Pred 26 dnevi
Passio Obscura
Passio Obscura Pred 27 dnevi
7:33 that man really has no pants huh
Meghann Alt
Meghann Alt Pred 27 dnevi
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albert mooney
albert mooney Pred mesecem
trump is such a historic president.
Oof the golden fox
Oof the golden fox Pred mesecem
Trump leaving felt like when we won our freedom
Patty S
Patty S Pred mesecem
Stephen Colbert, I am so grateful for you, and your voice of the reason (the voice that I used to take for granted). I revere your new, more unfettered self, as well as your polished showman self. You are a human extraordinaire, and you are one of a group of people that I am privileged to share the planet with! Thank You for your tireless efforts to educate and entertain!
DeeOnline Pred mesecem
Colbert is finally going to be funny in a few days.... might take another week or two but it will definitely be hilarious
Deborah Kogan
Deborah Kogan Pred mesecem
Great job!
ChungWei Wang
ChungWei Wang Pred mesecem
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chris nolin
chris nolin Pred mesecem
The truth is a pack of lies agreed upon by those who tell you believe what I tell you
moon key
moon key Pred mesecem
Please!!! Let's all follow the "a late show" 's model and vow to never speak the last president's name again!!!! As an attention hungry troll, that is the worst thing we can do to him!!!! (Well, i mean criminal charges would be good too)...
kyle lejsek
kyle lejsek Pred mesecem
Big tech boot licking
Stephanie M
Stephanie M Pred mesecem
This reminds me of the attack on Black Wall Street. That sick mind
Stephanie M
Stephanie M Pred mesecem
We should give him the bill, for January 6th. If anyone destroys someone's property he has pay the bill not the government.
Hanspal Singh
Hanspal Singh Pred mesecem
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Shravius Pred mesecem
Denethor with a haircut!!!! :P :P :P
Khalimero Adam
Khalimero Adam Pred mesecem
I think that any kind of orange is sooo not done on tv..
Daniel San
Daniel San Pred mesecem
Breaking News Trail of Donald J Trump starts nxt week 😜😜😜
Mariya Trossbach
Mariya Trossbach Pred mesecem
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Bella H. Rayne
Bella H. Rayne Pred mesecem
The only thing that disappoints me about Trump leaving office is that I didn't get to see him dragged out by the arms while throwing a tantrum and claiming he won an election he lost. I was really looking forward to it :( Still, him slithering away in shame and defeat was almost as satisfying 😋
mari escamilla
mari escamilla Pred mesecem
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riverratjack Pred mesecem
They better impeach him because I don't think we could survive another 4 years even if it's after biden's administration but by then he'll be too damn old and senile so I think we might be good on that but I still think he should be impeached
E C Pred mesecem
The gop is a terrorist organisation
leatherjacket9 Pred mesecem
3:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zack Martins
Zack Martins Pred mesecem
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Phung Duy Khiem
Phung Duy Khiem Pred mesecem
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Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith Pred mesecem
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That is Bull Shiz
That is Bull Shiz Pred mesecem
Oh, all these poor brainwashed fools. 😔
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Pred mesecem
We've reached a new low as far as late night talk show hosts, and Colbert is the lowest!!
Lofi Vibes
Lofi Vibes Pred mesecem
There is some truth to that about California though. Things are extremely bad here in California. We been in lockdown for almost a year. I lost job 5 plus times last year due to Newsoms ridiculous lockdowns. I tried going to the gyms to help deal with my stress, and anxiety. He shuts that down too. But for some odd reason. Casinos, strip clubs, sex shops, and bathhouses are allowed open. Yet restaurants, to people working jobs are not allowed to work. And the ones that are must work less hours due to a state wide curfew. He keeps going on we are all in this together speech b.s Yet I'm drowning in debt since my 2nd job is shut down. And I have reduced hours at my main job. Things are so bad in California. People are turning to pornhub, and onlyfans just to pay the damn rent. Seriously do not move here. Taxes are way to high. Depression, anxiety, anger, etc are at a all time high.
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Pred mesecem
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Vanessa Flynn
Vanessa Flynn Pred mesecem
Brighton Hatch
Brighton Hatch Pred mesecem
Cloth masks that are not washed in an industrial grade washing machine (specifically the ones you only find in hospitals) every day then the mask does more harm than good bc you are pretty much carrying a soaked sponge everywhere you go Edit: similar with any reusable mask So what about the science again
Linda canavier
Linda canavier Pred mesecem
Wonderful so true thank you
Auga Pred mesecem
So....Stephen, did you thought about your further career as "comedian",because now that Trimp is gone, you will have nothing left to float on.🤣
Richter12x2 Pred mesecem
A Republican choosing truth? There goes HER career.
K. West
K. West Pred mesecem
I can’t wait til celebrities split all their high pay EQUALLY with all their staff and crew!!!
Phyllis Porter
Phyllis Porter Pred mesecem
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Blair Wriston
Blair Wriston Pred mesecem
9:20 . What an impression of McConnell
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon Pred mesecem
No pillows for national guard? Where's Mike when you need him?
james lowe
james lowe Pred mesecem
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T Rod
T Rod Pred mesecem
Worthless show! This guys a tool!
Gregor TavChar
Gregor TavChar Pred mesecem
I am waiting the moment USA will attack another coutry in the world. It will happen soon, you wil see. That is a sad truth :-(.
Gabi Douglas
Gabi Douglas Pred mesecem
😅🤣😂ty 💋💋💋
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith Pred mesecem
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Adam Koncz
Adam Koncz Pred mesecem
People are so focused about Trump inciting the mob. That is hard to prove. Political speeches are protected by first amendment. Instead people should focus on that after the mob attacked the capitol, and chanted to hang the Vice President Trump watched it for 6 hours without doing anything. That there is criminal incompetence at the best and treason wouldn't be far fetched.
glswenson Pred mesecem
I'm a Democrat living in Jaime Herrera Buetlers district. I've voted against her every time she's been on the district. She has won my vote with her words and her vote to impeach.
Claris Sagun
Claris Sagun Pred mesecem
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EPluribus U
EPluribus U Pred mesecem
Always remember. 2017-2020 never again! Never forget. Always remember who did it, who was in charge. Never again!!
Alex J
Alex J Pred mesecem
Encumbered by idgiots, we press on.
nina Maldonado
nina Maldonado Pred mesecem
the guy in the yellow tie was sleeping and suddenly woke up, what a republican lol
Trav Kam
Trav Kam Pred mesecem
Is there a reason Trump's name is ***'ed out?
Cameron Stennett
Cameron Stennett Pred mesecem
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evelyn sy
evelyn sy Pred mesecem
BEAM Pred mesecem
Stephen colbert cory booker
M Ogara
M Ogara Pred mesecem
That Spartacus spoof was gold. 😂
Hope Flaggs
Hope Flaggs Pred mesecem
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Laura Lyons
Laura Lyons Pred mesecem
You people are scary and a threat to civil liberties and free speech. You are heading down are treacherous path. Try talking to people who have escaped Communism.
Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran Pred mesecem
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AtomicDoorknob Pred mesecem
don't rehabilitate these fucking republicans people!!!
HS22181 Pred mesecem
Guess what genius, SC, some of those National Guardsmen are Trumpers too. Makes the situation dicier, doesn’t it.
Justin Schieck
Justin Schieck Pred mesecem
denethor with a haircut, bhahah, i need to remember that one.
Corella Lachance
Corella Lachance Pred mesecem
Why's it not called "the late show" anymore
Noice one
Noice one Pred mesecem
Sammy Davis Hitler lol absolutely brilliant
Daniel Howland
Daniel Howland Pred mesecem
Shut up and tell the truth for once.
Chaz Hagenes
Chaz Hagenes Pred mesecem
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King of Pigs
King of Pigs Pred mesecem
Are you having a stroke?
Joe Romano
Joe Romano Pred mesecem
I don't want him to receive any benefits from the taxpayers. Health insurance, money, nothing
Mike DePasquale
Mike DePasquale Pred mesecem
I bet Stephen does the McConnell voice when his wife gets mad at him so that she laughs. Cuz every time he does it, which is dead on, she is hysterical ahhahahahahahah
Mike DePasquale
Mike DePasquale Pred mesecem
OMG your jokes on Mcconnell make your wife laugh all the time
Ifeoma Anagbogu
Ifeoma Anagbogu Pred mesecem
The debonair camera intialy telephone because ground focally grease midst a quick underclothes. chief, pricey pepper
JP Pred mesecem
Wow, I feel soiled after listening to all your hate. Please people calm down, take a deep breath and dig deep for compassion. Stop being led by the politicians and media who are using us all as pawns. Let’s start with you Stephen, will you admit your part in this country’s divide. Enough is enough! If this country was attacked by China, Iran or Russia you would see how fast we put our differences aside and band together. ☮️🕊
King of Pigs
King of Pigs Pred mesecem
The first step to banding back together is to hold Trump and his fellow troglodytes accountable and that begins with condemning them completely and in this case putting them on trial
Stephen Priest
Stephen Priest Pred mesecem
i watch the show for spicy lotr memes
Matt Vorn
Matt Vorn Pred mesecem
Trump is best president EVER ❤️
Tango in the Night Band
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson Pred mesecem
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David Hibbs
David Hibbs Pred mesecem
I misread the start of the title as "House votes to impeach McConnell" and was terribly disappointed.
INK,etc. presents
INK,etc. presents Pred mesecem
I loved it! "SAMMY DAVIS HITLER"!!!
TheVideoPsychic Pred mesecem
Lol if only Starwars episode 6 ended that way, then there would be no Disney backed starwars.