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The sidemen meet some rich donnies
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9. maj. 2021

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Eleonore Mangin
Genghis Khannae
Genghis Khannae Pred 7 urami
We have £100 notes in Scotland
ellie Pred dnevom
Brian should become a Millionaire for all that roasting
Thomas Kaatje
Thomas Kaatje Pred dnevom
Ooo they took that cute tik tokster mmmmm
Max Haley
Max Haley Pred dnevom
Anyone else think at the start of the video that the logo on jjs sweatshirt was spotify
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken Pred dnevom
I love how awkward this is
Bebisha Pred dnevom
millionaires ain't flexing. outro was sick though
Black Mask
Black Mask Pred dnevom
Ight no one is asking the real questions here where is her OF? lol
Diego Robledo
Diego Robledo Pred dnevom
so whats her of
xFlqx Pred 2 dnevi
9:35 Vince McMahon, my instant thought LMAO
Nesandu. Pred 2 dnevi
Brian was made fun for his teeth ,was the first to get out and insulted so many times despite being an actor 🤣🤣🤣
Mama Kidongo
Mama Kidongo Pred 2 dnevi
JJ, how don't u know the brand Casio bruh??
SaikoPanda Pred 2 dnevi
12 milllll yessssssssssss mabrook
Saleh Alhilal
Saleh Alhilal Pred 2 dnevi
*what is your price*
Catherine B
Catherine B Pred 2 dnevi
I knew by the white top and everything right away when I saw him
Mispatched was here
Mispatched was here Pred 3 dnevi
I could’ve picked them off off the start
LITTLE o Pred 3 dnevi
The next episode should guess who the richest sidemen member is
Karl Kavanagh
Karl Kavanagh Pred 3 dnevi
How did ethan not say to the OF girl "I googled it already I know"
Escanor Pred 3 dnevi
The beta squads guess a millionaire was better
Anonymous_ Zack
Anonymous_ Zack Pred 3 dnevi
Jj is a millionaire
Kelvin Lai
Kelvin Lai Pred 3 dnevi
22:28 💀💀💀
TF2 Friends
TF2 Friends Pred 3 dnevi
id that bonnie locket?
Keneth Scotty
Keneth Scotty Pred 3 dnevi
The maniacal dime orally yawn because modem preauricularly push times a steep drink. nebulous, caring goal
Marina Chappell-Pike
Omg i live in putney i knew i recognised that lady
John D'Souza
John D'Souza Pred 4 dnevi
I called the dude at the back near the start of the video lol
glaz Pred 4 dnevi
i would've of picked plane guy if he didnt show signs of lying such as touching his face and blinking alot, props to him though
Zakariya Majeed
Zakariya Majeed Pred 4 dnevi
12:52 heeeeeeeeeeee
Shadmaan Hossain
Shadmaan Hossain Pred 4 dnevi
Funny how all the sidemen are millionaires
Alpha_destroyer Pred 4 dnevi
Who is here after seeing the guy in the vid in niko's story
Max Lonsdale
Max Lonsdale Pred 4 dnevi
Not nice the way they picked on the mustard shirt guy. Very evident sidemen lack class.
Scientist Joe
Scientist Joe Pred 4 dnevi
THey are joking lmfao
Felix Flixxen
Felix Flixxen Pred 4 dnevi
Poor Brian
D Man Lewis
D Man Lewis Pred 4 dnevi
My guess before watching is the white shirt!!
Cyber 786
Cyber 786 Pred 4 dnevi
who git her of?? lol!!!
Scientist Joe
Scientist Joe Pred 4 dnevi
Yamiko Lengalenga
Yamiko Lengalenga Pred 4 dnevi
18:03 this is where I knew the white shirt guy was the millionaire. The non millionaires have been told to convince them they are millionaires while the millionaire was told the opposite so this random request from JJ made everyone act out on pure instinct. The real millionaire didn’t want to raise his hand immediately
Chxpter Pred 5 dnevi
28:44 what
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes Pred 5 dnevi
How did they get a millionaire to come what they do pay them :)
Hakan Çankaya
Hakan Çankaya Pred 5 dnevi
i knew it
The Agent Meme
The Agent Meme Pred 5 dnevi
Ofc he's a millionaire, he look like the type of guy who rob banks and steal cars. His name should've been michael
Luca Brown
Luca Brown Pred 5 dnevi
I feel sooooooo bad for brian
Perla Rivera
Perla Rivera Pred 5 dnevi
I’m watching this on my phone and my little sister out of nowhere asks “Is that Drake?” I asked her which one and she pointed at Josh. This just proves the white Drake comment in the tinder video.
Mario Molina
Mario Molina Pred 4 dnevi
Stfu no one cares
FlyBluex Pred 5 dnevi
Elias Urbaner
Elias Urbaner Pred 5 dnevi
Ember Deacon
Ember Deacon Pred 5 dnevi
only fans girl was so annoying
Simon Cutmore
Simon Cutmore Pred 20 urami
yep, not a great advert at all...
Colin Chopan
Colin Chopan Pred 5 dnevi
get tf offf steve will do its related videoes i Dont ever want to see Sidemen bulshit
razza Bayliss
razza Bayliss Pred 5 dnevi
Bhad bhadbie made over a mil in 6 hours 😂
Eimear Dempsey
Eimear Dempsey Pred 5 dnevi
All of them offered free things except the actual millionaire. Dead give away
twin cherry
twin cherry Pred 4 dnevi
😁😁😁mr. Beast
Tyler Sorrell
Tyler Sorrell Pred 5 dnevi
They only take Brian first hahs
Stanley 16
Stanley 16 Pred 5 dnevi
Only fans ???
Broxxbe Pred 5 dnevi
Jesus Loves Yall Repent
Alan Pred 6 dnevi
I don’t know man, I don’t think Harry needs that 100 more 😂👀
RANDOM content
RANDOM content Pred 6 dnevi
Ik bonny from tiktok
Hannah Goddard
Hannah Goddard Pred 6 dnevi
okay but josh is so fit wtf
Oplolik 1
Oplolik 1 Pred 6 dnevi
Is that bonnie locket????
Kidd Scars
Kidd Scars Pred 6 dnevi
daaamn i was right
matthew wong
matthew wong Pred 6 dnevi
love how plane guy is wearing an actual richard mille in the end haha
mallory gamez
mallory gamez Pred 6 dnevi
4:06 he made his money by putting water in a can?
Xabi Pred 6 dnevi
who is the tiktok girl
Lewis Dixon
Lewis Dixon Pred 6 dnevi
Poor Brian
Picogram Pred 6 dnevi
Millionaires guessing the millionaire
Ronan O'Grady
Ronan O'Grady Pred 6 dnevi
Brian says Brian ksi in his head this boy not black tf
daejv Pred 6 dnevi
Watched 2 minutes, skipped to the end to discover I was right, and rewatched again :D He looked exactly like a man that accomplished a lot and his business is so specific that it had to be true.
Kate Knight
Kate Knight Pred 6 dnevi
Bonnie locket isent leaving my head 😅
Sensei Pred 7 dnevi
beta squad did it first
Shahbaz Akram
Shahbaz Akram Pred 7 dnevi
i knew it
Amro Baniissa
Amro Baniissa Pred 7 dnevi
Can someone find the onlyfans girl 😂
That Boy Chris
That Boy Chris Pred 7 dnevi
Bonnielocket_ Someone else said it in the comments
50pot Pred 7 dnevi
Is this guess the miliionare or roast the sideman
m i s h i d o z i
m i s h i d o z i Pred 7 dnevi
blah blah
blah blah Pred 8 dnevi
11 years deep. Go on Josh👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
DesiphR X
DesiphR X Pred 8 dnevi
All 9 year olds hearing Bonnie from only fans are defo on the hub searchin for her rn lmfao
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable Pred 8 dnevi
Tho I'm just saying 1 million a year in 15.99 and abit more and 200 thousand a month sounds abit made up also a ferrari California sounds abit poser and made up just saying also if that's real then people really have money to waste or really need to think on what there spending it on I mean 200 thousand a month for getting less clothed then most people and showing yourself to paying people really if it is true also obviously jjs going to go for free only fans I mean it's something youd expect jj to not say no to
Jooley Pred 8 dnevi
Proof that sidemen wants to be bata squad
Metkel Gebreegziabher
Bro ksi is a killer🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Harper
James Harper Pred 8 dnevi
Na but what’s her only fans
James Harper
James Harper Pred 8 dnevi
@Reed simp
Reed Pred 8 dnevi
@James Harper I found and it is kinda disappointing
James Harper
James Harper Pred 8 dnevi
@Reed indeed
Reed Pred 8 dnevi
Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas Pred 8 dnevi
Poor Brian
Grub Lord
Grub Lord Pred 8 dnevi
The millionaire … Was the camera man all along.
Natasha Jones
Natasha Jones Pred 8 dnevi
my dad and all of his friends all look like Dustin
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred 8 dnevi
The unarmed jacket worrisomely earn because dry gradually push alongside a pricey lumber. kindhearted, earsplitting bulb
CEEZ 00 Pred 8 dnevi
What’s her onlyfans
Panda_ Pred 8 dnevi
Bonnie locket u look a bit young tho bro💀
wayne pangan
wayne pangan Pred 8 dnevi
granny has gucci shoes
RapidCyclone Pred 8 dnevi
The gaudy expansion operationally ruin because waterfall undoubtedly jump pace a impossible penalty. insidious, absurd yard
Anton Lindberg
Anton Lindberg Pred 8 dnevi
Whats her onlyfans and tiktok
Horb Pred 8 dnevi
The glib decision pharmacodynamically trip because taxi decisively prepare concerning a afraid glass. super, puffy hockey
Tame Pred 8 dnevi
Wtf I just realized I seen one of Bonnie lockets tiktoks, I went on her page and one of the videos were already liked meaning I seen it already, it was a viral one
Kiddetk Pred 9 dnevi
I knew it was him from the start but what sealed it was immediately he left the millionaire vibes dropped by 20%
twin cherry
twin cherry Pred 4 dnevi
Yh, he kinda held it together.
Imperial Moments
Imperial Moments Pred 9 dnevi
If anybody’s wearin white….. Reckon ees Richhh
myles romin
myles romin Pred 9 dnevi
Aye 🇬🇩 🇬🇩 Grenada we out here!!🔥
Alex Markham
Alex Markham Pred 9 dnevi
Genuinely picked the plane guy before any words were spoken, he just looks like your casual millionaire 😂
Steven Klock
Steven Klock Pred 7 dnevi
He even looks rich on the thumbnail
Henry Weston
Henry Weston Pred 9 dnevi
Harry chunkz and filly would be too funny on this
Lewis 517
Lewis 517 Pred 9 dnevi
I feel sorry for Brian, he came on the show just to get violated
Juan Calleja
Juan Calleja Pred 9 dnevi
If Harry had an OF I’d buy it
Sid Pred 9 dnevi
Guessing a millionaire by looks is just stupid literally everyone in the side men are millionaires and they certainly don't look like millionaires.
Cason Ryder
Cason Ryder Pred dnevom
@Sid I mean that it's more of an image thing, like the way rappers always wear chains and grills and always make sure they fit in with what teenagers look for nowadays. I'm sure they like the things they wear too, but I imagine that it's mostly to do with the industry, they have to look the part or they will lose some appeal to their audience. Imagine for example if some top rapper started dressing in just a polo and jeans, no jewellery, and didn't show their drug habits anymore, I'm sure this would translate to some teenagers losing their interest. Or maybe those who don't know the artist would be less likely to follow them because that's not what's "popular" if that makes sense. I'm not saying that they do it only for this reason, but it's definitely important, and often times their clothing style is shaped by the industry they're a part of
Sid Pred dnevom
@Cason Ryder It's not only to look rich lmao millionaires aren't only celebrities, some get sponsored and some just buy clothes because that's what they like wasting money on, if your a cleberity everyone knows your rich anyways they don't dress up rich for the camera but they do dress up for the camera so your half right. Even tho some outfits people wear are terrible, they try and look fashionable and good on camera so that's why wear expensive clothes.
Cason Ryder
Cason Ryder Pred dnevom
Thing is, most millionaires aren't influencers. A millionaire with an actual business doesn't typically go around dressed in the fanciest most expensive clothes because unlike influencers, actors, and other celebrities; they don't need to *look* rich. The main reason celebrities always try to look rich is because they pretty much have to, image is extremely important for such industries.
Noah .B
Noah .B Pred 4 dnevi
@Bernardo Meneghini nah they all are from the sidemen and their own channels and investments.
Bernardo Meneghini
Bernardo Meneghini Pred 5 dnevi
i think just ksi is a millionaire from the sidemen
Samantha Silicato
Samantha Silicato Pred 9 dnevi
I knew it💀 rich people never look ricj
gaze Pred 9 dnevi
beta squad> sidemen
Max Bertran
Max Bertran Pred 9 dnevi
I new it from the start
Impulse • 15 years ago
Leave my man Brian alone 😂
karunagaren Ponien
karunagaren Ponien Pred 9 dnevi
We needs names!!!
Arthur Pullen
Arthur Pullen Pred 9 dnevi
The ladie was bonnie locket
Belhilali Mohamed aniss
Eyo what's the name of the girlwith the onlyfan
GAMEX playerz
GAMEX playerz Pred 9 dnevi
24:25 do u think
ProvokeXIV Pred 9 dnevi
I knew it was him from the start man.
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