New York District Attorney Obtains Trump's Tax Returns 

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Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, February 25.
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New York District Attorney Obtains Trump's Tax Returns- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




26. feb. 2021

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Becky Whitescarver
Becky Whitescarver Pred mesecem
That was good
Novice Price
Novice Price Pred mesecem
The smoke was donal jr was smoking crack.
fhjh jhgjghj
fhjh jhgjghj Pred mesecem
The delirious red surprisingly wail because goal perceptually compete unlike a puny quilt. unused, friendly cyclone
word up
word up Pred mesecem
Anyone else think Seth was in a troubled mood today?
Anjayl Pred mesecem
I do not believe many americans would have understand the white smoke reference :)
Dam Big Foot
Dam Big Foot Pred mesecem
Read into European history. Hiring of Jewish accountants was common for rich people to do to avoid being legally aware of tax evasion. When the governments came looking for the money they could just say "I dont know Cohen did my taxes". With new age of PC I am quite sure when all these Jews that Trump hired are caught the outrage mob will say its "Antisemitic" that so many Jews are caught up in a tax evasion scandal. Leftists have a choice: prosecute Trump no matter how many Jewish people are caught, or let it go because it would be a "libel". You can decide
etothengxd Pred mesecem
The nostalgic event consquentially kick because cherries paradoxically worry around a cloudy bat. three, spotty file
Herman ten Klooster
Herman ten Klooster Pred mesecem
Good. Now dig into the whole lot.
Don Hancock
Don Hancock Pred mesecem
The same ones they illegally leaked a year ago. Woop-woop
Fertile Dirt
Fertile Dirt Pred mesecem
We said Lee Iacocca not the orange turd. Boost immune system and be safe.
Burnie Jarvis
Burnie Jarvis Pred mesecem
The Democrat's are pathetic and useless. Just like their corporate master's. But hey at least they hide their awfulness unlike the Republicans.
ErykaSoleil Pred mesecem
I almost missed the joke about DeJoy being late because it was delivered in a subtle way, but as a former mail carrier it made me guffaw.
Kerry Venus
Kerry Venus Pred mesecem
Thanks Seth Meyers Et Al. 🙂
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson Pred mesecem
Shout out to Winnipeg for the biggest snow maze!
BadWolf77 Pred mesecem
Can we all just pretend that nothing will come of the legal actions against Donnie T. I mean let’s face it... nothing is going to happen. Period. He’s stupidly untouchable. Has tons of political powers and allies to keep him out of trouble and jail for the next 50 years. All these “investigations” and digging into his taxes and whatnots... they’ll all be wasted expenditures of money and time.
Reign Greyson
Reign Greyson Pred mesecem
That was a monologue...
Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings Pred mesecem
is this a joke? biden just gave green light to 1 million in chinese concentration camps but these USA TV bobbleheads are still fixated on trump's taxes???? the radical marxist Left always forgives the sins of its spiritual bedfellows, it's so spooky how USA people like this have zero moral compass outside issues of their own fabrication,
Barnie Fife
Barnie Fife Pred mesecem
Resident Biden
SSam Cobalt
SSam Cobalt Pred mesecem
Pristine edge
Desna Connery
Desna Connery Pred mesecem
He hasn't been held accountable for assaulting women or 500k covid deaths. This latest sounds like a wolf howling at the moon. He's golfing in Florida.
East Awesome
East Awesome Pred mesecem
m3 talent agency
m3 talent agency Pred mesecem
Who is the Orange Clown going to blame now for his stupid moves? Which tRump member will rat out the rest of the family?
Chuck M
Chuck M Pred mesecem
Seth: Please add "get a vaccine" to your outro. Maybe replace "wash your hands" so it's not too long. Please thumbs up or make a similar comment so this message is visible.
Bob Minelli
Bob Minelli Pred mesecem
Walgreen's....two PAYDAYS for $2. Just sayin.
Zweig Ackroyd
Zweig Ackroyd Pred mesecem
I believe the accepted thing in trumpworld is to encourage the Russians to hack in to the DA's office and release Trump's tax records. Or do you think they're total hypocrites and would whine about that?
Gaasuba Meskhenet
Gaasuba Meskhenet Pred mesecem
Land lords should quit their "jobs" Property hoarding isn't a job Rent is extortion Homelessness is violence No one gets a second house until everyone has one
Gaasuba Meskhenet
Gaasuba Meskhenet Pred mesecem
I can't work, anyone able and willing to help keep my family afloat, please find my other accounts where I've pinned our funds
Teresa F
Teresa F Pred mesecem
And now Payday bars come covered in dark chocolate. Must be time to stop watching videos, that's all I got out of this one. The Payday update.
Garlicjr Made
Garlicjr Made Pred mesecem
So. Lets say trump is worse than hitler. Lets just say that. You still put his face in your thumbnail knowing its gonna get you more clicks resulting in more views. Question: why.
Critical_mtb Pred mesecem
Dude i fucking love payday bars...they are the better candy bar close in with almondjoy!!!!
The Cold Poet
The Cold Poet Pred mesecem
Ralph De Jesus
Ralph De Jesus Pred mesecem
Not even the tax doctor can help Trump, he's going to bite the dust soon.
o Pred mesecem
another vacation. *faints* how long must we wait???? the house was to vote on the relief bill today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another do-nothing congress???????????? Bernie is the only legislator who gives a darn about the people.
Lynda Koers
Lynda Koers Pred mesecem
The house passed it.
Phil Brown
Phil Brown Pred mesecem
Tax returns or not, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will be done to him, just like his 2 impeachment trials. N. O. T. H. I. N. G.
Doray Nathan
Doray Nathan Pred mesecem
GOP & DJT need each other
Doray Nathan
Doray Nathan Pred mesecem
GOP will cover his ass!!!🤪
frank bagaforo
frank bagaforo Pred mesecem
That’s because he has MY COUSIN VINNY, as his lawyer.
LM Pred mesecem
Don't SSleep
Don't SSleep Pred mesecem
This is one of the times where I immediately click "like" after reading the title. I've been waiting on this title for a long, long time.
robert caldwell
robert caldwell Pred mesecem
Como ! Say it ain't so ! Sorry,don't believe you. Lol
gdgood1000 Pred mesecem
The totalitarian leftist thugs trying to destroy conservatives. Resist. TRUMP 2024
Erik Pred mesecem
I am not sure I got the payday candy bar joke. Does it mean that the vaccine is not available there? I feel like that's the only thing it can mean but I also don't think it was very well written joke so maybe I'm wrong because usually the jokes or either really good or if bad you know at least what the joke was about. Anyone can help me on this one?
Indigo Wolf
Indigo Wolf Pred mesecem
Payday bars Rock
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto Pred mesecem
Strip poker: When did the admiration of God's creation become a crime? We can be sent overseas to murder millions of men, women, children and babies and get a pretty medal put on your uniform, but admire Humanity and the masters lock you away.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto Pred mesecem
The greatest obstacle before us are the children we let fall behind. It only takes ONE misguided predator to make everyone in our village need locks for all their doors.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto Pred mesecem
If we were not surrounded by DEPRAVED, DEPRIVED, DESPERATE, STARVING PREDATORS then we would not worry about SECURITY, PRIVACY or NUDITY.
István Sipos
István Sipos Pred mesecem
brought to us by Payday?
Steven Fontaine
Steven Fontaine Pred mesecem
The Snow Maze is just outside Winnipeg Manitoba Canada!! Check out A maze in corn on Facebook!!
taehoon oh
taehoon oh Pred mesecem
The false familiar famous honey neurophysiologically count because credit canonically educate at a tawdry ping. slippery, honorable turnover
Thomas Mauro
Thomas Mauro Pred mesecem
How the f**k does DeJoy have a job still? It blows my mind how someone can be actively harming the office they're in charge of, & yet still be employed.
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy Pred mesecem
Seth Meyers is a bit shrill, no?
Josh Begley
Josh Begley Pred mesecem
FRENZY Pred mesecem
Capone quote:- "Taxes are for suckers" [well we all know what happened to Al] Trump quote:- "Not paying tax makes me smart" [well we will see how smart he is]
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
🎵 How sweet it is to see Trump in jail _like cherries on the vine_ 🎵🎶
Grace Faraldo
Grace Faraldo Pred mesecem
This coming from a white male amazing that you guys say what you spew. considering that you're the number one enemy white supremacist male white folks have lost your f minds
aidan shearer
aidan shearer Pred mesecem
hey seth, you gonna talk about biden bombing syria, shutting down the 15$ minimum wage he promised, or him going back on his word of 2000 dollar checks? also, andrew cuomo literally threatened journalists not to report on his mishandling of the coronavirus like he’s some kind of mob boss. idk man you never ever report on anything other than republican bs. anyone intellectually honest and capable understands that republicans are a joke at this point, it’s at least as important if not more to point out the bs on the democratic side otherwise we’re just gonna keep getting nothing. please show yourself not to be a hack.
LeAnn Thomas
LeAnn Thomas Pred mesecem
Josh Begley
Josh Begley Pred mesecem
@LeAnn Thomas come again?
LeAnn Thomas
LeAnn Thomas Pred mesecem
@Josh Begley FUTT
Josh Begley
Josh Begley Pred mesecem
The Daily Show is good too, yes.
Phillip Lanos
Phillip Lanos Pred mesecem
It would be nice to have a neutral conversations out the fact that our president just bombed Syria. I only see conversations about Trump but there is a current president making choices and I don’t see anyone pushing him to do better. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not happy about the previous leadership. The new leadership needs to have pressure too.
S1L3NT G4M3R Pred mesecem
New York District Attorney Obtains Trump's Tax Returns----- Wasn't he going to turn over his taxes... oh, and he was going to giving us a NEW and better health plan... -- "So True..."
Nick Cappiello
Nick Cappiello Pred mesecem
No jokes in sight
Sophia Lahen
Sophia Lahen Pred mesecem
Seth have got the graviest job around. Luv ya still.
STILL Pred mesecem
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🚩
John O
John O Pred mesecem
Never voting for any republican crook
Anna Pred mesecem
He almost overthrew our democracy with lies. How #trump fooled so many people is what we need to get to the bottom of. #sad
Jess Stuart
Jess Stuart Pred mesecem
Wha-wha-wha-whaaaAaAaAa (Sad Trombone Sound)
Randy A MacDonald
Randy A MacDonald Pred mesecem
George III, a queen? What do you know, Seth, and when did you know it?
Jordan Larson
Jordan Larson Pred mesecem
I don't get the statue of liberty joke...?
yuriGreen94 Pred mesecem
like the white smoke when a new pope is elected in the vatican
Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris Pred mesecem
....as evidenced by the white smoke coming from the Statue of Liberty. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Natalie Zanders
Natalie Zanders Pred mesecem
It’s sad to see that there’s nothing good about anyone in public office. It seems that they’re all late night talk host jokes and none of them are to be taken serious bc they all have skeletons in their closets so that they can be taken out to be made fun of joked about and ridiculed. I’m very skeptical about where this country is headed bc all of our leaders seems to be headed down a wrong path.
My Retail
My Retail Pred mesecem
This how we learn Eric gets gets no allowance: 'tis what 'tis
[Encrypted User]
[Encrypted User] Pred mesecem
Hmm Seth Myers is a special type of NPC I wonder if it is programmed in C# or pearl 🤔
Spit Dragon
Spit Dragon Pred mesecem
Do any of you want to play strip poker? No? Awwh cmon, Me and the boys, we do it every weekend! The theme this time is "Creeper" - ...because we just love Minecraft!
Hank Houke
Hank Houke Pred mesecem
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ! The new Republican Party will be called "L.I.C.K.E.D." ( Liars, Illiterates, Communists, Klansmen, and Environmental Deniers ) and they are now, and will always be, licked.
Indigo Industrial
Indigo Industrial Pred mesecem
Imagine being Trump in his mid-20s with more wealth than you could earn in an average job over several lifetimes. Could have just invested most of it. Bought an apartment in NYC and a big property somewhere warm. Essentially, retired by 30. I cannot see what his supporters see in him.
Herbert Urban
Herbert Urban Pred mesecem
“Alright! Good to hear!” 😂
William H. Baird
William H. Baird Pred mesecem
I smell the "Fear" on the Orange fool!
Trentley Newman
Trentley Newman Pred mesecem
Who is blowing smoke up Lady liberty’s ass
Jimmy Roach
Jimmy Roach Pred mesecem
Love how you mention the tea party taxes but fail to mention why they taxed us... if we don’t learn our history and how we’ve mistreated natives in this country then we are doomed to repeat it....
Not Sure
Not Sure Pred mesecem
Funny boy let's see your taxes, shut up.
M. Watts
M. Watts Pred mesecem
The GOP is dying to make gender rights and cancel culture their victim flags. IGNORE THEM. 🇺🇸✌️
Stephen Jacks
Stephen Jacks Pred mesecem
Not the best monologue. No CPAC jokes?
Cynthia Brent
Cynthia Brent Pred mesecem
The Democratic "retreat" no doubt will be more like a Democratic party Sit Down And SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
Vincent Owens
Vincent Owens Pred mesecem
Our real EX in the Bible... Psalms 52:1-9 Why do you boast in evil, O mighty man? The goodness of God endures continually. Your tongue devises destruction, Like a sharp razor, working deceitfully. You love evil more than good, Lying rather than speaking righteousness. You love all devouring words, You deceitful tongue. God shall likewise destroy you forever; He shall take you away, and pluck you out of your dwelling place, And uproot you from the land of the living. The righteous also shall see and fear, And shall laugh at him, saying, “Here is the man who did not make God his strength, But trusted in the abundance of his riches, And strengthened himself in his wickedness.” - Ezekiel 22:4 You have become guilty by the blood which you have shed, and have defiled yourself with the idols which you have made. You have caused your days to draw near, and have come to the end of your years; therefore I have made you a reproach to the nations, and a mockery to all countries. And for the majority of Republican leaders who kiss the ring... - Isaiah 1:23 Your princes are rebellious, And companions of thieves; Everyone loves bribes, And follows after rewards. They do not defend the fatherless, Nor does the cause of the widow come before them. Romans 3:13 “Their throat is an open tomb; With their tongues they have practiced deceit”; “The poison of asps is under their lips” Our ambition must be to bring light into the world. Some see the flickering light in the distance and some are closer to the illumination of truth. Sometimes the flame of truth can burn us. But God, in His infinite, merciful wisdom gave us the extraordinary ability to heal and avoid being burnt again.
William Temple
William Temple Pred mesecem
How do I get a copy of trumpty's tax records for the years 2016 - 2020 as a bookkeeper I would love to do some forensics on them myself?
Mason Dissick
Mason Dissick Pred mesecem
Love it when he calls out the writers
gurujr Pred mesecem
Trump following in the footsteps of Al "Scarface" Capone. Authorities couldn't get Capone on murder or illegal bootlegging charges but on tax evasion. Trump may not be charged in any Federal crimes while in office but may get convicted on income inflation or deflation of his properties for bank loans and tax reporting. Yes, tax evasion again. Capone received eleven years in prison. Trump, not to be outdone, should get twelve years in prison.
Michitarre Pred mesecem
Man- how cool would it be to be the little fly on wall of this ny attorney when he reads these tax returns for the first time... ;)
Cindy Dotson
Cindy Dotson Pred mesecem
Still waiting on the 2 day delivery pkg I ordered over 10 days ago 😒
asterix811 Pred mesecem
I don’t get the payday bars joke.
asterix811 Pred mesecem
@Douglass Malone-O'Meally Ah, got it! thanks.
Douglass Malone-O'Meally
It means we have something useless
Don'tSpikeMyDrink Pred mesecem
minimal wage joke i guess
Johnson Hunglo
Johnson Hunglo Pred mesecem
It's time to get down, Bruh!!!!!
Durox Kilo
Durox Kilo Pred mesecem
the fact that he's scheduled to talk at cpac and still has the support of a few republican veterans tell me that, unfortunately, he's not going to get any prison time...
terry mcginnis
terry mcginnis Pred mesecem
difference bewteen trump and biden well biden can take a joke....trump cant at all
Jean Mariani
Jean Mariani Pred mesecem
No witnesses! I'm dying!!
plucas1 Pred mesecem
Who the heck is still using the 'two-thousand' prefix for years? That made a kind of sense for the aughts but should have stopped in 2010. 2020 was 'twenty-twenty' NOT 'two thousand twenty.' We're not counting beans in a jar.
Rod Gall
Rod Gall Pred mesecem
@plucas1 you are right! I spend too much time on here. I used to make fun of people who was on their phone all day, when I was working all day. Now retired, I catch myself doing it . Lol.
plucas1 Pred mesecem
@Rod Gall You wasted as much time watching this video as I did. Is that all you have to worry about is random comments on SLtv????
Rod Gall
Rod Gall Pred mesecem
Is that all you have to worry about????
Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp Pred mesecem
I’m starting to think that Trump could actually end up in prison for tax fraud!! Forget about 2024, start thinking about Donny in an orange jumpsuit!!
Forrest carson-austin
Can we talk about Biden bombing Syria?
Rod Gall
Rod Gall Pred mesecem
Pretty sure it was for a good reason, or it wouldn't have happened!! You reckon???
Sew Fantastic
Sew Fantastic Pred mesecem
dogbone277 Pred mesecem
No talent without President Trump. what are all the late night hosts going to do now? I guess they'll have to wait until 2024 for new material.
wong choi
wong choi Pred mesecem
Thank you,it’s so funny. Made my day brighter.
Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart Pred mesecem
Trump is gone, give it up Seth. Look towards the new administration for your jokes. Plenty there for you.
Michael Emond
Michael Emond Pred mesecem
Why does Scollins have to take something as beautiful and pure as a Canadian snow maze and sully it with his pee joke?
Dee Casey
Dee Casey Pred mesecem
Anyone else hearing the theme from the Law and Order series playing in the backround, at Trump's Mar-a liego resort.
Al69BfR Pred mesecem
A long cylindrical object like let’s say a rocket 🚀? 😉
Renee Brutvan
Renee Brutvan Pred mesecem
It's so sad when Seth asks how everyone is doing.
asterix811 Pred mesecem
And when I say “Not well” he says “Alright! Good to hear.” He’s such a jerk.
Drawn Pred mesecem
Weird that it took them so long to get his tax returns... huh.
Jonanice Pred mesecem
He no longer has a chance to mis use presidential powers to block them
Shawn Paradox
Shawn Paradox Pred mesecem
Damn they dragged their feet with that one
Don't SSleep
Don't SSleep Pred mesecem
Well, when you do _literally everything you can_ to hide them behind litigation, that tends to happen.
R Br
R Br Pred mesecem
omg, who cares?
macpony44 Pred mesecem
Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay Pred mesecem
The only 'retreating' Biden and Harris should be focusing on is getting troops out of the &^%*ing Middle East... enough already... we don't belong there. This will never end. Had I known Biden was going to being yet another president who goes with military action as the first recourse, I would never have voted for him.
Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay Pred mesecem
@oida10000 Of all of the Democratic candidates that stood on the stage, Biden was my second to last choice after the magic crystals candidate, Marianne Williamson. I was already let down.
oida10000 Pred mesecem
This was clear before the primaries you just would have need to pay attention to his records and statements.
Ogledi 9 mio.