Starting the BODY work on my McLaren 720s !- Episode 17 

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►Thanks to www.ferrsure.com/ for the parts!
►Hey Guys , In todays video we start doing body work on the McLaren !
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1. apr. 2021

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James Beach
James Beach Pred 9 dnevi
Do the narto gray
Peggy hodges
Peggy hodges Pred 11 dnevi
Denis Justement
Denis Justement Pred 11 dnevi
Nardo Grey would be the better choice
IDK Pred 12 dnevi
That’s an almost million dollar car. I would say good luck. But it doesn’t seem like you will need it
Marcheliks Pred 17 dnevi
Pat Kuckertz
Pat Kuckertz Pred 18 dnevi
Paint it deep purple
The Man from Epsilon Crucis
I would keep it gold - white super cars suck
Shaneil Pal
Shaneil Pal Pred 24 dnevi
Love how you calling out Mclaren for their patheticness by keeping it factual, their actions speak for themselves
Ta Er Law
Ta Er Law Pred 24 dnevi
Ta Er Law
Ta Er Law Pred 24 dnevi
Craig Blackmon
Craig Blackmon Pred 25 dnevi
Gun metal gray and still go well with carbon fiber.
Craig Blackmon
Craig Blackmon Pred 25 dnevi
I still hope to see you complete the mustang. You can do it.
I3urnHard Pred 26 dnevi
Colour? well how about tempest blue? ask tavarish about it :P (or ask auto tempest)
Dennis Craig
Dennis Craig Pred 29 dnevi
Nardo gray or candy purple
Safeer Muhammed
Safeer Muhammed Pred mesecem
NARDO GREY all the way
Mempho Maniacs
Mempho Maniacs Pred mesecem
I don't like the factory color and think you should go with the Hyer-Blue Metallic like what comes on the camaro. I can't say if any McClarens comes with the blue color and you would definitely stand out.
Eric Hagedorn
Eric Hagedorn Pred mesecem
Nardo Grey!
Momo Challal
Momo Challal Pred mesecem
You can paint it purple like Salomondrin's old 720S. That color's dope
rampp17 Pred mesecem
Black!!! Paint the car black! Than it looks like Batman´s car.
Dustin Pred mesecem
Might like different shades of blue or candy apple red.
Nason H
Nason H Pred mesecem
Nardo Grey is my vote
Nelson Ocasio
Nelson Ocasio Pred mesecem
Keith T
Keith T Pred mesecem
White no doubt!!
Brian Scott
Brian Scott Pred mesecem
Why not black
Richard Coyne
Richard Coyne Pred mesecem
white :)
scoot smutny
scoot smutny Pred mesecem
Please gray
John Spanos
John Spanos Pred mesecem
Nnnoooooooooo. McLarens are noted for their uniqueness in design aerodynamics and performance. The color should reflect that uniqueness. You’ve done way too comprehensive and thorough job not to maintain that quality of uniqueness. Try and mixup Some type of copper, gold, metallic homage to the brand
Brando Lee
Brando Lee Pred mesecem
Nardo grey
keith royster
keith royster Pred mesecem
I think gray and black would be nice!!!!
Stuart Swygart
Stuart Swygart Pred mesecem
Great job again. Loving the videos from the UK, Berkshire, not too far from McLaren in Surrey. Black or matte black would look awesome, stealth like. Not white, pleeeeaaaassssseeeee!!!!!!
BullDog Pred mesecem
NOT WHITE NOT BLOODY NARDO GREY British Racing Green Dark Royal Navy Blue
Shane Powell
Shane Powell Pred mesecem
Paint it the grey color.
Andrew Gobran
Andrew Gobran Pred mesecem
I think a pale blue would be great with the black accents
QuandomBUS Pred mesecem
I think you should paint it a rootbeer brown metallic. Or a chocolate milk color. Not to be confused with a tan color. Anyway, that's my $0.02...
Sarabpreet Vasir
Sarabpreet Vasir Pred mesecem
what happened to mustang project??
Alan Here
Alan Here Pred mesecem
Man I sure hope you paint this an unusual color. Maybe a dark forest green or a dark navy-like blue. The Nardo gray looks good but idk on that car.
matthew hansen
matthew hansen Pred mesecem
Was thinking Nardo! Do it!
Nicholas Domaradzki
Nicholas Domaradzki Pred mesecem
Try contacting ncs autobody supply that’s where my old shop got their paint for mclarens. Mclaren paint is premix from akzonobel with mclaren branding on it.
Edward Coleman
Edward Coleman Pred mesecem
Your episodes are better than television! Get the gold color! Try harder! Your not a quiter
TheMasterizzatore Pred mesecem
I think glacier White with perlescent Will look very good! Specially with black or dark bronze wheels
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell Pred mesecem
Colour? Bmw Estoril blue 👍👍
Daniel Frankowski
Daniel Frankowski Pred mesecem
nardo grey :o yes :D
Barry Davis
Barry Davis Pred mesecem
In response to your requests about possible colour options for the McLaren 720s, personally I think that having seen how much time, effort and remarkable skill that you have put into this project possibly nardo grey or white might be a little dare I say average. Maybe if you used something a little less popular but something to really show off those great bodylines and your talent like an old 70's metallic Light Orchid or the other way could be a bold Sebring Red. I was surprised that you found ripples in that door and even more surprised that McLaren would let that level of work pass quality control ! Keep up the excellent work.
Riyad Shaikh
Riyad Shaikh Pred mesecem
Nardo Grey with CARBON FIBER accents & ANODIZED BLUE Rims 3
Mikias Abebe
Mikias Abebe Pred mesecem
i vote nardo grey
Dimitrios Fragkoulis
Hey i love the way you are also presenting the videos HEY GUYS"" i think you should say also Hey LADIES and Gentlemen!!!! cause i am sure they are many out there looking your video. You are amazing you have done a great job all the best!!!!!!!
james francis
james francis Pred mesecem
Keep up the great work V-tune.
VTEC ROAR Pred mesecem
White white white !
Eric Pisch
Eric Pisch Pred mesecem
Merlin purple imgur.com/gallery/65L4K8Y
Michel Pred mesecem
For colour: I vote for dark green with gold wheels.
Michel Pred 29 dnevi
@BETO’S Grow Lab Word.
BETO’S Grow Lab
BETO’S Grow Lab Pred mesecem
Green is fo the money, Gold is fo the honey! -Don “Magic” Juan
Robert Lukacs
Robert Lukacs Pred mesecem
Pearl white or candy But color samples would make a better choice option for the viewers to decide. Grey in my opinion looks like primer regardless of finish.
Michael Kenefick
Michael Kenefick Pred mesecem
Dark Blue / Navy Blue with flakes or Candy Apple red!
Robert Prout
Robert Prout Pred mesecem
Black would look nice on the car and it might be the easiest way to do a color change. A rattle can would cover any spots that are missed, or take the gas door and get it scanned at the paint store . 👍 yesireebob
Saša Pred mesecem
imola red would fit perfectly
David Curtis
David Curtis Pred mesecem
Sometimes wear a mask, sometimes not....????
Eric Marquez
Eric Marquez Pred mesecem
In white it’s amazing or maybe sky blue or yellow or nardo like u said
jon c
jon c Pred mesecem
Keep the original color. Take the gas cap to the paint shop and they should be able to match it
alex klinn
alex klinn Pred mesecem
color original. my opinion
Jacob Borg
Jacob Borg Pred mesecem
You should paint it gmh voodoo blue
Danny Nairn
Danny Nairn Pred mesecem
Paint it purple 👍😎👍
nyborg1967 Pred mesecem
Nardo grey = primer grey = DONT
Matej matej
Matej matej Pred mesecem
Purple 💜
Ahetesham Siddiqui
Ahetesham Siddiqui Pred mesecem
Nardo Grey with alot of Carbon fibre
Dos Santos
Dos Santos Pred mesecem
Nardo grey is cool, but misano red would be unique and cool af
Kelvin Lee
Kelvin Lee Pred mesecem
Arthur Smith
Arthur Smith Pred mesecem
Young Sir, you build is inspiring me and my kid. Young guy in the shop instead of on the street causing havoc. Cheers and best of luck. Hunt: Mustang Mustang!
grant johnson grantinio
Definitely Nardo Grey
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Pred mesecem
Find a gold as close as you can.The gold is FIre!
Rawdyrider Pred mesecem
Karan singh
Karan singh Pred mesecem
Bro the grey color will look really dope
SirTerabyte Pred mesecem
Wtf happened to the mustang?
M B Pred mesecem
Nardo grey
Deondaray Pred mesecem
How much ya'll think the car is costing him rn
Lorenz Romano
Lorenz Romano Pred mesecem
Nardo Grey would be very nice on this McLaren!
Lukas Broniewski
Lukas Broniewski Pred mesecem
Nardo Grey or British Racing Green (there is not so many mclarens in green)✌🏻
Digital soldier 17
Digital soldier 17 Pred mesecem
Awesome bro, loving this build, nice work with the fibreglass, i say arctic white, it will really pop!
Landon Laramore
Landon Laramore Pred mesecem
nardo grey would be sick
russell Smith
russell Smith Pred mesecem
Have to agree with Chip on how good it is to see old school panel beating and repairing of the panels , why pay crazy prices for new panels when you have the skills to repair. Awesome stuff!
Glenn Morris
Glenn Morris Pred mesecem
Mat white
Sony Bhau
Sony Bhau Pred mesecem
Good Body work...good luck Bro 😎💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Ju Ju
Ju Ju Pred mesecem
Nardo Grey
Shawn Hain
Shawn Hain Pred mesecem
Black Cherry
Maude Potvin
Maude Potvin Pred mesecem
Pearl White !
Tyler Young
Tyler Young Pred mesecem
Every panel a diff shade of the same color would be dope !!!
riderxstream414 Pred mesecem
I’m thinking nardo gray!
Jacob Kiraly
Jacob Kiraly Pred mesecem
I want to say keep it the same color, but I think it would look good in the bmw Java green metallic, with satin black accents.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Pred mesecem
British racing green
DD___DC Pred mesecem
Pearl red
ghost_rider_tj Pred mesecem
Paint it like a satin black and then do the accent pieces in gloss black. That would be sick as hell 💯
frederic rike
frederic rike Pred mesecem
The Nardo grey with some pearls in the clear coat. Any color that absorbs police band radar- this car isn't built to go 55 or even 75. FR
Firas Husseini
Firas Husseini Pred mesecem
go white color
I'll take the nardo grey that will look amazing keep up the good work 👍
Kesean Salmon
Kesean Salmon Pred mesecem
Paint it the color of the new door skin
Palominobra Pred mesecem
White or Black !!
Dalton Burgess
Dalton Burgess Pred mesecem
Greyyy forsure !! Like the BMW grey
M H Pred mesecem
Great work!!!! I love your shows and never want to miss anything!! Would a beautiful ice green in the Aston Martin color be a perfect choice!
Addy Pred mesecem
Dark blue!!
Peter Clair
Peter Clair Pred mesecem
nice work mate
W M Pred mesecem
Hey Vtune, please please please. . .put on gloves when your clean the car surfaces with chemicals. I can't tell you how many people I've come into contact that have gotten cancer from chemicals that have been absorbed through their hands. Please wear gloves.
Ivar Jordaan
Ivar Jordaan Pred mesecem
Hi. My name is Ivar from The Netherlands. Can I help you out with the Germany parts? Drop a line if you need help. Love your skills!!!!